20 Animals With Rare Color Patterns You Won't Believe Are Real

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  • Eden Clover
    Eden Clover 4 hours ago

    that was not a leopard it was a cheetah you can tell by the eyes it looks like it's trying Black Tears

  • Gerard Aytona
    Gerard Aytona 20 hours ago

    I saw a pink grasshopper but my friend kill it😢

  • Ng Wen Li
    Ng Wen Li 1 day ago

    There is another cat I've seen that has the same colour as Venus

  • Cookie Dough
    Cookie Dough 2 days ago

    Piebald is black and white. You mean skewbald which is white and any color that is not black

  • Trip Sting
    Trip Sting 2 days ago

    that's a fûckin cheetah retard

  • ariana marengo
    ariana marengo 4 days ago

    the indian leopard its actually a king cheetah is found in Africa.

  • Purple Laser
    Purple Laser 6 days ago

    2 :53

  • Yousuf Khan
    Yousuf Khan 7 days ago

    That's the prince cheetah

  • Scarlett Twydle
    Scarlett Twydle 8 days ago

    that aint no leopard that is a cheetah

  • Ashley Bruch
    Ashley Bruch 8 days ago

    And golden horse? huh?
    one was a liver chestnut with a flaxen mane and tail with the other one was just a normal gray horse (white fur, black skin. in the horse world, we call that gray)

  • Ashley Bruch
    Ashley Bruch 8 days ago

    I know a few people that have and breed piebald ball pythons....they arent that rare at all

  • Nicolette Kuta
    Nicolette Kuta 8 days ago

    That is a cheetah, not a leopard.

  • Brianna Hall
    Brianna Hall 9 days ago

    this is so stupid

  • Razzlewolfflight
    Razzlewolfflight 9 days ago

    One of the pink dolphins you have there is actually a Bottlenose Dolphin named Angel. She is albino and was captured with the rest of her pod in the Taiji drive hunts. Her mother was slaughtered for meat, and she was imprisoned in the Taiji Whale Museum as a spectacle to be gawked at for the rest of her life.

    Also, the "leopard" is a King Cheetah. It's a color mutation and there's certainly been more than one spotted in the wild. You even have a different color morph of cheetah RIGHT AFTER IT, in which you intermix pictures of lion cubs...

    Juvenile Plains Zebra do APPEAR brown-striped when they're young because their baby coat is softer and lighter than their sleek adult one.

    The piebald python is the result of selective breeding.

    I mean...there are so many errors here it's insulting. Only half of this list is even valid.

    Please do proper research before making these lists.

  • Sandwichscoot
    Sandwichscoot 11 days ago

    Are piebaldism and vittiligo different things? They seem very similar.

  • Emma Richardson
    Emma Richardson 11 days ago

    That wasn't a leopard it was a cheetah.

  • Ariel delagarzafox
    Ariel delagarzafox 12 days ago

    this is how you troll people 😂

    read more

  • bethany tennant
    bethany tennant 13 days ago

    this is just... so bad

  • Orv Jorgensen
    Orv Jorgensen 15 days ago

    Ok sorry I was rude 😭😢😭😢😭😢😭😢😭😢😭😢😭😢😭😢😭😢😭😢😭😢😭😢😭😢😭😢😭😢😭😢😭😢

  • Orv Jorgensen
    Orv Jorgensen 15 days ago

    👏👐👏👐👏👐 good job your an idiot CHEETAH NOT LEAPORD DUM DUM

  • Orv Jorgensen
    Orv Jorgensen 15 days ago

    BTW those parakeets are not rare I see them in the pet shop all the time.😑😣😑😫😤😫😡😠😡

  • Orv Jorgensen
    Orv Jorgensen 15 days ago

    Why the fudge some of these look rack.

  • Orv Jorgensen
    Orv Jorgensen 15 days ago

    I think some of these where photo shopped guys.

  • Orv Jorgensen
    Orv Jorgensen 15 days ago

    I see black backed jackels all the time...

  • Orv Jorgensen
    Orv Jorgensen 15 days ago

    Wow 💯% not with you you lost me.

  • Nivokii koi
    Nivokii koi 15 days ago

    This got fake really fast...

  • Cyborg Butterfly
    Cyborg Butterfly 17 days ago

    About the piebald python, well you said "the closest most people will ever get to seeing one is in a photo like this one."
    I don't agree with that because I have seen a lot of them in one place, so i wouldn't say that there is a small chance of most people ever seeing any in real life.

  • Vitamin S
    Vitamin S 17 days ago

    a grown man calling a cheetah a leopard is pretty rare, too.

  • Fasaanihattara
    Fasaanihattara 17 days ago

    The "leopard" is called king cheetah ( btw its not even leopard its cheetah!!!)

  • OG LG
    OG LG 17 days ago

    man that's KING of speed.

