Freddy Spencer Vs Street Bike Vs Street Car

Freddy Spencer on 1984 Honda 500GP racebike Vs 700cc Honda Sabre Vs 200HP 300ZX Turnbo at Laguna Seca. Stree bike and car get a head start.

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Author Sir Farquat ( ago)
This film originally aired on USA network and was taken the day after the
1984 Superbike and F1 races at Laguna Seca. It was my first AMA Superbike
Camel Pro series race, won by Flying Fred Merkel...I finished 18th on my
Dennis Manning sponsored Honda CB750F. You Tube video =WLGMrJqgJT0 Fast
Freddy and Kenny Roberts were there for the AMA F1 race, coming from the
Europe Grand Prix to do so. It was the only time I'd been on the track with
either one, during the friday F1 practice session.

Author James Collins ( ago)

Author Erling Andreassen ( ago)
I had that Arai Freddie Spencer helmet! It was expensive but saved my life!
Flown to hospital, burns,fractures,blood in my skull, comatose 3 weeks.
Dainese race leathers ruined, GSX-R-750 about a foot long, hehe. But I've
stuck to Arai ever since!: )

Author realityhitsmehardbro ( ago)
May two-strokes never die.

Author 779LR ( ago)
I wish two strokes weren't outlawed

Author 2000Bateman ( ago)
Spencer was fucking avin it!!!

Author Greg O ( ago)
That is so badass.

Author Rudolf Vizi (1449 years ago)
those wheelies man ... beautifull scene

Author sawboss17 ( ago)
Best EVER!

Author Oldbmwr100rs ( ago)
It wasn't even a V-45,it was a harley tax 700! They should have used the
VFR 750 that was available,but at a higher price.And to think the 300 ZX
turbo was considered fast with 200HP, now that's practically standard on
many cars,boy have things changed!

Author eviltango ( ago)
wild man!

Author Deckard5254 ( ago)
Astonishing! I'm not surprised by the result, but when you view it in the
context of the head-start. Wow.

Author Stan Parrish ( ago)
Should have used The V65 instead of the V45.

Author willlucv1 ( ago)
What a great video. Freddie Spencer was such a great racer, yet another
American who let his riding skills do the talking. I have to be honest the
track seems to be surrounded by an awful lot of cliff faces and armco's,
presumably its a bit safer these days.

Author PERPARSON ( ago)
couldn't agree more... i hate 4 stroke lawnmovers

Author thomman sterio (132 years ago)
1:30 ! AWESOME!!!

Author girl600podcast ( ago)
OMG that was my first helmet, I never knew it was a Freddie Spencer helmet.
A mechanic for AF-1 gave it to me so I wouldn't wear my camo combat helmet
as I rode around base on my first bike, a Honda Rebel 450. This was in the
late 90s, I never knew about the helmet until right now. I always called it
Evel Knievel.

Author Dana William ( ago)
You gota give the street bike rider sime credit! Great stuff!

Author Dana William ( ago)
1:08 AWESOME! I may have messed my pants... a little

Author jeff lara ( ago)
casey stoner on a ducati won one could of won 2 or 3 with the duke if he
didnt get sick than had to get treatment

Author longbowgold67 ( ago)
You're right about everything but your last point. It's much harder to
develop a great MotoGP bike then it was back in the day. It's always a
Honda vs. Yamaha battle every year.

Author mumbles ( ago)
the twat that banned 2 strokes from the road should be shot

Author NvgtrWiggles ( ago)
Damn, the Sabre wasn't a slouch.

Author cratormoon10 ( ago)

Author 1869eases ( ago)
I heard it once in a 70's porno movie

Author scrappy echols ( ago)
God that bike was fast

Author Bajker4ever ( ago)
@AutoMattOPhoto no its not, Magna has the same powerplant but its a

Author AutoMattOPhoto ( ago)
looks like a honda magna, not sabre

Author mptrax ( ago)
Long life 2 stroke pollution !

Author IXIAdeIXI ( ago)
@brandondurr1122 by a really cheap shit heap of a bike, take it apart,
rebuild it, make it better, sell it... just depends on how much time and
effort u wanna put in.

