Gundam Seed Destiny OMNI VS ZAFT II PLUS

Video from tokyo game show 2006

Extra Info: There will not be a english version(maybe after 5 years) and you don have to noe jap to play this game.
1. This game is for the PlayStation 2.
2. No, this isn't out on PSP yet. The first Rengou Vs Zaft One is though.

I will be uploading a new video in the future for a new gundam game

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Author HambugerFace ( ago)
copyright *

Author HambugerFace ( ago)
do you mind if you state the audio doesnt belongs to you so that the audio
is recover back again ?

Author KunaiKrazy ( ago)
That dancing Zaku about killed Gundam for me. Oh gosh.

Author Altsick ( ago)
8:02 glitch!! Here's the trick! Use Buster Gundam (shotgun ones) Make the
enemy HP as low as possible.. Charge a longer shotgun and shot it at close
range.. normal shotgun works too. The attack will hits the target at the
same time, example 12 hit = 12 kill. ENEMY HP, LOW AS POSSIBLE, THEN SHOT.
Buster Charge Shotgun = max 16 hits. Normal attack = max 10 hits. Only
gundam with multiple attack example : Strike Freedom. max 5 hits. 8:02 is a
double hit! More than 3 hits = win. 16 hits? Insta win!

Author Kakarot197 ( ago)
Never. You have 3 options if you want to play it: 1) download the game and
play it on an emulator 2) buy a japanese PS2 or mod your PS2 and buy the
game(or download and burn on a disc 3) Buy a PSP(which is region free) and
buy the PSP version of the first game (it does have the impulses, zakus and
stolen gundams but none of the other destiny mechs)

Author Diamond Winter-Hogan ( ago)
do u know when the game is goin to come out in eng plz reply

Author 0omaple456 ( ago)
search this on 2BA7D595E0EFDECAFDF9A99296B1E8FFB1F135D2

Author ninaara ( ago)
Hey bro, do you have it as a psp iso file? :D

Author 0omaple456 ( ago)
who wants the iso file? i have it.

Author mabuchiii tv ( ago)
I loved this game omg too bad my japanese ps2 broke :(

Author alcades93 ( ago)
There's a PS2 emulator for PC, PCSX2. Just so you know, google is your
friend. XD

Author LiewIsTheFlow ( ago)
I dun care if it is a patch to the first game or something!! Since Gundam
Vs Gundam Next Plus is already at 1.6GB, they should consider making this

Author Danny Asri ( ago)
my fav is abyss

Author Slapp mama ( ago)
That's a rumor this might be in PSP Vita

Author williamfan210 (1663 years ago)
is there a pc format of this game playable??? i cant play it on ps2 anymore
AND ITS ADDICTING AS HELL! BEST GAME EVER. but my ps2 went spartan 300 on
my saying no more.. and doesnt load anymore. I NEED HELP to play this on pc

Author Kaizerdramon ( ago)
This game is so frigging addicting, when are we going to have Rengou VS
Z.A.F.T. 3 for PS3 ;( of course Gundam Extreme Vs is the closest thing we
have, but I want all Cosmic Era M.S., one of the best in my life, have to
own an original copy of this!

Author acezero2010 ( ago)

Author Opmega Gundam ( ago)
What ost is used in this video?

Author Bruce Lee ( ago)
Yeah, I agree! It's absolutely the BEST gundam game ever made. Great
animation, good story mode that explains everything practically like
watching the anime. Just overall, a great game. It'd be better if it had an
online mode though !! :(

Author FieryAce ( ago)
I try not assume but the game animation is seriously way better than
extreme and next plus....

Author Orion Wong ( ago)

Author lvlaplelvlasta ( ago)
It's true that the next dash makes the game much more fast-paced with all
the dodging that is now capable, what this game has on next plus really is
the great graphics and smoothness of gameplay.

Author Rebirth112 ( ago)
i highly prefer the Next Dash cancelling system. It gives the game a more
fast-paced feel.

Author TheKefka26 ( ago)
For SEED fans.. Of course this is alot better than Next Plus :)

Author FieryAce ( ago)
Gundam Vs Gundam Next Plus is better but the animation of this game is way
better than all of the new Gundam games.... Seriosuly what happened to the
solid animation

Author joshuagundamu ( ago)

Author joshuagundamu ( ago)
i should get this.

Author Bladecrossexe ( ago)
so its basically Federation VS Zeon with SEED mechs?

Author Shinn Souta ( ago)
i like this game...miss!!!!

Author Rivaire ( ago)
To say that Gundam vs Gundam Next Plus is much better than this is
pointless. We all know that it's a much more refined game in every aspect
-because they grasped the needed changes from the success of Alliance VS
ZAFT 2 Plus. Just appreciate the fact that it's thanks to great games like
this one as a foundation that the future of games isn't doomed to expensive
disappointments. At least this game featured each units' strengths
accordingly -unlike the actual show.