  • Nerdy Bunnie
    Nerdy Bunnie 18 days ago

    i saw a pink dolphin while riding a boat

  • PJ yegorov
    PJ yegorov 19 days ago

    6:19 1. Not found in India 2. That is a Cheetah 3. That is the king cheetah (literally look it up also know as coopers cheetah)

  • Shorty'sRemedy
    Shorty'sRemedy 20 days ago

    16 is just a King Cheetah...

  • Juliana Vianna
    Juliana Vianna 20 days ago

    er... the "pink dolphin" is an animal on it's own, called "boto" here. pink isn't unusual, it is the color they all are

  • Becca75
    Becca75 21 day ago

    Number 16 is not a leopard, but a cheetah. The body is shaped like a cheetah, and the face markings are those of a cheetah...

  • Cursio Neptune
    Cursio Neptune 22 days ago

    6:09 that's a cheetah. It's also known as the King cheetah.

  • 77FantasyAngel77
    77FantasyAngel77 24 days ago

    Technically the pink river dolphins alone don't count. They are not 'rare colour patterns' among the species, as eventually all pink river dolphins have that colouration.

  • Jaikaran Singh Parmar

    that was not a leopard ( leopard found in India) it was a King cheetah as it had tear lines

  • Kawwai Muna
    Kawwai Muna 25 days ago

    Is it a leopard i thing it is an endangered specise of cheetah

  • Kawwai Muna
    Kawwai Muna 25 days ago

    Pink dolphine actually exist in new zeland but it is called to be extinct

  • kawaii-jessica uchiha

    lol "peidballed ball python" thats no rare , its a single ressesive gene, i see these every breeding season for ball pythons in the reptile stores, even see adults, and even rarer morphs lol and i have seen a black roaster, and the gators are likey covered in dry clay like muds

  • Frieda mokotjomela
    Frieda mokotjomela 28 days ago

    I hope they won't go enstic

  • Leah Kas
    Leah Kas 29 days ago


  • Eric Acridge
    Eric Acridge 29 days ago

    ummm it not a lepored its a cheetah

  • FNAFLOVER stovall
    FNAFLOVER stovall 1 month ago

    most if this is photo shop obvy

  • Ana Anamaria
    Ana Anamaria 1 month ago

    this deer is beautyfull

  • Portia Xophia
    Portia Xophia 1 month ago

    What the houres was not gold in the end😑

  • Portia Xophia
    Portia Xophia 1 month ago

    The pink grass hopper will just be dead

  • Portia Xophia
    Portia Xophia 1 month ago

    Is these animal's real

  • heyitsme heyitsme
    heyitsme heyitsme 1 month ago

    6:23 ummmmm that's a cheetah

  • LittlePenguin Playz
    LittlePenguin Playz 1 month ago

    *sees that cute deer* OH MY GOD LET'S GO PLAY ANIMAL JAM AND EDIT MY DEER!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mehmet K.
    Mehmet K. 1 month ago

    Woooow real life shiny Pokémon

  • MorgieLoves Horses
    MorgieLoves Horses 1 month ago

    when you said leapord for of them it was actually a cheetah

  • mountainbound
    mountainbound 1 month ago

    that's not a leopard it's a cheetah

  • Ryan Annis
    Ryan Annis 1 month ago

    I didn't see a golden horse.

  • Mikaela Nielsen
    Mikaela Nielsen 1 month ago

    6:10 That's a cheetah you dorkweed! It's a rare pattern called a king cheetah.

  • cat muffins
    cat muffins 1 month ago

    I have a white peacock... Just want to put that out there

  • Gracie Harding
    Gracie Harding 1 month ago

    Bruh #16 was a cheetah

  • magi016
    magi016 1 month ago

    that black rooster is called kadaknath. we breed them.. yeah.. they r unique of course

  • Sunny SunshineDoe
    Sunny SunshineDoe 1 month ago

    I've seen a black rooster a couple of times, I really likes their colours :3

  • Genesis Gonzalez
    Genesis Gonzalez 1 month ago

    Ive actually seen the purple polar bear in this place called "Animal Save Center Exhibit"

  • Tereza Hauserova
    Tereza Hauserova 1 month ago

    purple bear?😮

  • Christian Islas
    Christian Islas 1 month ago

    Thats a king cheetah not a leopard

  • Abbygracie Aj
    Abbygracie Aj 1 month ago

    lol #16 is a cheetah... u can see the different face markings...

  • Socialanxiety 11
    Socialanxiety 11 1 month ago

    we had a half albino/half normal peacock at our zoo wtf

  • Grey Alien
    Grey Alien 1 month ago

    Pie bald pythons really aren't that rare. They're somewhat common in the ball python breeding community

  • Grey Alien
    Grey Alien 1 month ago

    Pretty sure that "leopard spotted in India" was a king cheetah.... that only live in Africa.....

