Top 10 Best Kenny Deaths In South Park

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    CELEBRATE 10 YEARS OF WATCHMOJO WITH OUR SPECIAL EDITION MAGAZINE, LINKS BELOW! All of Kenny's best deaths can be found right here. South Park is an insane show, and one of the best classic running gags was Kenny's death in almost every single episode. While you don't hear very much "oh my god they killed Kenny" anymore, there were still a lot of deaths to look though. From dying from antacid tablets, to the tampon death and drowning in pee scene, we're counting down the best deaths of Kenny in South Park.

    00:31 #10. Death by Syphilis
    01:25 #9. Death by Tampon
    02:21 #8. Death by Space Station
    03:12 #7. Death by Laughter
    04:04 #6. Death by Antacid Tablets
    04:49 #5. Death by Mr. Jefferson
    05:38 #4. Death by Autoerotic Asphyxiation
    06:41 #3, #2 & #1: ????

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  • 1 month ago

    Watch some South Park for crying out loud!
    South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut
    South Park: Season 19
    South Park: Season 18

    • Bob The Noob
      Bob The Noob 2 days ago

      i cant because its banned in europe!

    • Roeland 34
      Roeland 34 4 days ago

      i one think that The List has the funniest death ever

    • Kai Barber
      Kai Barber 11 days ago

      Narrator is annoying.

  • PeanutBuddar Potatoes
    PeanutBuddar Potatoes 24 minutes ago

    laughed my was off omfg

  • ethan cullen
    ethan cullen 11 hours ago

    my favorite kenny death death by illness

  • Tobi Campbell
    Tobi Campbell 11 hours ago

    O my god they killed kenny

  • Gameshark
    Gameshark 12 hours ago

    oh my god they killed kenny you bastard

  • 7565shadow
    7565shadow 14 hours ago

    I sub

    M13REGULATER GAMING 14 hours ago

    That's not russia it's Yugoslavia which doesn't exist any more

  • Dazeka Game
    Dazeka Game 15 hours ago

    the french version Fr is official or no?

  • ณรงค์เดช จารุทิน


    SKANKHUNT 42 21 hour ago

    omg kenny dies alot i got this game called south park and i was in a battle and kenny died but a rats game riping his head of with loads of blood and lifting the body and head away

  • Paul Bachelet
    Paul Bachelet 1 day ago

    at the underpants gnome death, his freinds realised that kenny died litteraly every day.
    he might as well say:
    "yeah, yeah that kinda crap happens every day this guy just cant seem to stay alive or dead."

  • James Lee
    James Lee 1 day ago

    What about that episode were God keeps killing Kenny because there was a war in Heaven and Kenny was the only one who could help

  • kid gamer
    kid gamer 1 day ago


  • Storm Vonk
    Storm Vonk 1 day ago

    russians? they more look like dutch guys to me! ook al is hij niet arnoud kuiper

  • Brionne The popstar pokemon

    So every time Kenny dies in south park, someone yells YOU BASTARD XD'

  • Yuina Dreamurr
    Yuina Dreamurr 1 day ago

    is Mr.Jefferson like Jeff the killer???????

  • Demonic Nightwolf

    I know it's overused but: OH MY GOD! THEY KILLED KENNY!

  • Tobias Warner
    Tobias Warner 2 days ago

    When I die, I want to go out by getting my head bit off by Ozzy.

  • Da Sword Of Gork
    Da Sword Of Gork 2 days ago

    How come Kenny has not died recently?

  • TheGoldenPlush3
    TheGoldenPlush3 2 days ago

    Number 5 shows Kennys head

  • DrinkBleach Gaming
    DrinkBleach Gaming 2 days ago

    They really are out of ideas...

  • Eric Ness
    Eric Ness 2 days ago

    One of the places should be for an episode where Kenny didn't die...

  • Abram Sullivan
    Abram Sullivan 3 days ago

    Oh my god the tv series of South Park kill Kinney. You bastards!

