Camila Cabello - Crying in the Club

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  • Rienn Cherstel Santos
    Rienn Cherstel Santos 4 minutes ago

    Oh my god i cant stop listening to this😍

  • Dean
    Dean 11 minutes ago

    Awesome song didnt expect this when the song first started i cant stop listening to this now....awesome tune!!

  • nicole
    nicole 12 minutes ago

    she was inspired by the meme

  • Gia Fajardo
    Gia Fajardo 19 minutes ago

    Hermoso 💘🌈

  • Cha Aggar
    Cha Aggar 29 minutes ago

    the tone is very "gene in the bottle" by Christina Aguilera

  • Edward E. Pineda
    Edward E. Pineda 31 minute ago


  • emma mcanalley
    emma mcanalley 33 minutes ago

    Anyone else feel like this song is about Lauren

  • Tania Moarefi
    Tania Moarefi 35 minutes ago

    deserves endless likes and views

  • AG Octopie
    AG Octopie 36 minutes ago

    Anyone ever heard the song .........geinine in a bottle?

  • laís annyele
    laís annyele 38 minutes ago

    M-A-R-A-V-I-L-H-O-S-A 💜

  • Âfăf òśàmă
    Âfăf òśàmă 41 minute ago

    This can be remixed with shape of you and cheap trills 👑

  • Angieherrerarivas 1
    Angieherrerarivas 1 45 minutes ago

    I love this song 💖 like if you agree

  • Larissa Vitoria
    Larissa Vitoria 46 minutes ago

    number one tell me how you think you are🍃🎵❤

  • Lívia Lopes
    Lívia Lopes 48 minutes ago

    Crying In The Club - Camila Cabello (2:49)
    Genie In A Bottle - Christina Aguilera (0:34)

  • Ermengarde McAllister
    Ermengarde McAllister 50 minutes ago

    I love u Camilla Cabello but u copied Ariana Grande's Into You high note

  • Alexandra Martinez Brown
    Alexandra Martinez Brown 53 minutes ago

    en el minuto 4:04 como cuando éstas en el club y se te mete el demonio :v

  • Marcia Tex
    Marcia Tex 58 minutes ago

    the freaking song played in the ad. wtf. move your ass to the side so I can listen to the song. stupid ad.

  • Inna
    Inna 1 hour ago

    This song is so emotional and has a meaning... I'm so proud of Camila, this is a great start for her solo career! I hope she succeeds.

  • Melissa Monteblanco

    i love youuu 😍💛💛

  • XBioscar
    XBioscar 1 hour ago

    I finally found my jam! It was behind the milk in my fridge...the music was nice too

  • Âfăf òśàmă
    Âfăf òśàmă 1 hour ago

    directioners supports Camilla 💔

  • Andrés Acevedo
    Andrés Acevedo 1 hour ago

    I'm little monster but I totally support her <3. She is such an amazing singer. Hope the best for her 😘

  • Hanna River2070
    Hanna River2070 1 hour ago


  • bisan ghoul
    bisan ghoul 1 hour ago

    *To all the fandoms who is supporting Camila*

  • Laura Gouveia
    Laura Gouveia 1 hour ago

    Cry Babies support Camila 🍼💕

  • Alannah Schmadeke
    Alannah Schmadeke 1 hour ago

    i love this song

  • Noelia Villa
    Noelia Villa 1 hour ago

    Fandoms supporting Camila and camilizers 😍

  • Love Only
    Love Only 2 hours ago

    Love Love Love ❤❤❤

  • Jorge Gaming
    Jorge Gaming 2 hours ago

    The live performances except at IheartRadio all sound better than the studio version in my opinion. The studio version sounds boring in comparison.

  • Sheldon Yawson
    Sheldon Yawson 2 hours ago

    I STILL can't get over how good of a song I Have Questions is ugh😍😍😍

  • Muhannd Mahmoud
    Muhannd Mahmoud 2 hours ago

    this song make me crying so much beacause i havn't friends , love , so bad life i feel all the time i was alone and i havn't a one chance to get friends or love or good life

  • Nour
    Nour 2 hours ago

    I can't get enough of this song , Im so proud of my baby

  • Bad Vibes
    Bad Vibes 2 hours ago

    Loved her in 5H. Love her voice even more alone, here to stay and support you Cami.

