HTC U Ultra Rant: Skip this One!

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  • Jjjagggi
    Jjjagggi 13 hours ago

    let me guess... poor use of space

  • Amirreza Karimi
    Amirreza Karimi 1 day ago

    yeah, this phone is not really good, but @MKBHD you should review the new HTC U11

  • Musama Inc.
    Musama Inc. 1 day ago

    no HTC U11 are you really a honest reviewer i don't believe so

  • Antoine R
    Antoine R 1 day ago

    No video on the HTC U11 bro?

  • Renu Rai
    Renu Rai 2 days ago

    Review the U 11

  • Mike C
    Mike C 2 days ago

    LG v20 squad where you at?!!! v20 kills the htc u ultra! love my v20. can't wait for to the v30!

  • WeedIsHere
    WeedIsHere 2 days ago

    you use in the video

  • Lamarcus Smith
    Lamarcus Smith 2 days ago

    the way i see it the Lg Stylo 3 Pluss from T-mobile kills this by quality and price.

  • Lamarcus Smith
    Lamarcus Smith 2 days ago

    just a good idea for a iffy phone

  • Agni Chaudhuri
    Agni Chaudhuri 2 days ago

    Review for HTC U11?

  • Rohan Agrawal
    Rohan Agrawal 3 days ago

    Can someone explain to me how he gets these phones? Certainly he doesn't pay for all of them and he can't be sponsored by htc because he just shit on their device. If he is sponsored by htc then wouldn't there be bias issues to please them? Great vid btw marquess

  • Amaliza A Rahman
    Amaliza A Rahman 3 days ago

    yeah what a waste ....

    LKESBO 3 days ago

    monkey why u didn't review the etc u11??

  • bonjimss De guzman
    bonjimss De guzman 3 days ago

    HTC has different meanings
    HTC= Help this company
    HTC= Hate this Company
    HTC = How The Crap

  • Poku
    Poku 3 days ago

    poor use of space xDDDDD

  • lcl1101
    lcl1101 4 days ago

    HTC u ultra👍👍👍👍👍

  • A lonely Soul
    A lonely Soul 4 days ago

    Everything Mark says in his vids are true, he's the best tech critic. Keep up the great job! You vids just cannot stop getting crispier day by day! Also, I like how your vids are getting more humorous.

  • 10 ACKMEL
    10 ACKMEL 4 days ago

    man this thing looks like a note 7

  • saradine nazaire
    saradine nazaire 4 days ago

    HTC seemed to have tried pulling an Apple move with the basic tech and a high price. They seemed to have forgotten that android enthusiasts are very picky and only go for the best unlike the civilians who pays to be basic

  • Darth Vader
    Darth Vader 5 days ago

    Alvar Aalto! Torilla tavataan!

  • gerald augustin
    gerald augustin 5 days ago

    Mkbhd review htc u11

  • Florian Rnd
    Florian Rnd 5 days ago

    Hey there. Could you review the U11 please ?

  • muhammed suhail
    muhammed suhail 6 days ago

    htc u 11?

  • varun arora
    varun arora 6 days ago

    review u11 please

  • ranvids
    ranvids 7 days ago

    "Seems like a poor use of space" he says that 23 times in this video

  • hotroddy74
    hotroddy74 7 days ago

    you fags eating your words now. the U11 is KILLING your beloved Samsung!

    OPLION KING 7 days ago

    You just explained every iPhone: overpriced and a waste of space

  • Dude RU4 Real
    Dude RU4 Real 7 days ago

    Mr Brownlee, when are you going to review the HTC U11 ?

  • DRAKO9764
    DRAKO9764 7 days ago

    this almost sounds like a stand up routine

  • Billy Melgar
    Billy Melgar 7 days ago

    They never rebounded after the HTC ONE. Why would I pay that when I could get an iPhone7 for the same price?! DUH HTC! You lost me as a customer a long time ago. I tried being loyal to you but you couldn't come thru. Love my iphone 6s. 2 years later & it still runs like new. The ONE I owned crapped out, slowed down, heated up after 8 months of use & was never the same... I tried giving you a look & looks like another diss appointment. :'( Thanks but NO THANKS!!!

  • ll YO Al3X
    ll YO Al3X 8 days ago

    How many times he said waste of space?

