The Ultimate Whataburger Taste Test

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  • sigourney weaver
    sigourney weaver 7 hours ago

    Eugene being from Awstun secretly makes me hope he has a thing for hispanic women..... because it's hard not to if you're from Texas.

  • Jake Shark
    Jake Shark 1 day ago

    "I don't like burgers" don't lie to yourself honey xx

  • ininj4killer gaming

    who else loves the buffalo chicken strip sandwich

  • ᗩᒪE᙭ᗩᑎᗪᖇᗩ ᗰOOᔕIE

    Me: sees Eugene , screams, clicks on video, 😁😁

  • Ari
    Ari 1 day ago

    I'm Texan and oh my this video drove me insane lmao

  • Denise Scarella
    Denise Scarella 2 days ago

    Even Keith answered because it's delicious

  • Lizzy Egg
    Lizzy Egg 2 days ago

    I don't even know what in and out, Burger King or whataburger is😓 Australian life

  • NikeFreekickerz
    NikeFreekickerz 3 days ago

    Smorgasbord😂😂 Smörgåsbord

  • Tatiana Espinoza
    Tatiana Espinoza 3 days ago

    Whataburger is life

  • LuLuLand13
    LuLuLand13 3 days ago

    Oh I miss those chicken tenders w/ gravy. The gravy was awesome on the fries & grilled cheese too!

  • tagaratzu
    tagaratzu 5 days ago

    They should've eaten it there on the resto. Would've tasted so much better.

  • RiceRice Rice
    RiceRice Rice 6 days ago

    U been to mc Garvin I've been there my bro been there he goes there

  • Tracee Kelly
    Tracee Kelly 6 days ago

    i live in Houston and whataburger is life and its not called waterburger its what-a-burger

  • Breanna Cuellar
    Breanna Cuellar 6 days ago

    Sometimes I remember that the other states don't have whataburger, and I feel really bad because it's so good !

  • Courtney Kramer
    Courtney Kramer 7 days ago

    As a Texan who loves Whataburger more than people, it was funny watching these city folks eat our native food.😂

  • Jon Animations
    Jon Animations 7 days ago

    Corpus Christi the city I live in

  • Lyssa Tompkins
    Lyssa Tompkins 7 days ago

    I live in Phoenix Arizona but I go to Whataburger 1 a week they have it in a lot of places besides Texas

  • Werewolf Guitarist
    Werewolf Guitarist 8 days ago

    So they went to Texas...

  • Ceceloba
    Ceceloba 8 days ago


  • Abby Tietgen
    Abby Tietgen 8 days ago

    Go to Kansas and get Winsteads!!! If you get A chocolate shake/malt order it with extra hot fudge not stirred in! Get a double winstead, and order your fries extra crispy! Dip the fries in your malt/shake! I prefer the malt... buzzFeed please! It is so good! They have a thing called a skyscraper, it is a humongous malt/shake, they have a song for it and everything!

  • MusicalBot
    MusicalBot 8 days ago

    there's actually a whataburger in az

  • Joseph Hernandez
    Joseph Hernandez 9 days ago

    Y'all missed out by not getting the honey BBQ chicken strip sandwich

  • Joy Arnette
    Joy Arnette 10 days ago

    eugene is so hot <3

  • Soumith Vallapalli
    Soumith Vallapalli 10 days ago

    try Bojangles

  • Soumith Vallapalli
    Soumith Vallapalli 10 days ago

    go to Bojangles

  • Rarah Belle
    Rarah Belle 10 days ago

    OMG they are under a mile from my house!!!

  • Kaden Smith
    Kaden Smith 11 days ago

    they have Whataburger here in Oklahoma to

  • JinxTheWolf
    JinxTheWolf 11 days ago

    you are not a true Texan until you have had Whataburger and In-and-out burgers and dairy queen ice cream. We have a lot of Whataburgers in Irving, but only like 1 dairy queen and In-and-out.

  • Nancy Fernandez
    Nancy Fernandez 11 days ago

    Number one, no onion, spicy ketchup and a Dr Pepper 😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫 this made me drool so bad 🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤💝💝💝😍😍😍

  • Little Bird
    Little Bird 11 days ago

    I guess if I ever go to Texas, I'll try this :)

  • Larry The Slayer
    Larry The Slayer 11 days ago

    Everything is bigger in Texas lol

  • Just Skye
    Just Skye 12 days ago

    Whataburger needs to put some locations in Canada.

