TERRIBLE LIFEGUARDS | Rudy Mancuso & Juanpa Zurita



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Author Jenny Jong ( ago)
Are they really related?🤔

Author djerrecca junio ( ago)

Author djerrecca junio ( ago)
I love you're brother rudy

Author Lexxi Pacheco ( ago)
Wait r they brothers or just an act

Author Galaxy wolf gamer009 ( ago)
They look kinda like twins 😋😋😋😄😃😂😂😁

Author kai kimura ( ago)
i cant stop watching this

Author Taleah Marie ( ago)

Author Lipe Silva ( ago)
wtf kkkkkk
havaianas é mundial? XD

Author cutiecookieplaysmsp msp for life ( ago)

Author Savage_ Lolli ( ago)
2 horny nigga💀💀💀💀💀

Author dr strange ( ago)
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Author Castiel Collin ( ago)
life saviors...shittt, lol

Author bakar billionaire ( ago)
the reason why I subscribed this channel is for this video

Author Gemma Davis ( ago)
muy muy chistoso

Author Gemma Davis ( ago)
hahahahahaha yo amo

Author herobrine troller ( ago)
Btw I'm a girl dis is my brothers account

Author herobrine troller ( ago)
I subscribed 💛💓💙💕💜💖💚💞❤️💘💗💌💋

Author happy happy ( ago)
LOL !!!! 😂😂😂 2:15

Author Ananya Kharidhi ( ago)

Author Thomas Turbando Pinto Akino Rego ( ago)
sandália do Brasil

Author Ashley Li ( ago)

Author Jay Jaymon ( ago)

Author Momeen Ahmad ( ago)

Author Kiahs DIY's ( ago)
I don't wanna sound mean but the black flip flops are better ❤️😘🦄

Author LukeFDW ( ago)
How aren't You Brothers? Your hair is the same, voice is the same..

Author Mia Rubi Calderón - Huerta ( ago)
Are you guys really brothers

Author What in Tarnation ( ago)
Bucket list
-watch Rudy-

Author mads Paulsen ( ago)
their hair is so FLUFFY i like them so much

Author Makaiyah Green ( ago)
2:16 to 2:17

Author Mary Jane ( ago)

Author Patricia Netotea ( ago)
Are they actually brothers

Author Erica Lynn ( ago)
when he falls straight down in the pool

Author Junior Villanueva ( ago)
lol luv bug what the heck pet them lol

Author Besties 101 ( ago)
Juanpa is so HOT!!! 🔥

Author Darken ( ago)
Watch at 0:20

Author Aoife Cleary ( ago)
I usually like these vids but im a level 30 lifeguard this is offence

Author Kevon Simmons ( ago)
I'm a jr life guard and this not good advice

Author Caitlin Tv ( ago)
Silly brothers are you really brothers or what wow

Author elv louis ( ago)

Author Essie Wuddah ( ago)

Author Stephanie Lancher ( ago)
are you guys imitating Lucas and Marcus

Author Jarelle Coleman ( ago)
Who's here after watching the "terrible Cops" video?

Author Anna Shimizu ( ago)
Juanpa looks a bit like Alex from Target

Author appleheads1000 ( ago)
life savers lmao

Author Michelle Durant ( ago)
What ? The hell

Author soo emojigirls ( ago)
your write they do nothing i drowned and they did nothing but i survived

Author Celeste Orejel ( ago)
omg they look like twins alot

Author Cat Power ( ago)

Author Jazcynth Dela Pena ( ago)
why are they saying bad words

Author Jazcynth Dela Pena ( ago)
why are

Author Matej Stevanovic ( ago)
Rudy : no one wants to get saved from a ugly person 🙄


Author Dessiwessi Wisdom ( ago)
Oh yay life guards

Author Autumn Armstrong ( ago)
"urban outfitters 3.99"😆 LOL

Author MiniSenpai ( ago)
Jaunpa hope you feel better

Author Zeyno :) ( ago)
you noobs😂❤ thats the swiss flag you got on your fanny packs😂

Author christie Medina ( ago)
Juanpa is always getting hurt

Author Lim yee fei •_• ( ago)
Actually I don't think I can differentiate those lifeguards

Author Maria Beliang ( ago)
they almost look like twins

Author Soukaina Hamidallah ( ago)
Rudy non sai quanto ti amo.

