Tiny monkey vs Lion, tiny monkey destroys lion.

monkey destroys lion

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Author oscar meraz ( ago)
I didn't see the monkey DESTROY lion phony

Author shaunmcom ( ago)
where was the destruction? all I could see was a lion playing with the
monkey/baboon... if that lion was in hunger state, that baboon would be a
piece of pie.

Author Mike like Ike ( ago)
Well obviously the lion wasn't truly hungry and the baboon knew this.

Author Teroine Foma ( ago)

Author DJ-TRAXX ( ago)
Totally Sharon... Shut up! My goodness, you want that baboon to live, but
you could be the reason it dies. Obviously its strategy was to to scare the
lions and if you distract it, that will be when it dies. Shameful. That
monkey isn't tiny btw...

Author Pao Vang ( ago)
Can *be ferocious

Author Pao Vang ( ago)
Can* be ferocious

Author Pao Vang ( ago)
It is not tiny it is a Baboon they can ferocious

Author jmb120 ( ago)
Now imagine a silverback gorilla that would be far bigger than the lion.

Author Gio turner ( ago)
i love sharon...i would do the same... 

Author jegger jer ( ago)
Sharon's voice makes me hot...

Author TribalKatz ( ago)
Good ol' Sharon trying to save the baboon.

Author Darius Maximus ( ago)
Yeah Sharon..... Shut up. 

Author TheBadManRises ( ago)
181 likes/ 181 dislikes :P

Author Gandalf Bialy ( ago)
this is young lion

Author Caveman Z ( ago)
lmao @ shut up

Author 1melahat ( ago)
Destroying huh? Thanks for lying to pump up your watch count.

Author LoLdfg BrOhoe ( ago)
Lol Sharon in the backround

Author Nate Tauelangi ( ago)
Yo sharon.... Bitch shut the fuck up! Lmao

Author neoj88 ( ago)

Author skidooxracer89 ( ago)
Lmfao, shareeeeoooonnn shuuuuuppppp

Author macrrei pastel ( ago)
it is lacking the part when the lion comes with the rest of the pack and
simply kill the baboon

Author Julio Cuellar ( ago)
This lion hater is so stupid & cuts the video on the good part. The pack of
liones kill it behind the tree and devore it. No chance with lions. The
liones was just playing and mocking it. How can there be people so stupid
in life. How can you live with yourself asshole. the full real video is
called: Lion vs. Brave Baboon Fight-West Serengeti Safari

Author ChiefBD119 ( ago)
Where is the destroy part? Fred you pansy.

Author Marc D ( ago)
lol Sharon. so cute.

Author Anurag Priyadarshi ( ago)
it's a cub

Author Stephen C. ( ago)
I bet you'll run too if a pissed off baboon ran at you

Author crazyb2321 ( ago)
i just reported this stupid video

Author crazyb2321 ( ago)
stupid title fuck off

Author Frenchy Blaxk ( ago)
first off theres a sequel to this video and from what I've seen the monkey
aint make it , his ass got ripped apart by the lion pack

Author Gary Thompson ( ago)
Fred you must have nightmares about lions you hate them so much. Maybe you
can seek counciling

Author Loth440 ( ago)
tiny monkey? baboons are vicious and have huge teeth

Author Archibald Doogan ( ago)
Lionesses tail is high, there's some give and take; the lioness was just
curious, and the baboon elected to put on a display in it's defense. This
wasn't a fight.

Author Jermaine Santos ( ago)
You can tell they just playing..

Author dane john ( ago)
This is half a video, the rest of it shows the lions having a snack.

Author masterofallmasters13 ( ago)
Ya the video says DESTROYED. More like CHASED.

Author Joaquin Lopez Musica ( ago)
seems like they are having fun

Author Michael Lazarus ( ago)
Entire baboon troops run from one single male Lion, thats just a cub no
more than 7 months old.

Author Michael Lazarus ( ago)
FLAGGED for misrepresentation, this is a "Baboon vs a lion cub/kitten,
baboon gets raped by pride." Please flag video, thanks.

Author Meggy D ( ago)
i dont see where the monkey "destroyed" the lion .

Author Funkythunder811 ( ago)
that lion must be a pussy

Author TheeBrassMonkey ( ago)
Someone finally caught me chasing a lion.

Author shreedharg1 ( ago)
wrong title disturbs always..

Author My words are religion ( ago)
this is the strategy of lions, regardless who their enemy is. if you attack
them, they stop? they stop. turn around? they come to you.

Author That Sexy Crippled ( ago)
Damn it Sharan!

Author BlueLiliums ( ago)
Where my father grew up and lived in Africa, baboons were aggressive. So
I'm not surprised that it would frighten that lioness. But if it were a
male lion, I'm not sure it would have the same reaction.

Author StayCrispySRK ( ago)
That lion was luring that baboon into a trap. 4 lions ate that baboon.

Author Jojomo ( ago)
Monkeys are epic!! He destroyed that freaking lion piece of junk!! Monkey
11,00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 lion 0

Author jiang1234511 ( ago)
*M。nke丫s r Funny!!!

