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Added: 9 months
Runtime: 13:27
Comments: 210

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Author mochaIluv (2 months)
rest in peace :-(

Author venissa timbreza (1 month)
I would like to see A wide leg jump suit! Sleeveless ? 

Author 2PurpleStars6 (1 month)
What camp are you representing? 

Author NaptuRo90 (3 months)
I love that pattern! Awesome video!

Author Nina Woodson (7 months)
I love your video.I do sew.But i use patterns.i am trying to get out of use
patterns.So i am going to try it your jumpsuit.i will let know how it come
out .Thank you so much for your video.

Author Bukola Ojo (6 months)
i love sewing but i don't know where i can get those fabric and accessories
to use for sewing. can u tell me where to get it from

Author Lauren Sissons (2 months)
I hate jump suits

Author zahara nabaka (21 day)
wow how to make a bandage dress

Author Eva Hill (7 months)
I... Love... You.... Beginners everywhere love you... I haven't even gotten
my sewing machine yet (Christmas !!!!!!) I'm watching and I love you. a
lot... more than a lot. maybe 6 lots. 6 lots, each the size of a nfl
football field... Okay maybe 8 lots.

Author Sofia Rafaela (9 days)
Eu sou brasileira!!! :D

Author S. Lewis (4 days)

Author MsTHEPRIZE (2 months)
Did u stitches the pant and top on the right side of fabric? 

Author ebbdiggy1 (1 month)
Omg, i am heart broken, this is so sad to hear, she was sooo talented R.I.P
Meesha, damn... does ca have the death penalty?

Author Ocean Collins (2 months)
awhh R.I.P MAMI! love the designs... only if i could shoot the man that
shot you :'(

Author Cristy O (6 months)
At the end when you did the waist, was the elastic already in there? Or you
did the same thing as the elastic with the leg holes? 

Author TailorFit (6 months)
I really like that jumpsuit on you! Really fly

Author Amy Jones (1 month)
OMG rest in peace :'(

Author suave sanchez (27 days)
she's very appreciative... the whole intro is of her thanking people...!

Author Makeema Lee (7 months)
Do you use a stretch needle for this fabric???

Author OfficialHouraye (22 days)
What gives anyone the right to end someone's life? This woman was such a
beautiful soul. I don't understand how you even go about hurting her, let
alone killing her! What has this world come to?

Author IAMYOURFUTURE (5 months)

Author Shivs Bnf (6 months)
cute jumpsuit

Author shishamine caras (15 days)
RIP. T_T so sad=(

Author Kamiya M (2 months)
that was really cute and the jumpsuit looks great on you 

Author kharah shawdy titre (13 days)
its lovely .. I have one question though, how would I get it on I didn't
see a zip or any buttons

Author 0230Raveena (7 months)
Love it. And especially love the end with the little cutie pie. :) thanks
for posting.

Author Angela Westbrooks (7 months)
Fantastic, I wish I could create my own clothes.

Author PhillyGal (2 months)
RIP!!! God this makes me so sad because I felt like I knew you. I have been
following you for some years now and am thankful for your videos. I pray
that the Lord touch your family and friends, may his presence surround them
with comfort and Love. God Bless your Husband & Children. 

Author Mel russ (6 months)
Man I'm I glad I found your page! So creative and your young(meaning up to
date on styles). Thanks!

Author Monique D (2 months)

Author tracey alexander (24 days)
I would like to connect with someone about living this dream for her so her
kids can have this when they get older. Please someone i do this same
stuff. What can we do for the kids sisters and brothers?

Author brendaanne3 (3 months)
is it okay if I don't use a stretchy fabric? will it still turn out the

Author Amanda Torres (4 months)
I love the jumpsuit i didn't like the shoes

Author Eunice Troupe (17 days)
How horrible! 

Author Irene Sp (3 months)
i'm new to your channel but i see you have very nice and useful
videos...soooo i subbed! :D

Author D'najah Sloan (1 month)
where is your store

Author Tara Remington (6 months)
Omg! Her skirt is soo cute!! Did u make that too? Ur work just blows me

Author OWNERBUSINESS (7 months)
I love this jumpsuit! You make everything look so easy and simple. Do you
have a tutorial on high waisted wide leg pants? If not could you do

Author Bryana Matthews (1 month)
Wow i cant believe she passed away wow 

Author sodeserving (5 months)
You have, by far, thee best DIY tutorials I have seen thus far! I am a
beginner when it comes to sewing... better yet, I am a NOVICE! LOL I have
been watching videos for about a month straight because, I have been trying
to get the fundamentals down pact before I sew my very own clothing. The
Lord brought me to this page tonight because I was getting ready for bed
and something told me to check for a tutorial before I shut down my PC and
I saw your mermaid skirt tutorial and I am official HOOKED to your page!
You're AWESOME!!! Thanks for sharing your talent with us!!

Author MizT (8 months)
CUTEE, I have got to invest in a sewing machine, you make it look so

Author MsQueen Black (4 months)

Author Ashley Schill (22 days)
She had such a wonderful spirit and soul. I just started watching her
tutorials and love what she has created. Rest in peace!

Author Prettyx Roses (7 months)
Love that fabric. At first I thought mmm it's not that cool but then when
you wore it, then it became really pretty. :) thanks for making this video.

Author YouOnlyLiveOnce55 (5 months)
So I'm guessing the taller you are obviously the more fabric you need?

Author anonymouswillpower (5 months)
You are so inspiring, and so much fun. I love your videos!

Author ShellySpice1 (7 months)
I like what you are wearing 

Author Claire Dalencour (1 month)
you left a legacy behind you, very helpful videos for the world. RIP.

Author Sushant Sharma (7 months)
How come you use only stretch fabrics? there are so many varieties of
fabric one can work with.

Author &a.l.l.thatjazz (8 months)
What song plays at the end?

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