Part 6, Labrador Town Hall Meeting at LCSC - May 5, 2017

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  • Jahheard
    Jahheard 1 month ago

    Damn, her last line is savage. "build the border wall out of the corpses of people that you've denied healthcare to."

  • Basic Snowflake
    Basic Snowflake 1 month ago

    Lol dumbass can't even answer her when pressed on it. He just walks away and calls on another audience member. What a coward.

  • Captain Crunch
    Captain Crunch 1 month ago

    HR.676 OR BUST!!! When is enough ENOUGH??

  • New Lemons
    New Lemons 1 month ago

    14:32 is when the stupidity happens.

  • starman1968ful
    starman1968ful 1 month ago

    "Nobody dies because they don't have health care" spoken by a man who has probably never waited for hours in an emergency room. A lot of the members of the US Congress are so out of touch with every day working-class problems. Maybe Tom Clancy's solution was right. See "Debt of Honor.

  • dudeitskory
    dudeitskory 1 month ago

    Who thought it was a good idea to elect a man who pulls his pants above his belly button jw 🤔

  • D-HAM
    D-HAM 1 month ago

    Cant wait till he has a family member with a serious medical condition. People who say stuff like that have no experience being in and out of the hospital dealing with major conditions

  • rofyle
    rofyle 1 month ago

    If no healthcare kills people, then why do you want Obamacare to continue? No healthcare under Obamacare is exactly what more and more U.S. counties are receiving. Humana has pulled out of Obamacare just as predicted six years ago. United Healthcare pulled out. And now recently Aetna just left. I mean, what the fuck is wrong with you people?

  • 2wMaliman
    2wMaliman 1 month ago

    Many people leading a common life know someone who has 'resisted' going to the doctor because of a lack of money or coverage and nearly died as a result, did die from such action, or became more ill as a result.

    So, ignorance is bliss, isn't it Labrador? Certainly until you let one slip around normal Americans and say what is popular opinion in the GOP. I hope it costs you your job, but at least you weren't a coward hiding from town halls.

    AFC SOLDIER 1 month ago

    Just hang them you American pussies. You claim to be a "land of brave" yet let these corporate whores rule you. How much of this police state, crypto facist, kleptocracy can you stomach. I'm convinced you are all gutless. Guillotine the cunts.

  • Lyricalxs
    Lyricalxs 1 month ago

    I would vote for the woman at the end for President if she ever decides to run.

  • TalesofJunior
    TalesofJunior 1 month ago

    Not all heroes wear capes

  • J L N
    J L N 1 month ago

    Shame on the citizens of Idaho.

  • decunamus2
    decunamus2 1 month ago

    You can't defend the undefendable

  • Simon Parsons
    Simon Parsons 1 month ago

    I don't understand how any first world country doesn't automatically provide free healthcare. The USA spends more per capita than all other first world countries on healthcare yet people still need insurance. If we were told we had to get insurance in the UK people would riot and the government party in charge would be thrown out. All this and our taxes are still less than what the USA pays as well.

  • Peter Phan
    Peter Phan 1 month ago

    This guy doesn't care. If you're not a rich donor greasing his palms with cash, he doesn't care.

  • pc
    pc 1 month ago

    What a fucking MORON!!!! VOTE THIS ASSHOLE OUT!

  • mesaeddie
    mesaeddie 1 month ago

    Only thing indefensible is a vote for this teabaggin waste of skin.

  • David Bondy
    David Bondy 1 month ago

    the comment was ridiculous, but I fucking love the response. It's so calm and it actually makes sense.

  • Under PAR Records
    Under PAR Records 1 month ago

    he reminds me of one of those cult worshipers that put on white.

  • Kathleen Kinkel
    Kathleen Kinkel 1 month ago

    It is all about putting more money into their pockets!! If he'd tell the truth!! He is a CON MAN! Think, he celebrated with kegs of beer after the vote to take healthcare away from the people. My Prayer is that each state finds a qualified and good, non greedy person to take their place BEFOE 2018, Time to search NOW~

  • Zachary Hoffman
    Zachary Hoffman 1 month ago

    Koch brothers gave Rep. Labrador a milk bone and patted him on the head after his vote.

  • Mary Hawkins
    Mary Hawkins 1 month ago

    So proud of our citizens on the Palouse and LCValley for showing up proudly at this Town Hall. Several Indivisible groups were there. Kudos to Tom Hansen and caring Idahoans.

  • Bill Al
    Bill Al 1 month ago

    This woman at the end of the video should run against him. She totally "owned" him.

