The 'Wonder'ful Gal Gadot

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  • Nichtheman z
    Nichtheman z 14 hours ago

    god I love her so much

  • Dani Bahamon
    Dani Bahamon 16 hours ago

    In this interview she looks like a mix between Monica Bolucci and Angelina Jolie. She's more charming though 😍

  • Ashley Justice
    Ashley Justice 18 hours ago

    She was the perfect Wonder Woman. 💪😄🌟

  • MissKitty
    MissKitty 19 hours ago

    She can make a gay guy turn as straight as an arrow.

  • OceaniaMonarch
    OceaniaMonarch 1 day ago

    Did yall forget about Xena and Buffy up in this muthafvcker!!!#lol

  • Abhilasha Choudhary

    she is giving differenent​ interviews everywhere...

  • Rebecca De-Luca
    Rebecca De-Luca 1 day ago

    hey guys... this gal is SOOOOO fun

  • Palash Priyanshu Dutta

    i came here from Jimmy Falons video, she explained way better in that video,, 😜😜. she said 20 miss calls in there.

  • Kenny Powers
    Kenny Powers 1 day ago

    She's so damn beautiful

  • Katie Knorr
    Katie Knorr 2 days ago

    On Jimmy she says one thing and on Ellen she says another. So confused.

  • Kristine T.
    Kristine T. 2 days ago

    she reminds me of fran drescher

  • TheKoderius
    TheKoderius 2 days ago

    Israeli women always fucking talk with their hands - keep it down sheesh

  • ester ferreira
    ester ferreira 2 days ago

    I could swear she already was a famous actress before this, her face is so familiar

  • Just Me
    Just Me 2 days ago

    I get a boner just by looking at her

  • Sarcastic Bean
    Sarcastic Bean 2 days ago

    Love the movie!

  • Lauren Kohl
    Lauren Kohl 2 days ago

    that shirt cute AF

  • Johana K
    Johana K 3 days ago

    love her so much

  • puspita ratnakania
    puspita ratnakania 3 days ago

    she's so lovely!

  • DragonSparkler
    DragonSparkler 3 days ago

    She's amazing!!!

  • Diana Prince
    Diana Prince 3 days ago

    Ohhh I get what they did with the title of this video 😏 clever

  • Agung Krisna
    Agung Krisna 3 days ago

    damn her eyes makes me stunned

  • John Allan
    John Allan 4 days ago

    her and I would be the perfect couple

  • Barbie Mission
    Barbie Mission 4 days ago

    i think this is a little different from what she told jimmy fallon? anyway she's gorgeous and is perfect for ww. 😍

  • Antonia Figueroa
    Antonia Figueroa 4 days ago

    she reminds me of one of my friends and I love it

  • sadat rahman
    sadat rahman 4 days ago

    she has blood of innocent Palestinians on her hands. She is a killer.

  • Care Bear
    Care Bear 4 days ago

    she looks stunning in the movie her lips are so plump like how is she so gorg? and her accent is very intriguing

  • joshina martin
    joshina martin 4 days ago

    Love her <3 <3

  • Every1Likes'IT
    Every1Likes'IT 4 days ago

    WHO Gives aFuck witch country shes from ,while-90% of the world don't have pure nationality,it's half of this and half of that,born there but live here-,born here but grow up there-who Gives a fuck, whom ever hate this fact is the one who should be hated..
    Hypocrite,judgmental, people should often look in the mirror what kind of person they our to have the right to say bad things to others

  • Every1Likes'IT
    Every1Likes'IT 4 days ago

    not only a good star,also a good role model.a mother,a wife she have a lovely successful marriage and a dedicated servant for israel country.not only in d movie she's role model but also in real life-I think shes one of the best role model person who ever role super hero character in the movie,godbless

  • ZeVio74
    ZeVio74 4 days ago

    She absolutely OWNED the role

  • Mr. Andros
    Mr. Andros 4 days ago

    love her....

  • chez crisden
    chez crisden 5 days ago

    God had a hand in Gal, playing wonderwoman

    saw it yesterday; fabulous :)

  • eiron Magnaye
    eiron Magnaye 5 days ago

    I watched Wonder Woman and I want to watch it again and again. Gal's personality fitted well to WW's character. I can't imagine anyone playing that role other than Gal.