  • Nekumi
    Nekumi 1 month ago

    its a cheetah not a leopard

  • Navesepia
    Navesepia 1 month ago

    I hope this video was meant to be a joke......

  • Potato Potato
    Potato Potato 1 month ago

    Why wasn't a blue bee there

  • Aimee Vu
    Aimee Vu 1 month ago

    This one is soo cute I just want one (hey i know what's called) 4:15

  • That1Skyrim NERD,!! SHEOGORATH


  • Valerio Lasco
    Valerio Lasco 1 month ago

    This has to be a joke

  • Valerio Lasco
    Valerio Lasco 1 month ago

    6:15 uh it's a cheetah

  • XxRiøtxX
    XxRiøtxX 1 month ago

    The polar bear is OBVIOUSLY fake, the squirrel as well, and that, is a KING CHEETAH, NOT a freaking LEOPARD!

    • Emily Jones
      Emily Jones 1 month ago

      XxRiøtxX the polar bear was definitely not fake

  • TheAnimated
    TheAnimated 1 month ago

    the "leopard" is accutuly a cheetah look at his facual fechers

  • MireQ
    MireQ 1 month ago

    But wait.... it was a regular horse...

    • Misty Davenport
      Misty Davenport 1 month ago

      yeah, but there is an actually "golden" horse, tho its an Akhal-Teke, its a cremello that has a really reflective coat due to being groomed and washed well I believe (if you didn't already know is just why I'm telling you ^^)

  • Regan Oliver
    Regan Oliver 1 month ago

    Number 16 is actually a king cheetah, a genetic fur mutation of any cheetah.

  • Trap is kawaii
    Trap is kawaii 1 month ago

    I saw a piebald python at pet smart :T

  • Park Jimin
    Park Jimin 1 month ago

    omg I found Donald trumps brother! its the orange crocodile!

    get it? cause trumps skin is orange

  • Kyle Kibbles
    Kyle Kibbles 1 month ago

    One of the pics for the spotless cheetah was of two lion cubs.

  • RUSMIX Alive
    RUSMIX Alive 1 month ago

    mean while in other dimension, top 10 rarest human species

  • John Hernandez
    John Hernandez 1 month ago

    dat wus a king cheetah not a leopard

  • mayettaxtriger436
    mayettaxtriger436 1 month ago

    6:17 that's a cheetah you fucking retard

  • meaghan hennessy
    meaghan hennessy 1 month ago

    You are an idiot that is a freakin CHEETAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Taikamuna
    Taikamuna 1 month ago

    The black cock was cool

  • katka orolinova
    katka orolinova 1 month ago

    5:30 alligators arent greenish-brown, crocodiles are. Alligators are bluish-grey

  • Olivia Rockwood
    Olivia Rockwood 1 month ago

    I see bicolored peacocks all the time

  • TheBoopBeep
    TheBoopBeep 1 month ago

    No one's going to comment on the "brown elks are strong but not beautiful. blond elks are beautiful?" ok.

  • Daniel Yohan
    Daniel Yohan 1 month ago

    that was a king cheetah not a lerperd.😤😤😤

  • morningstar nabong
    morningstar nabong 1 month ago

    that was a cheetah, not a leopard

    ALDAVLOGS 1 month ago

    i just had to laugh at #19

  • mysterydash 360
    mysterydash 360 2 months ago

    6:48 PURPLE?!?!?!!

  • Kayleigh Marshall
    Kayleigh Marshall 2 months ago

    There is no such thing as a purple polar bear and squirrel.

    • Emily Jones
      Emily Jones 1 month ago

      Kayleigh Marshall the polar bear is real

  • Ally Whybrow
    Ally Whybrow 2 months ago

    That "leopard" was a king cheetah dumbass, do your research before making a video!! And those are fucking lion cubs, not "spotless cheetahs." Oh my god, how dumb can you be?? You'd think by now he would've taken the god forsaken video down but noooooo...

  • Susie Kitt
    Susie Kitt 2 months ago

    awww that baby dear is so cute

  • Ashley Hutchings
    Ashley Hutchings 2 months ago

    I hope you relise piebald pythons are not rare and are quite easy to get

  • Fluffy Bunny
    Fluffy Bunny 2 months ago

    When they said chimera cat. Chimera is several different animals in one allowing it do different and adapted things not two cats in one its like a siamese twin is all and a chimera is able to do many other things than be a cat it is also mythical and i think is religious idk if it is religious though

  • ηåʌλ ᶄi
    ηåʌλ ᶄi 2 months ago

    about the cat...they aren't twins fused. that's just how they were born. search it up.

  • wolfinn Woods
    wolfinn Woods 2 months ago

    that's not a Leopard. that is a king cheetah.

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