Author Rebirth112 ( ago)
get gundam vs gundam next plus. its alot better

Author moldgwapopat ( ago)
when are they gonna make that for psp????? i'd like that game

Author FreedomLars Ex (1830 years ago)
i miss this game so much!!!!!

Author Yes, I watch anime. But I am not a weeb. (178 years ago)
Auel Neider And Stellar Loussier Are #1 And Stellar Loussier's
Gundams/Robots Are AWESOME

Author Yes, I watch anime. But I am not a weeb. (630 years ago)
Thumbs Up If Your Watching In 2012!

Author RobinMelons ( ago)
Metrotown has this in the arcade! YES!

Author Nghtmrsrph91 ( ago)
@dynamic3quilibrium Use normal melee then shoot after the second hit. You
should be able to shoot up to three times. (Consumes rifle ammo)

Author dynamic3quilibrium ( ago)
does anybody know how to do the spinning thing with the impulse that luna
does? I've figured all the controls but I just can't do that one move which
I think is super badass :P

Author EluciaDeLuteIma ( ago)
Already past 6 years. English version is not going to happen.

Author jason low ( ago)
was lacus danceing... and getting shot at wtg lacus wtg...

Author Colony08 ( ago)
@shaq9537 I figured it out thanks though, that game is fucking additive lol.

Author shaq9537 ( ago)
@Colony08 hold square then lock on to another target

Author Colony08 ( ago)
How do you use kira's dual beam rifles at the same time?

Author MegaMan93703 ( ago)
@Colony08 Oh ok, but my gundam is American, it's all in English and it
won't play but kool man it's going to be good cause all the gundams you can
use that's why I want it

Author Colony08 ( ago)
@MegaMan93703 hey bro you have to get a japanese ps2 I got one back in 2007
from ebay, I got yu yu hakusho forever and Rourni kenshin en kyoto rennie
for the japanese ps2 soon I'll have this game because I just bought it on
ebay, tonight.

Author MegaMan93703 ( ago)
@jocinondemhaterzmen Do you know if gundam extreme will hit the USA? I
really enjoy gundam games my fav was federation vs zeon but I really want
this want but it wodnt play on my ps2 -_-sucks

Author MegaMan93703 ( ago)
@Colony08 I have gundam seed never ending tomorrow, but it won't play! the
disc is clean and wen I turn it on it says please insert ps2 disc, I don't
know what it is...anyway I would love to by this but my ps2 is American,
buy doyou know if ps2 slims can play this?

Author Colony08 ( ago)
@MegaMan93703 I'm buying this on ebay it's not expensive at all 31.99 but
it cost more than another century episode r which has gundams on it and
knightmares from code Geass. and other sorts of animes with machines.

Author jocinondemhaterzmen ( ago)
@MegaMan93703 cause its sorta hard to get it outside of Japan Asia or some
parts of NA. Here's hoping they put it up on PSN for download.

Author jocinondemhaterzmen ( ago)
@InfiniteS1 there is THAT gundam cockpit game only in Japan though. There's
also EXVS playable on any PS3. It is region free.

Author SlowRkers ( ago)
This the Last Gundam Game that have Laser beams and the Dragoon that moves
like one, Unlike GVG series the laser beams and dragoon are too slow, can
be dodged quite easily. Used to Love Battling 3 vs 1 in this game.... 3
providence gundam vs 1 Strike Freedom .... Now that is "Hard Mode"

Author lalaboss lalanoss ( ago)
Thry shd release a psp ver too...i loved the 1st part and im waiting for
this to come out hope they do it soon

Author zeratul7975 ( ago)
@jocinondemhaterzmen that would've been unfair. Moreover, THUMBS UP if you
like the fact that units with shields (yes, even grunt units like the
Daggers and Astrays) can block almost all kinds of frontal attacks, even
positron fire. I said ALMOST ALL since the only attack you can't block is
the nuke (nuke Windams and Stargazer)

Author MegaMan93703 ( ago)
@InfiniteS1 Why is it so fuckin expensive???? I don't understand why idiots
on eBay sell this for so much

Author RobinMelons ( ago)
Thank you Vancouver for letting this game in the arcades! epic tournaments!
Even though it's in Japanese it's always awesome! Gundam of choice? Destiny

Author Jeanne D'arc ( ago)
Strike Noir FTW

Author korii hu ( ago)
This game is extremely interesting. Isn't there any English-language
edition? I want you to play by all means.

