How To Make a Candle

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  • HowToBasic
    HowToBasic 2 months ago

    Don't keep this tutorial to yourself! Share it around! Your friends & family will appreciate it.

  • Matteo Zoccatelli
    Matteo Zoccatelli 2 hours ago

    Wow! I didn't know how to make a candle, time to make one myself now :D

  • Abg Azizzat
    Abg Azizzat 3 hours ago

    can make chuckey film

  • SilverTRPlaysRoblox
    SilverTRPlaysRoblox 3 hours ago

    I wasn't clear on the instructions

  • Groover Popn
    Groover Popn 4 hours ago

    What's your name music?

  • SergeKomandirov
    SergeKomandirov 5 hours ago

    I think I need therapy now.....

  • CasualGøner
    CasualGøner 9 hours ago

    Well I'm never going to get that image of the baby out of my head, Thanks

  • Yaboi Otep
    Yaboi Otep 10 hours ago

    the next horror movie trailer

  • BadPanda525
    BadPanda525 11 hours ago


  • Markus Oobik
    Markus Oobik 13 hours ago

    Well.... This is not creepy at all...

  • Pile of S***
    Pile of S*** 14 hours ago

    Lol you shit baby dolls and spaghetti

  • momo rabia
    momo rabia 16 hours ago

    Really funny dude 😂😂like always xD!

  • Selby Dyson
    Selby Dyson 17 hours ago

    Well that was a plot twist

  • Uh-Oh_Clan Channel
    Uh-Oh_Clan Channel 18 hours ago

    how did this just go so wrong 😂

  • James Newby
    James Newby 18 hours ago


  • Debra Tippett
    Debra Tippett 18 hours ago

    this needs to be removed. gross and misleading. this is NOT a diy tutorial.

  • sans axb
    sans axb 20 hours ago

    why do you shit spagetii

  • TJammer Gamer
    TJammer Gamer 23 hours ago

    I don't know if you guy agree but is this the opposite of 5 minutes craft

  • Argentum
    Argentum 1 day ago

    I have seen more private parts from this monster than I have from my girlfriend. That scares me.

  • Antmans awesome friend 18938

    So fucked up!😨

  • Yuki Demon
    Yuki Demon 1 day ago

    Who.. Cleans that mess then?

  • Iris Ellerbee
    Iris Ellerbee 1 day ago

    People are asking how rich he is, while the span of each video he makes imbetween kinda answers that question. He probably saves up money to do his weird shit, does it, cleans up, and waits a while. Of course, there are some things that are so expensive..

  • Kristian Pro and a video maker

    howtobasic's nightmare of killer babys returns

  • Bendy_ 25
    Bendy_ 25 1 day ago

    are you crazy or what ?

  • Riiny Sann
    Riiny Sann 1 day ago

    New here.
    so what the fuck did I just witness

  • Ariya Aristo
    Ariya Aristo 1 day ago

    noodle poop owwwww fuck

  • Trinity Whitworth

    Just imagine the reaction of someone who actually came for a diy


    1:25-1:00 is my favorite part

  • Genalation
    Genalation 1 day ago

    Right when I think that how to basic couldn't get more extreme....I see this

  • Sockmonkey
    Sockmonkey 1 day ago


  • SergeKomandirov
    SergeKomandirov 1 day ago

    Sometimes I think this man is maniac

  • Neptune Miki
    Neptune Miki 1 day ago

    like albert stuff,he burns the child

  • Celestial Starbright

    This channel is the defention of insanity.

  • Kawaii Donut :3
    Kawaii Donut :3 1 day ago

    ya I wondered where the how to basic part was... well someone help me

  • Walnut Leaf
    Walnut Leaf 2 days ago

    where is the egg? =(

  • Hydrochloric Acid
    Hydrochloric Acid 2 days ago

    The new paranormal activity looks sick.

  • Cringy Captain
    Cringy Captain 2 days ago

    where were the eggs

  • kotek 666
    kotek 666 2 days ago

    This is terrible xd haha

  • Irma Life
    Irma Life 2 days ago

    wtf iam sry for the babies😂That's the scariest how to basic I've ever seen

  • kranos rose
    kranos rose 2 days ago

    I was actually here looking how to make a candle....

  • Deaven the king
    Deaven the king 2 days ago

    is this the pornography
    the people tell me of

  • saul gms
    saul gms 2 days ago

    family friendly ;)

  • Luke Fargrass
    Luke Fargrass 2 days ago

    0:39 we now interupt this commercial

  • legend of zelda master

    you make me go wtf

  • Master Hañzo
    Master Hañzo 2 days ago

    Top ten horror movie trailers

  • The Random Penguin
    The Random Penguin 2 days ago

    Where are the eggs?

