TESLA Model S Battery Module

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Author POLO MARCO ( ago)
watching the ratchet scene made me think why not use a Nylon socket with a met insert. to really cut off the connection. Nylon is tuff stuff. idk just a nut thinking loud

Author Alim Memmedov ( ago)
so good for powerwall :)

Author Brian McConkey ( ago)
$13,000 for a battery with a life of approx. 3 years. The electric car market has a long ways to go before it can compete with gas.

Author zagadka 314 ( ago)
Those cool bolts made me want to play Ratchet & Clank

Author mark Cropper ( ago)
i cant believe a high tech car like tesla is using a shed load of 18650 cells

Author Gray ( ago)
please refer to EVTV @ jack rickard. he reverse engieered the BMS . just go buy his "box" and you can use these batteries safely.

Author z guyee man ( ago)
was that a gas smart car being converted to electric, lol who would do that when a used electric smart is like 7000 bucks.

Author karzygijose ( ago)
Wonder how much a tesla battery costs or even the modules

Author Jake Stephens ( ago)
18650 cells from a torn down model s module

Author jehugarcia ( ago)
A 75kWh battery pack just popped up on ebay

Author Youtune99 ( ago)
next time just use some piano wire or glas removal wire to get the glue unstuck. your hands will thank me later..(and it will save a ton of time and frustration) good luck 👍🏻

Author Matthew Ray ( ago)
Any chance of putting one of those cells in your IMAX discharger to get the capacity? What's the max discharge rate for these Tesla cells? I've heard 20A for short periods.

Author Roman M ( ago)
can you put these cells on an electric scooter?

Author WlLKO ( ago)
How do you buy this!?

Author Ron Black ( ago)
I have a 2013 Leaf. Love the car! I have been interested in buying an extended range battery trailer like the one you did for your bus. Do you know anyplace that does that?

Author Максим Булгадаев ( ago)
А где покупали аккумуляторною батарею )?

Author Chris N ( ago)
You don't have security torx bits? Cheap sets of every security bit know to man are readily available. Check iFitIt for one.

Author Matt Gohata ( ago)
Update on the Bendypod video????

Author Steven Stammler ( ago)
Oh my, that 356! Ugly color but who cares.

Author Gary Marshall ( ago)
to bad you pretty much gotta be a rich man to enjoy this type of thing....1375 bucks!! and one is really not gonna do to much.....oh well i can watch videos i guess......and yes i do work...doing what i like to do....i just dont rip peoples arms off with my prices like everyone else does......guess im just humble with what i got.....

Author Truth-Seeker ( ago)
Yo that Beat is sick from 0:17 sec. Keep up the great work, I'm inspired my friend.

Author gunnar stahl ( ago)
Lol you have all that's safety crap on yet your standing on about 5 inches of concrete

Author Dogphlap ( ago)
Tesla 18650 cells are unlike other 18650 cells in as much as all the protective circuitry is missing, that is provided externally to the cells by Tesla's battery management. Just using those cells without protection is asking for a fire, a situation exacerbated by the lack of thermal management.

Author VICSTOR101 ( ago)
Lowkey wish that was my phones battery

Author dogsbd ( ago)
I would suggest wearing gloves while pulling off the top cover before someone ends up with a huge bloody gash, I've seen it happen.

Author Habib Farooq ( ago)
Can you make another video detailing the cooling system used for the batteries?

Author TGerald_ ( ago)
is there a way to just use keep it together and install it in a home? i mean i'm sure that's way overkill, but it already looks so nice and put together

Author S3RENITY ( ago)
I was curious. But I'm also upset to see a Tesla like that.

Author Tesla Channel ( ago)
Beautiful video please say music name

Author Tesla Channel ( ago)
Music please

Author prowarslamable ( ago)
how much would it cost to get the battery?

Author Kartyman550 ( ago)
just so you know: those torque checks are actually callled hash marks

Author newchannelization ( ago)
Wow, I just had a soft sigh of pleasure seeing this happening.., thanks dude for the awesome videos

Author socrates112 ( ago)
Brilliant! Many thanks. Those things look really well made.

Author natr0n ( ago)
A hardcore teardown for some insane batteries.

Author Bartosz Boruta ( ago)
If you find battery with 2170 cells, I beg beg beg I want 8 cells !!! ;)

Author Timothy Suhr ( ago)
Would be interesting to use one or two of those modules in a A123 Systems Hymotion Kit Battery Replacement.

Author Nax FM ( ago)
But now there`s no way to charge the packs, how will you deal with that?

Author felixrising ( ago)
Ah Jehu! You and the EV West boys are getting famous! Posted on now :)

Author George Murray ( ago)
what if one cell goes bad one hell of a diagnostic weekend

Author zodiacfml ( ago)
I used to follow your vids a few years ago. Congrats on this purchase. How heavy is that?

Author Joe G ( ago)
That 914 makes me tingle.

Author dbishop38 ( ago)
Made hackaday too....

Author ERIC & CINDY Crowder ( ago)
those are NOT the correct kind of rubber gloves for high voltage EV work. You need to be using class 00 rubber inner glove with a leather outer glove. Gloves should be checked for holes and punctures EVERY time they are worn. The voltages are deadly and care needs to be taken.

Author JeffDM ( ago)
Why take a grinder to security torx screws? Or was that some kind of inside joke?

Author Bret Berger ( ago)
I'm guessing being in a rented building with instructions to not penetrate the roof membrane is the reason you have the lie flat mounts. Any worries about the wind catching these and popping them off the roof?

Author Christopher Brookes ( ago)
So, what do you do for the modules in terms of cooling for those other applications. Do you need cooling for most other applications?