Author jocinondemhaterzmen ( ago)
Thumbs up if you think Bandai forgot to apply the "Phaso-Shift" armor
system that prevents live bullets from inflicting damage to a Gundam!

Author jocinondemhaterzmen ( ago)
@25rikimaru yes and no...i dunno why humans just fight with robots instead
of killing ourselves senselessly. once you are gone from this world, thats
it you are only born once. why couldnt they just made a gundam weapon that
fires emp blasts instead of live ammunition or lasers...that woulda
prevented Kira's dillemma, but hey, war is war...but as we see in this
shows and real life. war is also stupid and wrong

Author xXNeoRavenHartzXx ( ago)
lmao, this game is bad ass xD

Author Ke RoRo ( ago)
Stellar Loussier T.T

Author jocinondemhaterzmen (1228 years ago)
@25rikimaru its not the gundam, its how you relate to the gundam. ie how
you view gundams and how you use it for good or evil

Author jorge alex flores ( ago)
Someone nows how to convert gaia and abyss etc????

Author davidofchinkov41 ( ago)
i got onmini vs zaft first one but i really want to play this one!!

Author wingblaze13 ( ago)
@25rikimaru um wat war on the first day the world ends :P

Author Vnewbie ( ago)
Man, 4:14 made me nostalgia hard for voiced Cagalli in Gundam games. *sigh*

Author FieryAce ( ago)
At least no idiots are talking and comparing about the other Gundam series

Author surpremekingjudai ( ago)
Just wondering but is this game playable on the ps3??

Author Nugraha Triputra ( ago)
I swear Destroy Gundam is 100X a lot better than Big Zam dan the Psycho
Gundam Series

Author 25rikimaru ( ago)
I wonder how WW2 would happen if we had gundams back then...

Author The1234doe ( ago)
Destroy Gundam = One EPIC gundam

Author sovietlil1 ( ago)
@banoka08 Honoo no Tobira

Author Orion Wong ( ago)
you made my childhood=)

Author gundamskillz ( ago)
@NBABaller51238 It's like do you want them to shoot, or do a melee attack,
or support, or use their special? You have to understand Japanese to use
the commands. Sorry I'm lazy to tell it.

Author gundamskillz ( ago)
@zerax7 OMNI is Rengou in English. So the game is actually "Gundam Seed
Destiny, Rengou Vs Zaft II Plus"

Author banoka08 ( ago)
What's the song name in 2:20?

Author IjjI010 ( ago)
anyone know where to download the ps2 iso for pc emulators? cant find a
good link

Author syafiq302 ( ago)
@Noizemaze4 gundam vs gundam. next plus. try it.

Author masterdante54 ( ago)
@Noizemaze4 lol dude torrent it its not coming to the us

Author Zeroragnarok ( ago)
lo unico rescatable del video fue el zaku que aparecio, se parecia al del
universal century(el original).

Author jani2s ( ago)
i want a psp version of this! if there's a pc for this game, i'll take it
whatever it costs.

Author Noizemaze4 ( ago)
it is now 2010.....STILL no PSP versionnnnnnn T_T

Author KiraZeroYamato ( ago)
@dbz5naruto that is the only place I know of.

Author KiraZeroYamato ( ago)
@HambugerFace Only for PS2, I'm afraid. if you have a PC good enough you
might be able to find a emulator that can play this.

Author HambugerFace ( ago)
Is it available in pc ??

Author dbz5naruto ( ago)
what wedsite can i buy this off?

Author ennis2k6 ( ago)
@clong961023 It should be out for the psp in about at least some time
around 2011. If it does I'll let u know.

Author Heireau ( ago)
5:09 WHAT

Author RA1S0R ( ago)
@Exn3rvous : i think there is split screen

Author Tyler D ( ago)
why did gundam go down in usa it was so cool in the dawn off the 2000's

Author 1368dainn ( ago)
damm i waited for 1 year and it's not out in singapore or anywhere only
japan Y_Y

Author Exn3rvous ( ago)
does tis have multiplayer?

Author blackdestinydramon ( ago)
Gotta ask for infinite justice how that use that uh.. graple thingy

Author blackdestinydramon ( ago)
@Llordking its called Gundam Strike Noir

Author iExD ( ago)
lol i wanna play this!

Author Bryan How ( ago)
@chunyin its a black gundam with 2 guns in the series : gundam seed

Author Bryan How ( ago)
i rock on zaku warrior, force impluse and strike noir gundam ^^

Author onehitok ( ago)
I dunno. I found a site can download it, and i put it on PSP.

Author onehitok ( ago)
Oh, you play on PS2 huh? I rock on those two too. I play on PSP.

Author onehitok ( ago)
If you want to thank me just subscribe me, and i will sub back you too.

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