Author Brandon Durr ( ago)
i would love to get a bike and learn about them and possibly build custom
bikes for a living..but idk where to start

Author Mikes Midwest Z/S Garage ( ago)
@TheDude1859 Didn't launch it right, but it is just 200hp stock. They were
respectable for the 80s.

Author dewwed1965 ( ago)
That was a terrible last turn by the street bike!

Author galen ( ago)
2t powers!!

Author mi2tom ( ago)
Freaking love the sound of the 2stroke!

Author ChazdaJazz ( ago)
Loved seeing the sabre being ridden that hard! Even if Freddie did
eventually catch up.

Author craig50 ( ago)
And that's why they call him Fast Freddie!!

Author jckmtlmn ( ago)
I've seen this video before. Still love it. How nasty would a 500GP bike be
to ride???

Author Christian Meijer ( ago)
@garetjaxx me too

Author grapes008 ( ago)
@357JACK its a honda, so most likely nsr 500, the TZR was a yamaha and the
rgv suzuki

Author Pfiber Optik ( ago)
Wow, memories. Wonder what Freddie is doing nowadays.

Author William Shepherd ( ago)
or an RGV 500?

Author William Shepherd ( ago)
was it a TZR 500 ?

Author mloaks ( ago)
I currently ride that VF700S, same colors.

Author Blackflag Motorsports ( ago)
500cc two stroke bikes did not play around.

Author Nick46 ( ago)
Here is a video between michael schumacher, a fiat punto and an other fast
car... I don't remember very well

Author biglarfspeed6 ( ago)
@ixion58 I think they were too scared to invite one.

Author atireiopauao ( ago)
loool old as hell but nice vid (;

Author darkmage7280 ( ago)
*begin sarcasm* Whoah, the car lost???? *end sarcasm*

Author katskratchkustumz ( ago)

Author Steven King ( ago)
How can 14 people not appreciate this. I saw this when it first aired, I
would have sworn it was a corvette, but hell I was 16 with was an eon ago.
I do miss the two stroke GP bikes, but loved watching this and quoted it
for years, hell still do.

Author Ricky Buck ( ago)
cool video!!

Author ErikDJ123 ( ago)
Freddie is currently selling a bike that looks a lot like the one in this
video. It sells as a pair with his championship 250 bike.

Author ErikDJ123 ( ago)
Todays 4 stroke race bikes make more power because their friggin huge
motors. If they allowed 800cc 2strokes they would KILL the 4strokes. A late
model NSR 500 was ~190 hp and ~260 pounds (they had to put weights on it to
meet minimums). Compare that to your traction controlled 4strokes diesels.
ps capirossi owns an RG500:)

Author ErikDJ123 ( ago)
This was my favorite video when I bought my RG500 in 1989. Too bad they
don't have the rest of the documentary about 2stroke racers here.

Author Firemarioflower ( ago)
how humiliating, cars cant lose never

Author Colin Campbell ( ago)
freakin awesome...

Author 1BEAVIS13 ( ago)
It's great watching one of the greatest riders of all time. Freddy Spencer

Author Richard Stanaway ( ago)
what an idiot.

Author MickeyCBR1100XX ( ago)
3 thumbs down? Will dumb it down a bit for the shitty messages I keep
getting . I put Honda = Donkey shit because thats what FerrariNZ had posted
-- So In response thats why I wrote FerrariNZ you talk a lot of shit
yourself. If I thought Honda was Donkey shit why the Fuck would I own a

Author golf1diesel ( ago)
honda=donkey shit??? then how come you have a HONDA BLACKBIRD?

Author MickeyCBR1100XX ( ago)
Honda = Donkey Shit ....... FerrariNZ - you talk alot of Shit you're self.

Author conefish ( ago)
yeah that maybe true, but the 2 strokes weigh ALOT less :D personally i
prefer 2 strokes, everyone is entitled to their own opinion :)

Author mark h.contento ( ago)
@conefish actually that's no joke 2's were pretty powerful but todays 4
stroke race bikes have even more power

Author riyusVids69 ( ago)
its a fucking 2 stroke 500cc man thats a fucking 1000-1200cc 4 stroke the
car and the bike had NO CHANCE

Author Christian Thwaites ( ago)
That looks like Erv Kanamoto with Freddie at the beginning. Can anyone

Author Charles McDowell ( ago)
It's a 2-stroke race bike, so it puts out roughly the same horsepower as a
1000cc four-stroke from that time frame, most likely more.