  • Joao Jauregui
    Joao Jauregui 2 hours ago

    camila Ft fiifth harmony

  • Helena Souza
    Helena Souza 2 hours ago

    Cadê os BR?????? Amei essa nova música scrr♥

  • Alessandro Santos
    Alessandro Santos 2 hours ago

    cry babies supporting Camila 💙

  • Noelia Villa
    Noelia Villa 2 hours ago

    Crying in the club acaba de sonar en Coca Cola FM de Ecuador!!!

    EXTREME GUY 3 hours ago


  • flower boy
    flower boy 3 hours ago

    I keep on thinking "Anal"😂

  • james harper
    james harper 3 hours ago

    She's a very good singer but this song is absolute GARBAGE! It doesn't even know what it wants to be.

  • Phiphi Todebone
    Phiphi Todebone 3 hours ago

    Is it weird that a "Crying in the club" ad was before this video?

  • Jojo Mendler
    Jojo Mendler 3 hours ago

    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but I like *DOWN* better

  • Stacie Harrison
    Stacie Harrison 3 hours ago

    I'm glad that she left 5h. they were holding her back. she is doing so much better w/o them. just saying

  • Rachel Roose
    Rachel Roose 3 hours ago

  • Luchi Rodriguez
    Luchi Rodriguez 3 hours ago

    Me encantaa !!! 👏👏👏❤

  • Karisa Hernández
    Karisa Hernández 3 hours ago

    good song

  • Adriana Menezes De Castro Da Silva

    Camila Cabello FT. Fifth Harmony

  • Harry Cox
    Harry Cox 3 hours ago

    Needless to say she's amazing and her performance on jimmy gallon was the icing on the Cake for this song!

  • Sarahi
    Sarahi 3 hours ago

    this sounds like a christina aguilera song...Genie in A Bottle

  • Emily Kari
    Emily Kari 4 hours ago

    I don't like this song

    I LOVE THIS SONG!!❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • sasha kota
    sasha kota 4 hours ago

    My fave songs are this song and bad liar by Selena

  • P1tchB1ack
    P1tchB1ack 4 hours ago

    It's like a younger version of herself and then an older version when the main song starts :)

  • Jessy bee
    Jessy bee 4 hours ago

    sexy girl

  • Winglis Porto
    Winglis Porto 4 hours ago

    "Crying in the Club" is better than "Down"! Suck it 5H! Camila is DIVA! I love this Song! ❤😘

  • Andrea Barrera Oreza

    No esta canción es I Have Questions?

  • Susana Gutierrez
    Susana Gutierrez 4 hours ago

    i'm like Lana del rey and Mariah Carey, but camila cabello is unexpected great vocalist (for me) i like her very much

  • Charlotte Leblanc
    Charlotte Leblanc 4 hours ago

    WOW! Your solo career is going to light the music world on fire! Absolutely stunning!!❤🌹

  • Raimundo Junior Santos

    Let me guess.....u supportcamila

  • Deise Nascimento
    Deise Nascimento 4 hours ago

    Love you Camila ❤❤❤❤😍😘😙💋💝💕💜💙💚💛👄💟💞

  • Joshua Fryer
    Joshua Fryer 4 hours ago

    without a doubt she is incredible one of my fav females this year!

  • Andrea Mahfoud Saravia

    Quiero más canciones

  • MaggyInTheTown
    MaggyInTheTown 5 hours ago

    This makes me wanna listen to Genie In a Bottle 🎶

  • Doti
    Doti 5 hours ago

    the crying in the club starts in 1:50

  • Mario Bonilla
    Mario Bonilla 5 hours ago

    me encanto la combinación te amo besos

  • Lucía m
    Lucía m 5 hours ago

    THE BEST❤❤❤❤

  • Nemz
    Nemz 5 hours ago

    So addicted to this song and that voice,cant help are going places Camila...

  • Aditi Jois
    Aditi Jois 5 hours ago

    I gave you all of me blood sweat my heart and my tears....😁thumbs up if you know what I mean..😁😁
    ARMY ....where are you???

  • Patrícia Isabel
    Patrícia Isabel 5 hours ago

    Is no one going to say anything about the ridiculous amount of autotune on her voice? I know she can sing, which is why I'm baffled. Guess there was a reason she was put in a group on X Factor. Maybe her voice isn't all that good by itself.

    • Patrícia Isabel
      Patrícia Isabel 1 hour ago

      I did say that I know she can sing

    • K WMG
      K WMG 5 hours ago

      Patrícia Isabel girl go listen to the live version on jimmy fallon.. she can fkinn sing lol. She actually sounds the dame

  • fernando colpo
    fernando colpo 5 hours ago


  • amber rickyson
    amber rickyson 5 hours ago

    love it keep it up

  • sad but happy happy
    sad but happy happy 5 hours ago

    waoooooo Bebe !!!

