6 tail naruto mugen download

link fixed thks for the 70k views
if the zip dose not work you can yous 7 zip to make it .rar
its freeware work with windows7 what i have more links will be put up now on i will update the link every month sorry that i had a borken link

heres sage naruto download link fixed
link to the maker

( ̲̅:̲̅:̲̅:̲̅[̲̅ ̲̅]̲̅:̲̅:̲̅:̲̅ )

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Author mircir (3 years)
@ShadowFightersClan you just download the mugen and then add the char

Author Shadow0X3 (3 years)
@123llllllll The files outdated. There is a certain amount of brainpower
you should've used before posting this. It says he stopped playing 5+
months ago, so the files weren't uploaded when they expired. Google them
you selfishly lazy b1tch ! :\

Author mircir (3 years)
@VarelaMar what are you saying

Author mircir (4 years)
sorry i don't no i stopped playing mugen a long time a go

Author TanJianWei92 (3 years)
That 6 tail fox look familiar , isn't that from Naruto Mugen 2010 edition

Author ryaazproductions (3 years)
hey ive got the mugen of 2010 beta but my characters won't do it... plz
help me

Author Juan Frate (4 years)
you're great, at last I find these chars

Author Alamar2000 (4 years)
J' POLAND and you englishe

Author TheNoobKiller100 (1 year)
Yeah he's OP

Author switchblade006 (4 years)
love the song

Author djdog495 (4 years)
wow fucking idiot the zip file only has a note pad file in it >_> asshole

Author trunks386 (4 years)
esta bueno

Author popoye sailorman (3 years)

Author mircir (3 years)
that the links have not been working i am going to update them and i did
not block them i have just not been on much and dont crush on here and ty
shadow they will be updated later to night

Author mircir (4 years)
@oddzxc yes it dose

Author Fubukieternal (3 years)
music? please

Author mircir (4 years)
if any one wants to no any thing or wants me to do something just comment i
will awser you

Author gusnaru (3 years)
How do you add 3 characters at the same time?

Author mircir (3 years)
@gusnaru you cant

Author mircir (2 years)
@MakashuMadaki i have not played mugen in a bit but i will try to get them

Author gusnaru (3 years)
@mircir yeah how do you make the screenzise bigger

Author smaragdchaos (3 years)
broken links

Author Vikocho (4 years)
i want.....8 TAILS......O.o

Author SvVektrus (4 years)
aff essa kyuube é apelansia! de mais ela tem um life muito grande e golpes
que matam. Só mesmo um NuBãoooo usaria ela! :)

Author mircir (4 years)
sorry i cant do that

Author i2achi (3 years)

Author JaMsTeR971 (4 years)
this must be a computer game

Author MobPlay3rxD (3 years)
słaby.. ;d na moim profie masz lepsze in my profile the pro naruto by tuder
normal , sage - 1-4 tails

Author supersasuke200 (3 years)
@popoyesailor what did u say????

Author mircir (4 years)
@uchihaclanfan89 i will fix it

Author mateusdutra1 (4 years)
aff que merda perdi 1:11 minutos da minha vida vendo esse lixo

Author MrFingerz23 (4 years)
Cool Man

Author mircir (4 years)
well this one i dont have because i lost my vista password and i have to re
do it and i did but i no one with 5000 slots i might be abbly to get it back

Author Madara Uchiha (3 years)
@uruigi then why did you watch the video

Author 123llllllll (3 years)
@mircir lol so u tell me not to cuss n expect me to listen? "oh am the
owner of this video lemme sound cool by telling people off?"! alright, well
look am cusin u fkin retard!

Author 06hurdwp (4 years)

Author viktor1841 (4 years)
i added sasori and pein too :D

Author foxmaster55 (4 years)

Author mircir (4 years)

Author PivPivot (2 years)
Where did u get that Life Bar?

Author omegasephiroth6789 (3 years)
@eddyblast143 Then don't comment, dumbass. xD

Author Astepforlife (4 years)
can you tell me where did you dowload mugen

Author mircir (2 years)
@Persandrama i might watch your vids but i don't do sub for su

Author Luca Felton (2 years)
@BlueKyuubi63 hehe

Author veni martinez (4 years)
you know mircir....youre not the one who will thank...its us because youre
the one helping

Author tytyh93 (4 years)
dosent matter i am makeing my own now

Author Aceripper13 (4 years)
Lol i can see that happening

Author 123llllllll (3 years)
@Shadow0X3 ok man take a fkin chill pill i only said it dident work its not
like i called everyone a faggot!! it's only a comment lol ?? so u think u
can call anybody a stupid selfish lazy bitch when they dont understand
something or if they get it wrong? lol the real bitch is u!!

Author lool270 (3 years)
your link is broken

Author zamuelortiz1 (3 years)
what is the song?

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