10 Terrifying Animals You're Glad Are Extinct

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  • Rendijsgamingg TV
    Rendijsgamingg TV 46 minutes ago


  • muhammad safeer khan

    The kraken thing if it comes back

  • muhammad safeer khan

    The me gallon for a car

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach 3 hours ago

    Bird thing

  • Surafeal Sishaw
    Surafeal Sishaw 4 hours ago


  • Sophia Luong
    Sophia Luong 5 hours ago


  • Lewis Munoz
    Lewis Munoz 6 hours ago

    i wold chose the megaladon becuse u dont have to worry a bout someone dying cause the ocence word be cosed😎😎😎😎😎

  • Dead Ghost
    Dead Ghost 6 hours ago

    I choose AndrewsARCHUS instead of my car.

  • DeadlyAssassin 21
    DeadlyAssassin 21 7 hours ago


  • StaticVoltz2k16
    StaticVoltz2k16 8 hours ago

    I love snakes and have a documentary on Titanaboa and science might bring them back. :) If so, I'd be sooo happy!

  • Michael Hatcher
    Michael Hatcher 8 hours ago


  • TyrantWarlord
    TyrantWarlord 9 hours ago

    Megalodon, 1 tooth was the size of a human? You sure about that?

  • Cb Reynolds
    Cb Reynolds 9 hours ago

    I want the money

  • Noah McGuire
    Noah McGuire 10 hours ago

    i would ride the croc/Trex

  • Ianj Cloudman
    Ianj Cloudman 12 hours ago

    the alligator and the t rex thing

  • Slate Mate
    Slate Mate 12 hours ago


  • TheGamingLegends
    TheGamingLegends 12 hours ago

    The megaladon I think is still alive

  • jessie vazquez
    jessie vazquez 13 hours ago

    I would want to have a megalodon to replace my car
    because I love megalodons

  • Killer Kamal
    Killer Kamal 13 hours ago

    All fhotos from ark

  • Jorge Barba-Arellano
    Jorge Barba-Arellano 14 hours ago

    i woud make gigantopithecus as my car

  • Ashley Meiss
    Ashley Meiss 14 hours ago

    the t rex and crocidile baby

  • Giorgos Paparopoulos
    Giorgos Paparopoulos 14 hours ago

    1:37 " Because the ocean would be off limits " If you are referring to the beach with that picture, yeah no I think it's obvious that megalodon swims in VERY deep waters.

  • Oben
    Oben 15 hours ago

    Where my ark players at?

  • Dave & Jenny Routledge

    I would pick the crocodile trex for 100000000000000000000000000000000000 years.

  • Monsy Rodriguez
    Monsy Rodriguez 15 hours ago

    you have the best video ever and I love it so much

  • Jukado_girl !!!
    Jukado_girl !!! 15 hours ago

    Megaladon cause i dont have to go any where

  • LilyDaCoolKid
    LilyDaCoolKid 15 hours ago

    I would choose the terror bird so I could move around quickly, and I would scare away my enemies.

  • Apple sauce plays
    Apple sauce plays 15 hours ago

    raptor because it is really fast and froshous

  • Hannah Hitchcock
    Hannah Hitchcock 15 hours ago

    The megaladon isn't extinct.people have seen sightings of it.

  • J. Az.
    J. Az. 17 hours ago

    I dont want any of these to be my car because all of them would eat me and some of these lived deep in the ocean

  • Branie Carl
    Branie Carl 18 hours ago

    or titanaboa

  • Landon Brumbaugh
    Landon Brumbaugh 18 hours ago

    all need to come back

  • Branie Carl
    Branie Carl 18 hours ago


  • Landon Brumbaugh
    Landon Brumbaugh 18 hours ago

    probly the boar croc

  • Galaxy Girl
    Galaxy Girl 19 hours ago

    ya im very very they do not live

  • TwoCoolTwins TV
    TwoCoolTwins TV 19 hours ago

    I think I would make the Kaprosuchus replace my car because ITS SUPER FAST! AND IT WOULD TAKE ME WHERE I WANT FAST

  • ashley wannamaker
    ashley wannamaker 22 hours ago

    t rex

  • Remi Pit
    Remi Pit 1 day ago

    Haha they use ark for Some pictures and info #bestgameever

  • Atif Ghouri
    Atif Ghouri 1 day ago

    well I could take a T rex and of course I would train it to be a good little T Rex !😉

  • Mairi Walsh
    Mairi Walsh 1 day ago

    Delete this video at once how would you feel if you where dead and people said there glad!!! This is a horrible video apart from the quiz!!!!😡

  • Mairi Walsh
    Mairi Walsh 1 day ago

    I'm not glad any animals are extinct

  • Mairi Walsh
    Mairi Walsh 1 day ago

    The mammal thing because no one would steal the car and there awesome and soooo cuteeee

  • Rubayath Hasinur Reza

    Anyways They would crush me

  • Rubayath Hasinur Reza

    The monkey one

  • Mairi Walsh
    Mairi Walsh 1 day ago

    I Would choose andrewsauruss thingy

  • Sparkle Kit-kat
    Sparkle Kit-kat 1 day ago

    terror birds

  • Preston Shaw
    Preston Shaw 1 day ago

    megalodon could be alive

  • Nikki bluedevil
    Nikki bluedevil 1 day ago

    so if a 600 pound man/woman sat on a terror bird then... we'd have a new way to make them extinct

  • leslie abernathy
    leslie abernathy 1 day ago

    None cause we would DIE YOU MOTHERFUCKERS!!!!!

