My Girl OST - Sang-eo-reul Sa-rang-han In-eo (Male Version)

Just watching the series and this song caught my heart! so I decided to created this music video dedicated to

this amazing tv show.

sorry for the low quality of the file, the original file is really big (actually it's tooo big)!, I had to compress it so

I could upload to youtube. Some parts of the video couldn't run smoothly (some parts not all) and I don't

know why (I'm really new to adobe premiere). please forgive me for that.

This is my first video editing ever! so enjoy!

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Author Leyda Sandoval ( ago)
I can see my LJK crying... I love him so much

Author Tao Yusaki ( ago)
como aparece en dramafever? alguna sabe?

Author qiao2bear ( ago)
This drama has one of the best couples on screen!

Author Nana Vo ( ago)

Author Ayshat Ayubova ( ago)
пожалуйста подскажите название этих сириалов

Author Ayshat Ayubova ( ago)
пожалуйста подскажите название сириалы

Author Ayshat Ayubova ( ago)
пожалуйста подскажите название сириалы

Author Midoris Medina Gariza ( ago)
me encanta

Author tien tien ( ago)
lee jun ki......forever:)

Author Susiana Cuzz ( ago)
sad song...i like this.lee joon ki....

Author Dwi PURWANTI ( ago)
Indonesian subtitle please ,drama kesukaan q nih

Author Madelyn justo chuquija ( ago)
me encanta esta novelaaaa godd lucking..!!!!

Author Dewi Bintang ( ago)
i like this song ...if i hear always make me cry.....really touch my

Author lucy guitian ( ago)
ajajajaja me encanto sobre tooodo' me enloqueci por lee jun ki ,ademas que
lee dong gook es guapisimo osea resumiendo los dos personajes principales
masculinos son perfectamente hermosos guapos divinos ademas que es
divertida triste tiene de todo es recomendable a los que no conocen el
genero de dramas coreano, de doramas ,lakorn entren y disfruten de estos ya
que son muy pero muy diferente a lo que nosotros los latinos vemos en
nuestras novelas.........................

Author PilencePile ( ago)
this song is beautiful... I really love it... and drama of course.

Author Chochoaye Chochoaye ( ago)
I like this song

Author Luis Cardenas ( ago)
Esta novela es buenísima y los actores están más que buenos 

Author Dina Tara ( ago)
Is the Best 

Author claudio x ( ago)
Sogni d'Amore

Author Amina Brahmi ( ago)
ces phénoménal ce fut le premier dramas que j'ai regarder mes je ne vais
jamais le regretter !!! je le conseille a tout ceux qui hésite !!!

Author Marielita Vela ( ago)
Me encantan estoj dramas romanticos... <3

Author lonely heart ( ago)
Though it's your first, it is good. Thanks for uploading. I like this song.

Author KettiexD ( ago)
The ost wasn't phenomenal, but I still love this drama. dong wook is the
best in roommates :P

Author Sati Sim ( ago)
I like this drama last time till now still watcing
;-) donghae ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

Author bich hang pham ( ago)

Author miera maryama el chair ( ago)
This drama was 2006 but i watched it 3times and i always cried

Author nhìn cái j ăn tát giờ ( ago)
á đụ, nghe hay vkl ra

Author Billy Xu ( ago)
starting to love romantic korean drama, especially if Lee Dong Wook and Lee
Da Hae is in it. <3 

Author Lady Rocker ( ago)
My favorite song :)
Like you Lee dong kwok , Lee da hae

Author Sara Ali ( ago)
i love this drama and his song

Author nicole MT ( ago)
ah lee jun ki ..muy lindo ¡¡¡

Author yantierazli ( ago)
Still love this song....

Author Casey Jones ( ago)
Omgg I love soel gong chan!!

Author Anh micheal ( ago)
lee jun ki diễn đạt rất tốt, còn lại chán

Author Thar te ( ago)
my girl ost

Author apachefadz ( ago)
who sing this song?

Author zain hamid ( ago)
I very enjoy this song very much

Author pytoonia ( ago)
love, love this kdrama. only bad thing is LJK doesn't win. *sob*

Author Katia Peguero López ( ago)
como lo descargo?

Author Nguyen Huy ( ago)
opera voice

Author Jane Garcia ( ago)
This song is so epic.

Author Kim Arng ( ago)
The singer in this song is very handsome:)

Author Nur Lela ( ago)
i love this song...

Author Mariam Aldajani ( ago)
Best drama/song ever.

Author Lina Hana ( ago)
i Like This DRAMA Korean ... muChHhhH ...

