How To Make a Candle

Today I show you how to make a homemade scented candle. Making homemade candles is incredibly cheap & easy! Now there's no need to spend a fortune on buying scented candles - Simply follow the step by step instructions & you'll be able to make beautifully fragrant candles for a fraction of the cost.

Share this fun for the whole family DIY scented candle tutorial around!

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Uploaded by: HowToBasic

Views: 2303186
Added: 1 month ago
Runtime: 1:53
Comments: 12195

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HowToBasicHowToBasic (1 month ago)
Don't keep this tutorial to yourself! Share it around! Your friends & family will appreciate it.

booker1239z booker13booker1239z booker13 (1 month ago)
HowToBasic I want to ask you a question

dylan moyadylan moya (1 month ago)
when you tell him to do an actual tutorial; everyone will know.

Colby CollettColby Collett (15 minutes ago)
Thanks it worked

TheSpojak19TheSpojak19 (46 minutes ago)
1:00 when I try to state my opinion

Did anyone here the voice at the end saying harambe or is it just me

Lemon _436Lemon _436 (4 hours ago)
That actually kind of scared me haha

Marco BachiniMarco Bachini (4 hours ago)
What baby dolls are those? He seems to have a lot of those

Cody RoeCody Roe (5 hours ago)
what i wonder is how the hell he cleans up all this shit...

000bluebird000 :D000bluebird000 :D (6 hours ago)
omg that ending was super creepy

KullGameTVKullGameTV (7 hours ago)

Amanda PercellAmanda Percell (7 hours ago)

Leon DCLeon DC (10 hours ago)
You are the best!

Henrik NørrHenrik Nørr (11 hours ago)
This guy has some dedication to clean up...

BradyBrady (12 hours ago)
cutting that wax makes me hungry

PiousPuddlePiousPuddle (13 hours ago)
HOW ARE THE BABIES MOVING BY THEMSELVES. Also this tutorial sucks MY DOG came in the end but with a dislocated didlo. He bite my dick and the didlo went up my ass and my dogs dick in my mouth. The only part that was a candle was the white cream in the end with some blood.

Arthur AizikovichArthur Aizikovich (13 hours ago)

marin ORCmarin ORC (14 hours ago)
i would like to watch like this movie 😜

Lucy HeartfiliaLucy Heartfilia (17 hours ago)
IM SCARED THIS LOOKS......I was about to say it looked normal til he started to shit babies and spaghetti.

uselessdata uselessdatauselessdata uselessdata (21 hour ago)
This video was very well done and extremely helpful.

darkminerjdarkminerj (21 hour ago)
the last 2 seconds of that video it sounded like the kid was whispering "harambe"

Martin MeersMartin Meers (21 hour ago)
No eggs?

Rastan CoxRastan Cox (22 hours ago)
cute dog :)

Gregory WoomerGregory Woomer (23 hours ago)
this just came from a Howto vid into a horror movie I likey. Hey How To Basic make a video of how to make a horror movie. Like if you think that sounds EGGcelent.

Dacio Bernardino Policarpo De OliveiraDacio Bernardino Policarpo De Oliveira (1 day ago)
Puta q pariu mano, idiota e foda ao msm tempo

Iklan TV IndonesiaIklan TV Indonesia (1 day ago)
How To Make a Candle

Iklan TV IndonesiaIklan TV Indonesia (1 day ago)
Maybeline Maskara Magnum Mattel Barbie How To Basic How To Candle

Fatima abdallahFatima abdallah (1 day ago)
I'm forever disturbed

Nuclear GamingNuclear Gaming (1 day ago)

Linda FinchLinda Finch (1 day ago)
i actually thought

angel miguel sanchezangel miguel sanchez (1 day ago)
im suprised there was no eggs used in this video

IqIq (1 day ago)
child abuse

Abram DavidsonAbram Davidson (1 day ago)
Ok... WHAT THE BUCK DID I JUST WATCH?????!!!!!!!!!😮😮😮😮😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😱😱😱😱😱😱

Scott SarverScott Sarver (1 day ago)
0:39 And so forth was so funny I almost choked

JiJi (1 day ago)
i wonder how many moms were looking for a civil candle tutorial and found this...

Legend GamingLegend Gaming (1 day ago)
look at 1:22

Meme Master GamesMeme Master Games (1 day ago)
This man is never going to get a job.

"Hmm... we've looked over your resume, and it's very impressive. There's this one thing though..."
"What's that, sir?"
"Your YouTube channel."
**Clicks this video**
"Care to explain?"
"...I'll show myself out now."

WolfWarlordJakeWolfWarlordJake (1 day ago)
1:16 Woah! That baby had a baby!

Olivianne ChapinOlivianne Chapin (1 day ago)
these make for great last minute gifts!

A MonahanA Monahan (1 day ago)
That is a lot of cleaning up to do

FluffyPuffeFluffyPuffe (1 day ago)
Where are da mada fakkin eggs?

John DeleonJohn Deleon (1 day ago)
i laughed so hard i almost cryed

SpreeSpree (1 day ago)
All the dislikes on these vids r from people who actually want to make it

EDM RadioEDM Radio (1 day ago)
child abuse

CMPortugualGplays 2CMPortugualGplays 2 (1 day ago)
0:39 i have no comments😂😂

SnicGamingSnicGaming (1 day ago)
I laughed so fucking hard when he burn the the baby doll

PurplPurpl (1 day ago)
Has got to be the best and weirdest howtobasic vid so far

2 To The 1 To The 1 2 32 To The 1 To The 1 2 3 (1 day ago)

RobinshadowRobinshadow (1 day ago)
I love your dog lol

Jennifer SwankJennifer Swank (1 day ago)
We must sacrifice the babies.

