Joe Nichols - Gimmie That Girl

Music video by Joe Nichols performing Gimmie That Girl. (C) 2009 Universal Records South, a Division of UMG Recordings, Inc

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Runtime: 3:11
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Author Milliondollar Jo (3 days)
0:19 jennifer garner twin

Author DARRELL D (1 month)
Joe Nichols - Gimmie That Girl:
Give me that girl💯👍

Author Baby Irene (11 days)
Damn damn. The demo smokes this.

Author James Owens (8 days)
I like that song

Author elizabeth lavallie (4 months)
mood cghanger

Author fantasyfiction101 (3 months)
Sounds like me! But I don't have a boyfriend to say that to me :-/ 

Author Tyler Miller (4 months)
Joe nichols is cuteee xD 

Author Justin Teeter (8 months)
Gimme a girl. 

Author Musiclover4life (3 months)
Me and my girlfriend listen to this a lot, I even kiss her ev'ry once in a
while :)

Author Nell Nights (7 months)
I love this song, It totally me, I always have my hair in a mess & I'm
mostly bare foot & I always were big shirts with jeans LOL...One of my
favorite shirts is my Duck Dynasty LOL 

Author sscott9993 (10 months)
Another one for the girl I miss so very much

Author Joey Lowater (7 months)
best country beat ever

Author WhitePowerstrokin (1 year)
Real songs about real things. This guys a classic. And sadly under rated.
These new "sensations" are stealing earned recognition guys like Joe

Author Volf Voss (5 months)
Gimme that girl, she's my kind of girl

Author Megan Taylor (10 months)
so dam cute

Author ryan moneo (9 months)
Miss you Kiersten :(

Author Frankie Heck (6 months)
I wanna be that girl... oh to be loved like that... touche'

Author tyler gibson (5 months)
gimmie that girl

Author baby LuLu (7 months)
i love this song

Author tiffany phillips (6 months)
gimme that girl with lovin up on me

Author Tom Williams (9 months)
The song which describes my wife.

Author Dami Abbey (11 months)
His voice..oh my days! 

Author Marlissa Gardner (6 months)
Oh this guy...This song makes every girl believe in the "White Night".

Author Autumn King (11 months)
I love this song

Author jon doe (1 year)
Sounds like George strait.

Author kat eller (8 months)
He is so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so
so so awsome

Author jordan estepp (8 months)
He says it just right. I love my girl in a t-shirt and a pair of jeans. 

Author Stephanie Dozler (8 months)
So live this song

Author Dee Jaye Teutsch (1 year)
Check out this video on YouTube:

Author April Williams (9 months)
wow what else can ya say about Jo Nichols

Author Tabitha Grimmett (3 months)
Love this song

Author Gavin K. (1 year)
this song is the god damn truth for all u ladys out there

Author Dustin Murphy (9 months)
Gimme that girl! 

Author Eric Sleith (1 year)
I saw Joe in concert with Cassadee Pope and they were both great. Joe
inspires me to become a better songwriter. If you type my name into
YouTube - you can listen to some of my songs.

Author Rhonda McCafferty (1 year)
Very nice, I love that song!!

Author Robert Grace (5 months)
My kinda girl right there

Author Savanna Villarreal (9 months)
I love this song 

Author Dennis Mortal (9 months)
Come to Saskatchewan please i love u man

Author Nickheron (8 months)
Gimme that girl...

Author Steve Rutigliano (1 year)
Gimme that girl....

Author Mark Olberding (9 months)
Okay, if I want to dance to it a two step, a cha cha, a waltz or
a polka? I can't make any beat out in this one.

Author Brooklyn Kellett (5 months)
i love this song a lot

Author Jasmine Cox (1 year)
When he sings this to you 3

Author Knnstarbuck (1 year)
So how are your statements true if one person can prove you wrong then none
of your statements can be trusted.

Author Robin Marie (1 year)
Don't try & say that I'm stupid when I'm probably 20 times smarter than you
are.Calm your shit.This was posted a very long time ago.I had never said
they could be in love at eight?Why are you telling me to read when you
clearly haven't?I don't have an argument for you, but apparently you're
searching for one. Youtube thugs. . You're hilarious. Stand by your
statement. I'd never said your statement was wrong. People like you just
look for drama everywhere. Youtube was meant for music not 'thugs'.

Author Ty Monae (1 year)
Why are you STILL replying to me? That comment was 3 months ago. I thought
I was done with you. I was 14 only 3 years ago. I get it. I thought I was
"sooo in love" once. And then I grew up. And I got a brain, and realized
that the world isn't that simple. If you think it's fine and i can feel
however i want why are you talking to me? Why do you feel the need to dig
up more drama when I already forgot about you? You act like a child and
it's annoying. Get over yourself and leave me alone.

Author Knnstarbuck (1 year)
I only knew my wife for a couple of weeks and i already wanted to marry
her. At the time i was 15. The reason i waited to ask was because it wasn't
legally allowed. I loved her from the moment i met her. I didn't know every
thing about her but i loved her from day one. now 10 years later i still
feel the same way i did day one.

Author Jon Garman (1 year)
I got that girl!!

Author TheMinimog (1 year)
This song has made me think of my girl for years. Still does to this day. :)

Author Ty Monae (1 year)
Ha a youtube thug? HA. Aren't you cute. Was I looking for drama? I wasn't.
You posted something, i commented. Honey it's a free world, not everyone is
going to agree with what you think. The faster you learn that the better
off you will be(: And i'm sure you aren't much smarter than me. not even in
the slightest. but whatever floats your boat hun.

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