  • Homer Simpson
    Homer Simpson 9 days ago


  • Tristan Tatum
    Tristan Tatum 9 days ago

    Silly. The real reason apple got rid of the headphone joke was because they didn't want to pay royalties to someone else for using that tech. Instead they patented their own shit so now any company that made accessories aka headphones for the iPhone would have to pay royalties to apple. All about the money

  • Dark Master
    Dark Master 9 days ago

    *Phone Drops in and lots of reviews flooding* ignores everything and waits for MKBHD #HTC11

  • Dark Master
    Dark Master 9 days ago

    Marques we need a HTC 11 review

  • ICICspyTV 2
    ICICspyTV 2 10 days ago

    4:12 poor use of water in the background lol 😂😂

  • ICICspyTV 2
    ICICspyTV 2 10 days ago

    first time seeing a MKBHD phone review with smudged phone in it

  • brad h
    brad h 11 days ago

    Sounds like HTC has an untalented jerk too high up the ladder somewhere.

  • aryan mohanty
    aryan mohanty 11 days ago

    bro could you please do a review of the Samsung galaxy j7 prime . please

  • Benjamin Coram
    Benjamin Coram 11 days ago

    guys do you know what the intro song is?

  • Octavio Rivera
    Octavio Rivera 11 days ago

    for when the review of the u11

  • george mathew
    george mathew 12 days ago

    why you ain't reviewing HTC U11 yet...?

  • Rogue Flash
    Rogue Flash 12 days ago

    1:21 That's the s7 marques, not the note 7.

  • Jhevaughn Andrade
    Jhevaughn Andrade 12 days ago

    I recommend you review the new HTC U 11, I agree the U ultra is a poor use of space

  • Jeremy Oswald
    Jeremy Oswald 13 days ago

    haha! What is up guys! Poor use of space! Preach MKBHD. The Ultra U is a disapointment.

  • Maiden Aust
    Maiden Aust 13 days ago

    You are the coolest nerd on the internet.
    Thanks for the head up dude

  • Waving Flag
    Waving Flag 14 days ago

    I love this phone. Why? Because it last longer than all the other phones. Thats why i loved my m9

  • 4innocent2munda0
    4innocent2munda0 14 days ago

    htc u11 nailed it

  • TheSliquifier
    TheSliquifier 14 days ago

    Says 'skip this one!' *gets over 1.7 million views*

  • Rameez Siddiqui
    Rameez Siddiqui 14 days ago

    This definitely was a rant and he is definitely pissed with this phone

  • PhanSub
    PhanSub 15 days ago

    waiting for HTC U11 review :)

  • Sky Flakes
    Sky Flakes 17 days ago

    But that shirt though ^_^

  • MeGusta Q8
    MeGusta Q8 17 days ago

    Are you sure it isn't water resistant?

  • Rocdy M.
    Rocdy M. 17 days ago

    Where is the U11 review?

  • Nihar Thakkar
    Nihar Thakkar 18 days ago

    best phone i have used till now

  • thunderstar1124
    thunderstar1124 19 days ago

    Take a shot every time he says "Poor Use of Space"

  • Peter Markis
    Peter Markis 19 days ago

    do a review for htc u11

  • Hovig GT
    Hovig GT 20 days ago

    HTC U11 already out there

  • Your Phobia
    Your Phobia 20 days ago

    Poor use of space

  • Zihao Miller
    Zihao Miller 21 day ago

    will u make a video about u11?

  • bakar billionaire
    bakar billionaire 21 day ago

    i got this phone recently i ised to have htcm8 it was great the only problem that htcultra has is the earphone that is so bad what they did there not there best move , but other wise its great phone

  • mateo makkink
    mateo makkink 21 day ago

    have it, love it

  • RockStarKnight
    RockStarKnight 21 day ago

    HTC has always been a poor functioning phone. That's a poor excuse for a $750 phone

  • Have.A.Pepsi
    Have.A.Pepsi 22 days ago

    Everyone making fun of iPhone 7 lack of headphone jack, when other android phones does it, everyone is quite AF, android fanboys are just retarded....

  • Ralo Medina
    Ralo Medina 22 days ago


  • Anunay Gandhi
    Anunay Gandhi 23 days ago

    The bust of the year for 2017

  • John Paolo Torii
    John Paolo Torii 24 days ago

    at least it doesn't explode

  • Teddy Andersen
    Teddy Andersen 25 days ago

    poor use of space *1000000000:-):-):-)

  • 涂家浩
    涂家浩 26 days ago

    HTC U11 needs your help.