  • Fendt Power
    Fendt Power 3 days ago

    OMG he killed Kenny

  • ply Asriel Poh
    ply Asriel Poh 3 days ago

    I like how Kyle always says oh my god he/she/you killed kenny

  • Jodythegamer347 :3
    Jodythegamer347 :3 3 days ago

    Well Kenny always dies

  • the gamer fox
    the gamer fox 3 days ago

    OMG!!! they kill Kenny

    NINTENDOSH 4 days ago

    to everyone who doesn't think bastard is a swear word. britain is probably the reason you are there. you racist fucks.

  • Forever Alone
    Forever Alone 4 days ago

    r.i.p Kenny

  • Buddy
    Buddy 4 days ago

    pewdiepie is right you are out of ideas

  • Ghemnioc
    Ghemnioc 4 days ago


  • EvanBuz123
    EvanBuz123 4 days ago

    You bastard

  • Poison Sting! channel

    It's really sad that Kenny quips deing every time

  • GUMI Megpoid
    GUMI Megpoid 4 days ago

    A list I actually agree with...

  • The Rad Chicken Wing

    I already know the ending!!!!! And I haven't seen it yet!!!!

  • OrionDoesGames
    OrionDoesGames 5 days ago

    go to

  • khaledking1019k2
    khaledking1019k2 5 days ago

    I have a suggestion:

    Top 10 Signs that WatchMojo is Becoming Psychotic.

    PANTYEATR1 5 days ago

    does anybody actually understand what Kenny and Pootie Tang is saying???

  • sam
    sam 5 days ago

    I freaking love Kyle, Why? cuz he always say "YOU BASTARD!!" XD

  • Mr. Montes
    Mr. Montes 6 days ago

    "oh my god you killed Kenny!" and, the most funny, "oh my god I killed Kenny!"

  • dragonblade56
    dragonblade56 6 days ago

    if watchmojo got down this low good thing i dot watch them too much

  • mifigor 19
    mifigor 19 6 days ago

    wait how the heck he/she died so many times

  • Ricardo correa
    Ricardo correa 6 days ago

    Kenny is my favorite character

  • Joshua De Jesus
    Joshua De Jesus 6 days ago

    Poor Kenny.

  • Kenny McCormick
    Kenny McCormick 6 days ago


  • Intro
    Intro 6 days ago

    Why shoud i watch mojo if im watching watchmojo? like if u dont understand like if you understand.

  • Leif Osmundsen
    Leif Osmundsen 7 days ago

    "(whatever) killed kenny"
    the most overused line ever xD

  • Kjenerations 14
    Kjenerations 14 7 days ago

    South Park is complete shit now. Lets hope the fractured but whole is hilarious though

  • Camron Floto
    Camron Floto 7 days ago

    omg u killed Kenny

  • Mateusz Biernacki
    Mateusz Biernacki 7 days ago

    Why KENNY always die ;-;

  • 37465asdf Dgh
    37465asdf Dgh 7 days ago

    O My god They killed Kenny!

  • Big mouth Billy bass

    1:28 Kenny's WOHOOOOO is so cute

  • the fax bear band awesomeness

    member in the walking dead season 3 Kenny died OMG they killed Kenny you bastard

  • sansy 900
    sansy 900 8 days ago


  • Ariana Angel Augustine

    how the fuck does one mistake a baked potato for a damn heart?

  • Sally Loquisan
    Sally Loquisan 8 days ago

    I love kenny

  • Big mouth Billy bass

    3:43 Kenny laughs so hard he dies

  • Big mouth Billy bass

    2:20 Kenny pukes/sneezes blood

  • Big mouth Billy bass

    1:29 Kenny's woohoo Is so cute

  • Noah Schiele
    Noah Schiele 8 days ago

    which season? I watched all 20 seasons

  • Noah Schiele
    Noah Schiele 8 days ago

    I subscribed

  • Einar Gillmor
    Einar Gillmor 8 days ago

    good video

  • ToxicTheWolf
    ToxicTheWolf 9 days ago

    i feel bad for his parents, the money spent on all those funerals..XD

  • Random kid
    Random kid 9 days ago

    I remember most of these

  • Random kid
    Random kid 9 days ago

    I remember watching the micheal jackson episode in first grade and getting a bunch of nightmares

  • Paul Macias
    Paul Macias 9 days ago

    I like the middle episode

  • Bendy Is The COOLEST!

    oh my god!! they killed kenny!!!

