Joe Nichols - Gimmie That Girl

Music video by Joe Nichols performing Gimmie That Girl. (C) 2009 Universal Records South, a Division of UMG Recordings, Inc

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Author Elizabeth Moore ( ago)
this reminds me of my old man and me when we first got together

Author Robert Rock ( ago)
Give that girl who loves the outdoors an don't mind playing in the dirt lol

Author caleb gouine ( ago)
I got that girl(:

Author Southern Girl. ( ago)

Author Country Music ( ago)

Author Kathleen Power ( ago)
Mix - Joe Nichols - Gimmie That Girl:

Author Bre May ( ago)
A man that sings this to me is a true man at heart ❤

Author flclfan85 ( ago)
sounds like my amazing girlfriend <3

Author Katherine Backus ( ago)
Can't wait to see him and Gary Allan in Sioux City IA August 14/

Author Deboah Woodring ( ago)
Me! Ha! Heeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author Clark Brand ( ago)

Author Carolinachicsc1 ( ago)
Joe Nichols -- Gimmie That Girl

Author patbisson32 ( ago)
I got that girl

Author Starbright Easters ( ago)
Love it

Author AJ Vets1st Donnelly ( ago)

Author James Boyer ( ago)

Author naddia navarrette ( ago)
"gimmie that boy"

Author james sandstedt ( ago)
Yep my fiancée in a nutshell:)

Author Sherry Morrison ( ago)
Love the sound of your voice 

Author Jewel Baldree McCollum ( ago)
I still love this song makes me smile always and forever.

Author lisa Whit ( ago)
😀 🎼🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎤🎸 👇

*Joe Nichols* - Gimmie That Girl:

Author nicholas schultz ( ago)
this song makes wish I had that one special girl.

Author Gemma Shell ( ago)

Author Noreena Johnson ( ago)
Joe Nichols - Gimmie That Girl:

Author Capri Country ( ago)
A cool song by Joe Nichols which went to No. 1 on the Billboard chart in

#CapriCountry #JoeNichols #countrymusic #countryhits #countrysongs 

Author Peggy Jones ( ago)

Author eric thao ( ago)

Author Dakota911101 ( ago)
listening to it rn with a beauty

Author Brandi smith ( ago)
🎶😊 Chase 😊🎶

Author Danny Brutout ( ago)
Joe Nichols - Gimmie That Girl:

Author dewq356tzgfd ( ago)
I cannot stop listening to this song. It reminds me of that very special
girl I met a while ago, she is so amazingly charming and down-to-earth. I
am going to ask her out tomorrow and I really hope she will say yes :D

Author sansom40 ( ago)
I'm right here lol 

Author courtney catoe ( ago)
My boyfriend sings this to me

Author rst-metal ( ago)
Awesome song

Author Milliondollar Jo ( ago)
0:19 jennifer garner twin

Author James Owens ( ago)
I like that song

Author Baby Irene ( ago)
Damn damn. The demo smokes this.

Author DARRELL D ( ago)
Joe Nichols - Gimmie That Girl:
Give me that girl💯👍

Author Musiclover4life ( ago)
Me and my girlfriend listen to this a lot, I even kiss her ev'ry once in a
while :)

Author fantasyfiction101 ( ago)
Sounds like me! But I don't have a boyfriend to say that to me :-/ 

Author Tabitha Grimmett ( ago)
Love this song

Author kenny young ( ago)
I love this song but honestly redneccs look dirty and look like they stink.

Author elizabeth lavallie ( ago)
mood cghanger

Author Tyler Miller ( ago)
Joe nichols is cuteee xD 

Author jane Manders ( ago)

Author Robert Grace ( ago)
My kinda girl right there

Author tyler gibson ( ago)
gimmie that girl

Author Volf Voss ( ago)
Gimme that girl, she's my kind of girl

Author Brooklyn Kellett (1584 years ago)
i love this song a lot

Author israel israel gebrue gebrue ( ago)

Author tiffany phillips ( ago)
gimme that girl with lovin up on me

Author Frankie Heck (FooNani) (1031 year ago)
I wanna be that girl... oh to be loved like that... touche'

Author Nell Nights ( ago)
I love this song, It totally me, I always have my hair in a mess & I'm
mostly bare foot & I always were big shirts with jeans LOL...One of my
favorite shirts is my Duck Dynasty LOL 

Author Katina Ricks ( ago)
I love this song, it's one of my all time favorites!

