Tony Stewart LateModel Hot Laps

BrownsTown Speedway

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Author Huskyaj Beattie ( ago)

Author redkelly ( ago)
when the scorpion stewart takes a shit , he did not do it he is innocent

Author knightrider955 ( ago)
Tony Stewart is a murderer and should be banned from dirt tracks for life.

Author tom ashton ( ago)
Big time dirt late models need to run half mile tracks, on !/4 mile
tracks a go kart could beat em

Author Jordan Lyngen ( ago)
Gotta love all these Saturday Night Superstars talking shit and making
asses of themselves...

Author Logan Clausen ( ago)
He was rockin it out there he ran hard.

Author Paul Neilsen ( ago)
scuse me scuse me, pardon me now ya'll got to move outta the way.

Author germanyuberalles2530 ( ago)
you sound like an idiot.

Author bighardballs ( ago)
tony's bread and butter

Author welllsaiddddd ( ago)
stewart is more worried about his ego than sense.. he learned a few years
ago that an ego gets an azz

Author welllsaiddddd ( ago)
yea they did and thats when racing was good. now you have to sell your
house and kds to go racing and then you have jerk offs with a pocket full
of money to out do everyone else

Author welllsaiddddd ( ago)
oh yea , figure out a car in hot laps and then after time trial and then to
heat races the track changes. drive like a twit which stewart did is
ignorant. i wouldnt have backed out when he thru the tail out. i'd ran over
the moron and then went to his pit and gave him a big taste of dirt. the
idiot did the same thing in danville illinois years ago and the other drive
walked down , dropped stewart and walked back to his

Author Jay27747 ( ago)

Author jiffy lube ( ago)
The boy thinks he's a contender.

Author CPeperak ( ago)
this is dirt racing idiot the asphalt late models look sorta the same

Author Norman Behr ( ago)
I must be getting old, I recall when "Late Models" looked like the real
production cars!

Author Dalyne Nicole ( ago)
in hot laps you should honestly only drive about 65%.. its not meant to
have a winner or a loser its meant to warm the car up and make sure there
is nothing wrong that you cant see.. so before you so saying that you
should drive "100%" you should get some knowledge because if it was a
driver that didnt know what he was doing and did what tony did the one
getting pushed of the track could have been done for the rest of the night
or the whole weekend... so just STFU cuase you dont know!

Author Dalyne Nicole ( ago)
Yes he does run a super late model.. ive seen it

Author Dalyne Nicole ( ago)
The true meaning of hot laps is to warm your car up, feel the track and
make sure that nothing is broken. You should get up to speed where youre
going to be running during the heat race but if you have a car that youre
coming upon you should slow down, in this video at around 1:04 Tony ran
through this dude and pushed him out of the way.. My family has raced since
my oldest uncle way around 10.. he is now in his early 60. Tony shouldnt
have ran like he did.

Author jmonster55 ( ago)
probaly so he probaly running a super late model engine

Author JJ Stevens ( ago)
Gah what a buncha whinny asses haha! Drive hard 110% of the time or go
home. He's allowed to show up and race wherever he wants stop cryin about
it and enjoy the show. U should feel special he showed up

Author Jacob Smith ( ago)
God I love this sound :)

Author Eric Garner ( ago)
you lift you naver no wot the car will do

Author MADDOG3102 ( ago)

Author F6fhellcatace ( ago)
he is the best of the best for both dirt and pavment racing

Author MrBraden79 ( ago)
That was Mark Barber he about hit, hell of a driver. anyone else would've
kept it hammer down, quick thinking on Barber's part, dumbass driving on
Smoke's. Stewart's came a long ways though, and could run with Lucas Oil or
WoO on his skill, i'm sure. Hell he's ran 360's, Late Models and a UMP
Modified the last 2 years here and there. He put on one of the best shows
i've ever seen at Brownstown in his mod 2 years ago with Shelby Miles.

Author bamkils2 ( ago)
someone was a cocky mother fucker

Author wyomingkxrider ( ago)
nothing wrong with that if you can drive then ive it

Author Mike Theune ( ago)
The point of hot laps is to run your junk hard to figure out what you need
to do for your heat race. Drving like a granny doesnt give yo any info on
how to set your car up when your going half the speed you should be....Oh
and I doubt Tony's car had the same engine setup as the rest. Like him

Author Loganbmx98 ( ago)
I know hot laps are for testing the car and how its gonna run but c'mon you
don't take a risk wrecking someone in hot laps

Author chvick ( ago)
I want to race late model.

