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Video Details: All Music by Florian Bur

00:00 My World
04:20 No Name
07:31 Freedom
09:42 White Angel
14:32 The Way
16:45 Tears
20:01 Life Goes On
22:40 Dreamer
24:54 Butterfly Kiss
27:26 Lifelong
30:46 Broken
33:55 Aurora
37:26 Horizon
40:28 Heaven-Snowflakes
43:30 Lovely
48:18 Vivere
51:12 Painless
52:50 Sunset
56:14 Summer Night
58:00 Stars
59:28 Thank You
01:02:44 I Say Goodbye

Animation by Realtime Motion Studios:

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Author Epic Music World ( ago)
"Relaxing Music Mix | BEAUTIFUL PIANO" Volume 2 is ready for you:

Author Chern Wei ( ago)
I have replayed this mix countless times, it inspires me/ make me happy. Thank you so much for having this up!

Author Seasill Maggee ( ago)
puts my baby to sleep

Author Lacey Peake ( ago)
My uncle's dog died last night and this sound track made it so much easier to cope with his death... Thank you.

Author Nopain Nogain ( ago)
thank you for the wonderful music!

Author Camille Bernard ( ago)
Very beautiful playlist! ^^ My favourite songs are "Freedom", "The Way", "Life Goes On" and "Thank you". There are the most relaxing for me! :) Thank you very much for all these beautiful and peaceful songs!

Author Revival Ulaula ( ago)
I'm in love with this!!!!!! like if u agree!!!

Author he,s here the beast ( ago)
find the difference 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😁😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

Author Hor Xin Hui ( ago)
it's so nice...

Author Vovan Jdanyk ( ago)
интересно-кто те зануды что поставили антилайк-красиво и величественно

Author LILMISS MARISA ( ago)
did anyone else drift off to sad merorys? 😭😭😖🙈😩

Author Allyson Morris ( ago)
it's like you're sitting in nature listening to the beautiful sounds god gives us.

Author angie ng ( ago)
I like the music so much thank you.

Author Ggg Chchch ( ago)

Author Bố Lâm Vĩ Đại ( ago)
Just bought a piano. Know what to do this summer vacation.

Author Xerikh Dongcoy ( ago)

Author julianto imantaka ( ago)
thanks for this.. helpfull

Author Unicorn Lover ( ago)

Author Christian92687 ( ago)
Every night I listen to minute 6:10 to 7:20. I can literally feel the dopamine being released in my brain.

Author Xxghost4stormxX Storm ( ago)
Hey! Can u do the first song repeatedly?..I really like it and it helps me sleep do you think u can do that? If so that would be great!!

Author Elizabeth Valentino ( ago)
Thanks. This was super calming. ;)

Author joseph li ( ago)
Great music! I especially love My World and The Way (although it kind of has a similiar tune to river flows in you by yiruma). Keep it up!

Author leyder joel Guevara delgado ( ago)
beautiful :)

Author Allyson Morris ( ago)
I'm a wild soul that likes calming music

Author Allyson Morris ( ago)
I enjoy it a lot to be honest and no one knows that I like this kind of music.

Author Jeff Zhang ( ago)
So sweet.

Author Music Games ( ago)
Please help subscribe to my channel

Author Music Games ( ago)
Can you help me channel 100 subscribe?

Author tigthepig ( ago)
This is delightful and made me subscribe and like, so please keep up this amazing work.

Author Yee Xin ( ago)
where can I find these piano sheet? I'm in love with all of the songs that is composed by florian bur! it's just so amazing and I wish I could be a pianist when I'm little and now I'm on my way to make it come true and these songs really impired me a lot! thanks for making this video, love it so much! 💕 music is always a way for life 🎹💕

Author Deenesh Bhesania ( ago)
White angel is a deep song which has a feel of struggles and sacrifices of life.

Author Amine Maachaoui ( ago)
love it

Author Shxnii ( ago)
Who's watching in 2018 😂

Author Josiah Marmolejos ( ago)
believe in me or forget me

Author Josiah Marmolejos ( ago)
y'all all are angels from heaven homies

Author Josiah Marmolejos ( ago)
and it aint even relaxin music and i like it

Author Josiah Marmolejos ( ago)
this music gets ur boi hype homies

Author Josiah Marmolejos ( ago)
eyyy yyyyoooooo

Author Syahri Ramadhan Wiraasmara ( ago)
"The Way" seems like "River Flows In You". I wonder there is an original music? But this music is really beautiful and light to hear, I like it..

Author Lena Shawly ( ago)
When those two perfect hearts meet with the harmony of love, in a place made just for them, nothing can be more beautiful, no moment can ever be more precious ,,,,,,, longing for the moment <3

Author Helyne Cristine ( ago)
Muito bom

Author Schlappe Maggus ( ago)
woow thats amazing. thanks for this beautiful music <3

Author Priskilla Endang ( ago)
i love it 💖💖💖💃💃💃

Author Pinkuno joandes ( ago)
"Freedom" sounds like "The Piano Animation"

Author Alexis Lafontaine ( ago)

Author ruihang yu ( ago)
ur awesomme

Author Lizen - J ( ago)
This may be weird, but, I have a pet rat who's pretty feisty (I guess makes sense 'cause we were originally going to feed him to our snake) but this music oddly makes him calm down. Don't know why, though ╮( ̄▽ ̄)╭

Author precious andrade ( ago)

Author Lacey Peake ( ago)
I play piano, dance, and sing. This made me want to do all three at the same time.- Thank you.