  • Happily Ever Slimes
    Happily Ever Slimes 13 days ago

    who else lives in texas and every time you go out of state and get a burger and you're like why is it so tiny? haha texas pride 😂

  • Julia Caputo
    Julia Caputo 14 days ago

    I honestly live for Whataburger

  • Zakhaedrun
    Zakhaedrun 14 days ago

    They should do one of these for Culver's.

  • Cody Garcia
    Cody Garcia 14 days ago

    yeee boi corpus christi p.s. 361 area code

  • Aubrey Jordan
    Aubrey Jordan 14 days ago

    Knowing Eugene and I are from the same exact city makes my life complete

  • konichicat 12
    konichicat 12 14 days ago

    I love living in Texas

  • Buggy And Everdeen
    Buggy And Everdeen 15 days ago

    Whooo go corpus! my home!

  • No Name
    No Name 16 days ago

    Eat in n out I mean wtf is whataburger

  • justin flores
    justin flores 17 days ago

    Shouldn't it be pronounced "What-A-Burger"?
    Not "Waterburger"

    KILLBO TBAGGINS 18 days ago

    Hell yeah im from San Antonio whataburger is life dude

  • Bae Decisions
    Bae Decisions 18 days ago

    All I need in life is the honey butter chicken biscuit.

  • ThatBitchWith Glasses

    i ship ashley,and uegene so hard

  • Fiona Rasco
    Fiona Rasco 19 days ago

    they have whataburger in different states like arizona

  • - ItsAndyy -
    - ItsAndyy - 19 days ago

    Keith is the champion of this video by recommending the honey butter chicken biscuit

  • Samia Rashid
    Samia Rashid 20 days ago

    i've watched this six times and a) it's ramadan
    b) it's probably not even halal
    c) i don't even live in the USA

  • AidanSY
    AidanSY 20 days ago

    I love the bacon cheeseburgers there

  • Luke Kurt Cam Sheen Thomas Barke

    I hate it when these dirty Asians taste our food.

  • Kennedy Calloway
    Kennedy Calloway 20 days ago

    Whataburger is the best!!!!! Like "EVERY THING IS BIGGER IN TEXAS"

  • Quan Hoang
    Quan Hoang 21 day ago

    We just need this in California
    In N Out and Whataburger <3

  • Maya Ivy
    Maya Ivy 21 day ago

    Ashley was in a bad mood. 😕

  • Raymond Hinojosa
    Raymond Hinojosa 21 day ago

    somebody from my school was in the video .

  • Uriel Lopez
    Uriel Lopez 21 day ago

    i have a whataburger down the street

  • MsPurpleStuff
    MsPurpleStuff 21 day ago

    They have it in new york!

  • TheMysticJD
    TheMysticJD 22 days ago

    I'm sitting here 12:30 am and my just heard my belly cry, "WHEN YOU GET UP YOU ARE DRIVING 20 MINUTES TO EAT SOME GOD DAMN PATTY MELTS"

  • Lexi Nicole
    Lexi Nicole 22 days ago

    Lotaburger is so much better 😍 (New Mexico)

  • Kenijiah Sands
    Kenijiah Sands 23 days ago

    I can't believe you I was in Texas for 10 years and then I had to move because of the army and now every time we pass 1 we get food

  • Cameron's MLG channel

    Texans where u at?
    Wataburger 4 life

  • Madison Thorne
    Madison Thorne 25 days ago

    this is the only good thing about living in louisiana

  • BessonaiaPtitsa
    BessonaiaPtitsa 25 days ago

    I work here 😂

  • Dana Sun
    Dana Sun 25 days ago

    We need a Whataburger here in London, Ontario, Canada

  • Amazing Jenny
    Amazing Jenny 27 days ago

    Oh Austin I live there and I have been to the exact same location

  • nabila rasiqkha
    nabila rasiqkha 28 days ago

    now i wished it was in singapore

  • Amandah Owen
    Amandah Owen 29 days ago

    started in Texas..all over the south now..Pensacola loves whataburger..and yes we all say waterburger