Author Derek LaFountain (672 years ago)
Steve Barnett actually won the race that night, and the fastest car out
there was Mike Jewell, He got hit in his heat, started on the Concy and on
the tail in the feature and finished top 3, Tony was just showing off but
ended up going in during the feature although its still cool to see a
NASCAR superstar randomly show up and Brownstown Speedway again. Fun night,
I agree also DIRT Late Models are the most fun to watch by far. Wish I
could watch that every Sunday on TV instead of NASCAR.

Author Derek LaFountain (703 years ago)
Steve Barnett actually won the race that night, and the fastest car out
there was Mike Jewell, He got hit in his heat, started on the Concy and on
the tail in the feature and finished top 3, Tony was just showing off but
ended up goin in during the feature although its still cool to see a NASCAR
superstar randomly show up and Brownstown Speedway again. Fun night, I
agree also DIRT Late Models are the most fun to watch by far. Wish I could
watch that every Sunday on TV instead of NASCAR.

Author 505197 ( ago)
@flythatbyme The other people are rich motherfuckers also, arrive in huge
haulers, unload all sorts of pit transportation, park their hummers at the
pit gate, they ain't no starvin marvins gettin by on a shoe string. Fuck um
if they can't take a hot lap. What irks the shit out of me is when I gotta
pay extra to race my car on special money nights for the goddamn millionare
latemodels crowd. Tony can run over as many as he pleases, I dare him to
try it in a street stock, we fight, bet he does too

Author 505197 ( ago)
@11wissota The guy outside slowed down a lot. Tony showed up unexpectedly
at Bluegrass speedway, a promotor's nightmare. Busy phones got one hell of
a crowd. A hot chick was wiping hot laps off his car. Tony started in back,
ran the bottom, hiked the wheel up over the infield. When the leader caught
him shit was on, leader didn't need to pass him, . He was willing to wreck
to prove he could. It was a money race, but pride made that last pass.
money is gone, not memory though. He beat Tony,

Author 505197 ( ago)
@AnthonyMorrow1982 Tony that track is not flat, it just looks that way on
video. There's plenty of boys who can run high banks, and they have one of
the best just a few miles from that track, which is Brownstown Indiana, at
the fair grounds. A guy who raced that track for a few years also runs at
Salem Speedway, half mile of high banks, he's won two champion ships at
Salem. At Brownstown he made the feature ONE time in two years, then went
back to pavement and Salem. Salem looks flat on video

Author Rob Hazer ( ago)
@11wissota if you actually watch the video and process the attitude of the
car, he hit the rough bump on the bottom. Don't belive he slid that up on
purpose home slice.

Author daddyrabbit1234 ( ago)
Anyone who has a wallet so thick you could stand on it and wash the
widshield of a truck is sure to have the fastest car on the track. I hope
he does'nt come to one of these georgia dirt tracks and act a fool because
down here nobody is immune from an ass whippin. These ole boys down here
work hard for they're money and they will whip some ass over a bent fender.

Author Anthony Morrow ( ago)
@zureickracing You are right. I guess I was being a little closed minded,
but it does seem to me that a lot of guys who run these flat tracks can't
compete on a high banked track. As you said maybe they don't have the
balls, and apparently don't have the brains to set up a car either. But you
sir are right about having some great tracks up there.

Author therrydicule ( ago)
@4ConnellRacing Well, he take a lot of risks for practices. It might be
better to cool off a little bit and to get these crazy laps in
qualification or in the heat race... You know, like going 98% at the place
of 100% - but, at the same time, what to expect from Tony Stewart? He is
not a strategist, just a race driver.

Author Tanner Connell ( ago)
It doesnt matter if you drive 20 mph in the practice or 200mph in the
practice! its a practice you can do watever!! When i Get into practice i
drive Pedal to the Metal and Balls to the wall So if you are arguing about
him going fast in practice then you need to back it up!

Author stephenjray1988 ( ago)
@dertyKurty i agree little hard just for hot laps

Author dertyKurty ( ago)
@zerobane3 maybe... i think he's bored with it and tries to lap other cars
as many times as he can.

Author mrf97 ( ago)
@dertyKurty na thats racin mate that guy was 2 slow.

