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Author Abby Moline ( ago)
rudys so hot

Author Lucy the Unicorn ( ago)
Juanpa's Eyelashes

Author Sid Haves ( ago)
Ya so true

Author Nada Bakeer ( ago)
I know his brother he has a Instagram account

Author TJ WILLIAMS ( ago)
to good rudy

Author Breda Mcdonagh ( ago)
Juanpa is way hotter than Rudy

Author Enisa Y ( ago)
junapa jumps in water:**slap** water slaps him in the face

Author Princess Insanity ( ago)

Author Camila Marie ( ago)
Are they really brothers??

Author Náthally Sales ( ago)
Havaianas BR 🇧🇷

Author Lizzy Dari ( ago)
are they actual brothers?

Author Kamil Rasea ( ago)

Author Elizabeth Vanegas ( ago)
juanpa is so cute

Author Grace Fanelli ( ago)
Juanpa looks like a Hispanic version of joey Essex so basically he looks like my brother

Author Darren Malleck ( ago)
-_- ill rather die

Author Darren Malleck ( ago)
-_- ill rather die

Author Αγγελική Μυστακίδου ( ago)
My two faves in one perfect video

Author Nyanthor Bidiit ( ago)
terable but cute

Author Alyssa Barboza ( ago)
0:36 "Excuse me lady, this is the topless pool you have to take off your bra." 😂😂😂

Author Keyla Fonseca ( ago)
You look like brothers

Author Cole Gilmour ( ago)
There's three things u need to know
Juanpa: ✋🏼

Author Honami Cox ( ago)
Loved this

Author Anarella Silva ( ago)
2:14 I feel your pain brah!

Author Rozalia._. Blue LPS ( ago)
Haha this was sooo funny😂👍

Author Ninja Turtlez Gaminx Videos ( ago)
"No diving little bitch" oml I started cracking up

Author Mariah Fierro ( ago)
1:12 to 1:16 lil that part is so funny 💀 ers 😂😂😂😂😍

Author Dilys Her ( ago)
u 2 look like each other

Author Y B ( ago)
Juanpa his eyes Jeez I could kill for those

Author Princess Jessica ( ago)
"my uncle made these before he died" 😂

Author Nikki & Rachz ( ago)
por favor chequen mi canal de youtube y apoyen nos en esta nueva aventura gracias 💕

Author Audrey Demara ( ago)
I love the whan that has blue eyes

Author Audrey Demara ( ago)
I like moremn

Author Aliah Zinman-Roy ( ago)
your so fucking hot well more your bro but 😂😂

Author Jade Jumbe ( ago)
The belly flop 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Author Gamer Pro ( ago)
If they're brothers why is one a mancuso and one a zurita

Author Sheila Diaz ( ago)
you are so hot and i love all your videos

Author Valerie Cantero ( ago)
Get a life

Author Kawaii 6125 ( ago)
Hey Rudy and Juanpa, I'd LOVE it if you replied to me. Thanks 🙏

Author Gül ER ( ago)
I like to add Turkish subtitles for this video. Can you open it?

Author Alli Midas ( ago)
2:41 When you spell a word wrong

Author Alli Midas ( ago)
2:35 When your sibling wants revenge but can't get it

Author Stacey Abrahams ( ago)
0:36 when he said excuse me lady this is a topless pool take of ur bra thx 😂😂

Author safia farah ( ago)
what the fuck he don't no

Author keira Bowen ( ago)
your friend is hottttttttttttttttttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author david campbell ( ago)
So bad

Author Ibrahim Alherek ( ago)
Stop diving little bitch

Author Zaria's Life ( ago)
have to keep playing that part

Author Grant McPhail ( ago)
It was funny at 0:03 they made sure u know they're bros and not... well u know

Author YVDT Velu ( ago)
They twins,
I don't care if they're not related.