Author Imran Marzo ( ago)
I love you two you are hand some

Author yorvit pat ( ago)
This should be in the try not to laugh challenge LOL and the tennis players

Author jeny2021 ( ago)
the 6 pack part 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤚😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣

Author Cierra Price ( ago)
But that pool slap though

Author SHREYA bhatla ( ago)
The time when juanpa shows 5 fingers for 3 rules at 1:05

Author Zainulabidin Zabair ( ago)
they both are funny

Author LPS and DANCE Girl ( ago)
hahaha I'm a kid but I like it when they use curse words hahaha funny vid luv all of yall

Author Hi Girl ( ago)
The ending OMG 😂

Author Javier Mendoza ( ago)
Are you really brother

Author Tommie Duncan ( ago)
Is that Wampa

Author DIYSQUAD ( ago)
Rudy don't think he's ugly

Author Tina Lopes ( ago)
What is the brothers

Author nino's channel ( ago)
soo funny😂😂😂😂

Author Hanging With Gabby ( ago)
Tow of my fav youtubers 😜

Author ita Evuna lopez ( ago)
😂😂😂😂lmao I love you Rudy can't stop laughing 😂😂😂😂🙌🏼

Author Yohana Pineda ( ago)
haha no diving little bitch

Author Herman PDX ( ago)

Author Red Rose ( ago)
So funny!!!!! LOL😂🤣

Author Sophia Zhao ( ago)
"excuse me this is topless pool, you have to take off your bra"

"thank you"

Author Unicorns & rainbows glitter ( ago)
Once at the beach the waves were like 13 ft high and al day almost drowned and the life guards did nothing

Author all5tubegamerz friends ( ago)
Hi can you tuve me a short out paz

Author Cindy Omokua ( ago)
omg ur brother's I had no clue,love u both😍😍💖💖💖❤❤💗💗😘😘😘

Author Millhouse Canty ( ago)
tell her to call me lol im dead

Author Denisse Gonzalez ( ago)
are you ashuly brutales

Author LDKawaiiCutie XP ( ago)
Juanpa is so skinny compared to Rudy

Author LDKawaiiCutie XP ( ago)
And Jaunpas hair is just bouncing up and down😂

Author Riyam Tubes0I'm a girl0 ( ago)
When he bellyflopped omg i died XD

Author Yza Gonzalez ( ago)
What the hell

Author Wavy Vlogs ( ago)
2:09 to 2:18 had me dead. That SLAP though when he hit the water😂

Author vidya gauri ( ago)
then who is Rudy

Author Poppy Pearl ( ago)
my uncle made this before he died with his bare hands

Author Sahra Boomer ( ago)
haha he atackedbhim at the end that's me and my brothers right their

Author 2awesome 2care ( ago)

Author Family Hernandezcjnffjfhkrkdirkrjrkrjrjrjfhr ( ago)
juapa is cute $$$

Author FuzyVenomWolf ( ago)
It's funny how they say Lucas an Marcus like the dobre twins

Author Awesome Vlogs ( ago)
Your awesome 😎

Author Charlotte Miller ( ago)
I drowned once and the lifeguard did nothing and a lady on the beach saved me

Author Taylors horse ( ago)
OKAY how many siblings does Brent have or is this all a joke

Author J Breezy ( ago)
Subscribe to my channel

Author Vianna The Wolf ( ago)
My Sister Died In A Local Swimming Area, We Pass It Every Day Going To My School..

Author LeePlayz ( ago)

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