  • Bill Al
    Bill Al 1 month ago

    This guy is such a liar, a privileged tool. A bunch of phony patriotic lines to get cheap applause. Time for the middle, working classes to get rid of these ass**les and get a more progressive representation.

  • mydogiscalledoscar
    mydogiscalledoscar 1 month ago

    Americans. It's this simple.
    Your government collects taxes from the people.
    In return the people are owed certain services.
    Healthcare is one of those services.
    This is not controversial.
    This is not up for debate in any other modern nation and it shouldn't be in yours.
    If your government continues to take your money and not provide healthcare as it is obliged. I would suggest that you stop paying tax en masse.
    See how quickly they realise that they need you more than you need them.

    • Basic Snowflake
      Basic Snowflake 1 month ago

      mydogiscalledoscar I agree. If they won't provide a basic service like health care to their citizens, then citizens should at least be able to keep all their money.

  • salbeik
    salbeik 1 month ago

    Ok so being able to afford medicine and treatment apparently doesn't make any difference -> GOP ideology is a registered mental illness. Good luck praying that cancer away :D

  • bobhopecares
    bobhopecares 1 month ago

    We need redistricting to fight the gerrymandering that forces these heartless idiots upon us. These politicians Republican/Democrat are not working for us. They work for big business and their own coffers.

  • Hitler's Magical Carpet

    my nigga u just got roasted

  • Joseph Miceli
    Joseph Miceli 1 month ago

    He's pretty slick. I see why he keeps his office. He's like that guy who mentally abuses his girlfriend and she's so confused she keeps asking " Is it me? Is it me?"

  • ocast evo
    ocast evo 1 month ago

    Something tells me to the bill won't make it past the senate

  • Ben Weiner
    Ben Weiner 1 month ago

    Raul Labrador, so named because he is a running dog of the ruling class.

  • Devin Chastain
    Devin Chastain 1 month ago

    wow, the ignorance is strong with this one

  • thenormalstate
    thenormalstate 1 month ago

    "Unfortunately you're lying to all of these people."

    Unfortunately you're a sack of shit who's going to lose your job the second you're up for reelection. How dare you try to shut down the cries for help and the truth. Your position IS indefensible. Feel the shame. You deserve to burn in that shame.

  • Matt McClung
    Matt McClung 1 month ago

    He's going to need some healthcare for that burn.

  • aegisgfx
    aegisgfx 1 month ago

    FUCK these inhuman monsters, LOCK THEM ALL UP

  • aegisgfx
    aegisgfx 1 month ago

    This is insanity, republicans should be put directly into prison the minute they are "elected"

  • Anonymous Lurker
    Anonymous Lurker 1 month ago

    Destroy him, vote his heartless disgusting ass out of office.

  • Treebard
    Treebard 1 month ago

    RESPECT to this nurse asking him questions; she knows her stuff and won't let him wriggle out of the question!

  • 6Diego1Diego9
    6Diego1Diego9 1 month ago

    why aren't the people up front clapping?

  • Guy Citron
    Guy Citron 1 month ago

    what... a complete... fucking... moron...

  • Mark Youneva
    Mark Youneva 1 month ago

    Sick Americans are big business. Yuge!! Why not let small preventative things become full blown health crises where the profit margin is substantially higher to treat. It's the American way.

  • the Greatjon
    the Greatjon 1 month ago

    *_"Nobody dies from lack of healthcare"_*

    Harvard study says otherwise

    • Tom van Nunen
      Tom van Nunen 1 month ago

      Everyone with more than one correctly functioning brain cell says otherwise.

  • Occo Eric Nolf
    Occo Eric Nolf 1 month ago

    The guy is just another GOP sleazebag, but even by their standards he's remarkably stupid.

  • bingisbetter
    bingisbetter 1 month ago

    What a dumb piece of self centered shit he is. No empathy, no research, just lying and pandering to stay in office. As a registered independent, I'm finding it increasingly difficult to even consider voting for a republican.

  • pablo escobar
    pablo escobar 1 month ago

    IDAHO !!vote this peace of shit out of office

  • Daniel
    Daniel 1 month ago

    gotta give him credit for standing up there and taking the heat

  • xojasprit
    xojasprit 1 month ago

    what a dumb fuck. good on the lady at the end

  • Janet Faber
    Janet Faber 1 month ago

    LOL. Labrador, you are in the doghouse

  • MrGreyjeep
    MrGreyjeep 1 month ago

    This is funny, y'all elected the republicans, now reap what you sow

  • uutuber431
    uutuber431 1 month ago

    "Build the border wall out of the corpses of people you have denied Healthcare to" lol Epic

  • p314159265398
    p314159265398 1 month ago

    Yup, republicans are just as disgusting and stupid as you thought they were.