    ITSALLDERIVITIVE 27 days ago

    this is why I only ever buy Samsung. HTC is shit. Sony ok if you like music. apple is child friendly. even a retard could use it. only Samsung does it for me

  • Richard
    Richard 27 days ago

    Why not mention the Blackberry DTEK60? Dual front and rear speakers, 6.9mm thin, 5.5inch screen, Headphone jack. lol

  • Valdovinos Pereira
    Valdovinos Pereira 27 days ago

    looks at old BB Passport SE,smiles at the bigger battery
    -A bored Keyone user

  • vitto patel
    vitto patel 27 days ago

    post video of htc u11

  • Alan Benedict
    Alan Benedict 28 days ago

    Bangs your Buck

  • Kelly Pina
    Kelly Pina 28 days ago

    Maybe its heavy duty and wont break so easy?

  • Schalk F
    Schalk F 28 days ago

    oh BTW. this video is a poor use of space on yt. I'd rather watch Dora.

  • Schalk F
    Schalk F 28 days ago

    your black. clean my floor. do my washing. your talking is lacking breathing... and proper information.

  • Jake Robins
    Jake Robins 28 days ago

    Seems like a poor use of space

  • Shadab Haider
    Shadab Haider 28 days ago

    plzz make vedios on led tv samsung ...lg what ever just making some vediooo...😊😊😊

  • hamid sistani
    hamid sistani 1 month ago

    Poor use of space ! Lmao

  • Puput Traa
    Puput Traa 1 month ago

    is it u11?

    • Puput Traa
      Puput Traa 1 month ago

      if it Is.. where's the 'squeeze' thing, they've been advertising about on their channel?

  • David Simon
    David Simon 1 month ago

    the htc u 11 is a great phone. look at the specs on it. I like htc.

  • Dude RU4 Real
    Dude RU4 Real 1 month ago

    So where's you U11 review then Mr MKBHD ?

  • zain alabedien
    zain alabedien 1 month ago


  • Brenda Pest
    Brenda Pest 1 month ago

    I agree with that review I was an HTC lover but left HTC after a lack of good upgrades and abilities of the HTC M9 threw myself in the choice of HTC 10 or LG G5 chose the G5 and I'm not sorry camera super better and 1 speaker even so much better than M9 2 front ones. looking forward to LG V30 it looks like it might be a great one for LG

  • abcdefg
    abcdefg 1 month ago

    I've seen people review this phone and hype it up and the HTC fans hype it up in the messages and then I used it I was all hyped up and completely let down this phone is really not that great or at least what I expected. the opposite goes for the S8 plus I had low expectations and was pretty amazed with how good that phone is. but I'm still going to wait and see what happens with the V 30 and Note 8.

  • Ashiraf K
    Ashiraf K 1 month ago

    Man you went str8 negative with this 😮😮

  • Jehu Guevara
    Jehu Guevara 1 month ago

    will you make a video about the HTC U11?

  • Marchel Hermanus
    Marchel Hermanus 1 month ago

    dislike videos, perhaps comes from HTC staff and director. LOL

  • Dieter Seckings
    Dieter Seckings 1 month ago

    Did he say this phone is a poor use of space? Think he missed it

  • Austin Hernández
    Austin Hernández 1 month ago

    I guess he thinks he HTC U11 is also a "poor use of space"? Because he hasn't reviewed it yet and it doesn't look like he's planning to. but it looks pretty good to me, just not worth the starting price.

  • Meister Yassine
    Meister Yassine 1 month ago

    shots fired

  • I Needed A Name
    I Needed A Name 1 month ago

    anything with htcs infested adware keyboard needs to be skipped .

  • DoABarrelRolll
    DoABarrelRolll 1 month ago

    You could easiely make a drinking game out of this video :D

  • Stephanie Duventre
    Stephanie Duventre 1 month ago

    I think this upgrade from previous editions was made specifically for HTC phone lovers. I'm addicted to HTC. It's just my preference. I think not putting a headphone Jack in was stupid and was just a ploy to keep up with competition. I'm surprised when one of their older much smaller versions had the Beats By Dre platform within it. They have always made sure to have a great front and back camera. I've been dying for expandable storage because most of the previous models lack that and it's irritating as hell. They New software, I think I would love it. I can do without all the shininess though. Make it a little thinner and smaller, add the beats and a headphone Jack with the expandable storage . I would totally be in love. They may have been able to get $500 out of me and I wouldn't pay that for an iphone. #petty

  • Bruno Koharevic
    Bruno Koharevic 1 month ago

    "Phone provided by HTC for review"

  • LesChefWalter
    LesChefWalter 1 month ago

    Are you going to check out the new HTC phone this year?

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