  • Suzan Almasri
    Suzan Almasri 2 days ago

    i wonder how ritch are you😂😂

  • Eeeeeeee2222222
    Eeeeeeee2222222 2 days ago

    do a vidio of thumbchucks

  • randomvids259
    randomvids259 2 days ago

    Cute dog

  • Acylast
    Acylast 3 days ago

    *The moment we realize he has a dog

  • Gabriela Vigi
    Gabriela Vigi 3 days ago

    please give me some faedah from this video thanks~

  • Vlad99_YT no
    Vlad99_YT no 3 days ago

    The fuck is wrong with you man

  • flany fisher
    flany fisher 3 days ago

    00:51 when I have to go to school

  • Renata Antonia
    Renata Antonia 3 days ago

    porque eres tan estupido???

  • Zaabbdiel Casas
    Zaabbdiel Casas 3 days ago

    he didnt used an egg!!

  • Jaime XD lol
    Jaime XD lol 3 days ago

    this is gud ASMR

  • Inkdroid The Inky Robot!


  • Abudzar Alghifary022

    So creepy

  • James Albright
    James Albright 3 days ago

    I love that his video's start nice and simple, then before you know it he's smashing THING'S ALL OVER THE PLACE! lol

  • Neve Overeem
    Neve Overeem 3 days ago

    really I wanted to make a candle it was good at the sAtrt

  • the Dragon
    the Dragon 3 days ago

    This is a how to make a candle and then funny and then a horror movie. 😀-> 😆->😈🔪🔯

  • Kathy Burbridge
    Kathy Burbridge 3 days ago

    The hell

  • Eveline Miezi
    Eveline Miezi 3 days ago

    How to make a fidget spinner

  • Juan Ignacio Martinez

    I challenge you to show your face in your next vídeo!!!!

  • Juan Ignacio Martinez

    howtobasic!!! show your face in a video

  • Иван Танушев

    Instructions unclear, I'm in abandoned school.

  • Melanie's Pet Unicorn

    1:15 - 1:51
    This was the best part

  • Zehra Naz
    Zehra Naz 4 days ago

    What the problem kardeş

  • ani ponce
    ani ponce 4 days ago


  • KaninchenGaming -inactive-

    Image a mother/father and son/doughter are watching the video, to know how to make candles, and then 'it' comes

  • Crunchy121
    Crunchy121 4 days ago

    this is why you dont child abuse

    KING DNIZZLE 4 days ago

    I think that's enough Internet for me today....

  • Christopher Andersen

    Oh god no! Not a pug with a baby doll head strapped to its head! That's the unspoken fifth horseman of the apocalypse, the harbinger of damned souls! He's the most evil of the horsemen! Quick, hit him with his only weakness, raw eggs!

  • Emre Oynuyor
    Emre Oynuyor 4 days ago

    1:22 WTFFFF

  • Emre Oynuyor
    Emre Oynuyor 4 days ago


  • Tyler Newton
    Tyler Newton 4 days ago


  • Vinz De Castro
    Vinz De Castro 4 days ago

    Do you have professional cleaners? If so where did you got them?

  • король скелетов

    этот человек будет гореть в раю. ей богу

  • gabe the dog
    gabe the dog 4 days ago

    did he poop out spaghetti

  • PhoenixPaws
    PhoenixPaws 4 days ago

    I feel bad for the ppl who think these are Normal Diys

  • Arrowtodaknee03
    Arrowtodaknee03 4 days ago

    I did not see an egg...this tutorial is a lie

    ANNIHILATION 4 days ago

    This is the Weirdest thing I've seen in my entire life

    I LIKE WAFFLES 4 days ago

    at first I thought this was an actual Diy😂😂😂

  • blueberry blast
    blueberry blast 4 days ago

    can you make a how to build a house

  • the best hacker
    the best hacker 4 days ago

    your videos make me laughs but the baby is scary

  • Death Necromancer
    Death Necromancer 4 days ago

    How to breath.

  • Shadow Cat
    Shadow Cat 4 days ago

    I'm gonna go make some cool (or should I say hot!) candles now! Thanks basic

  • Riftys BigNig
    Riftys BigNig 4 days ago

    how to basic may be more powerful then chin chin since any thing he trys to make just gets obliterated

  • Hack By XCI
    Hack By XCI 4 days ago

    how tout make à baguette pls

  • Tristan Duerr
    Tristan Duerr 4 days ago

    you should make horror movies

  • Colby Tapp
    Colby Tapp 4 days ago

    I was actually looking how to make a candle and came across this wtf.

  • Bittersweet Lemon
    Bittersweet Lemon 4 days ago

    At first I thought this was gonna be normal so I was about to leave but wowo

  • geotella
    geotella 5 days ago

    First thought normal video

  • Vanna the Dork
    Vanna the Dork 5 days ago

    0:50 Best scream I have ever heard from this man.

  • jorgellololo
    jorgellololo 5 days ago

    The best movie I've ever seen. It combines drama, terror, comedy, romance and useful information for your daily life

    10/10 Would see a movie like this

  • Annoying Dog O cachorro

    best part 0:41 and 0:48

  • Winnieeeee
    Winnieeeee 5 days ago

    I am proud to say i have the same washing machine as howtobasic.

  • Antistarfish 892
    Antistarfish 892 5 days ago

    Like to end child abuse

  • sang ff
    sang ff 5 days ago


  • raul delga delgadillo

    omg that did a 180

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