  • Camila Diaz
    Camila Diaz 5 hours ago

    OMG CAMILA!!.😍😍You are my queen💖

  • Румяна Радева

    Smilers support Camila❤❤

  • ara mlepp
    ara mlepp 5 hours ago

    Am I the only one who has noticed that the title of the video is different from the actual song; this is I Have Questions, and the title says Crying in the Club?!

    • S M
      S M 4 hours ago

      the first song is "I have Questions", till 1:41, the second song is her single "Crying in the Club".

    • ara mlepp
      ara mlepp 5 hours ago

      wait, whut? a remix... what's going on here

  • Dala Seoud
    Dala Seoud 5 hours ago

    idk why but her voice is so similar to Sia <3

  • David Pike
    David Pike 6 hours ago

    I care about everyone, that's how I'm always getting hurt.

  • Noelia Villa
    Noelia Villa 6 hours ago

    Camila esta logrando tantas cosas😍...ESTOY TAN ORGULLOSA

  • Fatima Amir
    Fatima Amir 6 hours ago

    Her voice is just love....

  • PhanicATthe1975 disco

    Hmmm... I'm suprised no ones talking about the glass closet ...

  • supri adi
    supri adi 6 hours ago

    00.55 amazing

  • Delato
    Delato 6 hours ago

    Available on iTunes now for just $0.69 cents for a limited time guys! :) please support this new rising star if you believe in her! Have a great weekend

  • bahar life
    bahar life 6 hours ago

    camila cabello you are the best songer ever (LOVE YOU) CAMILA CABELLO😍😍😍😘😘💝💝💝💞💞💞💟💟💗❤💋💖💟😍😍😘


    the first part got me sad and second made me dancing almost in the club *lol* in my room

  • Gabryela Sousa Nunes

    eu não gostei .Mas sou super fã dela gostei só um pouco do refrão . Ela tem que melhorar

  • Arleth Jazmín
    Arleth Jazmín 6 hours ago


  • fran jauregui
    fran jauregui 6 hours ago


  • Gökhan Yurttaş
    Gökhan Yurttaş 6 hours ago


  • ariana1996
    ariana1996 6 hours ago

    If anyone's questioning why everyone in the comments is saying that different fandoms support camila , first of all because I can't imagine how hard is it being in Camila's position and the fact that most harmonizers turned against her made me sad and angry , her own best friends acted like it was nothing and we're glad that Camila's doing better and decided to show support and love , there's nothing wrong with that <3

  • Yvanna BVlogs
    Yvanna BVlogs 6 hours ago

    I love you you are beautiful and I mean it

  • Loki Fangirl
    Loki Fangirl 6 hours ago

  • Camila Potter
    Camila Potter 6 hours ago


  • Johanna Meda Sampath

    This is so beautiful... wow... I cried... Please give this girl a Grammy! PLEASE! WTF

  • Jessica Belanger
    Jessica Belanger 6 hours ago

    Mixers support Camila because she not part of fifth harmony anymore
    Go Camila and make more songs ❤️😘😍🎧😊🎤

  • Yasha KB
    Yasha KB 6 hours ago

    Why does this say crying in the club? isn't the name 'I have Questions'?

  • Billy Boy B
    Billy Boy B 6 hours ago

    My EARS!!!!! What just happened to my EARS!!! NO!!! And to sample music from my girl Xtina

  • Simone Salux
    Simone Salux 6 hours ago

    This Song is one of my favourite , Camila , you are very good

  • KawaiiKitty's LpsWorld

    She finally sounds like she used to instead on Bad Things which was NOTHING like this!

  • Trans Fighter
    Trans Fighter 7 hours ago

    I am shocked of degeneration of music in this age, this is not a music I can not describe its very bad and similar and there is no discrimination and no diversity!!! I do not understand how they can afford to hear that things! did you hear the songs of the seventies, eighties, early and mid-nineties and compare them to these things that called music ?!!
    Sorry for my bad languish

    • Omar Alhamadi
      Omar Alhamadi 6 hours ago

      Trans Fighter as bad as this song will get, your mindset will still be worse

  • Adriana Souza
    Adriana Souza 7 hours ago

    amo essa musica

  • Diamond Thompson
    Diamond Thompson 7 hours ago

    You are rude for leaving fifth harmony but I hope you have a "good" career. But I love the song

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