Author SMGleader ( ago)
this gave me goosebumps

Author Doedikkehansworst ( ago)
wicked 2 strokes awesome...........

Author Wally Walnuts ( ago)

Author conefish ( ago)
2 stroke powerrrrr! haha

Author itchytriggerfingers ( ago)
No surprise there then

Author okbrb ( ago)
Go Sabre =)

Author wally179 ( ago)
Called a little humour? It really doesn't make any sense at all. Read it
again yourself, and try make sense of it. Also - you ARE donkey shit.

Author onekilltwisk ( ago)
Thats called a little humor... If I where donkey shit, I'd be insulted if
someone called me a Honda..... So go on..... say it say it. Say I AM donkey
shit.... make my day....

Author Anthony Woods ( ago)
He gave the car a head start and still bet him! haha bikes rule

Author bsullivan161 ( ago)
Freddie was awesome!

Author xxbackhillxx ( ago)
haha. nigdy sie nie nuaczylem. urodzony w michigan ale rodzice som z
warsawy. so suck my ballsack i get by just fine.

Author Michał Janicki ( ago)
'ty głupie ścierwo', naucz się najpierw pisać.

Author xxbackhillxx ( ago)
ty jestesz stare gowno

Author wally179 ( ago)
You should give your excuses to donkey shit? That doesn't make ANY sense.

Author Erik van Abeelen ( ago)
old :P

Author Ad van Tuil ( ago)
the difference between a bike like you and me have ... and a 2-stroke racer
O_O oh my :D

Author DjAfterburner ( ago)
2stroke power ;D

Author Michał Janicki ( ago)
pomyśleć że dzisiaj te pojazdy, to stare gówno...

Author onekilltwisk ( ago)
i think you should give your exuses to donkey shit....

Author levethane (1415 years ago)

Author sfishergt ( ago)
Nice video, but why do people insist on ruining videos like these with
music. I'd rather hear the awesome sound of the motorcycle.

Author TheReapersSon ( ago)
Awesome video! I own an 82 sabre 750 and it's a blast to ride.

Author garetjaxx ( ago)
I'd love to see a modern version of this with a current GP bike, a showroom
stock sportbike and the new 370z all with professional riders/drivers.

Author EINSATZGRUPPEN (195 years ago)
anyone know the name of the tune while the vid plays?

Author Mallobean ( ago)
I would be interested in seeing how quickly Freddie would've caught the
other if he hadn't been hamming it up (the wheelies) for the camera.

Author shoua7 ( ago)
Wow! Awesome video!

Author nudge1961 ( ago)
in answer to your question, i have this video, it is titled"The Need for
Speed" vol.2.put out by the home cinema group.A bit more information ,A
BEDFORD/ROWLANDS PRODUCTION.hope this is of some help for you

Author nudge1961 ( ago)
this is why most of us ride bikes

Author BIZNAILEY ( ago)
the v65 had the record fastest production bike top speed, it would out
muscle freddy enough to win no problem... in this event the 700 almost had
him with that 15 second head start... the 1100 would be gone.

Author rem831 ( ago)
As an '84 700 Sabre owner, I can tell you the bike handles like a pig. A
similar vintage 700 or 1000 Interceptor would probably have been able to
hold off the GP500 until after the finish line. Also, 0-60 in 4 seconds is
a bit optimistic, I think most magazine testing at the time pegged it at
more like 4.5

Author Jethro Rose (1835 years ago)
no its not.... its a 220kg touring bike.

Author skidlidsyd ( ago)
fast freddie,noother won the 500 and 250 tittles in the same year,and for
good measure he was in church for sunday lol

Author steve coscia ( ago)
v65 Sabre would have a hard time on those turns.Too high and heavy.On the
str8s-they are fast

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