Author YakAttack921 ( ago)
My uncle Randle Sweeney has raced Tony Stewart on dirt before :0

Author yzfr1liter ( ago)
smoke could race the box it came in.

Author dreamakerkid ( ago)
dum ass you go out there in hot laps to where your car work if you know
racing all the best go wfo in hot laps

Author 99smokeater99 ( ago)
He drove an xtra 2 laps n shoved 2 guys up the turn, what a piece of shit.
Not everyone has the money to just slam other guys n fix it. Fail Tony

Author WarGerm88 ( ago)
It was fun to watch, but he was being an asshole. Either way the fans liked
it and thats what it comes down to.

Author 505197 ( ago)
@zerobane3 I was talking to a lady from Tony's home town, so I asked her if
she knew Tony. She said she had met him when he was a kid, he stopped by
her printing shop askin for sponsorship for either a go-kart or a midget,
she couldn't recall which. She turned hiim down and she said he got
bristled up and said "You'll be sorry one day". I asked her if she was, and
she admitted she kinda was...LOL Tony shows up at local tracks unaanounced
now and then, he can flat drive.

Author 33funnyguy ( ago)
These are the big boy cars, Asphalt is toddler

Author smoothie1215 ( ago)
He didn't make it to where he is by being easy with the car.

Author franco ( ago)
The Obvious comment in not stated : Tony Stewart can blow the
engine...crash the car ..and burn if he chooses.....The other drivers
acctually Pay for their cars & engines...and probably have one small as for Tony...he raced to impress the fan's....and they
expected nothing less !

Author mike smith ( ago)
@rsmelser lol...Good Point..And when he goes by you! Wave at him!

Author KidcolumbusReality ( ago)
@rsmelser in marshalls defense i found this buy looking at dirt track
racing not looking up tony stweart

Author levisnteeshirt ( ago)
@marshallvalvestate if it ain't gonna do it in hot laps , it ain't gonna do
it in the race

Author Jesse Hildebrandt ( ago)
@lolmbclol no shit head i was pointing at the fact that he pushes and
shoves in nascar to get to the front which is a good thing to get in front.
But on hot laps its pointless because there is nothing to win, im not
saying hes a bad driver or anything, im saying he's using his aggressive
nascar techniques on dirt track hot laps.

Author lolmbclol ( ago)
@marshallvalvestate and why is it bad to get to the front in nascar? you
fucking idiot. fail.

Author ROUSE113 ( ago)
"SMOKE JOHNSON" ran a UMP Modified @ Brownstown on June 16th him and shelby
miles put on the best races ive seen all year, and ive been everywhere.
tony's a hell of a guy and a hell of a driver

Author 505197 ( ago)
Damn he won hotlaps running away lol. Tony comes to race and he's lettin
them boys know he's all business. If he'd done a slide job on me like that
he better be able to get away so I can't catch him. Once it's off the track
it's over for me, if I can't get ya then you were too fast for me anyway. I
watched him at Bardstown and he was smooth as silk. That boy knows how to
wheel a car that's for sure.

Author jleebesaw ( ago)
stewart nearky wrecked that guy. a late model is just a toy to him but most
people racing them have damn near everything into the car. he should be a
bit more mindful of that when he makes "apearances" at dirt tracks. he
raced at my hometown track ina dirt modified and wrecked a local. he didnt
even care and it almost ended the season for the local guy with a budget.
id like to kick his ass.

Author thundernado ( ago)
cool stuff, i wouldn't want to race with him, looks like he's got more
money than brains, he drove 2 other cars to break there lines or he would
have hit them, anybody can go out and race an inside line

Author watchinyu ( ago)
stewart is a great dirt track driver... but hes treating this like a
race.... it only hot laps dumbass.... lol

Author Trevor Sells ( ago)
Racing isn't about talking shit, which is exactly what your doing.

Author bigdog813 ( ago)
um sorry that is kyle bush

Author Jim Honer ( ago)
I watch this vid when I need a pickmeup! Insane passes- love this. Steering
with his right foot. Go Tony! I'd love to see him drive a dirt track

Author rsmelser ( ago)
heat race is posted.. the feature was rained out.

Author scales57 ( ago)
now i know why smoke likes a slick track in the cup

Author ScottNEwberry ( ago)
how do you try to hard for a practice? Pupnamedscooby...go sit in the
stands, you jackass. You make true dirt racing fans look like dolts.