  • Anthony baumgardner

    either the megadon or the mega peronia

  • Geovanni Osorio
    Geovanni Osorio 1 day ago

    the crocodile

  • Heather Wilkes
    Heather Wilkes 1 day ago

    I now understand why king Louie called himself a gigantopithecus in the new jungle book!

  • Marlon Rosenbaum
    Marlon Rosenbaum 1 day ago

    Capricious because it's very fast

  • Iner relico45
    Iner relico45 1 day ago

    definitely for water mosasaur and land dire wolve

  • lunchtimegamers
    lunchtimegamers 1 day ago

    The Andrewsarchus would replace my car

  • Vicki Andrews
    Vicki Andrews 1 day ago


  • Vicki Andrews
    Vicki Andrews 1 day ago


  • InsanityGamer
    InsanityGamer 1 day ago

    smilodon rex

  • Brendan Tighe
    Brendan Tighe 1 day ago

    How could these bad ass animals go extinct

  • Brendan Tighe
    Brendan Tighe 1 day ago

    I want a megladon as a car because I wouldn't have to wait in traffic

  • meme lords
    meme lords 1 day ago

    is this real or not?

  • vidaloca619
    vidaloca619 1 day ago

    The kaprosuchus cause he is fast

  • Michael Hassan
    Michael Hassan 1 day ago

    i take the megaledon because i love it

  • Playing with Pals

    Terror bird didn't skip leg day

  • Karishma's Melody

    i think magaladon are alive. aren't they in the mariana trench

    • Klahsy
      Klahsy 1 day ago

      Karishma's Melody yeah they are

  • Balvinder Singh
    Balvinder Singh 1 day ago

    Of course Kaprosuchus

  • Wither v.i.p 2213

    Or xdoshark mega piranha x or a giant dunkamos

  • Wither v.i.p 2213

    How dare you think I’m glad my favorite creatures are extinct I could’ve made godzilla out of there fucking dna

  • Nihal Shabu
    Nihal Shabu 1 day ago

    the crocodile dinosaur

  • vojo1982
    vojo1982 1 day ago


  • April Carnella
    April Carnella 1 day ago

    I chose the bird so I could ride it to school with rockets on both sides of its body

  • ACID Fork
    ACID Fork 1 day ago

    they found a baby megladon well thay thinks its a baby cause its bigger then any other shark but its smaller then a megladon

  • Iriana Diaz
    Iriana Diaz 1 day ago


  • jazz7908
    jazz7908 1 day ago

    the kaprosuchus

  • jazz7908
    jazz7908 1 day ago

    wow.how did you guess that i had a friend named andrew

  • jessica zuidema
    jessica zuidema 1 day ago

    a terror bird

  • Tyler Dingman
    Tyler Dingman 1 day ago

    Bring Puranas

  • Tayler Woodard
    Tayler Woodard 1 day ago

    I would get megaladon because no one will get in its way

  • Black Shark
    Black Shark 2 days ago

    where the f is predator x???

  • TienJr Gaming
    TienJr Gaming 2 days ago

    Ark survival!

  • ShadowOfOurHearts
    ShadowOfOurHearts 2 days ago

    so.... Giant things pretty much.

  • Hamid
    Hamid 2 days ago

    no i want a cute big bird to fly

  • GalaxyGaming the Master

    kaprosuchus everyday

  • MLGpenguinmaster
    MLGpenguinmaster 2 days ago

    A Trex because it lives on land and a bite crushing jaw and gives you meats

  • AlphaDragonLoLz 04
    AlphaDragonLoLz 04 2 days ago


  • KyngBubba -Roblox And More

    megledon and krackens r still alive because a kraken was on the beach about a year ago and a megladon was found at the bottom of the ocean

  • dragonoid510
    dragonoid510 2 days ago

    I would ride a terror bird because it's the closest to a chocobo

  • George riad krohn
    George riad krohn 2 days ago

    megalodon it is so cool!

  • Amanda Gustin
    Amanda Gustin 2 days ago

    I love the megladon ❤️❤️❤️❤️📲

  • Sean Snow
    Sean Snow 2 days ago


  • funguy films
    funguy films 2 days ago

    Does anyone realize they stole most of these from the game ark

  • michelle acosta
    michelle acosta 2 days ago

    i would pick the cameroceras becuase he would protect me

  • The Impossible 4 vlogs

    megaladons are still alive

  • luis lugo
    luis lugo 2 days ago

    col cop sop xpoday
    day a
    vote a pop

  • Adriana Martinez
    Adriana Martinez 2 days ago

    Megaladon because they swim fast so I can get to that place in no time

  • Ian Thomson
    Ian Thomson 2 days ago


  • Violet Dragneel
    Violet Dragneel 2 days ago

    Personally, I think that the Andrewsarus would be a good car XD

  • Marie Jayson
    Marie Jayson 2 days ago

    RUNN AWAYYYYY!!!!!!!!

  • Cmg G
    Cmg G 2 days ago

    I would prefer a tamed megalodon

  • CS:GO Gameplay And More

    megalagon the best

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