I Want You To Want Me - Cheap Trick (Emotional Cover) - Puddles Pity Party

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    Tim DeLaney did the sound.
    Andrew Woodman did the moving pictures (which I love!)
    Ms. Shannon did my nails. Pretty.
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  • Runtime: 3:13
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Comments: 829

  • Trish King
    Trish King 13 hours ago

    I want and need you Puddles

  • Chad Fehmie
    Chad Fehmie 2 days ago

    So good!

  • Hairy Melon
    Hairy Melon 2 days ago

    And hey, I just made it 11,000 likes!

  • Hairy Melon
    Hairy Melon 2 days ago

    Powerful stuff. I am still drying my eyes. Puddles, I don't know if you've done this yet, but I'd like to hear your version of 'The First Time (Ever I Saw Your Face) by Roberta Flack, please.

  • Lance Boil
    Lance Boil 2 days ago

    I do love you Puddles.

  • Cristina Lopez
    Cristina Lopez 2 days ago

    I <3 Puddles

  • djsnyder4525
    djsnyder4525 2 days ago

    Enjoy all you do Puddles....I think you should do Lights of Albuquerque, by Jim Glasser or Marty Robins, El Paso

  • Anthony Fraley
    Anthony Fraley 3 days ago

    for the love of god do a cover of Sinner Man!

  • Katrina Vega
    Katrina Vega 3 days ago

    Your voice rips my heart out... amazing I can't wait for you to release albums

  • Khrisi
    Khrisi 3 days ago

    I wish Puddles would do a few R & B songs as well.

    • k mccaff
      k mccaff 2 days ago

      I keep thinking "Bring it on home to me" by Sam Cooke.

  • Eddie King
    Eddie King 4 days ago

    Damn good solo version. Wow!

  • Talredhedkid
    Talredhedkid 4 days ago

    its official I hit the subscribe button, now ill never miss a puddles video :) If your reading this please do a cover of do I wanna know by the arctic monkeys

  • gericke pieter
    gericke pieter 4 days ago

    WOW Yes Puddles You got it man ..... You are IT .........fANTASTIC MAN FANTASTIC WOW ........

  • Sandra Sherman
    Sandra Sherman 5 days ago

    This is so intense and emotive. Fell in love with this song (and this interpretation of it) again ❤

  • Pigeonlarva magoo
    Pigeonlarva magoo 5 days ago

    You are my favorite contestant on AGT ever and I can't wait to see where you go in life. Every song is so powerful and beautiful. It's like watching opera

  • Frank Grow
    Frank Grow 5 days ago

    PPP baby!!!

  • arda591
    arda591 5 days ago

    Something gives me some strange feeling you could do something fantastic with Last Train to Clarksville.

    • arda591
      arda591 3 days ago

      How would that be r-rated?

    • dschonsie
      dschonsie 3 days ago

      arda591 that would be r-rated, at least.

  • Amos Ikner
    Amos Ikner 6 days ago

    im broken now.

  • Daymon Foster
    Daymon Foster 6 days ago

    Shades of Roy Orbison!

  • Moppett1982
    Moppett1982 6 days ago

    Ahhh, magic! I want to paint puddle's nose!

  • Blistered Blues
    Blistered Blues 6 days ago

    You grabbed my attention and held it effortlessly. You are fucking amazing!

  • Tamara Rodriguez
    Tamara Rodriguez 6 days ago

    Puddles! You are extraordinary!

  • issie b
    issie b 6 days ago

    I fucking love you. so glad I just saw you on #agt

  • inconceivabledark
    inconceivabledark 6 days ago

    two vids in and I'm sold! excellent video and awesome powerful voice ! thumbs up'd and subbed!

  • David  Harris
    David Harris 7 days ago

    Dear Sir...Would you please cover Amazing Grace and Dust In The Wind ?...Thank You.

  • Daniel Rowse
    Daniel Rowse 7 days ago

    Amazing voice

  • Bulldog Beatz
    Bulldog Beatz 7 days ago

    puddles, love your character, dude

  • Gregory Miller
    Gregory Miller 7 days ago

    we like it simple

  • Gregory Miller
    Gregory Miller 7 days ago

    dont get so cheezy with the filming

  • Jj Johnson
    Jj Johnson 7 days ago

    Because it's Puddles I will endure the ad, but 5.5 minutes is really pushing the limits of commercialism. As an artist I want Puddles to get paid, but that was an unbearable ad. But I love Puddles anyway! Great cover of cheap trick's "I Want You To Want Me". jj

  • Jonathan Chicoine
    Jonathan Chicoine 7 days ago

    screw agt... he should of done The Voice!

  • Cameron Ellis
    Cameron Ellis 7 days ago

    For a normal (slightly less emotional) cover, put the speed up to 1.5.

