Titanic Karaoke

Celine Dion: My heart will go on...Beautiful song...

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Author 99funkygirl99 (5 years)
wat a bout it?

Author titivera (5 years)
sublime chanson et sublime vidéo vraiment bien faite c'est la seule que
j'ai trouvé aussi bien merci ! thank you very much !!

Author Roschnowskii (5 years)
miro196377 u just stfu, cause this song is fucking good!

Author iloverjeremiah7 (5 years)
Leonardo DiCaprio lol i didn't know how 2 say it 'till my friends helped me

Author doodiebgl (4 years)

Author ppocket33 (5 years)
me too

Author waldi gancealdi (3 years)

Author remix426 (5 years)
great!! (hold alt and press 3 on the number pad)

Author ThePrincessecmoi (5 years)
tro beau

Author Wil7ever (1 year)

Author nakure1hyuke (3 years)
i like song

Author Beverly Dickson (5 years)
OMG thank you!!!!!! i love this song

Author Claire Anne (4 years)
best ive ever hear :]

Author hysnngtnskym (5 years)

Author Membernr6 (6 years)
Where com the sog? plzz saayY!

Author Mishell Bieber (3 years)
divinoooooo me encantaaaaa

Author makaky21 (5 years)
i watched this movie 3 times today and i love it and it makes me cry every

Author HollisterChihuahua (5 years)
i love this song and if you hate it you are so mean so i love this song so
if you hate it then you call me a loser love yall

Author roméo maon (11 months)
yes good !!!!

Author zuzanna gd (2 years)
@TajgaGravity pozdrawiam, też tak mam :D

Author TheStephenMelanson (2 years)
I can honestly say that this version of the song is the best match for my
voice I needed to find one for an audition and I'll use this one :D thank

Author cate98star (4 years)
bellisima la canzone e la musica!!

Author TajgaGravity (3 years)
co roku oglądam Titanic nigdy mi się nie znudzi 4 Ever

Author larebelde1617 (6 years)
excelent karaoke... hasta te sirve para cantarlo en español

Author delisa541 (3 years)
Verry nice ! :)

Author Denise2k999 (4 years)
No words has said

Author TheMusicalProduction (4 years)
this song is soo beautiful <3

Author FionaMonaManon (4 years)
it is very very very good =)

Author marlenso83 (2 years)
i love Titanic

Author Hannah Dahl (4 years)
its to slow but great job ;D

Author makaky21 (5 years)
leonardo de caprio is hott...idkk how to spell his last name.

Author latiteloly2 (3 years)
It is a very good song i love it (l)

Author 22easilyamused (3 years)
that last part kinda freaked me out

Author Naomiiundso (5 years)
i dont now when i have to sing?!

Author terezakomarkova1 (3 years)
moc hezké karaoke ráda ho zpívám

Author Arsalan Saeed (4 years)
Thanx 4 uploading jani

Author lili68260 (4 years)
moi aussi tkt pa

Author vegnacer (4 years)
exelente !!

Author miguel mendoza (2 years)

Author DiVaLiVa9 (5 years)
It does nothing

Author animallover5065 (6 years)

Author Leeloo Ayabie (4 years)
just 20 ? hahaha I LOVE THIS MOVIE <3

Author Fany090 (5 years)
fermée les yeux est vous en pleurerais

Author xonlyxjojox (4 years)
sad but romantic!! that movie made me cry! titanic never gets old! i saw it
20 times and i enjoyed it every time!!! i hope u 2!!

Author Agnes Szirtes (6 years)
I don't remember!

Author Evelyn van Hellemond (2 years)
beautifull number but that end...(HAHA)

Author Gabrysia153 (3 years)
<3 <3

Author MsJulie1995 (4 years)
Oh it is very good! :D

Author clubsky1000 (1 year)
بارد cool viileä chladný that is how you say cool in different languages

Author Mary Gessert (3 years)

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