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Author Giacomo Passalacqua (19 days)
+Sep Mv​ & +andry 28​ .......pezzo di storia e zero elettronica ......
manico da tachicardia ✊

Author Marcus Paulo Raele (3 months)
Fast Freddy, on vintage video.. showing how is done!

Author Stephen Harris (3 months)
Great vintage video. I can recall watching this originally as a company
promotional VHS tape back in the 80's at the Honda dealership I worked at.

Author Torkel Börjeson (1 year)
Tvåtakt förstås! ;-) 

Author MotorcycleJacketUSA (1 year)

Author conefish (5 years)
yeah that maybe true, but the 2 strokes weigh ALOT less :D personally i
prefer 2 strokes, everyone is entitled to their own opinion :)

Author barteckstreet1991 (7 years)
Look at the number of the ratings:)

Author Brandon Durr (3 years)
i would love to get a bike and learn about them and possibly build custom
bikes for a living..but idk where to start

Author dewwed1965 (3 years)
That was a terrible last turn by the street bike!

Author Monkeyboymug (7 years)
This was recorded way before the F40 was released...

Author Mallobean (6 years)
I would be interested in seeing how quickly Freddie would've caught the
other if he hadn't been hamming it up (the wheelies) for the camera.

Author DoctorNumber46 (6 years)
why didn't they race a honda interceptor? that would be a much better
comparison as it is a racing- like bike.

Author radiocrash (7 years)
How fast ar the 2 stroke 500s?

Author Erling Andreassen (2 years)
I had that Arai Freddie Spencer helmet! It was expensive but saved my life!
Flown to hospital, burns,fractures,blood in my skull, comatose 3 weeks.
Dainese race leathers ruined, GSX-R-750 about a foot long, hehe. But I've
stuck to Arai ever since!: )

Author driftability (7 years)
That thing is fast!.

Author Stan Parrish (2 years)
Should have used The V65 instead of the V45.

Author craig50 (4 years)
And that's why they call him Fast Freddie!!

Author Jethro Rose (7 years)
tz750 chassis = crap by even 1980s standards. it also only put out about

Author Shadowboost (7 years)
laguna seca is a gorgeous track

Author atireiopauao (5 years)
loool old as hell but nice vid (;

Author 1869eases (3 years)
I heard it once in a 70's porno movie

Author Oldbmwr100rs (2 years)
It wasn't even a V-45,it was a harley tax 700! They should have used the
VFR 750 that was available,but at a higher price.And to think the 300 ZX
turbo was considered fast with 200HP, now that's practically standard on
many cars,boy have things changed!

Author Ad van Tuil (6 years)
the difference between a bike like you and me have ... and a 2-stroke racer
O_O oh my :D

Author Glen Becker (7 years)
Just as street bikes and cars have improved, so have race bikes. The
results would be similar today. As for an F40, that is not an average
performance street car. Freddie is still the only man in history to win
both the 250cc and the premiere championship (in those days, the 500cc
championship) in the same season.

Author wally179 (5 years)
Called a little humour? It really doesn't make any sense at all. Read it
again yourself, and try make sense of it. Also - you ARE donkey shit.

Author undergroundskat3r (7 years)
damn how old is this?!

Author katskratchkustumz (5 years)

Author zsan100 (7 years)
freddie kicks arse

Author TheReapersSon (6 years)
Awesome video! I own an 82 sabre 750 and it's a blast to ride.

Author nickgloege (7 years)
Freddie Spencer was one of the best riders ever

Author nudge1961 (6 years)
in answer to your question, i have this video, it is titled"The Need for
Speed" vol.2.put out by the home cinema group.A bit more information ,A
BEDFORD/ROWLANDS PRODUCTION.hope this is of some help for you

Author biglarfspeed6 (4 years)
@ixion58 I think they were too scared to invite one.

Author shoua7 (6 years)
Wow! Awesome video!

Author Dana William (2 years)
1:08 AWESOME! I may have messed my pants... a little

Author galen (4 years)
2t powers!!

Author vindiesel1994 (7 years)
fin sweet i love the guy not really

Author Anderzander (7 years)
I love this clip - fantastic

Author rem831 (6 years)
As an '84 700 Sabre owner, I can tell you the bike handles like a pig. A
similar vintage 700 or 1000 Interceptor would probably have been able to
hold off the GP500 until after the finish line. Also, 0-60 in 4 seconds is
a bit optimistic, I think most magazine testing at the time pegged it at
more like 4.5

Author Christian Thwaites (5 years)
That looks like Erv Kanamoto with Freddie at the beginning. Can anyone

Author grapes008 (4 years)
@357JACK its a honda, so most likely nsr 500, the TZR was a yamaha and the
rgv suzuki

Author killa59er (6 years)
are u mad???? do u know wat he is riding in this video one of the toughtest
and monsterous racmachines everbuilt your comparing a stock production
motorcycle to a 2 stroke gp bike with a legend in gp racing think again

Author ChazdaJazz (4 years)
Loved seeing the sabre being ridden that hard! Even if Freddie did
eventually catch up.

Author Colin Campbell (5 years)
freakin awesome...

Author golf1diesel (5 years)
honda=donkey shit??? then how come you have a HONDA BLACKBIRD?

Author Michał Janicki (6 years)
'ty głupie ścierwo', naucz się najpierw pisać.

Author ErikDJ123 (5 years)
This was my favorite video when I bought my RG500 in 1989. Too bad they
don't have the rest of the documentary about 2stroke racers here.

Author garetjaxx (6 years)
I'd love to see a modern version of this with a current GP bike, a showroom
stock sportbike and the new 370z all with professional riders/drivers.

Author onekilltwisk (5 years)
Thats called a little humor... If I where donkey shit, I'd be insulted if
someone called me a Honda..... So go on..... say it say it. Say I AM donkey
shit.... make my day....

Author sawboss17 (2 years)
Best EVER!

Author 1BEAVIS13 (5 years)
It's great watching one of the greatest riders of all time. Freddy Spencer

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