  • Lianys Olmeda
    Lianys Olmeda 5 days ago

    She was SUCH a good Wonder Woman

  • Addison Brockway
    Addison Brockway 5 days ago

    Gal, When i was about 6 I LOVED wonder woman (I still do to this day) and she meant alot to me, And now im 10 and i have everything thats wonder woman. My room has red, white, and blue, And alot of white stars. I have wonder woman posters EVERYWHERE. But since you played this part, it inspired me so much that i want to be wonder woman when i grow up, (Just like you!) So Gal, You feel like a sister to me and you mean so much to me. Since you inspired me, i hope this inspires you (if you are reading this.) So Gal i hope theres 400000 more movies About Wonder Woman. And remember you can fight for those who cant fight for themselves. I Really care about you and people. So Wonder Women is my person. You are the prettiest Wonder Woman iv'e EVER seen. Thank You for being you!! - Addison Brockway I would love for you to comment back to me. :)

  • Rhianna The Panda
    Rhianna The Panda 5 days ago


  • Anyza
    Anyza 6 days ago

    Gal Gadot Wonder Woman (2017)

  • Blogwith gokul
    Blogwith gokul 6 days ago

    She sounds like Priyanka Chopra at times. Maybe just my thought :) What you people think?

  • Xiaod Guo
    Xiaod Guo 6 days ago


  • jasmine wood
    jasmine wood 6 days ago

    Vote for wonder woman in teen choice awards

  • Letícia Groppo
    Letícia Groppo 6 days ago

    Gal Gadot, Daisy Ridley, John Boyega.. These guys are doing a wonderful job choosing down to earth, likeable and great actors.

  • Ainat
    Ainat 6 days ago

    She was so nervous... lol so cute.

  • Eia T.
    Eia T. 6 days ago

    Most beautiful face in this universe..

  • Eia T.
    Eia T. 6 days ago

    LOVE HER <3

  • michael m Roberts
    michael m Roberts 6 days ago

    bat girl 2015

  • PizzaIsBetterThanYou

    she's so kind wow, Ellen gave her the toy and then asked her a question and right before answering she took the time to say thank you.

  • PizzaIsBetterThanYou

    she's so beautiful wowowowowowow when people were clapping she was like "thank you thank you" and it was so cute I'm crying

  • Aïda fgl
    Aïda fgl 6 days ago

    i don't understand the Palestinian/ Israeli problem... can someone explain ?

  • MissFrancineTV
    MissFrancineTV 6 days ago

    How is she soo perfect 😩

  • NGiustizia
    NGiustizia 6 days ago

    Pls invite the cast of #Sense8 to be on your show!:)

  • Faith Arch22
    Faith Arch22 7 days ago

    She's so pretty omg

  • bar sahar
    bar sahar 7 days ago

    REPRESENT 🇮🇱🇮🇱

  • Bear and Bunny Queen

    She's so beautiful I just watched wonder women last Saturday

  • Elcid Abiera
    Elcid Abiera 7 days ago

    can she be tomb raider? 😊

  • cupcake loves games

    Wonder Woman baby is so cute

  • Valjermayne
    Valjermayne 7 days ago

    she is gorgeous yessss girl power

  • Harish kumar
    Harish kumar 7 days ago

    Wonder woman said 20 missed call in Jimmy s show and here she said 30 missed call ; Wonder woman lying we should tie the truth rope around her to see many missed calls actually :P

  • tupac or biggie
    tupac or biggie 8 days ago

    her laugh cures cancer ❤️

  • Truth Seeker
    Truth Seeker 8 days ago

    idf Zionist Gal, how many kids did u kill ?

  • Carol De Heyn
    Carol De Heyn 8 days ago

    OMG, daughter same age as mine! Be a great woman as your daughter will sees you! :D

  • You get a car!
    You get a car! 8 days ago

    She was in the army and studied Law. Respect!!

  • ohedd
    ohedd 8 days ago

    The hate in the comments highlights the left's, let's say troubling, relationship with the Jews. The left really needs to deal with the antisemitism that has infested their camp for decades now.

  • Trang Tuyên Lý
    Trang Tuyên Lý 8 days ago

    I've been following her since Fast 4... never let me down, this woman ♥ ILY Gal Gadot ♥

  • Mer Mortola
    Mer Mortola 8 days ago

    She's so pretty!

  • Djervena Previlon
    Djervena Previlon 8 days ago

    *You know, she's a really sweet gal*

  • tumisechriss
    tumisechriss 9 days ago

    she's exquisite!

  • aidil ridzuan
    aidil ridzuan 9 days ago

    she was a former IDF soldier so she must have killed someone in real lives. Wonder women is a great movie but she was not too wonderful blablabla

  • Sammi ss
    Sammi ss 9 days ago

    Should of asked her about her advocation for murdering Palestinian kids and family

  • Sarah McCain
    Sarah McCain 9 days ago

    This girl was served in the IDF! Was combat instructor during the 2006 Lebanon war! She has also praised the IDF, in 2014 , over 2,000 Palestine were killed including 500 childrens! #Boycott

    • Sarah McCain
      Sarah McCain 8 days ago

      Rachel gold That's actually true! Fuckbless america and Fuckbless Israel!