  • Xstar Nunya
    Xstar Nunya 8 days ago

    Oddly appealing.

  • Eric Alley
    Eric Alley 8 days ago

    Crying by Aerosmith would be amazing...

  • Delta Drones
    Delta Drones 8 days ago

    Perfect! You are awesome!

  • michelle hooper
    michelle hooper 8 days ago

    Mr.Puddles You are a very talented Man.

  • Larry Sanders
    Larry Sanders 8 days ago

    awesome job on the song. Little much with the panning of the camera though lol

  • Gilbert Wang
    Gilbert Wang 8 days ago

    Mr. Puddles, please sing "Why Delilah"

  • William Ditmer
    William Ditmer 8 days ago

    Dude! You are fucking AWESOME!!!

  • Hilary G.O.
    Hilary G.O. 9 days ago


  • Jacqui Harper
    Jacqui Harper 9 days ago

    This is beautiful. <3

  • Indiana Joe
    Indiana Joe 9 days ago

    Puddles is a damn genius!

  • Ryan Jack
    Ryan Jack 9 days ago

    You need to do this ok AGT PLEASE

  • Jeremy Apollos
    Jeremy Apollos 9 days ago

    Clowns are such drama queens. lol love you puddles.

  • Rachel Tripp
    Rachel Tripp 9 days ago

    Do a cover of bridge over troubled water

  • Matt Walls
    Matt Walls 10 days ago

    like it better than the original

  • Michael Schmitt
    Michael Schmitt 10 days ago

    P, I love your work. You are unbelievably talented. I just can't get enough of your renditions. Showed my entire family many of your videos. Just awesome. .

  • Dana Barry
    Dana Barry 10 days ago

    PLEASE sing this on AGT! My goodness, you're amazing. ❤-huge new fan in Brooklyn

  • Rugarus
    Rugarus 10 days ago


  • therese rhatigan
    therese rhatigan 11 days ago

    91 people are stupid to hate, probably means this is over your heads. lol

  • Kristal Klear
    Kristal Klear 11 days ago

    your range is amazing, i cannot get enough of puddles pity party <3

  • Ashley Rounsville
    Ashley Rounsville 11 days ago

    I love your version so much. I never thought I'd ever feel emotions for this song and yet here I am. Thank you, Puddles!

  • Gordon Hatherley
    Gordon Hatherley 11 days ago

    If I might be so bold, kind sir, might I suggest that you cover either "Needs", "The World I Know", "How Do You Love", or "Adored" by Collective Soul.
    You are one of the few human beings on this planet that could interpret, manipulate, and emote Ed Roland's voice and make it your own.
    Much love and respect.

  • Stephen Perakis
    Stephen Perakis 11 days ago

    Man, you have a fantastic voice! Great rendition of this song.

  • Rodora Zuba
    Rodora Zuba 12 days ago

    Not the first time I watched this emotional version. Just forgot to share my thoughts coz I jumped from one video to another, of course, of Puddles Pity Party's. This cover's brilliant that only a very talented and great singer could turn a simple and fast song into a classic one ! PUDDLES, you're the BEST !!!

  • Frank Raffaele
    Frank Raffaele 12 days ago

    Excellent cover, such soul, but the camera movements and quick cuts made me dizzy.

  • Fauthal
    Fauthal 12 days ago

    Puddles, your a genius. Best cover ever.

  • Lorraine St. George
    Lorraine St. George 12 days ago

    He sounds a little like Roy Orbison.What is with the clown outfit ??

    • porkinwitz
      porkinwitz 12 days ago

      What's with your human outfit?..............
      Let a clown sing.

  • Erik Fichtner
    Erik Fichtner 12 days ago

    Hey, Puddles... You stole this song. You legitimately stole this song from Cheap Trick. This is much better than the original, in the same way that Johnny Cash's version of "Hurt" has legitimately taken the authoritative version of that song from Trent Reznor.

    Good job.

  • Regan Humphreys
    Regan Humphreys 12 days ago

    this cover is just amazing! i could listen to it over and over, this man is a legend

  • Akeldama Valdis
    Akeldama Valdis 12 days ago

    he puts so much emotion in each cover he does. this is so beautiful

  • Steve S
    Steve S 12 days ago

    Sounds like a bizarre cross between Cheap Trick and the late great Roy Orbison.

  • Elie Eid
    Elie Eid 13 days ago

    Plz cover for cancer, chemical romance

  • DominoComplex
    DominoComplex 13 days ago

    It's like Jeff Buckley and Tom Jones had a baby... A beautiful, sad, adult-clown-baby.

  • R Band
    R Band 13 days ago

    Not many true originals anymore....but this guy is the real deal.