Author Elyza Mar ( ago)
OH namas de escuchar la cancion no me hace recordar y decir que padre

Author minichick786 ( ago)
lol haha i really laughed out loud

Author JpKhan ( ago)

Author Wuclan117 ( ago)
More like shemale

Author 0o0Barel70o0 (1125 years ago)

Author Mimiey Eizza ( ago)
Male Version ? -.-

Author Preslava Gomotova ( ago)
wtf is this a male voice ?!

Author cutevian estrada ( ago)
i really love this song

Author Sober142 ( ago)
00.00 you may be prepared to cry a lot. this song is way too much !!!

Author Stu93k ( ago)
ahh..but thats not the title..i made mistake..

Author Minnie ( ago)
tHe meaNs oF sAng-Eo-rEul sA-RanG- hAn iN- eo . . .

Author Stu93k ( ago)

Author Minnie ( ago)
hOw dO yOu kNow tHat . . .

Author kasih suci ( ago)
this song is so nice..i like it very much..lee dong wook<3<3<3

Author Sakina Pervez ( ago)
haha its ok i already got the title

Author Stu93k ( ago)
im wrong!!sorry..idk whats the too addicted with love is

Author Sakina Pervez ( ago)
oh really wow someone told me something completly diff

Author Stu93k ( ago)
love is hard/pain

Author iliass kira ( ago)

Author Sakina Pervez ( ago)
wat is the name of this song in english does anyone know plz let me know

Author Ahsen Aise ( ago)
this song break my heart into pieces...

Author dustnyt55 ( ago)
@jolisouhait You're lucky!! I had uploaded this song in the
...Search My Girl theme songs... and download it in the
"">>>!!!!! in mp3.

Author jolisouhait ( ago)
@dustnyt55 i don´t know how to.. :(

Author dustnyt55 ( ago)
@jolisouhait , Use youtube converter to download this video into mp3 format.

Author jolisouhait ( ago)
i search so much for this song its sop beautiful thx very very much :) but
has this song another name also?? i want to download but it dosen´t find
the name from this song.. :(

Author roxy2020100 ( ago)
i love jun ki :)))

Author MsMovieCreator ( ago)
@MyLibra07 makes you wonder why did she have to pick the main guy couldn't
she pick the other guy cause he is mad smexy

Author maya42000 ( ago)
Who says this song?

Author shazarith ( ago)

Author noorchan ( ago)
is he ... or she O..O XD WOOW

Author Vanessa Hoang ( ago)
@ONHA74 i love THEM hahah

Author mlievano288 ( ago)
can you tell me who signs this song and the title of the song. I want to
know what it means..

Author MARIEL YG ( ago)
my girl, excelent serie koreana, y esta cancion es buenisima , aunq cuando
la escucho me da ganitas de llorar T_T.......buena serie, excelent cancion

Author danyraish ( ago)
my god junki.....damn cute!

Author Paulina Perea ( ago)
que serie es?? como se llama la cancion?? ESTA PADRE TU VIDEO

Author ahmad syamil ( ago)

Author Adli Arif ( ago)
lee dong wook!

Author watashi watta ( ago)
realmente existira un amor asi ?

Author Ainatul Sabreena ( ago)
@Ademarzinhodobrasil this is koreanos (COREIA do SUL). not japonesa. :D

Author Ainatul Sabreena ( ago)
hv watch this drama for 5th times :) i love all My Girl song. especially
this song <3 I LOVE YOU LEE DONG WOOK. Handsome Korean ever. me, MAS

Author carrotmint ( ago)
what's the English title??

Author carrotmint ( ago)
상어를 사랑한 인어

Author pointeprincess302 ( ago)
@MyLibra07 hahaha riiight??? the beginning oh hahahaha part really threw me
for a loop

Author JhayEm Laude ( ago)
one of my favorite girl....

Author Haneen A ( ago)
love it so match as soon i hear it i feel pain in my hart :( ^_^

Author kyuzona ( ago)
we can never find the easy way to sit together if we have a true love

Author Ademarzinhodobrasil ( ago)
parabens musica muito linda, romatica, gosto muito de musica japonesa,
arigato, bejos e abraços!!!

Author xxlollipopxxe ( ago)
i LOOOOVEEEE gong chan times a millionnnn <3333333333333333333333 i wish i
could meet him ='[

Author GuillotineCreed77 ( ago)
gong chan is hot but im not gay lol XD

Author radamanthis222 ( ago)
is el mejor drama koreano de todos los tiempos muy buen guion buenas
actuaciones mejor escenografia y ocurrencias todo lo mejor

Author tyra321 ( ago)
i have seen this drama this and lyrics woowwwwwwwwww

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