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Author mochaIluv (10 months)
rest in peace :-(

Author Harley (6 months)

Author Anna Belle (1 month)
If you choose not to have the triangle on the back. how do you put it on?

Author Lisa Ford (2 months)
RIP. Just subscribed to your videos was going to be looking foward to
seeing new things until i read the comments. :(

Author Keishana Tate (29 days)
can you send me all the details and where did you get your fabric from
because I really like that jumper it's really pretty

Author Poison (1 month)
how did that happen she looks to not be too far in to her early 30's if
even that I just subscribed .... Rest in Peace God bless your family left

Author Nice Baêta (1 month)
muito legal, parabéns

Author Pooja Singh (1 month)
which fabric is this ?????? pls reply :)

Author carmen roupp (1 month)
i am so sad that this young woman was tragically taken by her ex. such a
sick that this happened to her ,i send prayers to her whole family. i agree
with * Harley, can youtube take the money that they make on the likes &
shares that her pages get on here to donate to her son ? i been watching
her video's on here and i read most of the posts below the video's and just
today found out today. so sad. rip meesha :(

Author Joselyn Farfan (25 days)

Author Le'Evelyn Barr (1 month)
The fabric store that she posted in her comments, can I still order from

Author ringerringerroses (9 days)

Author yolanda fonseca (4 months)
Great job

Next time can you show the back without the jacket maybe if you times I
didn't see it at all

Thank you

Author u and me (2 months)
She.. Died..!!! She seems young :-(

Author brittany tompkins (7 days)

Author Shanelle Howard (6 days)
She died ? sad 

Author dhea co (14 days)
Nice jumpsuit I subby you take care

Author Magaly Hernandez (1 month)
Hola me encantan tus vídeos aunque estén en ingles y tu niña si que tiene
talento como modelo felicidades...

Author angie lu (4 months)
Que creatividad.. goog job

Author Doreen Crosby (3 months)
Thank you jesus for this woman you know how to really simplify it down so
that anyone can understand you are truly a angle sent from God R.I.P

Author Hollie Bourne (2 months)
Sooooo cool

Author Resolvy Shipanga (1 month)
I enjoyed every one of your videos,such a pity i only saw it now

Author ASC Mona (2 months)
I used to watch her lovely videos:) she was so good :(

Author venissa timbreza (9 months)
I would like to see A wide leg jump suit! Sleeveless ? 

Author Manuel Rellip (3 months)
beatifull te admiro . por tu intenso trabajo

Author Hamidagoodgirl (4 months)
I hope its not true, I can't believe this, for what I read. I love watching
her tutorial. she is sounds sweet, beautiful girl. rest and peace. god
bless your family.

Author Kitty Boo (2 months)
Rest in peace 

Author beth stanley (4 months)
I bought a sewing machine FINALY & I am determined on learning to sew my
own clothes; I've ALWAYS wanted to. I just subscribed to your channel & was
thrilled to come across it, because u r GIFTED! Then I read you've passed
on from this Earth. I feel there's a reason I was so inspired by your work
this eve, & I'm intending to keep watching & learning. God hold u in the
palm of his hand. RIP. 

Author ODELLA HARRIS (3 months)

Author OfficialHouraye (9 months)
What gives anyone the right to end someone's life? This woman was such a
beautiful soul. I don't understand how you even go about hurting her, let
alone killing her! What has this world come to?

Author nesrine perledelune (6 months)
may she rest in peace, amen :(

Author cha lalita (7 months)
Rip, this can happend to any woman when a man regardless race, class,
social backround, wiht or wihtout a criminal record decide his gone make
you pay for dumping him.
None is safe no matter how wisely you think you choose your partner

Author tracey alexander (9 months)
I would like to connect with someone about living this dream for her so her
kids can have this when they get older. Please someone i do this same
stuff. What can we do for the kids sisters and brothers?

Author Danica De Freitas (7 months)
Question how am I getting in the jump suit -_-

Author Shiquita Brooks (6 months)
Just starting following your page, only to find that you have passed away
tragically. I pray for the family, friends, and all of those touched by
your life. God Bless

Author Maria Romanov (7 months)
thanks for this channel!
I really want to learn to sew

Author Jus Dawn (8 months)
RIP LUV BUG! You will be deeply missed! 

Author Nabiilah Bun (3 months)
oh wow i am scrolling to the comments and i saw RIP, and i was like 'yes
some people comment anything'' but she is actually no more.. tragic story
am shocked , rest in peace love

Author 2PurpleStars6 (9 months)
What camp are you representing? 

Author Julie Snarr (7 months)
I just saw that this sweet soul has passed. my heart breaks for your
children and family. you will surely continue to be missed and loved.
kisses to the sky, angel. may justice be served here on Earth that you may
rest peacefully.

Author Tyasha Henry (2 months)

Author Ashley Schill (9 months)
She had such a wonderful spirit and soul. I just started watching her
tutorials and love what she has created. Rest in peace!

Author Mfshorty Dx (5 months)
Wow v.v my day just got ruined . i was liking her and her beautiful
inspirations and guess what i had to read the comments about her not alive
and how she has children 😰 why do bad people exist ;-; 

Author Magical Bevanna (6 months)
Unfortunately, evil walks this earth. I hope she didn't suffer, and awoke
in a better place. I had just subbed her channel. It's a crying shame. RIP.

Author Lucy Rivera (7 months)
Bye Meesha will always remember you RIP 

Author PhillyGal (10 months)
RIP!!! God this makes me so sad because I felt like I knew you. I have been
following you for some years now and am thankful for your videos. I pray
that the Lord touch your family and friends, may his presence surround them
with comfort and Love. God Bless your Husband & Children. 

Author Renata Pendergrass (8 months)
Awwww this tutorial made me cry on the end. This young woman seems very
sweet, and genuine. To know her babies have to grow up motherless just
saddens my heart. There are wicked ppl in this world. RIP Meesha😇💖

Author julissa villafuerte (7 months)

Author Lucy Rivera (7 months)
Bye Meesha will always remember you RIP 

Author Maureen Santillan (9 months)
My thoughts are with her kids and family... such an inspiring woman, I am
saddened by the loss of someone I truly found as an inspiration to me and
others like me! You will be missed MeeshaBoo. 

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