Installing EasyCap DC60 on Windows 7 32 and 64 bit OS.mp4

How to install and use Easycap for windows 7 and get the best quality out of it.

Easy Cap Drivers for Windows 7 plus ISO

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Author Adri Dwitomo (2 years)
i got sound on my windows 7 but no video.. :( can anybody help? :(

Author counterRealist (3 years)
thanks for the downloads, I couldn't find good drivers anywhere. you are
such a bro

Author woltarius (11 months)
Links that you posted do not work!

Author PRONINJA2612 (1 year)
ur link is duffed

Author Dawood Tipu (3 years)
thanks man! the video itself didn't help me but the zip archive that you
provided was very useful!

Author ahmed wrya rwandwzy (2 years)
thnx can u upload it on mediafire plz

Author BeGestly (3 years)
@feltes45 was jaftek

Author zToXiCzZv (2 years)
meagupload is dead

Author MokshMohindra89 . (2 years)
help here plzzzz /watch?v=sCOQLqYDtCg

Author ModernWarfareBro (3 years)
What you mean bra. My shit came up telling me dat it was spyware or some
shit nigga?

Author ZeroFossilFuel (2 years)
I commend you for an excellent tutorial! But I must say, if you want
subscribers, you will appeal to a MUCH larger audience if you keep the
language clean. Just my $0.02. Z

Author AzzzMonkey27 (2 years)
Stop acting black damn

Author Dan Smith (2 years)
for the color you need to change pal/ntsc

Author jcarter2003 (3 years)
hey man like the video... whats that cool looking super bar you have above
your start bar????

Author SKStudiosProduction (1 year)
please reupload

Author camzorocks (2 years)
@AzzzMonkey27 what if he is?

Author TankLankan (2 years)
@redsthename Hey man i recently found a way to fix it.... 1. open up "run"
2. type in "regedit" 3. Go to "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE" then go to "SYSTEM" then
"current control set" then "services" 4. press CTRL F 5. Search for these
two things "syntek" & "ATV BDA" 6. Delete the files/folders that appear on
the right box thing. 7. Reinstall the driver and it should work 8.Message
me if it worked or didnt work

Author F3ARzLord (2 years)
windows could not find the driver etc. what do i do? do i have to install
the driver on the disc too?

Author Feltes45 (3 years)
Jaftekdotcom has a way better tutorial. This is ultimate fail.

Author james mudie (2 years)
I have installed the drivers for the easycap device, but for some reason it
won't allow me to click on update driver!!! i have zipped the file and
everything.....could somebody please help me!!!

Author MrIcekoldkilla (2 years)
"watch this 5 minute video" its 8 minutes 12 seconds .. oh dear

Author TheHaan9 (2 years)
the color is not working :(

Author Winky597 (3 years)
@ImmortalOwner they r all the same

Author HDRaPiDzZ (2 years)
68 degrees lol

Author LaidbackMarco (3 years)
Does the sound work?

Author Adrian Rubico (10 months)
Run it compatibility mode!

Author COBRAT34M (1 year)
omg ur link is dead

Author FatGuyPlayingMW2 (2 years)
hey man, everything works but when i open dscaler the ps3 screen does show
up but it's black and white and jumps around plz respond

Author Shor El (2 years)
@MrCuMMINSPULLER That wasn't SOPA. The dude who founded it got arrested on

Author MAg4ming (3 years)
takes fukin ages to download

Author XxC4S3YxXsvr (3 years)
@ModernWarfareBro LOL @ ModernWarfare

Author Stevie Wonder (2 years)
so funny, so helpfull

Author RcChris64 (2 years)
gonna try this, crossing my fingers...

Author epicmw2killz (2 years)
thanks bro

Author swat007jp (3 years)
i wonder what gaved it alway?? his black

Author ChipsvsChicken (3 years)
duz it work?

Author RevoRush (2 years)
safe safe man, this ting got me easycap working!

Author LASTxREFLEX (2 years)
@NotMrM0DDER but there are compressors where it makes it less

Author BlocksApart (2 years)
@camzorocks its a fake :/ o had the same problem and had to buy a new one

Author Ninjamaster802 (2 years)

Author redsthename (2 years)
@TankLankan same

Author Nick William (2 years)
Thanks a lot....It worked like a charm but no sound. For sound to work
check this video out

Author Tru7h (2 years)
I watched at least 20 videos, none of them helped, I didn't think this was
going to either. I subscribed

Author cdhire (2 years)
thumbs up for st-st-stuttering!!!

Author Trey's Game Room (2 years)
LIAR! the video is 8:12 long. :P

Author LASTxREFLEX (2 years)
@NotMrM0DDER a 10 minute video should take up 10 gb

Author SuperLP177 (2 years)
i have a link

Author SLIC RS ROBY (3 years)
it wont go into a file i have to open with note pad or some shit

Author woltarius (11 months)
I have EasyCap DC60 Please Help Me!!

Author woltarius (11 months)
Hi Can you help me? Namely, I have a problem with the installation of the
Easy Cap in win7 Ultimate 32bit, I can not open the driver installation
file LIB other drivers I've found it does not work (to install but it does
not work) I was looking for software to open files? lib but they did not
open the file. Help I do not know what to do :-( (((((((((((((((Woltarius

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