Author mee sou ( ago)
yeah I was educated in Europe... (*whatsoever) by "interesting" you mean
blood gore and intestines I guess-

Author Necro Legion ( ago)
You make no sense what's so ever

Author mee sou ( ago)
oh all you people from animal planet who belong into the Roman Empire's
Colisseum, throwing rocks and catching bread...

Author lerbedec ( ago)
no, he didn't. he gets killed by the rest of the lions that show up moments
after this guy cut off the video.

Author lerbedec ( ago)
don't think you understand the concept of 'destroy'. Also, really bad
editing, as you cut off the video right before the pack of 4 lions show up
and actually do the destroying of the baboon. such misrepresentation.

Author Ruhi Çenet Videoları ( ago)
this lion is a teenager

Author SlugSwaggaObi ( ago)
the bamboombleo wonnn!

Author 20ilunga ( ago)
using the word (destroys) is WRONG

Author Manos Symis ( ago)
Baboon is not just a simple tiny monkey .!it can get really angry.!

Author kai ( ago)
That baboon has BALLZ

Author sigh2infinity (439 years ago)
yeah shut up sharon. gosh. shut up for once. lol

Author NYKHat ( ago)
Yeah! you should see how "mad" the baboon was later in the REAL CLIP ending.

Author Illegalquantity ( ago)
This is a young lion just playing an meeting - for the time being..

Author CORONAKAIZOKU1 ( ago)
Rafiki is pissed at simba for leaving the pride lands.

Author SAINT SINNER ( ago)
must've been one of them monkeys from compton california,

Author Diego Hernandez ( ago)
BigPimp, stand up or shut up.

Author mikhailnsm ( ago)

Author DjHighTallerance913 ( ago)
Where was this??? Must have fun an awesome time watching them!!! The monkey
looked like he was a little mad when he had to come walking up the hill!!!

Author stealthstorm ( ago)
This guy and his f*cking channel, misleading titles etc. We should throw
you to the lions.

Author MPx7K ( ago)
Sharon, shut up!

Author fidcva59 ( ago)
show the entrire video you damm lier the lion was engaging the baboon till
the rest of the lions got there and the baboon got eat upo and a baboon is
by no means a tiuny monkey dumbass

Author crackface5 (1380 years ago)
She came runnin up like she was bout it, but she wasnt really bout that

Author Bricklinsv1970 ( ago)
That's why they call them pussycat

Author seanmarie69 ( ago)
Hey you! Lady keep talking on the background, SHUDDUP! WTF!

Author AlexBruhh209 ( ago)
If a black guy jumped at me then I would run away from him too *knee

Author s0meone468 ( ago)
the monkey dies in the end anyway

Author unit0910 ( ago)
stupid tittle for the video.

Author SvenTviking ( ago)
That's a Baboon, and he could kill you!

Author Just another Atheist ( ago)
It's a female Lion -_- I wanna see it mess with a Male Lion..

Author ghostnurse44 ( ago)
there is a longer version elsewhere on youtube of the baboon and
lion...baboon gets eaten!

Author DrStew ( ago)
Not really destroyed not really a monkey

Author Scott Summers ( ago)
That's not a tiny monkey, and it didn't "destroy" the lion. Best part of
the video is 2:05

shut up sharon!!

Author Croata Azul (409 years ago)
emm amigo ese no es un mono pequeño se les llama papion y son los monos mas
valientes de africa por salvar su manada comen de todo enfermo mental

Author chaocrazy ( ago)
Armored spider in suggestions... ugh.

Author Red Baron Farm ( ago)
Baboons eat a variety of foods. Technically omnivore. Most species of
baboons eat mostly plants but add insects, fish, shellfish, hares, birds,
vervet monkeys, and small antelopes.

Author Just1Lis ( ago)
also, that's a cub, not an adult.

Author MBJH17isbackonlyone ( ago)
They cup the other part..... The lion pride comes and eats the baboon.

Author TheD4rkSoul ( ago)
The baboon is way stronger then that lion thats why its so scared that
baboon would tear that lion apart

Author Daniel Payne ( ago)

Author billy619billal ( ago)
sharon's a dumb slut

Author Samphann Long ( ago)
In the end, the baboon got destroyed by four lions.

Author Necro Legion ( ago)
Title should be "baboon chases lion nothing interesting happens"

Author metalraider187 ( ago)
its a baboon, the LARGEST specie of monkey, besides thats a male, they can
kill people as well.

Author ilirshqiptar ( ago)
Go monkey kick the lions ass !!!

Author daniel fernandez ( ago)
that kitty is a pussy lol

Author Jo Nah ( ago)
Sharon shut your fucking mouth.

Author Reginolde ( ago)
I hate idiots who take footage and cut out some of it so they can lie about
it. Crap video.

Author LadyDinoBug ( ago)
Yeah Sharon, Shut...up.

Author SUBpapuc ( ago)

Author ProductionsTiki ( ago)
they are all damn monkeys and they are small not half of a lion..... lions
whene they are not in the mood they run away even from little boars iv seen
a vid here on youtube

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