Author Vildan Kutlu ( ago)
when work for Math :3 tnx

Author Francy Sneha Zelli ( ago)
Very. Sentimental ..

Author Francy Sneha Zelli ( ago)
Così bella e sentimentale

Author yuuki sandei ( ago)
e rilassante

Author j j Lee ( ago)
How beautiful song!

Author Daniel Sanchez ( ago)
and never give up for what you achieved

Author Daniel Sanchez ( ago)
piano music keeps me come in so many way every time I hear it I think of my childhood and how we grow and how we face challenges in our life we just need to face them but this piano music inspires me to keep going I hope you do to 😄😄and good luck with your lifes

Author JJ Gaming Xdarkshaddow77 ( ago)
sometimes I watch these kind of videos to calm me down I get bullied a lot and I cry at night I get bullied  I just wish life would get better for me I am happy and in a caring family but school is getting to me I have a big test coming up and that's not helping me so music like this helps me

Author TheMCD_And PhoenixDropHigh_Gal ( ago)
how can I Download this song is would like to listen to this song while I sleep it's so soothing....

Author Firdevs Zengi ( ago)
I love ur music

Author Tecwin Davies ( ago)
I did a massage with the music on my nan it was fab

Author Jeff Collier ( ago)

Author Haji Sukri5938 ( ago)

Author Jessica Blais ( ago)

Author QWXZA HD ( ago)
music is always the part of my life :)
thx epicmusicworld :)

Author lovelycookie1996 ( ago)
it's relaxing music....I suppose to sleep....why the hell am I here reading comments????😴😴😴

Author Elizangela Elly ( ago)
a música é magia da alma, nos levam em terras desconhecidas, nos levam no mais profundo do encanto dos sentimentos, causando uma sensação de contentamento.🌷🌷🌷🌷

Author Konnichiwa Aete Ureshii Desu ( ago)
I've never heard a more fascinating piano music! amazing! whether heard better can let me know (;

Author Ly Tran ( ago)
I love this video soo much. Absolutely beautiful and amazing piano choices.

Author CartoonQueen21 ( ago)

Author Piano Arc-en-ciel ( ago)
Comme disait un pianiste : "L'âge d'or du piano... vient juste de commencer" (The golden era of the piano has just begun).
Il a raison, car des dizaines de millions d'enfants apprennent chaque année le piano...
surtout dans les pays asiatiques, mais aussi partout ailleurs, et de plus en plus nombreux…

Author uA muenchen ( ago)
I spent evry day 20 minutes on Toilet, should I buy me a Piyano to shit and play. Or its not so good for chilling on WC?

Author Jessica Rose ( ago)
Feeling suicidal, you came to the right place, I'm serious btw, nice calming song for you ppl Cx

Author Radimir Mirchev ( ago)
So beautiful!

Author Daniella Perez ( ago)

Author BTS! A.R.M.Y ( ago)
Is it just me, or does 'The Way' sound really similar to 'River Flows In You' by Yiruma?

Author GaymerZX ( ago)
In14:32 theres a song sounded like "River Flows In You" but sounds even better and cool can someone pass me the name of the song? :)

Author Marcy Lynn ( ago)
It's funny how the last two songs are "Thank You" and "I Say Goodbye"

Author Rika sama ( ago)
could u give the sorce of Tears alone i luv it but cant find it

Author Stanko Mlinar ( ago)

Author Mohamed Tarib ( ago)

Author kitty cat44 ( ago)
Bin ich die einzige deutsche?wenn ja dann:I love this Musik it's so relaxing and my cat love it too❤❤❤👍👍

Author Roni Kandel ( ago)
i am in love with this piano music

Author Roni Kandel ( ago)
i all most cried when i hard the holl song

Author Aj Rodriguez ( ago)
Inspired by the sound of it

Author Iraq kap ( ago)
Great music and coolest of them channel

Author Omega Zero ZX ( ago)
Add a public comment...

Author Omega Zero ZX ( ago)
let me blow your mind!

Author Anne Ponnet ( ago)

Author Bianca Osei-Owusu ( ago)
what's the first song called?? I want to learn it on the piano

Author amatorek22 ( ago)
16:45 Tears LOVE

Author fallenSlave ( ago)
at 36 I hate when the girl is screaming. It destorys all the music...

Author Muzammil Shaik ( ago)
stop scrolling up and down
go relax

Author avgyct ( ago)
крутая музыка никогда не помешает жизни, а иногда даже и поможет

Author AbbieLiezel ( ago)
9:42 sounds like a sad part in a movie, a race between time and finding your loved one and being with them before they're taken away from you... beautiful.

Author Star Grace ( ago)
My favourite song at school

Author CyberGamer ( ago)
11:44 / 1:07:07

Author Ashley Flores ( ago)
this is beautifull like every one in the whole world

Author Saud Abo Sultan ( ago)
when piano makes everything around you so peaceful ana calming that what we call is peace ❤️

Author Seher Aslan ( ago)
Türkler burda mı?

Author Julia Antoszuk ( ago)
this is amazing 😊😌

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