Author Mypupnamedsnoopy ( ago)
i didnt say i could race better....i am saying he was trying to hard for
hot laps....and yeah it was funny that night he lost in the heat race and i
went up to the fence and gave him the bird hahaz

Author Jon Steed ( ago)
for you that say he isnt a racer makes you guys look stupid. jealousy kicks
you all in the ass. and of course hes not lettin off. i race tqs and you go
balls to the wall all the time. your never gonna learn wat the car is
capable of and wats wrong with it or wat you can do to make it better
unless you run it its hardest.

Author khh1964 ( ago)
What an assholleeee! These guys work awful hard and scrape buy to race, he
knows what hes doing in those corners checking up into guys. Its hot laps
you fucker.

Author dertyKurty (1646 years ago)
He was racing awful hard for hotlaps! One guy had to swerve to aviod
wrecking and tony didnt even lift. what an asshole!

Author Dogman15 ( ago)
If you're going hard enough left, you'll find yourself turning right!

Author skaggs1204 ( ago)
Thats bs, his a damn good dirt track racer.

Author thunder48 ( ago)
I'm surprised how well he's doing with the new team....tony is better off
without joe gibbs

Author Mypupnamedsnoopy ( ago)
phff stewart can;t race, just likes to show off some

Author watchinyu ( ago)
stewart is a great dirt driver... but that was just more like he was
showing off.. those was only hot laps

Author MUSTANGKIDGT ( ago)
it sounds like he doesnt lift at hes the shit

Author WarGerm88 ( ago)
Great footage of stewart here.

Author ArmorAllTonyStewart ( ago)
Has anyone seen the videos of Tony "Off the Track"? THESE videos ROCK!!!!
(we have them under our page) (High Quality too!!) Check it out!!! You
don't want to be the last one to see them !! :)

Author Andy Page ( ago)
it's a hell of a lot more fun to watch, that's for sure.

Author jerry smith ( ago)
Smoke was burning it up! Thanks for the video.

Author BenTheRaider ( ago)

Author kyle tomaski ( ago)
i think i would choose dirt late model racing anyday over NASCAR

Author dudethatraces ( ago)
dummies that is stewart,if you knew anything about racing you would know
many drivers come from the dirt..........

Author Kyle Spillman ( ago)
god dang hes good at dirt

Author muddrag79 ( ago)
yes that is stewart cause jb byrider sponsers him

Author Dillon Bennett ( ago)
Maybe if you knew something, you'd know that he runs late models quite

Author Dillon Bennett ( ago)
Bloomquist sells and traffics some great drugs out of Canada. :D

Author 4Tracer ( ago)
these cars are nothing like saloon's... They are super late models, they
have about 200 more horse power than saloon's do. So learn your stuff
before you comment on american late models.

Author 4Tracer ( ago)
Yes that is Tony Stewart..... He ran that car back in 02' I think before he
switched his number to 20.

Author raiderkid02 ( ago)
thats not tony stewert he own that car duh...

Author BECKTECH05 ( ago)
Late models there lighter got bigger motors and get round the corners a
hell of a lot faster

Author mike smith ( ago)
My god there are some stupid people on you-tube. Anyone who leaves a
negative comment lets see you even hold this guys uniform much less be a
mole on his ass.

Author Nigel Webster ( ago)
then y don't try & race one of these, but I like any 4 wheeled racing really

Author ABCDavee ( ago)
Fuck this shit is gay, fucken pussy saloon drivers. get real and drive an
open wheel, Even Formula 500's go faster than these hunks of shit.

Author Violent2Dope199 ( ago)
You drive themmmmmmmmmmmmmm.... ok... looked to me like he was the fastest
car on the track... even though he was not handling properly at all. IN HOT
LAPS !!! Do you understand what hot laps are ?? The chance for you to get
your car dialed in... e.g. handling correctly before you start the actual
races. Never saw anybody get black flagged in HOT LAPS before... but...
well ok there could be a first. Damn

Author ChrisJ926 ( ago)
I'd say based on the grammar of the person who posted below *claiming* to
be driving one of these soon, maybe they should worry more about staying in
school rather than living a pipe dream of driving one of these

Author BrandynGrittonB20 (1024 years ago)
i agree.

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