  • Robert J. duPreez
    Robert J. duPreez 13 days ago

    Have you done any Pink Floyd? Wish you were Here or Money would be awesome. But any choice from Floyd would be great to here from you.

  • michaeljfiorito
    michaeljfiorito 14 days ago


  • Ultim8Aggie
    Ultim8Aggie 14 days ago

    I am so wishing you could make your way to NW Arkansas and play here at the Walmart Amp. You could pack the place! Absolutely brilliant takes on music 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • Kenbo Atlas
    Kenbo Atlas 14 days ago

    Maybe because I grew up in the 80s but this is my favorite song you do. I would love to see this on AGT.

  • Tommmy Shafer
    Tommmy Shafer 14 days ago

    Simply Amazing....I'm addicted

  • Nagol Sigrah
    Nagol Sigrah 14 days ago

    you are amazing!!!!!

  • Diana Watson
    Diana Watson 14 days ago

    This has a very Roy Orbison feel. Thanks Puddles!

  • Michael Parks
    Michael Parks 14 days ago

    should probably stop listening to it over and over but it is so good

  • Michael Parks
    Michael Parks 14 days ago

    I don't know why but when I hear him sing this song it just makes me cry

  • timothy232365
    timothy232365 14 days ago

    All i can say is Wow..Where in the heck have you been hiding

    • dschonsie
      dschonsie 7 days ago

      he must be a ninja clown, it's not easy to hide nearly 7" ^^

  • Wrathful Bones
    Wrathful Bones 15 days ago

    This character, the facial expressions, the body language and that beautiful voice--doesn't matter what he sings, I get emotional. <3

  • Amanda Hunter
    Amanda Hunter 15 days ago

    Do some Willie Nelson Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain!!!! I am a freaking fan for life!

  • Amanda Hunter
    Amanda Hunter 15 days ago

    whats your take on Britney Spears TOXIC?!!!!!

  • Amanda Hunter
    Amanda Hunter 15 days ago

    Please do Silent Lucidity!!!!

  • Ralph Marshall
    Ralph Marshall 15 days ago

    I'm a pretty tough cookie, or at least that's my act... I listen to great professionals singing and it's "yeah... It's ok, I guess"... I found you just two weeks ago... I've listened many times to this and a few other videos of yours--one being your AGT gig... And I literally come apart... Hot tears run down my face and I pray for a better world for our children... Some deep passion comes out of you and crosses time and space to drag it out of me... Even your silence touches a deep part of me... Because we are all in pain... We are all alone, and much of the noise in the world is us pretending... You pierce that noise, and drive a wedge of hope into us all... Keep growing my friend...

  • Deb H
    Deb H 15 days ago

    OMG I LOVE IT!!!!!!!

  • John                    Vincent Henry
    John Vincent Henry 15 days ago

    Okay, just really discovered puddles today. I am a huge fan, and this one gave me chills.

  • dbwaggoner
    dbwaggoner 15 days ago

    I'd buy that for a dollar. love it.

  • rubber duky
    rubber duky 15 days ago

    Just subscribed.......... while crying.. :)

  • rubber duky
    rubber duky 15 days ago

    Damn, this just works so well. :)

  • John Agresti
    John Agresti 15 days ago

    I can understand the words!

  • Jacob White
    Jacob White 15 days ago


  • John Thompson
    John Thompson 15 days ago

    Saw PPP on AGT. Where have you been hiding!?! Great voice!

  • Dendro Herpguy78
    Dendro Herpguy78 16 days ago

    Damn...this song takes on a whole new meaning sung this way. Props

  • Tim Daughtry
    Tim Daughtry 16 days ago

    Please sing this on AGT....

  • dundeedell1960
    dundeedell1960 16 days ago

    Thanks for making the words understandable.

  • Chris Davis
    Chris Davis 16 days ago

    better than the original

  • john lopez
    john lopez 16 days ago

    Sort of wish you did this for your audition. I think it's an amazing cover

  • Honest Liar
    Honest Liar 16 days ago

    My heart melts every time I listen. There's so much beauty and emotion that makes this absolutely wonderful. I would really like to see Somewhere Over the Rainbow by israel kamakawiwo'ole

  • Cusi
    Cusi 16 days ago

    I love this song. Thank you Puddles for this cover. You are awesome. I hope I get to attend one of your shows live someday. Greetings from Argentina!

  • Gibzilla 007
    Gibzilla 007 16 days ago

    Who came here after AGT?!

  • Tess Woodard
    Tess Woodard 17 days ago

    wow this song takes on a whole different meaning here. beautiful

  • Chris Davidson
    Chris Davidson 17 days ago

    I love this. thank you.

  • Shad Lofgreen
    Shad Lofgreen 17 days ago

    Please do a cover of "Jolene"

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