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Author nidhi ( ago)

Author Jan Jax ( ago)
to your husband and children may God hold them in his hands....I pray the
pain heal fast and they always see a loving smile each time they thing of
you...your a beautiful lady with a beautiful spirit rest in peace...

Author Sara McCalla ( ago)
how do you put it on

Author Juana Ayala ( ago)
just so sad to know she is gone,rip

Author Tina Rowe ( ago)
You're lovely!

Author Olasunmbo Olayinka ( ago)
I just started watching her videos about a week ago too and I love them &
her so much that I got loads of questions saved to ask her.... How did this
even happen? How? When? May God be with d family she left behind and may
your gentle soul rest in perfect peace Meesha... Am super hurt .. God

Author Madeline Whitmer ( ago)
I just started watching her videos. I love her so much! She is so amazing
and beautiful. I am so inspired by her. Rest in Peace, Meesha. You are my

Author Madeline Whitmer ( ago)
I just started watching her videos. I love her so much! She is so amazing
and beautiful. I am so inspired by her. Rest in Peace, Meesha. You are my

Author kamalpreet kaur ( ago)
Its sad that you're no more for our queries and for new patterns. But you
are not dead .you are and will always be alive till your videos are live.
RIP and love you

Author Roza Ella ( ago)
RIP Meesha :(

Author Karen Kat ( ago)
love her video's i hope that her boy friend known as the retarded and
stupid idiot hope he dies.

Author Dominique Arielle ( ago)
We miss u very much 👼🏽👼🏽❤️

Author Odinga richardson ( ago)

Author Rosemarie Johnsen ( ago)
i looooovvve this video just hearing u talk makes me happy it was simpel to
the point and plz make more videos!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author Farhan Rathod ( ago)
How to cut jumpsuit

Author Desi Marie ( ago)
RIP Goddess. :'(

Author Desi Marie ( ago)
I love this!

Author Tina Ujiagbe ( ago)
May your soul rest in peace. where you are right now is better than this
wicked world. my God protect your children amen..

Author luis gutierrez ( ago)

Author Janice Christie ( ago)
rest in peace

wow, i'm so sorry shes gone.

Author Lillian Campbell ( ago)
1 question: How do know so much about making clothes?

Author shirrelle conant ( ago)

Author angelam perez ( ago)
I love Meesha sawing tutorials . wish I could learn to sew an cut like

Author Richy James ( ago)
She was a total inspiration to me ... She made me feel like i can sew and
nothing could stop me ... I hope he rots in jail her ex x

Author krisjay baker ( ago)
loved it... thanks

Author Guillermina Guillèn Bello ( ago)
I love it!

Author Sujana Pun ( ago)

Author Sandra Brown ( ago)
She was a professional in making nice jumpsuit one of my most inspirational
person that made me want to try to make my own clothes...May your soul
R.I.P. Meesha. You are definitely going to be missed.

Author Kitty Purrzz ( ago)
Omg I didn't even know, I was just searching for a how to adjust a jumpsuit
video then I saw the comments 😢😢 ... May your soul rest in peace...

Author Tykia Smith ( ago)
thanks trying to make a jumpsuit

Author Jitender Vasudeva ( ago)
she will ever remain live in her videos and our hearts. may her soul rest
in peace.

Author Bernie Mubita ( ago)
rest in peace i love your videos adding more value to my life...Thank you
for sharing

Author Tamara g ( ago)
I was just watching your videos then i saw your life was taken and it
brought tears to my eyes ,May your soul rest in peace in the beautiful arms
of our Lord and saviour and may he watch over your kids .

Author Fab Gamer ( ago)
What happened

Author Paul Malaki ( ago)
can dis be true dat sis no more

Author Anita Ordoñez ( ago)
bordering the baby

Author Anita Ordoñez ( ago)
que linda la bb

Author Bosslady W ( ago)
you are so awesome i just found your videos & fell in love with them ...
May your soul Rest in Peace & your creations & legend live within your

Author Tiffany Stanley ( ago)
:( I was falling in love with her videos only go see yhat she's no longer
with us. I'll keep her in my future projects. I learned a lot watching her

Author Maya Harada ( ago)
RIP Meesha <3

Author Dana Ortega ( ago)
Me encantan todas las cosas con tanta creatividad y sobre todo fácil de
hacer en casa.

Author Claire Ollie ( ago)
Wait she died? how and who and when and...WHY!!😭😨😱😭😭😩

Author Queen Cha'Ma ( ago)
May she rest in peace, that article had me in tears :/:/ yes such heartless
and cruel people do exist.. what a loss :(

Author angelam perez ( ago)
I like your sewing style . you are cool.

Author Zoe Mosaic (Super-glued Mosaic) ( ago)
lol on your dancing. good tutorial though

Author Somrutai Srising ( ago)

Author A'zaira Stigler ( ago)
My family and consumer science teacher showed us this video 2 years ago.
Tamisha is a beautiful and well respected angel. Design in peace

Author Sección Uno Terapia Ocupacional ( ago)

Author yuemei C. ( ago)
Ohh God! I couldn't believe what I just read in the comment! so I checked

It's terrible, she sure thought me much, may she rest in peace.