  • Kelley Estep
    Kelley Estep 29 days ago

    This has been my favorite YouTube video since it cam out

  • Nikte Gomez
    Nikte Gomez 1 month ago

    This video always makes my mouth water 😍😍

  • Jiggly Puff
    Jiggly Puff 1 month ago

    "Keith Habersberger ✅ Plz bring me back a honey butter chicken biscuit" 😂😂😂

  • mattloveOHIOST5
    mattloveOHIOST5 1 month ago

    Five guys all the way

  • Cameron Phillips
    Cameron Phillips 1 month ago

    I live in Texas and if you've NEVER TRIED WHATABURGER OMG

  • Demi E.M.C.
    Demi E.M.C. 1 month ago

    why Quinta always? call anyone other than Quinta

  • Rachel Wang
    Rachel Wang 1 month ago

    Did they still bring the food Keith asked for in the tweet?

  • Drew G
    Drew G 1 month ago

    Y'all should come to Rowlett Texas and try Valentenos

  • Juan Medina
    Juan Medina 1 month ago

    buffalo ranch or honey bbq chicken sandwich

  • Sabrina Dudra
    Sabrina Dudra 1 month ago

    I went to Tulsa Oklahoma last summer and had whataburger and it was the most generic burger and fries I've ever had

  • Gaming 4 Life
    Gaming 4 Life 1 month ago

    Chick f la is is my Whatabuger

  • Natalya Ortiz
    Natalya Ortiz 1 month ago

    Whataburger is like a Texan version as McDonald's it is gross and fake and overrated

  • TheExoticMan9
    TheExoticMan9 1 month ago

    There is a whataburger in my town, but I haven't tried it. Now I want to.

  • Savannah Fulgham
    Savannah Fulgham 1 month ago

    I miss Whataburger , the closest one is like and hour and a half away, living in a little town in New Mexico is the worst because of that reason

  • Berserk Gaming
    Berserk Gaming 1 month ago

    We have them in Louisiana it's the best

  • Andrew Lopez
    Andrew Lopez 1 month ago

    Can't compare to in n out

  • Alex Cerna
    Alex Cerna 1 month ago

    In-N-Out is better...

  • dill pickle
    dill pickle 1 month ago

    Am I the only Texan who hates Whataburger? Its so gross.

  • Girl With A Mic
    Girl With A Mic 1 month ago

    For some reason, the people in my town don't want whataburger, so I rarely have it. I love it so much, but it's not in my home town!
    (And yes, I'm a Texan.)
    (Yes, Im living in Texas.)

    Sadness forever

  • DeadChannel
    DeadChannel 1 month ago

    Ashly: This gravy is so good I could drink it.

    Eugene: *drinks gravy*

    Ashly: Ewwwww!!!

  • Nug Nug
    Nug Nug 1 month ago

    So happy I live in Texas. I cam walk to a whataburger

  • Oxymorphone
    Oxymorphone 1 month ago

    I got a whataburger ad before this ad

  • Water
    Water 1 month ago


  • bree baby
    bree baby 1 month ago

    I used to work at whataburger & I never got tired of eating it 💀💀

  • Giselle Marquez
    Giselle Marquez 1 month ago

    this restaurant is my Texan childhood

  • FancyNerd619
    FancyNerd619 1 month ago


  • That1 Mexican
    That1 Mexican 1 month ago

    Am I the only thats proud that whataburger came outta Texas being from Texas 😂😂😍😍✌🏼️✌🏼️

  • Taylor luu
    Taylor luu 1 month ago


  • Simplexi
    Simplexi 1 month ago

    Eugene's eyebrows are on fleek.

  • BlackcloakGT
    BlackcloakGT 1 month ago

    The black girl looks like Kodak black

  • jared 830
    jared 830 1 month ago

    should've got honey bbq chicken strip sandwich 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Jasmine Ward
    Jasmine Ward 1 month ago

    I wish I could try this

  • Conrika
    Conrika 1 month ago

    Where the Houstonians at?

  • valerie marica
    valerie marica 1 month ago

    Wait, I'm a vegetarian, why am I watching this?

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