Marcel Duchamp - In His Own Words (Part 2)

Marcel Duchamp

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Author intoconjunctions (8 months)
Well, the chocolate grinder was one point; and then came the sliding
machine on the side; and this was the real beginning for the Large Glass.

Author Damon Meade (4 years)
Definitely no chump, the man influenced modern art immessurably. Its quite
clear which prince is a chump!

Author ashkahn shahparnia (6 years)
this is awesome, thanks so much for posting!

Author sfpunk77 (3 years)
where is part 1?

Author princeofspace (5 years)
marcel duchamp more like marcel duCHUMP

Author baronvonhirsch (5 years)
"It is stupid to wath these art videos, because our culture is totally
stupid, to understand a genius like Duchamp!" It's been that way for a
while. It's just that the idiocy ebbs and flows periodically. That's my
guess. Otherwise, I put the blame on the Puritans and their whole "art is
frivolity" attitude.

Author rictit (6 years)
"Free Myself" (Duchamp)... I mean if you use this word in U.S.A. it means
that you are mediocree, idiot and nonprogressive. Today, If you know
someone, the first thing they will tell you is: "Oh, I work there! and I do
50,000 per year!" We live in a very consumist culture without any values,
honor and identity! It is stupid to wath these art videos, because our
culture is totally stupid, to understand a genius like Duchamp!

Author paatoque (2 years)
thank you for posting

Author lloplop (4 years)
princeofspace is a fitting title for you.

Author Andy Sykora (5 years)
Fuckin' Eh!

Author Mazurka1001 (4 years)
Except for the urinal, Marcel. A urinal is just a urinal ; ...

Author mariposaarrabalera (5 years)
I'd second that a thousand times

Author darkmiguel3 (4 years)
hey you like this check out my bum video

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