Author Fely Dizon ( ago)
........... 😬

Author Miya Marzan ( ago)
the who is lele's boyfriend you or you

Author Gabriella DeMarco ( ago)
This was set on my b-day

Author Diana Barsom ( ago)
u should make more videos like this 😂😂

Author Olive Ndikum ( ago)
Fuck, that slap sound tho. I repeated it about 8 times and kept feeling the pain. Man, thzt must hurt tho

Author Our world Megan and Georgia Lol ( ago)
Fitties 😍✨🌹💎🔥❤️💛💚💙💜🖤❣️💕💞💓💗💖💘💝💟

Author Musical Sapphire ( ago)
In my he thumbnail I was like why is there a mirror ?

Author Anna Byron ( ago)
what the fuck!!

Author Maigeily Ras ( ago)
juanpa is cute

Author camila trixx ( ago)
juanpa ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

Author Dancing games and shopkins Learn to do ( ago)
I didn't know u guys were bros

Author ShanicerDicerFusion xyz ( ago)
i want more of these😍

Author Jada Henriques ( ago)
If I get 20 likes I'll tell Juanpa I have a crush on him

Author CREED VLOGS ( ago)
2:16 HAHAHAHA 😂 😂 😂

Author xGAM3RPR0 ( ago)
E WEEEEEEEEE este es un canal de primera :v ( if somebody understands this it would be very fun )

Author Sarah .C ( ago)
Is it me or is juanpas voice higher in this video

Author Andrea Guevara ( ago)
hi l love juanpa his look cute but his w lele pons

Author DCdaisychain ( ago)
Wait ur not actually brother's...are u?? ALSO I SHIP LELE AND DAT BOI (I know his name I just can't spell right now..I used to tho XD)

Author Tina.Thirtina ( ago)
I thought you're Rudy

Author jiana Rivera ( ago)
do terrible doctors

Author laure Beguedou ( ago)
so funny !!!

Author Music Lover ( ago)
they look really alike

Author Ashley Youtube ( ago)
are you SRS brothers?

Author CreamyHop ( ago)
They kinda look lot each other

Author Marlon ( ago)
This is the funniest thing I've ever seen

Author RUFFALIL JOKER ( ago)

Author Cutsicle Dancers ( ago)
Lol urban outfitters 3.99

Author ItzFanta_xx ( ago)
Rudy should make a series of *The Terrible Twins*. I would definitely watch it😂😂😂

Author Aleksandra Kotanidou ( ago)
I'm low-key attracted to Juanpa's voice and Juanpa in general

Author Mona Adel ( ago)
مرحبا . انا اسمى منى .هههههه.

Author Layla Williams ( ago)
Rudy says "you don't wanna b saved by an ugly person" Juanpa says "imagine mouth to mouth with an ugly person" Both say "Fuck no"

Author GjChallenges ss ( ago)
they funny

Author Xxcrazyprincess ( ago)
why is it that Juanpa only does his vids and spanish :/

Author Gemma Jones ( ago)
Can you see that baby

Author Christina M. ( ago)
When Rudy said he was related to Juanpa I was like WHAAAAAAAT!!!!!!

Author MR. Nickster ( ago)

Author EL Anass ( ago)
the splash men gets me every time

Author Jordan Harris ( ago)
What the f is wrong with you people?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Author Lakia Anderson ( ago)
I love ruddy

Author Lakia Anderson ( ago)
is that his brother

Author Monnie& Tay ( ago)
Rudy looks like tony from 13 reasons why like it agree 😂

Author Mzaphod Bibl ( ago)

Author osmeilin gonzalez ( ago)
do moreeeeeee of these videos

Author Nathalia Sthovik ( ago)
flip flops from brazil 🇧🇷❤️😍

Author It's Time to FITE ( ago)
O...m...f...g...I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOST it at 2:16!!!! R...O...F...L...M...B...O!!!!

Author Zib Zab ( ago)
you both share an equal amount of HOTNESS😍😍😍😍😍😍

Author ShowandTell Reviews ( ago)
Your brother is so handsome!

Author Torrin Johnson ( ago)
Lucas:Hey stop fucking running
Brother:You wanna die bitch

Author AplithacsDiamond ( ago)
i was dead at the end when they was hugging'

Author Ali John ( ago)
2:16 I felt the pain while watching

Author shabby sabby ( ago)
The smiles the drowning 😂

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