CamelioCamelio (1 day ago)
thanks worked!

Sasha KatSasha Kat (1 day ago)
my door actually closed hard when that satanic baby was laughing

KIKE LolKIKE Lol (1 day ago)
This was pretty disturbing.... 😂

That plot twist doo

Carl TubeCarl Tube (1 day ago)
Wow Howtobasic you've tried your best but now you keep playing with your stupid eggs and keep throwing stuff in the toilet not funny its stupid dumb fatty

Josh LetukasJosh Letukas (1 day ago)
I hate this channel. It's creepy and disgusting and weird

chara rubychara ruby (1 day ago)
Josh Letukas then leave. You never had to comment. And, yes, this channel is weird, but that doesn't mean that it's bad. There are millions of people (me for example) who find this channel funny and entertaining. If you don't like it, then stay off of it.

You hater.

Jaiden Plays NothingJaiden Plays Nothing (1 day ago)
I came here to learn how to make a candle... I'm scarred for life now.

Gantan かずのこGantan かずのこ (1 day ago)
by the way , please tell me the name of this song(0:00〜0:38):)

mr growtopian gtmr growtopian gt (1 day ago)
common Can u maks normal video

B3nja_GarcíaB3nja_García (1 day ago)
I think this is the only video of htb with no eggs

Megan SanchezMegan Sanchez (1 day ago)
can u talk

Paddy NinjaPaddy Ninja (1 day ago)
Watch out for that spagettti, it'll run your guts out. Yeah, I kinda got suspicious when he didn't use text to identify the ingredients. It like the ghost video titled "real ghost MUST WATCH" and some guy runs through a semi lit room with a white sheet over him at top speed. Funny in hindsight. Hostages Terry Waite and Brian McCarthy saved the almost burnt out candles and squashed them together to create a new candle, using a bootlace, and saving it for emergencies only. I wanted how to learn how to make a candle from scratch. Ah well, back to the drawing board. Terry Waite was flown home and told to make himself "comfortable" and they would debrief him before sending him home to his family. The government guys returned to the room to find he had handcuffed himself to the radiator (metal heater on wall). Just kidding, couldn't resist. Well this video was good for me. Tallyho : )

Yumenlo ChanYumenlo Chan (1 day ago)

BoopaDoopBoopaDoop (1 day ago)
wrong channel

Alonso LupercioAlonso Lupercio (2 days ago)

Diet Clorox BleachDiet Clorox Bleach (2 days ago)
I want to comment


Megat KimiMegat Kimi (2 days ago)
This is creepy pasta

contemptresscontemptress (1 day ago)
You did THAT

ink the voidink the void (1 day ago)
Megat Kimi did you just

Tyler ThompsonTyler Thompson (2 days ago)
i think i'm gay after watching that

IlLuSiOn VeNinIlLuSiOn VeNin (2 days ago)

calid Enycalid Eny (2 days ago)
this is safe right meh worth a try

Blitster 66Blitster 66 (2 days ago)
the new conjuring 3 trailer was amazing

tony pinetony pine (2 days ago)
this is some deep web shit

Beduinul nr.1Beduinul nr.1 (2 days ago)
Is this the new "rings" video

LED SLYFOX BurgandyLED SLYFOX Burgandy (2 days ago)

Darkness KillerDarkness Killer (2 days ago)
The doll will back and kill u

mango foxmango fox (2 days ago)
first time watching you and i already love it XD

The_PyromancerThe_Pyromancer (2 days ago)
All I can think about is the poor cleaners who have to fix whatever mess he's done

Royal GodRoyal God (2 days ago)
No eggs :0

BlaackwolfeBlaackwolfe (2 days ago)
Dude when I am down or haveing a bad day or even haveing s sick day I watch your videos and they always make me happy and laugh my but off thank you so much I am going to sucribe

Waffle PrinceWaffle Prince (2 days ago)
poor dog

Doritos Farrell-PriceDoritos Farrell-Price (2 days ago)
One day that house will burn down

Ruhsuz BayanRuhsuz Bayan (2 days ago)
midesiz adamdan gelenler

iiomqlib _iiomqlib _ (2 days ago)
I actually come here expecting how to make a candle it seemed legitimate until like 10 seconds

VanquishVanquish (2 days ago)
When HowToBasic has kids.

Legend GamingLegend Gaming (2 days ago)
your vid sucks awesome 😁

Itz_xKban_eZItz_xKban_eZ (2 days ago)
0_o wtf?

that one personthat one person (2 days ago)
Why is this fucking me tho

Sopergirl2 AJSopergirl2 AJ (2 days ago)
Ok is this person high or something? On all the drugs?

AlyssaAlyssa (2 days ago)

Phan DemonPhan Demon (2 days ago)
I like how the videos have started out sort of normal and then going batshxt crazy lately

Bartek PuchałaBartek Puchała (2 days ago)

Poke MonsterPoke Monster (3 days ago)
u will never get a kid XD

Amoeba SmithAmoeba Smith (3 days ago)
1:20 kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

CountryboyCountryboy (3 days ago)
I came looking for tutorials

Ella's DIY CornerElla's DIY Corner (3 days ago)
1:12 literally looks like chucky all burned😂

ZootMiBalotZootMiBalot (3 days ago)
This is scary...

Reflow / AlphaReflow / Alpha (3 days ago)

Rachel GormamRachel Gormam (3 days ago)
the best horror movie I have ever seen

Marina KaramanoliMarina Karamanoli (3 days ago)
what does Edgar doing in how to basic

FusionMazeFusionMaze (3 days ago)

Raluca LunganaRaluca Lungana (3 days ago)
Prima o poi si fa male seriamente!

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