Heist - Lindsey Stirling

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    Produced by Anthem Films
    Director: DJay Brawner
    Producer: Mike Longenbach
    Editor: Alex Jones
    VFX: Tanner Merrill
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  • Runtime: 3:54
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  • celia yeung
    celia yeung 3 days ago

    She hit them so hard words appeared😱

  • Sierra Trombley
    Sierra Trombley 3 days ago

    I love you Lindsey sterling soooo much

  • Addison Clark
    Addison Clark 7 days ago

    Lindsey a fighter boys be girls girls win# Lindsey

  • Comic Sans
    Comic Sans 9 days ago

    awesome!!! She can kick some serious butt!!

  • The Dapper Crawdad
    The Dapper Crawdad 10 days ago

    1:10 "Tink!"

  • Kiet Vu
    Kiet Vu 10 days ago

    What song was that at the end? It sounded great

  • Mélanie Reymond
    Mélanie Reymond 12 days ago

    I love

  • olaf wyderski
    olaf wyderski 14 days ago

    Pied piper from earth 3

  • Jana manson
    Jana manson 16 days ago

    wow die kann aber kämpfen

  • laydbakk1
    laydbakk1 20 days ago

    Well, that was fun... woo hoo...

  • Victoria k
    Victoria k 21 day ago

    I never get tired of seeing Lindsey using her violin as her weapon of choice. :) It's so cool and I just can't get over how much it just fits her.

  • Raiane Cardozo
    Raiane Cardozo 21 day ago


  • ana lilia huitron chavez

    La entrada del video se parece tanto a la de Kung Fury jejejeje es genial XD

  • David Sheats
    David Sheats 25 days ago

    my grand doter is a big fan

  • Management boy3
    Management boy3 26 days ago

    Some power rangers action going on!

  • Huy Ngo
    Huy Ngo 26 days ago

    Standing before the screen and don't know to push "Abort" - could only be game.

  • mariana martinez
    mariana martinez 28 days ago

    Suena mucho a Beyond The Veil😮

  • Jay Klingsmith
    Jay Klingsmith 1 month ago

    again another hit

  • Kassin. Martinez
    Kassin. Martinez 1 month ago

    Never get to Lindsey Stirling ' s bad side she'll mess you up with her awesomeness and her magic violin.

  • Kassin. Martinez
    Kassin. Martinez 1 month ago

    the video is so cool

  • AholeBiker12043
    AholeBiker12043 1 month ago

    pillage the "Land Fill"

  • Kiley Neil
    Kiley Neil 1 month ago

    1:29 DRAX? IS THAT YOU?

  • Talibah Mahmoud
    Talibah Mahmoud 1 month ago

    Is the sumo wrestler guy just Erich in makeup?

  • Max Rabe
    Max Rabe 1 month ago

    yeah this one is pretty cool I'll have to add all of them and rate them later

  • Vika Channel
    Vika Channel 1 month ago

    Super! 😘

  • Talibah Mahmoud
    Talibah Mahmoud 1 month ago

    Were any friends of Lindsey's harmed in the making of this video?

  • Patrick Reeners
    Patrick Reeners 1 month ago


  • Patrick Reeners
    Patrick Reeners 1 month ago


  • Patrick Reeners
    Patrick Reeners 1 month ago


  • Alexander Elsen
    Alexander Elsen 1 month ago

    2068 epileptic people have watched this video.

  • Kevin Li
    Kevin Li 1 month ago


    Why don't you just use the OP stuff at the first place???

  • 천연수달
    천연수달 1 month ago

    colorful and powerful.

  • Paulina Kuczwara
    Paulina Kuczwara 1 month ago


  • Patrick Reeners
    Patrick Reeners 1 month ago


  • Ziyad Al Ajaji
    Ziyad Al Ajaji 1 month ago

    Although I loved the music, the video is cringy

  • Khoa Nguyễn
    Khoa Nguyễn 1 month ago

    half a dollar was spent to make this video...
    probably the best budget music video

  • xXemzXx
    xXemzXx 1 month ago

    My cousins were extras in this music vid :)

  • Auto-X-tacy
    Auto-X-tacy 1 month ago

    Power Ranger Stirling FTW!

  • Sarah Grammatico
    Sarah Grammatico 1 month ago

    Wow! this like it!

  • Something
    Something 1 month ago

    I call hax! Not really thsi was amazing

  • Edie Gray
    Edie Gray 1 month ago

    This kinda feels like a video ga-

    Oh. Ohhhhh! ;)

  • Dmitri Kozlowsky
    Dmitri Kozlowsky 1 month ago

    1985 IROC-Z. Ancient school muscle car.

  • ShootGun S
    ShootGun S 1 month ago

    I want to play ur game :( but it isn't available in France :(

  • Late Night with NateWolf

    Anyone else reminded of Kung Fury?

  • Aya Milhen
    Aya Milhen 1 month ago

    liov lindsey

  • Christopher Elkins
    Christopher Elkins 1 month ago

    Legend of Zelda vibes

  • Christopher Elkins
    Christopher Elkins 1 month ago

    that guy had a death wish

  • Mary Bell
    Mary Bell 2 months ago

    is it strange that there all wearing helmets

  • tusset mathias
    tusset mathias 2 months ago

    cette est une artiste tout ce qu'elle touche elle en fait de l'or cela fais quelques années que je la suie et toutes ces musiques et ces clip me font rentrer dans sont monde merci lindsey et continue

  • Dennis Rooijackers
    Dennis Rooijackers 2 months ago

    a bit unoriginal considering it's nearly the same as one of her other songs with some minor tweaks here and there. (stil good though)

  • Shazzad Hossain
    Shazzad Hossain 2 months ago

    love u, love u, love u

  • Vyniel V
    Vyniel V 2 months ago


  • partygamer11
    partygamer11 2 months ago

    yay! lindsey imma buy a violin and be just like you! Your my idol!