Author Elson Daly ( ago)
That is so beautiful 

Author Cilla Amadi ( ago)
RIP dear so sad been watching youth videos for a while but never looked at
the comments. I will pray for your family. 

Author Rosario Caba La Taína Casera ( ago)
Excelent! it is wonderful! I will sew one to me! Thank you!

Author Jennifer Gilles (1049 years ago)
Oh no... that's so sad such a talented Beauty...r.i.p.

Author Kashkaani Aspen ( ago)
what is the fb name plz?

Author RoCynda Brantley ( ago)
me like!!!!!

Author Katie Smith ( ago)

Author Nour Houda ( ago)
Thats show beuti

Author Brylle Fabelina ( ago)
R.I.P pretty lady , i'm so sad

Author Estela Nunez ( ago)
So sad big lost rest in piece sweet girl and my condolences to family
specially here child ♡ :( 

Author Shavon Dean ( ago)
so pretty

Author Darla “Da Da Dah” Reta ( ago)
Such a tragedy. she was so sweet and just a delight to watch. My
condolences to her family. I will miss her videos. She will never know that
because of her videos I started sewing again. She was always smiling and
made sewing fun fir me again. I had never met Meesha but I cried when I
heard she had been murdered. I felt like I kinda knew her. I have seen
every video on here that she did. God Bless her family.

Author Shanelle Howard ( ago)
She died ? sad 

Author brittany tompkins ( ago)

Author ringerringerroses ( ago)

Author dhea co ( ago)
Nice jumpsuit I subby you take care

Author Keishana Tate ( ago)
can you send me all the details and where did you get your fabric from
because I really like that jumper it's really pretty

Author Pooja Singh ( ago)
which fabric is this ?????? pls reply :)

Author Anna Belle ( ago)
If you choose not to have the triangle on the back. how do you put it on?

Author carmen roupp ( ago)
i am so sad that this young woman was tragically taken by her ex. such a
sick that this happened to her ,i send prayers to her whole family. i agree
with * Harley, can youtube take the money that they make on the likes &
shares that her pages get on here to donate to her son ? i been watching
her video's on here and i read most of the posts below the video's and just
today found out today. so sad. rip meesha :(

Author Magaly Hernandez ( ago)
Hola me encantan tus vídeos aunque estén en ingles y tu niña si que tiene
talento como modelo felicidades...

Author Nice Baêta ( ago)
muito legal, parabéns

Author Le'Evelyn Barr ( ago)
The fabric store that she posted in her comments, can I still order from

Author Poison ( ago)
how did that happen she looks to not be too far in to her early 30's if
even that I just subscribed .... Rest in Peace God bless your family left

Author Resolvy Shipanga ( ago)
I enjoyed every one of your videos,such a pity i only saw it now

Author Lisa Ford (1055 years ago)
RIP. Just subscribed to your videos was going to be looking foward to
seeing new things until i read the comments. :(

Author Hollie Bourne ( ago)
Sooooo cool

Author Tyasha Henry ( ago)

Author ASC Mona ( ago)
I used to watch her lovely videos:) she was so good :(

Author u and me ( ago)
She.. Died..!!! She seems young :-(

Author Kitty Boo ( ago)
Rest in peace 

Author Manuel Rellip ( ago)
beatifull te admiro . por tu intenso trabajo

Author Doreen Crosby ( ago)
Thank you jesus for this woman you know how to really simplify it down so
that anyone can understand you are truly a angle sent from God R.I.P

Author ODELLA HARRIS ( ago)

Author Nabiilah Bun ( ago)
oh wow i am scrolling to the comments and i saw RIP, and i was like 'yes
some people comment anything'' but she is actually no more.. tragic story
am shocked , rest in peace love

Author beth stanley ( ago)
I bought a sewing machine FINALY & I am determined on learning to sew my
own clothes; I've ALWAYS wanted to. I just subscribed to your channel & was
thrilled to come across it, because u r GIFTED! Then I read you've passed
on from this Earth. I feel there's a reason I was so inspired by your work
this eve, & I'm intending to keep watching & learning. God hold u in the
palm of his hand. RIP. 

Author yolanda fonseca ( ago)
Great job

Next time can you show the back without the jacket maybe if you times I
didn't see it at all

Thank you

Author angie lu ( ago)
Que creatividad.. goog job

Author Hamidagoodgirl ( ago)
I hope its not true, I can't believe this, for what I read. I love watching
her tutorial. she is sounds sweet, beautiful girl. rest and peace. god
bless your family.

Author Mfshorty Dx ( ago)
Wow v.v my day just got ruined . i was liking her and her beautiful
inspirations and guess what i had to read the comments about her not alive
and how she has children 😰 why do bad people exist ;-; 

Author rachael kabura ( ago)
Rest in Peace,Meesha

Author Siti Rana ( ago)
rest in peace!!! love your video

Author tasha4uable ( ago)
RIP Meesha. I just discovered her yesterday and today realized she is
deceased. She is such an inspiration to me as I am now desiring to sew
again. I love that she shares her faith in God. May God strengthens and
comforts her family especially her children.

Author martha islenia gonzalez lopez ( ago)
por favor en españolll

Author Felistas Mayombo ( ago)

Author Aaliya Aquino ( ago)
How u know she died

Author antonia moreno lopez ( ago)
como fue que paso dios lo siento

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