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Author mochaIluv (5 months)
rest in peace :-(

Author venissa timbreza (4 months)
I would like to see A wide leg jump suit! Sleeveless ? 

Author Trisha Joaquin (1 month)
easy to follow but u wasted so much fabric...better learn d basic in
tailoring so u know how to cut d right way

Author rosa medinar (1 month)
hi i am from Venezuela ponle translation please thanks

Author Harley (1 month)

Author Siti Rana (2 days)
rest in peace!!! love your video

Author martha islenia gonzalez lopez (8 days)
por favor en españolll

Author feli mayombo (11 days)

Author zahara nabaka (3 months)
wow how to make a bandage dress

Author Aaliya Aquino (14 days)
How u know she died

Author antonia moreno lopez (24 days)
como fue que paso dios lo siento

Author tracey alexander (3 months)
I would like to connect with someone about living this dream for her so her
kids can have this when they get older. Please someone i do this same
stuff. What can we do for the kids sisters and brothers?

Author ZozyKapozy (25 days)
Did she die?????

Author Magical Bevanna (1 month)
Unfortunately, evil walks this earth. I hope she didn't suffer, and awoke
in a better place. I had just subbed her channel. It's a crying shame. RIP.

Author goldsunlover (1 month)
Omg, rest peacefully Angel.

Author Shiquita Brooks (1 month)
Just starting following your page, only to find that you have passed away
tragically. I pray for the family, friends, and all of those touched by
your life. God Bless

Author ramatoulaye Djignaly (1 month)
i would have your schoes

Author Bridget Foster (2 months)
Rest in Peace beautiful xx

Author nesrine perledelune (1 month)
may she rest in peace, amen :(

Author Esmeralda Hernandez (1 month)
What is your Instagram name?

Author Imane (1 month)
2 yards in meteres pls

Author Julie Snarr (1 month)
I just saw that this sweet soul has passed. my heart breaks for your
children and family. you will surely continue to be missed and loved.
kisses to the sky, angel. may justice be served here on Earth that you may
rest peacefully.

Author 2PurpleStars6 (4 months)
What camp are you representing? 

Author Maria Romanov (2 months)
thanks for this channel!
I really want to learn to sew

Author Sweetkk Alexander (2 months)
Who to make the drsss that your wearing in this video

Author cha lalita (2 months)
Rip, this can happend to any woman when a man regardless race, class,
social backround, wiht or wihtout a criminal record decide his gone make
you pay for dumping him.
None is safe no matter how wisely you think you choose your partner

Author julissa villafuerte (2 months)

Author lucy rivera (2 months)
Bye Meesha will always remember you RIP 

Author Magical Bevanna (1 month)
Unfortunately, evil walks this earth. I hope she didn't suffer, and awoke
in a better place. I had just subbed her channel. It's a crying shame. RIP.

Author Lauren Sissons (6 months)
I hate jump suits

Author Shaneka Wright (2 months)
rest in peace...I just discovered your page....God bless your family!

Author Danica De Freitas (2 months)
Question how am I getting in the jump suit -_-

Author Renata Pendergrass (2 months)
Awwww this tutorial made me cry on the end. This young woman seems very
sweet, and genuine. To know her babies have to grow up motherless just
saddens my heart. There are wicked ppl in this world. RIP Meesha😇💖

Author Jus Dawn (3 months)
RIP LUV BUG! You will be deeply missed! 

Author Sofia Rafaela (3 months)
Eu sou brasileira!!! :D

Author lucy rivera (2 months)
Bye Meesha will always remember you RIP 

Author S. Lewis (3 months)

Author Suga Raye (3 months)
The great always go too soon!
This broke my heart!! Words cannot express!

Its sooo tru what the artical said she was like a creative sister to all of
She taught me how sew again and really encouraged me to take the risk!

She was a woman of class morals and excellence and she was raising her
children to be the same!..
Her videos gave me confidence to do what I thought I couldn't!
And I will make sure the power she possesses is felt.

My prayers are with the entire family

My heart is with the children

And if any of the family read this please please contact me I would love to
get permission to do something in meesha's name here in London England.

xxxxxXxxxx R.I.P Sweet Queen Meesha xxxxXxxxx

Author kharah shawdy titre (3 months)
its lovely .. I have one question though, how would I get it on I didn't
see a zip or any buttons

Author shishamine caras (3 months)
RIP. T_T so sad=(

Author Eunice Troupe (3 months)
How horrible! 

Author OfficialHouraye (3 months)
What gives anyone the right to end someone's life? This woman was such a
beautiful soul. I don't understand how you even go about hurting her, let
alone killing her! What has this world come to?

Author suave sanchez (4 months)
she's very appreciative... the whole intro is of her thanking people...!

Author Ashley Schill (3 months)
She had such a wonderful spirit and soul. I just started watching her
tutorials and love what she has created. Rest in peace!

Author Maureen Santillan (3 months)
My thoughts are with her kids and family... such an inspiring woman, I am
saddened by the loss of someone I truly found as an inspiration to me and
others like me! You will be missed MeeshaBoo. 

Author tasha4uable (2 days)
RIP Meesha. I just discovered her yesterday and today realized she is
deceased. She is such an inspiration to me as I am now desiring to sew
again. I love that she shares her faith in God. May God strengthens and
comforts her family especially her children.

Author NaptuRo90 (6 months)
I love that pattern! Awesome video!

Author mrsgobert26 (4 months)
Love it going make me one... r.I.p meeshaboo 

Author rachel hardy (4 months)
Rest in peace beautiful lady. God bless your family

Author kristen diana (4 months)
rest in peace babygirl <3

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