Author toyotaprius79 ( ago)
Just btw Jehu, Jalopnik has you on their radar now.


Author Zsolt Pinter ( ago)
Big thanks for the video! Found you on Hackaday, subscribed!

Author Mark Yormark ( ago)
Be careful. The model S cells are a hotter chemistry then what came from the TESLA Smart cells that you have been using. Best if you can use the TESLA BMS as part of the assembly.

Author Ando Tovmas ( ago)
Do you know where we can buy the batteries from the recycler?

Author Mihail Kondov ( ago)
2:07 it's when they say things like 5/16 inch that you start to feel sorry for the plebs using retard-units

Author Denali Daniel ( ago)
Jehu, just here commenting a big THANK YOU to you hermano, I am building a battery/solar system with a chevy volt battery and your videos help me understand more about all this, again thanks

Author Zai Fuchigami ( ago)
I have 2 questions about the tesla battery modules:

1: Is balance charging required? and If so, how?
2: If one were to use it as a diy solar powerwall what kind of charge controller would you need?

Author Arnis Tarassu ( ago)
I didn't see you guys undoing coolant connections with any of the modules. those are just with no fasteners?

Author Arnis Tarassu ( ago)
Thank god Tesla uses metrics. My processor was already overheating when I heard 5/18.

Author jpiersma ( ago)
Hey Jehu, I have been a fan ever since I saw this crazy guy building vibrating 35mm lenses adapters for the HV20 back in the day! I saw the FJ80 Land cruiser in the back. Are there any plans to electrify it? It may not be feasible but I own one and it's always been a dream of mine.

Author Luís Fernandes ( ago)
Hi Jehu, nice video! I wonder if is possible to use that 160hp siemens motor in a modern Citroën C5. I gess the problem is all the electronics...

Author DIYMicha ( ago)
make the u.s. use metric system finally!

Author cerr00 ( ago)
Do you need to worry about keeping them cool when you put them in other vehicles? If so, how do you do it?

Author Blatt Ferenc ( ago)
Hi. Did you have the opportunity to test a single cell? Very interested in the capacity.

Author McCuneWindandSolar ( ago)
wish I could afford one of these batteries just for my solar system. I like have like 100kw worth of back up or better.

Author Aaron Wadzinski ( ago)
So if those are the Model S packs... Which model tesla did the packs you use in your samba come out of?

Author Kevin Becker ( ago)
Lol "here's the fuse....700V..." but doesn't mention the 630A!

Author John Besedic ( ago)
when is someone going to build a car/kit frame around this battery so that you can custom build a car/kit. That would be really cool.

Author John Besedic ( ago)
That secure torx screw in the video can be undone with a key that Harborfrieght sells. It have over 25 secure torx screw sizes.

Author Fingers Magee ( ago)
Very interesting

este video ha sido uno de lo mas interesantes y mis estudios son en Ing electrónica. me gusta ver la belleza de una banco de baterias tan grande y como pueden hacer todo a la inversa para poder reusar. me encanta su canal

Author Mark Turn ( ago)
Where is the pricing link?

Author keith mcmahon ( ago)
can you do more videos with that battery

Author lasersbee ( ago)
So... As many of us want to know...
how much would we need to pay a recycler for a complete Tesla S battery like yours ??

Author Mysterious Lee ( ago)
nice batteries! thanks for this good info.

Author istvan bencze ( ago)
can you tell me where you can get this ?and what is the cost ? thanks

Author Seth Maxwell ( ago)
So 15 modules at $1300 each is approx $20k. Wowzers

Author luckym0nk3y ( ago)
so... what about modular repair? if you crack a module, Will they fix the complete battery?

Author TheSecondFunnyKing ( ago)
Since the pack was pretty packed with modules, was that a 100kWh battery pack?

Author Joel McBeth ( ago)
Great video. The voice over towards the end didn't sound so great. I know you were losing your voice, but it seemed like the audio quality.

Author Dbigpinoy ( ago)
Is that Land Cruiser Wagon EV?

Author VanillaSnow ( ago)
Great video.

Author dzonikg ( ago)
Is that that protect battery cells realy from titanium like Musy says..does not look like titanium 2 me...can you test how really tough it is

Author Francis Ian Ulfeldt ( ago)
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Author scotty562 ( ago)
What model cells are they? NCR18650GA?

Author James Andonian ( ago)
beautiful battery, you should just build the car "around" the Tesla battery.

Author Ninilium ( ago)
can't you just mount that flat on the bottom of your bus?
it would be so nice if it was that easy.

Author Mike Zambeez ( ago)
Hi jehu how ya doing? Big fan here, love your videos buddy! I just checked out your link for these packs you put up for sale and I'm wondering how much to ship to Montreal Quebec Canada? looking at purchasing 2 packs possibly.

Author Andy Lee Robinson ( ago)
mmmm! battery porn!
I could make a pretty mean ebike out of a couple of those!

Author fading_starz ( ago)
how much are you selling 3 modules for?

Author Manny Manny ( ago)
This is porn!! :D

Author Julio Boehl ( ago)
Hey Jehu. Thanks for the video!!! Nice to see those packs inside. For those of us that cant get Tesla batteries (other countries with no Teslas/EVwests), do you think the DIY 18650 is a good route, or too much of a hassle?

Author Arthur Puchalski ( ago)
You guys are very impressive! Real path finders.

Author Js JavaScript ( ago)
Can you use the whole system as a bank for a Solar Home, Seems like half the battle is done

Author marthale7 ( ago)
I love mine, works great with solar, actually powering this computer with it now :-)

Author Callum Youle ( ago)
Thats a big battery.. hehe

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