Joe Nichols - Gimmie That Girl

Music video by Joe Nichols performing Gimmie That Girl. (C) 2009 Universal Records South, a Division of UMG Recordings, Inc

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Author Heather Mcduffee ( ago)
omg, he sounds soooo much like george!

Author Kimberlynn Womack ( ago)
He needs to come to either NM or CO.... I'd use up all my vacation time and
sleep on a sofa to see him in concert...

Author Adriana bledsoe ( ago)
in a girl like that but she's scared to show it

Author Alyssa Pizana ( ago)
Obsessed with this song.

Author Jacob Nober ( ago)
Hey Country Fans! Check out Billy Currington's new video that premiered on
Country Outfitter!

Author dragon knight1o1 ( ago)
a woman that sings to me is a true woman at heart

Author Violet Draga ( ago)
A lot of men prefer ladies without make up

Author Justin Johnson ( ago)
need to find me a girl like that. hate all the makeup and fakeness that so
many girls have.

Author Boyer Kenny ( ago)

Author SAM ( ago)
Raj from India, I love this songggggggggggggg

Author kelsi smith ( ago)
i love this song

Author Carson Strey ( ago)
hey good country song

Author Mj Appleballs ( ago)
Who's watching this in 2016

Author Ben Hoffman ( ago)
i love this song

Author Khloe Gaylord ( ago)
This is so me. I never wear makeup, I hardly wear dresses, my hair is
always in a mess, sleepy little smile, old t-shirt and a pair of jeans, XD,
barefoot in the kitchen singin' favorite song, dancing 'round like a fool,
the kind of girl that the rest of the world ain't lucky enough to know.

Author Charles Hurst ( ago)
Back in 2005-6 era when country attempted to rebound into country before
Taylor Swift pushed it back into pop once again.

Charles Hurst. Author of THE SECOND FALL. The prophetic novel of America's
collapse. And creator of THE RUNNINGWOLF EZINE. The Patriots' guide to
common sense.

Author Adrian Avila (87 years ago)
Howdy Joe. sorry partner. but I got my girl!

Author Cece Adams ( ago)
This is why i love my husband so much he says he loves me more with no
makeup in my tshirt and jeans and boots ....

Author Christina Willman ( ago)
Boys always complain because I hardly ever get dressed up, but I will have
to every day when I start as a lawyer. Right now I would rather just throw
my hair up in a ball cap and put on some jeans (:

Author Robert Rock ( ago)
is that so let's see

Author Trisha Chasteen ( ago)
I love to play in the mud with four wheelers,trucks,my dog, my horse and my

Author Foofpup ( ago)
My husband has told me from the start of our relationship that he's glad
I'm not the dressy, preppy, breakable type. And every time this song comes
on when he's with me, he makes sure to voice his appreciation of me and
agreement with the song

Author jane doe ( ago)
Chris Young - Tomorrow

Author Tiffany Godwin ( ago)
I hardly ever wear makeup and i dance and sing to my favorite songs, this
song matches me best. And She's country by Jason Aldean. Im country til the
day i die.

Author David Schultz ( ago)
Natural is Best !! Gimme that girl :)

Author Denee Garrett ( ago)
my son 8 year old song give me that girl to his girlfriend

Author Nick Pavente ( ago)
who ever produced countrys steal string is one fallewa

Author Brittney Newberry ( ago)
Thomas and Rhett akins wrote this song !

Author Hunter Lancaster (1872 years ago)
did he go to rogers high school in arkansas

Author Elizabeth Moore ( ago)
this reminds me of my old man and me when we first got together

Author Robert Rock ( ago)
Give that girl who loves the outdoors an don't mind playing in the dirt lol

Author caleb gouine ( ago)
I got that girl(:

Author Bre May ( ago)
A man that sings this to me is a true man at heart ❤

Author flclfan85 ( ago)
sounds like my amazing girlfriend <3

Author Katherine Backus ( ago)
Can't wait to see him and Gary Allan in Sioux City IA August 14/

Author Deboah Woodring ( ago)
Me! Ha! Heeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author patbisson32 ( ago)
I got that girl

Author Starbright Easters ( ago)
Love it

Author James Boyer ( ago)

Author james sandstedt ( ago)
Yep my fiancée in a nutshell:)

Author Sherry Morrison ( ago)
Love the sound of your voice 

Author Jewel Baldree McCollum ( ago)
I still love this song makes me smile always and forever.

