6 tail naruto mugen download

link fixed thks for the 70k views
if the zip dose not work you can yous 7 zip to make it .rar
its freeware work with windows7 what i have more links will be put up now on i will update the link every month sorry that i had a borken link

heres sage naruto download link fixed
link to the maker

( ̲̅:̲̅:̲̅:̲̅[̲̅ ̲̅]̲̅:̲̅:̲̅:̲̅ )

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Author TheNoobKiller100 ( ago)
:D lol memories... i used to play this game so long ago... 

Author Arcade ( ago)
hah. funny to see my 2 years old comment.

Author TheNoobKiller100 ( ago)
Yeah he's OP

Author Gilcim ( ago)
Where did u get that Life Bar?

Author Luca Felton ( ago)
@BlueKyuubi63 hehe

Author Tan Jian Wei ( ago)
That 6 tail fox look familiar , isn't that from Naruto Mugen 2010 edition

Author Lucas Moura ( ago)
make it less cheap btw, why torturing axl? ç.ç

Author Özgür Deniz ( ago)
Hey I watch your mugen videos there are really good I sub you sub back and
watch my videos :)

Author A. Danut ( ago)
@mircir thx man for the song title i will subscribe you:))

Author lool270 ( ago)
your link is broken

Author Dale Reed ( ago)
I already Have this cha6racter He is Awesome!

Author Dale Reed ( ago)
@uruigi then why did you watch the video

Author serge1895 ( ago)
@mircir hes tellin you the link for Rikudou Sennin

Author Arcade ( ago)
Too easy to win with him... thats boring ... but did you make this ?

Author VarelaMar ( ago)
-Rikudou Sennin (Sage of the Six Paths) with link : /watch?v=ypQtrjmhkm0 

Author Pinche loko ( ago)
Did you makethe characte. (LAST QUESTION)

Author Pinche loko ( ago)
@RiseToTheBottom well how did you get the spirites? did you make it

Author Pinche loko ( ago)
Where did you get the spirites? Please give a link and you get a specail
link from me.

Author 123llllllll ( ago)
@mircir lol so u tell me not to cuss n expect me to listen? "oh am the
owner of this video lemme sound cool by telling people off?"! alright, well
look am cusin u fkin retard!

Author 123llllllll ( ago)
@Shadow0X3 ok man take a fkin chill pill i only said it dident work its not
like i called everyone a faggot!! it's only a comment lol ?? so u think u
can call anybody a stupid selfish lazy bitch when they dont understand
something or if they get it wrong? lol the real bitch is u!!

Author Shadow0X3 ( ago)
@123llllllll The files outdated. There is a certain amount of brainpower
you should've used before posting this. It says he stopped playing 5+
months ago, so the files weren't uploaded when they expired. Google them
you selfishly lazy b1tch ! :\

Author 123llllllll ( ago)
all the download dose not work how fake is this i think the owner blocked
the downloads so people wont download it 2 play this cool game how selfish
is this b!tch ! :\

Author rockon6854 ( ago)
all your links dont work -.-

Author 164sasuke ( ago)
none of the links work it says its not found

Author popoye sailorman ( ago)

Author smaragdchaos ( ago)
broken links

Author Milton Prado ( ago)
@mircir XD

Author Bishop King ( ago)
cheap -_-

Author NeoNitku2009 ( ago)
bye life

Author Christian Short ( ago)
@TheDarkblade68 look at some of my vids i have like three about how to add
chars to mugen

Author Christian Short ( ago)
@steeliistu the song is animal i've become by three days grace

Author A. Danut ( ago)
song pls

Author Yep, that tasted purple ( ago)
i added sasori and pein too :D

Author sadmon2 ( ago)
concord pois eh esse kyuubi eh forte d+ paRa um cara experiente ussarr

Author Naruto16Kun ( ago)
where i can download this game?

Author veni martinez ( ago)
you know mircir....youre not the one who will thank...its us because youre
the one helping

Author Astepforlife ( ago)
can you tell me where did you dowload mugen

Author Vikocho ( ago)
i want.....8 TAILS......O.o

Author Juan Frate ( ago)
you're great, at last I find these chars

Author rajeshomg ( ago)
its ppl like u dat make the world a better place

Author 06hurdwp ( ago)

Author rs3andfsu ( ago)
fighting that thing is suicide XD

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