PIC16F88 ADC + LCD demo

A/D converter demo using PIC16F88 and HD44780 character LCD display. Reading is in mV, with a bar graph below the reading.

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Author exnol (4 years)
Good one man. You got a link?

Author todor dimitrov (2 years)
Hi.. My name is Todor and i am from that my english is very
badd (excuse me for that) I learning for Engineer and i saw your project.
It was awesome.. good for you.. Can i ask you and please you to send me a
program code and schematic for this wonderful project.. I really wanna do
it for my School Project this ear :). My email is : Skype
is: hacker4eto1 I really thank you ,and good for is awasome..

Author Roland Fery (3 years)
Hello sir, thank you for your prompt response I am a beginner and would
like to learn how peak here is my email address: good you
to men. at the nex time roland.

Author Roland Fery (3 years)
good work, is it possible to have your schematic and your source thanks

Author yoyomin (3 years)
@DanFrederiksen As far as I remember there was an averaging filter which
makes the reading stable.

Author yoyomin (3 years)
@triac220 Salut! Yes I have the code. If you leave me your email I could
send you the files. They are written in PICC. For the schematic please
refer to HD44780 datasheet and the datasheet of your microcontroller.

Author Fernando Vinícius G. Magro (1 year)
Hi yoyomin, can you share with us the averaging filter that you used. You
have got stable readings.

Author indep (3 years)
nice one!! would your program stil work on 16x1 display? thanks

Author Bandar Muayda (1 year)
hi that is really nice, good work can you please send me the code thanks

Author Bandar Muayda (1 year)
its really smalier to yours

Author indep (3 years)
Hey man! Can u send it to me as well.. ;) thanks!

Author Dan Frederiksen (3 years)
how can there be that many decimals and that stable? what bit depth is the

Author Bandar Muayda (1 year)
i got this project You are required to design a project that creates a
fully ‘black’ square customised LCD character – as the POTENTIOMETER is
turned the top line of the LCD module starts to fill with these characters
to form a bar-type display – fully advancing the POTENTIOMETER will fill
the tope line with 8 such characters whilst fully reducing the
POTENTIOMETER will result in no characters displayed

Author Felipe III Adlawan (3 years)
Hi, Please send also at Thanks!

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