Author nicholas schultz ( ago)
this song makes wish I had that one special girl.

Author eric thao ( ago)

Author Dakota911101 ( ago)
listening to it rn with a beauty

Author dewq356tzgfd ( ago)
I cannot stop listening to this song. It reminds me of that very special
girl I met a while ago, she is so amazingly charming and down-to-earth. I
am going to ask her out tomorrow and I really hope she will say yes :D

Author sansom40 ( ago)
I'm right here lol 

Author courtney catoe ( ago)
My boyfriend sings this to me

Author rst-metal ( ago)
Awesome song

Author Milliondollar Jo ( ago)
0:19 jennifer garner twin

Author James Owens ( ago)
I like that song

Author Baby Irene ( ago)
Damn damn. The demo smokes this.

Author BubbleNuggets ( ago)
Me and my girlfriend listen to this a lot, I even kiss her ev'ry once in a
while :)

Author Tabitha Grimmett ( ago)
Love this song

Author kenny young ( ago)
I love this song but honestly redneccs look dirty and look like they stink.

Author elizabeth lavallie ( ago)
mood cghanger

Author Tyler Miller ( ago)
Joe nichols is cuteee xD 

Author Robert Grace ( ago)
My kinda girl right there

Author tyler gibson ( ago)
gimmie that girl

Author T. Lynn Voss ( ago)
Gimme that girl, she's my kind of girl

Author Brooklyn Kellett (1585 years ago)
i love this song a lot

Author tiffany phillips ( ago)
gimme that girl with lovin up on me

Author Frankie Heck (FooNani) (1032 years ago)
I wanna be that girl... oh to be loved like that... touche'

Author Nell Nights ( ago)
I love this song, It totally me, I always have my hair in a mess & I'm
mostly bare foot & I always were big shirts with jeans LOL...One of my
favorite shirts is my Duck Dynasty LOL 

Author Katina Ricks ( ago)
I love this song, it's one of my all time favorites!

Author Joey Lowater ( ago)
best country beat ever

Author baby LuLu ( ago)
i love this song

Author kat eller ( ago)
He is so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so
so so awsome

Author jordan estepp ( ago)
He says it just right. I love my girl in a t-shirt and a pair of jeans. 

Author Justin Teeter (firebolt69) ( ago)
Gimme a girl. 

Author Stephanie Dozler ( ago)
So live this song

Author April Williams ( ago)
wow what else can ya say about Jo Nichols

Author Dustin Murphy ( ago)
Gimme that girl! 

Author Mark Olberding ( ago)
Okay, if I want to dance to it a two step, a cha cha, a waltz or
a polka? I can't make any beat out in this one.

Author Savanna Villarreal ( ago)
I love this song 

Author Dennis Mortal ( ago)
Come to Saskatchewan please i love u man

Author Megan Taylor ( ago)
so dam cute

Author sscott9993 ( ago)
Another one for the girl I miss so very much

Author WyldeStyle82 ( ago)
gorgeous country boy singing a super sweet song...perfect, just love. x

Author Tommy Amicone (T Man) ( ago)
This Song From Joe Nichols Gimmie That Girl Is 4 My New Grilfriend Linda
Mery I Love Babydoll I Love very very much 

Author Dami Abbey ( ago)
His voice..oh my days! 

Author Autumn King ( ago)
I love this song

Author Autumn King ( ago)
I love this song

Author 04142011 ( ago)

You are that girl to me. 

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