Test Suzuki GSX650F

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Author Gresa Robert ( ago)
How tall are you? (I want to buy same bike! Thanks)

Author Erhan ÜNAL ( ago)
yapacağın testi sikeyim amk çocuğu

Author David Jarolem ( ago)
Just wasted my time . Thanks!

Author Jay C ( ago)
What was he testing? How long he could sit still without flinching? How
many roundabout laps he could do in one minute?

Author Matgraph ( ago)
Qu'est ce que c'est que ce cinéma...un test ça ?

Author ethamplus ( ago)

Author Tomáš Tichý ( ago)
Test čeho? kroužení zajíce po kruháči? :) :)

Author Luciano Fininho ( ago)
kkk... boa

Author sohem007 ( ago)
Test? Lmfao!!

Author Taty Ribeiro ( ago)
beleza muito bom

Author MrCharcharchar ( ago)
vroom vroom look at me am a phuckin cretin ,get it right over you dimwit
,crash even an make this have some reason for watching ,you absolute

Author ylism ( ago)
Hows the bike on fuel ?

Author eburt6 ( ago)
yes it can rev. now we all wanna see how fast it is

Author HN Spence ( ago)
ultimate poser test. all that gear, and the hot misery, for that? lol.

Author Guilherme Goldschmidt ( ago)
the worst test ever... really terrible

Author Ricardo Messina ( ago)
porra... poe na reta e acelera essa porra ai veio!!! kct vai ficar dando
voltinha na rotatória zé!

Author Vincent Ray ( ago)
It was a NASCAR driver testing this bike, all he did was turn left.

Author Alex Condos ( ago)

Author leobeissaum ( ago)
FDP ..!! se vai fica andando em circuloo. .!!!!

Author Hikmah Kamarudin ( ago)
Bangang punya test ride...... Just one big roundabout turn you're saying
this as a test ride? Hahaha.... Nice bike's an all

Author Harijs K ( ago)
You`re out of fuel :P

Author BBosman92 ( ago)
woooo airplane O.o

Author GATOYLHS ( ago)
siga tha skiseis kana kalson

Author gsxrkidd ( ago)
was thinking of buying this bike, but after this video.. hell no

Author Tom Wild ( ago)
Was thinking of buying this bike but didn't know whether or not it could
turn left. Thanks for putting my mind at ease.

Author potatomasher100 ( ago)
Test - repeat after me: brm....brrrrrm.....brrrrm brrrrrrm brooommmm....brm
brm brm
brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrm finish

Author mammutit ( ago)
great test , 1 minute of revving , 1 minute of driving in a circle in first
gear. whats next 1 minute of cooldown ?

Author xPygocentrusx ( ago)
lol I own a bike like this. it's 08 model, thats a pro demenstration of
what it is capable of lol. lets face it, it's not a gixxer, not even close
but still a fun bike to ride for noobs and intermediate riders. it taps
outs at 235 with nav system thats about 220ish, it's 500 lbs so it's fairly
heavy when in parking lots but not noticable when up to speed. as for
wheelies it will come up but forget it the dam thing is a pig for weight
and you're just wrecking the front end!

Author chewystyler ( ago)
Yep, you just proved it sounds like shit with the standard pipe on. Nice

Author Richard C ( ago)
I´ve got this bike, in the Suzuki colours (blue and white). Great
motorcycle, who ever is thinking in buying one.

Author Doc ( ago)
worst test ever

Author DrAllan1 ( ago)
Good it can turn in a circle, this still has not convinced me to buy the

Author JayzBeerz ( ago)
those front turn signals are just plain ole fugly

Author noturno03 ( ago)
test ???

Author yutokinemi ( ago)
the test, please?

Author DemetriosAP ( ago)
Very beautifull bike, and i really like that color! Very cool!!!

Author Harijs K ( ago)
nice color dou...

Author brettroberts987 ( ago)
what was the use of this video??????????

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