  • B.J. K.K.
    B.J. K.K. 9 days ago

    where is the dead by a blowjob?

  • Android Life- Канал об Android

    Where the death by PSP?

  • The Last Greaser
    The Last Greaser 10 days ago

    Am I the only one who can't fucking stand the narrators' voices from this channel?

  • SaigaTenshi
    SaigaTenshi 10 days ago

    wait wait wait... Kenny can talk properly and hes blonde? you bastards!!!

  • Derek Bevins
    Derek Bevins 10 days ago

    I like when Kyle kills Kenny and he says​ you bastard

  • T15 Gaming
    T15 Gaming 10 days ago


  • Дмитрий Киселёв

    His best death is in "Kenny dies", where, after like 5 seasons of dying every episode with no consequenses whatsoever, he actually dies in a hospital. The episode is really depressing- at least it would be, because you end up laughing your ass off at his another death. But then he really dies for a season

  • Kenny McCormick
    Kenny McCormick 11 days ago

    This cruel world

  • Dalton Bell
    Dalton Bell 11 days ago

    you forgot the random bird thing that busts through the ceiling at the end of the I'm white trash and I'm in trouble episode

  • Alex Qwertyuiop
    Alex Qwertyuiop 11 days ago


    "Death by Death"

  • Danny Miller
    Danny Miller 11 days ago

    The kid who replaced blanket was Kenney!

  • sivanhe
    sivanhe 11 days ago


  • turtle animation
    turtle animation 11 days ago

    omg I killed.kenny you basted XD calling yourself a basted

  • Mario Salinas
    Mario Salinas 11 days ago

    How many times has this kid died is he immortal or something.

  • Fiona Fennell
    Fiona Fennell 12 days ago

    Soon top 10 happy tree friend deaths

  • Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube Man Emporium And Warehouse!

    I like the one when they're in the boy band and Kenny gets squashed by the elevator and they just scrape him off

  • Adrian Giurca
    Adrian Giurca 12 days ago

    What episode was the one with Kenny in hell?

  • mathew phelps
    mathew phelps 13 days ago

    were loosing ideas

  • Sniper Matt007
    Sniper Matt007 13 days ago

    Poor Kenny

  • Link9058
    Link9058 13 days ago

    I dont know much about South Park, so how does kanny keep coming back?

  • Tis I The pingu master


  • Aiden Pearce
    Aiden Pearce 13 days ago

    Wow, a seizure made me laugh.


    What has humanity devolved to?

  • Ian Ngo
    Ian Ngo 13 days ago

    Why am I watching this

    EASTFIELD Films 13 days ago

    this is actually one of the better top 10's for these days

  • Coolelijah2008
    Coolelijah2008 13 days ago

    so thats where its from...

  • Leann Peake
    Leann Peake 13 days ago

    OMG I Love The Kid Who Says You Bastard Every Time Kenny Dies Well At least Someone Cares About Kenny! XD

  • Derpy Lotad
    Derpy Lotad 13 days ago


  • Ace Trainer Mil
    Ace Trainer Mil 13 days ago

    I remember seeing the Mr.Jefferson episode, and it scared me because I was like 5 or 6 when I saw it

  • Taro Yamada
    Taro Yamada 14 days ago


  • TacoGaming HD
    TacoGaming HD 14 days ago

    Back to the dark side of YouTube.

  • Diego Miranda Melgarejo

    OMG, they killed Kenny, YOU BASTARDS!
    -Warning: Mature Content-

  • legendary saga of lofe

    s1 E2

  • Barbara  Locklear
    Barbara Locklear 14 days ago

    Do another one

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