Tracy Byrd Mossy Oak Song (Pass It On)

A Hunting Video for my friends featuring The Mossy Oak Song by Tracy Byrd.

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Added: 5 years
Runtime: 3:31
Comments: 133

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Uploaded by: Doug Henson
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cool song with some pics I found.


Author hbandrewkluntz (2 years)
My Great Uncle Joe right here
Author Dylon Lapham (1 year)
this song is the best

Author Sidney Curry (3 years)
@sassydoll97 hunting is my life and i hope i can get my sisters involved in
the sport and i am a boy by the way i have a 223 that i use and i love it i
got it when i was 10 and i killed my first deer like 3 years ago i will put
up a photo of my rifle but i have other ones but i love my 223 because my
sister can hunt with it

Author Buckkiller888 (3 years)
@ogdenjace It's Tracy Byrd

Author 9pol1 (5 years)
the south im frome canada im 23 and i shot a 12 point not all huntings in
the south are u a redneck

Author Jerry Clark (1 year)

Author iallwayswin (3 years)
@thebeatdropdrummer real country people know how to spell.

Author james peyton (3 years)
@LilMissRampage sorry lol

Author newjersey02 (1 year)

Author raisedinwisconsin (3 years)
goin deer huntin this next tuesday till sunday, cant wait

Author Anthony Russo (3 years)
- Love this song. Brings back so many memories of me hunting with my dad
and grandpa :)

Author LilMissRampage (3 years)
@southerncountryboy98 and women ;)

Author MoronsthatplayWOW (1 year)
Its a shame that Paul Ryan is not our VP along with Romney as our
president, Ryan would have protected hunting with every sweat and tear he's
got. Not Obama.....

Author james peyton (3 years)
god bless outdoors mans

Author Vickie Myers (1 year)
Love this song, I'm truly redneck and this is my song :)

Author Buckkiller888 (3 years)
This reminds me of me and my grandpa goin hunting together, he gave me his
shotgun when he died, to Pass It On!

Author Travis Siwula (3 years)
damn good song! Pass it on!

Author MyHerman13 (3 years)
@05countrygirl92 lmao

Author rangerkid777 (4 years)
@dltnellis easy there tough guy, i grew up in upstate new york hunting with
my grandpa and dad, generations in my familie before me have hunted our
farm land same hills that i have, you dont need to be from the south to be
country and have hunitng in your blood.

Author dltnellis (4 years)
LOVE THE WOODs!! sometimes i see a good lookin deer in the woods and i just
wanna fuck it

Author Matthew Robinson (2 years)
the picture at the end is fukin crazy.......GREAT SONG I LOVE

Author tcountrygirl35 (2 years)
where do you get this song, i want it on my ipod but cant find it anywhere!

Author TheWhitetailHunterDH (2 years)
represent the New York hunters.

Author CNBaker343 (2 years)
I love this some sooooooo much its so me

Author Sidney Curry (3 years)
thanks for the comment and the box was just laying in the yard at the time

Author blondsoutherngal (4 years)
i love this song! reminds me of my daddy... pass it on!

Author nathan alexander (1 year)
I remember back when I was little me and my dad would listen to this song
for good luck on the way to the stand .....I miss goin out huntin with him

Author KeiezaRollz (3 years)
@DougHenson its not.... WHAT!!! whats wrong with this planet?

Author jtt1134 (3 years)
this reminds me of my dad

Author 05countrygirl92 (3 years)
@MyHerman13 ? Why lmao?

Author xR3DN3CK (4 years)
@dltnellis relax chief... i live in maine and i hunt... been hunting since
i was 10 with my great grandfather. Smoked a deer from 50 yards while he
was on a dead sprint with my 20 gauge... only reason i wasnt usin my .300
Savageis because of a shotgun only town ordinance

Author demetri nunya (3 years)
Whats the name of the song use din the commercial when the guy wants a
better life, then you see him droping the ring in the spegattie? Please

Author sassydoll97 (3 years)
@sidneydcurry1 oh awesome! when it was doe season like last weekend and
there was a HUGE 12 pointer i saw i was sooo... mad that i couldnt shoot it
.oh i cant wait intill next gun season that big ass deer is dead lol and
what kind of truck do you have?

Author diesel91487 (5 years)
I cant wait to pass on my knowledge to my fiance and my future kids as well.

Author Vtmtnman42 (4 years)
Good vid

Author Sidney Curry (3 years)
@sassydoll97 i know they always say that to me to but i know where there is
a 10 point at and i am not telling anyone im gona drive my truck there and
get him myself just wait till i drive up at home and he sees that deer in
the back of my pickup

Author yamaha250 (4 years)
@Redneckdh71 go to and copy and paste the url in the box and
download it

Author sassydoll97 (3 years)
@MrBuckhunter27 my dad tought me all the things there is to know and when i
was 5 he took me with him for the first time hunting and now im 14 and i
love going out in the woods really early in the moring to hunt n my little
4 year old brother pretends to shoot and say im like u its so cute.

Author josh2012man (3 years)
hell yeah im a canadian and hunting is my religion every friday and
saterday i go out hunting hell i take my girlfreind with me and she can
shoot better then some men

Author summitrider199 (5 years)
it aint bout the south, it goes for anyone who hunts an fishs

Author COUNTRYMAN223 (5 years)
i live in the south but theres a lot of good hunting in the north like ohio
thats a good place to hunt and in Manitoba canada thats a good place to
hunt to. and the deer r a lot bigger in the north cause its colder. so
hunting just dont take place in the north.

Author MyHerman13 (3 years)
@05countrygirl92 cuz your bros didnt get it

Author pse_hunter97 (1 year)
4 people like Obama

Author Sidney Curry (3 years)
@sassydoll97 cool i have a 93 ford flareside f150 with a 5.0 and around 300
horses under the hood if you would like you can see some photos of it

Author RSjbblaster (5 years)
best song i love it. it's how i was brought up too.!

Author ghettocowboy719 (4 years)
this song is so true.

Author Sidney Curry (3 years)
@sassydoll97 it's so true thats what my stepfather and stepbrothers say to
me they say im cheating and your right they are just jelous i got my first
buck last year on december the 26 at 9:44am i still have the tag from the

Author GeorgiaBoii32 (3 years)
@lightning3m1 Lmfao, stfu you faggot poser, THIS IS SOUTHERN SHIT

Author Makenzie Ambrose (3 years)
im a girl that loves to hunt, cant stand other girls that focus on their
nails...etc. i love hunting! its the best thing in the world.

Author joez282000 (4 years)
RIP dad love you

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