Khana Kaba inside by Angel BaiG

Khana Kaba inside
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Author aemyism (3 years)
mashaa allah.. allah hum sb ko hujj krne ki tofeeq ataa farmae. ameen

Author M Aziz (4 years)

Author turkmuslim4ever (4 years)
@hasnainclub suphan Allah what ever direction you want to pray :) its
really great that they put video of inside the kabah masAllah

Author onnaib70 (2 years)
I like this video SubhanAllah!! nice...!

Author turkmuslim4ever (4 years)
subhan Allah is this inside the kabah ?

Author elaeln (3 years)
the most beautiful what u can see...:)))mashaa Allah

Author Hasnain Attarwala (4 years)
@turkmuslim4ever yes,

Author punjabiqt08 (3 years)
what's hanging from the ceiling??

Author Q M Aslam (10 months)
I like it

Author Hasnain Attarwala (4 years)
@turkmuslim4ever I know right! Bfor internet was invented it would only be
a a dream for billions of people to even think abt whats inside a kaba

Author umerfarooqsh (2 years)

Author elaeln (2 years)
@CrazyLyricsLicious u don't understend, where is this video????

Author mymusicfolder1 (3 years)
FACE the stone it, BOW to it, TURN to it, Fall on yourface to it. What is
so special about a piece of stone that you would bow to it? This is
contrary to what Moses was taught at Sinai. Exodus 20.5 "You shall not make
for yourself an image in the form of ANYTHING in heaven above or on the
earth beneath or in the waters below. 5 You shall not BOW DOWN to them or
worship them; .." THIS IS IDOLATRY !

Author Usman Sid (3 years)
This is real bro....

Author turkmuslim4ever (4 years)
@hasnainclub jep Allahs will brother :) i wonder is there something in
cennah reminding us of kaaba

Author aemyism (3 years)
@bahriboy great answer....

Author turkmuslim4ever (3 years)
haha sheikh abdullah :) 1 person is praying

Author misssweety89 (4 years)
mashallah subhanallahh.. awsomee...i hope i will be lucky like u and can
pray inside da KHANA KABA

Author bahriboy (3 years)
@mymusicfolder1 we are bowing to allah, the prophet bowed to the stone, it
was built by adam,then rebuilt by're confused about idolatry
my friend..there's no idol's herewe dont say...'O' Kabba..please grant us
so & so'...thankgod islam has been protected from people praying to the
Kabaa or Mohammed for over 1400 years..& from the Quran matter
how much its enemies try to change it..they cant

Author WARGIRLWARGIRL (2 years)
i cant see anything

Author Naz Ahmad (2 years)

Author guljiguljigulji6 (4 years)
mashALLAH subhanALLAH kia bat hai very nice

Author Deen2010 (3 years)
i dnt get it? Sum1 plz explaine.

Author turkmuslim4ever (3 years)
how can i enter the kabah is there a posibility? for me to enter kaabah
just wondering... still wondering if its haram tho i think its haram...
well Allah knows best masAllah

Author RANA M JAVAID M IQBAL (3 years)

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