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Author DJ-TRAXX (1 year)
Totally Sharon... Shut up! My goodness, you want that baboon to live, but
you could be the reason it dies. Obviously its strategy was to to scare the
lions and if you distract it, that will be when it dies. Shameful. That
monkey isn't tiny btw...

Author TribalKatz (1 year)
Good ol' Sharon trying to save the baboon.

Author jegger jer (1 year)
Sharon's voice makes me hot...

Author shaunmcom (1 year)
where was the destruction? all I could see was a lion playing with the
monkey/baboon... if that lion was in hunger state, that baboon would be a
piece of pie.

Author oscar meraz (1 year)
I didn't see the monkey DESTROY lion phony

Author Gio turner (1 year)
i love sharon...i would do the same... 

Author Darius Maximus (1 year)
Yeah Sharon..... Shut up. 

Author Mike like Ike (1 year)
Well obviously the lion wasn't truly hungry and the baboon knew this.

Author jmb120 (1 year)
Now imagine a silverback gorilla that would be far bigger than the lion.

Author Pao Vang (1 year)
Can *be ferocious

Author Pao Vang (1 year)
It is not tiny it is a Baboon they can ferocious

Author Teroine Foma (1 year)

Author Pao Vang (1 year)
Can* be ferocious

Author Bricklinsv1970 (2 years)
That's why they call them pussycat

Author mee sou (2 years)
oh all you people from animal planet who belong into the Roman Empire's
Colisseum, throwing rocks and catching bread...

Author tinmac (3 years)
That monkey's from Glasgow, clearly...

Author xSSxDevillex (3 years)
He should have slapped that bitch, STFU. Then thrown her ass to get eaten
by the lions stupid bitch.

Author THATGAMEJUNKIE (2 years)
shut up sharon!!

Author ryanishereyay123 (3 years)
@Chord4ta dude, you would not win against a baboon ffs. if animals use the
same muscle system then why can a baboon rip the side of a car off and rip
limbs off of animals. they may not weigh a lot but they use more of their
brain to process muscle functions which means they are stronger. they also
have teeth, BIG teeth. all we have is our hands, head and feet, our teeth
would not do anything. if you believe for one second that you could win in
a fight against a baboon, you're very ignorant.

Author Jojomo BroZ (2 years)
Monkeys are epic!! He destroyed that freaking lion piece of junk!! Monkey
11,00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 lion 0

Author Retributor16 (3 years)
most of the time, cats dont like prey that isnt afraid of them

Author MBJH17isbackonlyone (2 years)
They cup the other part..... The lion pride comes and eats the baboon.

Author packaderm135 (2 years)
that lion must be a pussy

Author camilo101 (3 years)
This video was stolen from another channel, and this guy clipped off the
ending. The baboon gets charged at by four lions and is killed, he doesn't
destroy shit. HE gets destroyed.

Author sigh2infinity (2 years)
yeah shut up sharon. gosh. shut up for once. lol

Author SAINT SINNER (2 years)
must've been one of them monkeys from compton california,

Author Just1Lis (2 years)
also, that's a cub, not an adult.

Author DjHighTallerance913 (2 years)
Where was this??? Must have fun an awesome time watching them!!! The monkey
looked like he was a little mad when he had to come walking up the hill!!!

Author momthegreatest (3 years)
One of the great videos..title should be edited as lioness vs
monkey...excellent video..thanks..

Author kantuhuayta (3 years)
ese puma debe ser maltoncito o debe estar jugando. jjajjjj. que miedo scary

Author ryanishereyay123 (3 years)
@GatlingGunMaster a baboon could rip the lions head off.

Author MPx7K (2 years)
Sharon, shut up!

Author Julio Cuellar (1 year)
This lion hater is so stupid & cuts the video on the good part. The pack of
liones kill it behind the tree and devore it. No chance with lions. The
liones was just playing and mocking it. How can there be people so stupid
in life. How can you live with yourself asshole. the full real video is
called: Lion vs. Brave Baboon Fight-West Serengeti Safari

Author LoLdfg BrOhoe (1 year)
Lol Sharon in the backround

Author Necro Legion (2 years)
You make no sense what's so ever

Author Anthony Brown (3 years)
the lion is young and monkeis are mean as fuck

Author Guitar360Dude (3 years)
dude,baboons are the exact OPPOSITE of TINY

Author NYKHat (2 years)
Yeah! you should see how "mad" the baboon was later in the REAL CLIP ending.

Author The one (3 years)
That wasn't a tiny monlkey. It was a baboon. And he'd kick your ass.

Author Banjo the Fox (2 years)
Ofc a lion runs from a baboon, those fuckers can rip your face off with as
single hand!

Author jsleets71 (3 years)

Author BillyTheKid380 (3 years)
the lion ran away because the monkey was black

Author stephen king (1 year)
I bet you'll run too if a pissed off baboon ran at you

Author iateurwifewfavabeans (3 years)
"oh no....runnnnn" "sharon shutup !!! "

Author mikhailnsm (2 years)

Author Chord4ta (3 years)
It makes no sense... If I had to fight a baboon I would, and I'd win, I'm
bigger and stronger. If I saw a lion I would run, and it would tear me down
and rip my neck out. Really it shows you the answer is to be brave, and not
act like prey. Easier said than done you'd think.

Author Manos Symis (2 years)
Baboon is not just a simple tiny monkey .!it can get really angry.!

Author Rash Razu (3 years)
This video can be taken as a lesson as that the Baboon or Monkey whatever
had the mental steadiness to scare the big Cheetah...............Think

Author ProductionsTiki (3 years)
they are all damn monkeys and they are small not half of a lion..... lions
whene they are not in the mood they run away even from little boars iv seen
a vid here on youtube

Author Daniel Ross (2 years)

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