Author Joey Lowater ( ago)
best country beat ever

Author baby LuLu ( ago)
i love this song

Author Karmina Malinoski ( ago)

Author kat eller ( ago)
He is so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so
so so awsome

Author jordan estepp ( ago)
He says it just right. I love my girl in a t-shirt and a pair of jeans. 

Author Nickheron ( ago)
Gimme that girl...

Author Justin Teeter (firebolt69) ( ago)
Gimme a girl. 

Author Stephanie Dozler ( ago)
So live this song

Author April Williams ( ago)
wow what else can ya say about Jo Nichols

Author Dustin Murphy ( ago)
Gimme that girl! 

Author Mark Olberding ( ago)
Okay, if I want to dance to it a two step, a cha cha, a waltz or
a polka? I can't make any beat out in this one.

Author Savanna Villarreal ( ago)
I love this song 

Author ryan moneo ( ago)
Miss you Kiersten :(

Author Dennis Mortal ( ago)
Come to Saskatchewan please i love u man

Author Megan Taylor ( ago)
so dam cute

Author Jhayd Mead ( ago)

Author sscott9993 ( ago)
Another one for the girl I miss so very much

Author WyldeStyle82 ( ago)
gorgeous country boy singing a super sweet song...perfect, just love. x

Author Tommy Amicone (T Man) ( ago)
This Song From Joe Nichols Gimmie That Girl Is 4 My New Grilfriend Linda
Mery I Love Babydoll I Love very very much 

Author Tori Brown ( ago)

Author Dami Abbey ( ago)
His voice..oh my days! 

Author Autumn King ( ago)
I love this song

Author Autumn King ( ago)
I love this song

Author 04142011 ( ago)

You are that girl to me. 

Author bowlncr8zy3 ( ago)
I got that girl almost 7 years ago and wouldn't trade her for the world.

Author WhitePowerstrokin ( ago)
Real songs about real things. This guys a classic. And sadly under rated.
These new "sensations" are stealing earned recognition guys like Joe

Author Carmon Knight ( ago)

Author Gavin K. ( ago)
this song is the god damn truth for all u ladys out there

Author Rhonda McCafferty ( ago)
Very nice, I love that song!!

Author Eric Sleith ( ago)
I saw Joe in concert with Cassadee Pope and they were both great. Joe
inspires me to become a better songwriter. If you type my name into
YouTube - you can listen to some of my songs.

Author jon doe ( ago)
Sounds like George strait.

Author Sharon Cooley ( ago)
T shirts and blue jeans are in fancy dresses are out 

Author Sharon Cooley ( ago)
This is so me I love being this kinda girl. Lol Gary don't know how lucky
he is 

Author Dee Jaye Teutsch Hutchins Legs ( ago)
Check out this video on YouTube:

Author dakota jones ( ago)
So many wars start on youtube like just enjoy the songs, and if you want to
talk about something related feel free, but why argue your online people
don't know were you live so obviously there is going to be arguments now
back to the music video...

Author chris Weaver ( ago)

Author Angry Canadian ( ago)
Well then, it's you against the world eh? You aren't very nice. Simmer
down, it's a decent song.

Author Ty Monae ♡ ( ago)
Totally. I thumbed up my comment 9 times and it counted.... You aren't very

Author Angry Canadian ( ago)
C'mon now, Lady, don't thumbs up your own comments....

Author Tropical Gaming ( ago)
I seen Joe Nichols live

Author chevykid53 ( ago)
Wow i had to break out the popcorn for that lol

Author Mary Hofstetter ( ago)

Author jonathan poole ( ago)
I saw him at the Jefferson fair

Author Jonathan Kelley ( ago)
Brandyn Browne talks a whole lot of shit Hahaha I'd love to see him in
person probably some puny ass 12 year old go home dude

Author Steve Rutigliano ( ago)
Gimme that girl....

Author Dustin Harper ( ago)

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