    • Rachel gold
      Rachel gold 8 days ago

      +Sarah McCain ... Muslim troll hiding behind a female name .... filth of humanity ....
      .... I see you Everywhere disgusting Anti-Semitic provoker.
      Seems like you pig are looking after all content related to Israel ...
      You retards are addicted to spread ugly misinformation, demonization of Israel.

      You have a nasty habit of looking after Jewish or Israeli videos in order of vilifying and spreading hate ... pathetic looser ....

  • shanny94 sha
    shanny94 sha 9 days ago

    Don't judge a book by it's cover, look at the contents, I'll give you a summary.. People don't hate her because she is Israeli, or because she served in the army. They hate her because she PROUDLY supports an army that openly violates the International Humanitarian Law by illegally occupying/controlling land. They jail Israeli's who don't serve in the army, they ignore international law. Certain Israeli's themselves have spoken up and are against the illegal occupation. Look at reports done by Amnesty International and the United Nations about this topic. Search 'breaking the silence', it is a group started by ex-Israeli soldiers. Search 'Jewish voice for peace', a Jewish organisation actively speaking out about the human rights violations done in the name of Zionism (a political movement not true to the teachings of Judaism). Famous figures against the illegal occupation include: Nelson Mandela & Stephen Hawking. Educate yourselves before getting angry at people for speaking out about the hypocrisy of casting her as 'Wonder Woman'", when she supports the violation of international law. There's nothing 'anti-semetic' about criticising illegal occupation. I never bothered speaking up until I saw the amount of people mindlessly supporting her and being unaware of what she supports.

  • Dev Stevensons
    Dev Stevensons 9 days ago


  • Cali Nightingale
    Cali Nightingale 9 days ago

    She's beautiful, sweet, and humble. I have a girl crush on her

  • T R
    T R 9 days ago

    She's beautiful and has an amazing personality. She seems like a genuinely good person

  • Ankit Anand Topno
    Ankit Anand Topno 9 days ago

    She does not belong to this world. This perfection should not exist in this world of hell.

  • patricia hitt
    patricia hitt 9 days ago

    She made being strong, tough, and beutiful, believable. Some times attractive women are so miscast that it makes what they're doing look silly. She pulled it off.

  • Karla Butterfly
    Karla Butterfly 9 days ago

    wowwwwwwwwwww she is amazing girl .

  • Molly Anne
    Molly Anne 9 days ago

    She is stunning!

  • Bronson Ferrigno
    Bronson Ferrigno 9 days ago

    I bet Ellen is sad that they're both married (at the time at least).

  • Farida anal
    Farida anal 9 days ago

    i lover her

  • Jenzy A
    Jenzy A 10 days ago

    She is so lovely!!!

  • Nguyet Anh Nguyen
    Nguyet Anh Nguyen 10 days ago

    Love you so much Gal Gadot ❤️❤️❤️ you're such a great role model for women

  • Tanisha Rasealle
    Tanisha Rasealle 10 days ago

    Aw so cute

  • Marlowe Karl Bjorkund

    I love the way she speaks it's so beautiful

  • Naweed sediq
    Naweed sediq 10 days ago

    feminine perfection. i can look her all day and just makes me smile looking at her

  • Albert Tan
    Albert Tan 10 days ago

    Gal Gadot the next Angelina Jolie. :)

  • Tenzin Dolker
    Tenzin Dolker 10 days ago

    She's next Jolie 💪

  • Jennifer Fernandez
    Jennifer Fernandez 10 days ago

    I watched Wonder Woman 10 days ago and I'm definitely in love with her! I can't think of another actress that could fit into the character like she does, Gal Gadot was born to be wonder women ♥️ She was just extraordinary I'm speechless

  • J El
    J El 10 days ago

    1:55 you can see the jealous eyes in the crowd

  • Jessica Guzman
    Jessica Guzman 10 days ago

    i love her shes so real. she isnt this perfect celebrity but shes real and i love her

  • Therltgr
    Therltgr 11 days ago

    She is perfect

  • Doia Eu
    Doia Eu 11 days ago

    She is sooo cute

  • reariala0
    reariala0 11 days ago

    The way her eyes sparkle when the picture of her daughter comes up is beautiful.

  • mzKiiaVaj
    mzKiiaVaj 11 days ago

    shes so hot!!!!

  • Jodye Elle
    Jodye Elle 11 days ago

    she's amazing. I love her accent and Wonder Woman!

  • Tpac Studios
    Tpac Studios 11 days ago

    She looks like a China actor Angelabay

  • Daniya Naveed Aslam
    Daniya Naveed Aslam 11 days ago


  • Rosalie Mandeoya
    Rosalie Mandeoya 11 days ago


  • rimabima
    rimabima 11 days ago

    ellen always stands up for people's rights, so it's very sad to see that she got this zionist on her show

  • Forest MG
    Forest MG 12 days ago

    2:18 "Oh my Gaaaaahhddee" <3

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