  • William Boissonnault

    I wish more outlets were posting this entire takedown instead of that eighteen-second snippet.

  • poochyenarulez
    poochyenarulez 1 month ago


  • Garrett Knighton
    Garrett Knighton 1 month ago

    The woman who lets him have it at the end of this video is an American Hero. She should run to take his seat. I have her first campaign donation in my wallet and as soon as I find out who she is I'm mailing it to her.

  • Lorie Higgins
    Lorie Higgins 1 month ago

    Only the people who believe people are causing climate change should be taxed for it?

  • ninjamatic5000
    ninjamatic5000 1 month ago

    Found it. 14:20 if anyone wanted to find the quote of him saying nobody dies because they don't have access to healthcare

    • Andrew_Owens
      Andrew_Owens 1 month ago

      Then he calls his constituent a liar for saying that people can die for lack of treatment if they can't pay for it. But I suppose it's excusable. After all, he is Republican and we are the ones who are producing fake news. So maybe nobody actually ever did die from no access to healthcare. And maybe 2+2=5.

    • Kevin Bailey
      Kevin Bailey 1 month ago

      Yeah, there's no way this asshole can say he was taken out of context. He continues arguing with her, and even calls her a liar at one point.

    • desertcafe
      desertcafe 1 month ago

      SuperBluesify Yeah. What an asshole.

    • SuperBluesify
      SuperBluesify 1 month ago

      Unbelievable, he even doubles down after. It's utterly disgusting.

  • Lorie Higgins
    Lorie Higgins 1 month ago

    Thanks for posting the video and for being there. This man is an embarrassment and must go when he runs for re-election.

  • Lawrence Hodge
    Lawrence Hodge 1 month ago

    Thanks for posting this. I wish more and more town halls across the country would tear their reps, senators and congressmen apart for their bull.

    • Beth G.
      Beth G. 1 month ago

      I called both of my Senators about this bill trying to get them to block them. When I called the Democrat, I spoke to a real live person and had a lovely conversation. I called the Republican several times and only got a nasty message on his answering machine. Vote them out 2018!

    • Lawrence Hodge
      Lawrence Hodge 1 month ago

      Probably because they know the backlash that's waiting for them.

    • Ortho Tech
      Ortho Tech 1 month ago

      My Rep representative won't even hold a town hall.

  • Murph Toe
    Murph Toe 1 month ago

    "Nobody dies from lack of healthcare"
    Ya hear that poor people? According to the GOP you're "nobody"!

    • Jimmy Durrell
      Jimmy Durrell 1 month ago

      Murph Toe Sadly that's not new news

    • desertcafe
      desertcafe 1 month ago

      Like it or not, healthcare IS a partisan issue because Republicans see it as an "I've got mine" situation. Democrats want universal healthcare for all, like it is in all the other developed nations on the planet. You can brush my comments off as "fake news" but are you going to be able to brush off the fact that Trumpcare will not cover your preexisting conditions anymore unless you pay through the nose and the ***.

    • Doug Summers
      Doug Summers 1 month ago

      Just like you neo-con alt-right who like to grab women and denigrate minorities--right?How quickly --YOU forget who started this nonsense of lies.

    • Murph Toe
      Murph Toe 1 month ago

      I don't think the Democratic party is exactly made up of saints. Nor do I think that whether or not people should have access to healthcare should be a partisan issue.

      In fact, I agree with president Trump: Australia has a much better healthcare system than we do in the US. Perhaps the GOP should listen to him so the US can finally adopt a single-payer, universal healthcare system.

      Again, I don't think that this should be a partisan issue, but the fact that the GOP is stopping the US from being the only developed nation in the world without a modern, universal healthcare system has me take an issue with them.

  • goma3
    goma3 1 month ago

    "what do you know about rejecting people health care that would eventually prove their demise?"
    "I worked 14 years in ER"


    That was a legendary ass kicking at the end of this.

    • Douglas West
      Douglas West 1 month ago

      The only feasible economic plan you have is to build the border wall out of the corpses of the people you have denied healthcare to.

    • Sawyer Mittelstaedt
      Sawyer Mittelstaedt 1 month ago

      That woman was so well spoken too

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