  • Jacob Lyden
    Jacob Lyden 2 months ago

    First, that dude should know not to hit girls. Second of course the violin is always the ultimate weapon; I'm honestly surprised that it's not DLC for Skyrim, Assassin's Creed, and any other game.

  • Pancake3213
    Pancake3213 2 months ago

    Never has a game of splatoon been so intense with this music in the background

  • Erick Melgar
    Erick Melgar 2 months ago

    muy padre me encanto muy bueno

  • cellogirl11RW
    cellogirl11RW 2 months ago

    This sounds like something out of a superhero movie.

  • Camie Averett
    Camie Averett 2 months ago

    Lindsay, I'm loving g your dubstep music, its phenomenal, please continue to create this music.

    LINDSEY STIRLING 2 months ago

    love lindsey

  • Rhia Miller
    Rhia Miller 2 months ago

    out of curiosity does the app she's talking about at the end of the video still exist?

  • PandaLily-Chaine Gaming

    Really good! This song became one of my favourites!

  • Aya Milhen
    Aya Milhen 2 months ago


  • Jordyn Fidler
    Jordyn Fidler 2 months ago

    This is my Level 6 floor music for Gymnastics and i love it!!!

  • Steven MyDuck
    Steven MyDuck 2 months ago

    New Sona skin - Lindsey Sona

  • marshrover V
    marshrover V 2 months ago

    I call pay to win.

  • ChickenGamer 27
    ChickenGamer 27 2 months ago

    love her music but the videos are too much hahahaha

  • That creepy clown next door

    goth stirling

  • cws480
    cws480 2 months ago

    Lindsey's best music video. I love both it, and the music.

  • BlackMania
    BlackMania 3 months ago

    Her violin is a laser dorito gun confirmed.

  • Mori Saldaña
    Mori Saldaña 3 months ago


  • Taron D'Arcy
    Taron D'Arcy 3 months ago

    Genius Video! Genius Music! :)

  • Олег М
    Олег М 3 months ago

    Это девушка во льдах, но сюдя по клипу это ледяная девушка.💖💖💖

  • Elvira Bg
    Elvira Bg 3 months ago

    This is fkn amazing

  • axel vourtsains
    axel vourtsains 3 months ago

    woow you´re my new super hero jaja are so cute

  • nick Channel
    nick Channel 3 months ago

    io commento per tutta Italia

  • Jaelyn Thorne
    Jaelyn Thorne 3 months ago

    i love her red hair <3

  • Zoe Martens
    Zoe Martens 3 months ago

    this is a version of beyond the veil

  • Dealtoth
    Dealtoth 3 months ago

    Lindsey is the Perfect Bard for a Movie. Bards use their artistic talents to induce magical effects

  • Feliz Alexandro Puma
    Feliz Alexandro Puma 3 months ago

    I love you 😍🙌

  • Pixl Hamada
    Pixl Hamada 3 months ago


  • Knac44
    Knac44 3 months ago

    make pop dash on android tablets PLZ

  • justrolock
    justrolock 3 months ago

    Great :)

  • Jakers Official
    Jakers Official 3 months ago

    Lindsey should be the music people for the pirates of the caribbean movies

    • Taron D'Arcy
      Taron D'Arcy 3 months ago

      Don't you lnow "Master of Tides"?

  • gailwedgeworth
    gailwedgeworth 3 months ago

    How did I miss this one! :) lol fun

  • JaKell Hansen
    JaKell Hansen 3 months ago

    Is it just me, or has Lindsey's music really changed?

  • Incognito Burrito
    Incognito Burrito 3 months ago

    In addition to killing anything in its path, the magical violin triangles can also stop countdown timers during sufficiently cool fight scenes. Good to know.

  • cesar maquera
    cesar maquera 3 months ago

    lindsey la dama mas bella

  • Fyre Ange1
    Fyre Ange1 3 months ago

    Lindsey Stirling, I love your music :D

  • Da Alpha Dawg
    Da Alpha Dawg 3 months ago

    Little do people know....that Yoteslaya was subscribed to Lindsey. Made me cry when I found out.

  • Logan Brooks
    Logan Brooks 3 months ago

    the beginning of this remindes me of crazy train by ozzy

  • AmCan Tech Videos
    AmCan Tech Videos 3 months ago

    I wouldn't be surprised to see a bunch of editing monkeys behind the scenes

  • Gabriele Cannata
    Gabriele Cannata 3 months ago

    *you are a superwoman*

  • Northern Cross
    Northern Cross 3 months ago

    Guys! It's Drax!

  • TheTreeman
    TheTreeman 3 months ago

    Loving that IROC at the beginning

  • Franckie Hernandez
    Franckie Hernandez 3 months ago

    I live near there

  • Franckie Hernandez
    Franckie Hernandez 3 months ago

    isn't that the abandoned mall

  • Μαρία Βερμίσογλου

    The game is only for iphones :'(

  • dudds6699
    dudds6699 4 months ago

    What the heck did the satellite do?? We need a prequel video to explain that.

  • The Bike Girl
    The Bike Girl 4 months ago

    Beautiful video clip !!
    But the scenery has 1.07 made me think of the series Teen Wolf ...

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