Screw Gmod
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Author Vast Monkey ( ago)

Author DYLAN BENJAMIN ( ago)

Author Bird ( ago)
Didn't even know he was Niko Bellic until I started to learn more about GTA
IV in 2012, when I started playing it for the first time.

Author Rusukaina ( ago)
I want to order a piss-a please.

Author yubi Kiriaku ( ago)

Author CJR ( ago)
Nico Belic XDDD

Author LennertTale ( ago)
Its niko belic

Author GG M8 (1791 year ago)
press 1 for phone ringing and sniper being scared of it
press 2 for smiling hand-shaking snoipar
press 3 for psycho smiling sniper
a smoke "six")
press 5 for "ha ha"
press 6 for "huh hu"(door opens)
press 7 for niko lookin' at a pizza and the pizza looking back
press 8 for "buuurp" (pizza falls dead,killed by her new best friend)
press 9 for funny music with niko's arm fallin down and he turning around)
press 0 for "meanwhile, at the justice room...oops i mean snoipas pizz(ss)a

Author IvanezRus ( ago)

Author Sir. Sheldington ( ago)
THATS HOW YOU DELIVER A PIZZA MY GOD were getting pizza tommorow maybe i
will see someone rocket bye...

Author Sir. Sheldington ( ago)
Thats how i do everything 

Author Aleksandra Wyrwińska ( ago)
Lol pizzarate fuck

Author Gigidag77 (1862 years ago)
How did Sniper get Nico's adress ?

Author Skylar Whalen ( ago)
Dat laugh - 0:39

Author Rob | ROBLOX Gaming & More ( ago)
Wait what was that map actually called

Author Geometry Dash Thoci ( ago)
0:31 Pizza Party. ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

Author MaxaN ( ago)
Pizza and prostitutes have the same rule: theres no point in buying cheap

Author Eetu64 ( ago)

Author ViewtifulShishigami ( ago)
00:23 got me laughing like a hyena

Author Szczerbatek ( ago)
0:28 Pizzarate!

Author Iasac Marrs ( ago)
Pizzarate! The pizza based karate!

Author FreakerCamper ( ago)

Author Medic Bag ( ago)
Map ?

Author Weyerhaeuser Railfan ( ago)
Gmod is my fav game

Author naee ch super game review ( ago)

Author Killermonkey192 ( ago)
Fuck you

Author Cameron Harris ( ago)
he has partly black jarate what does he drink?!

Author RedJacketCapcomKid ( ago)
...I don't know how to react to this video...

Author 856Lavalamp ( ago)
i'll buy sniper's pizza.

Author Rupert Kim ( ago)
i fly out my balcony every time i eat a cheap pizza too.

Author Iron ISO ( ago)
got any?

Author DerpedDirt ( ago)

Author GDSpectra ( ago)
Got any? xDD

Author 이주섭 ( ago)
Pizza "N" piss.avi

Author john rodriguez ( ago)
5 second delivery

Author Zeal Le Snazzy Foxx ( ago)

Author Charlie Arthurs ( ago)
Is that niko bellic

Author BigBang1112tm ( ago)

Author Jared Mitchell ( ago)
Beep you buzzkill

Author Facelessdoom ( ago)
The Pissa

+Drop it using right click to the enemies to make them puke themselves
-Eating it will poison the eater and puke him
-Recharges longer than sandvich

Author RioichiCooper ( ago)
That's it no more tacos after midnight for me after seeing this

Author Gabe Alexander ( ago)
He checked each door to see if you could open it, and then he found the
most detailed door

Author SpyGames ( ago)
-=Pizzarate=- (Crafted By A Jarate And 2 Sandviches) (Weapon For Sniper)
(Secundary Weapon) +Can Drop Them Then A Enemy Eat The Item +When Shes
Eated -100 Hp -Can Be Eated By A Teammate -Dont Reload

Author ivan55599 ( ago)
Well that is my way to knock door.

Author BaLoo lcon ( ago)
0:40 poor door lost its virginity... 4ever

Author MASTER3258 ( ago)
How did he know where he lives???

Author Bogdan Gabriel ( ago)

Author Dan D ( ago)
(Beeyoing) AWHOOPS!

Author SuperEngineer2201 ( ago)

Author renee laughridge ( ago)
Lol so hard at 1:23 it says fuck gmod im done! XD

How did sniper know Nico's room number???

Author Bone Saw ( ago)
17:00 incredibles theme

Author Dennis I. Siglos Jr. (Yeng Yeng) ( ago)
Nikko belic LOL!!

Author SayaKuro12 ( ago)

Author TCTCL Paradox ( ago)

Author Roddy ( ago)
Map is ovis city.

Author tunglam35 ( ago)
I want to go to 0:31 

Author MegaPanda20000 ( ago)

Author MCMineTube ( ago)
Guys I've done Pizzarate minecraft animation :D

Author MCMineTube ( ago)
Guys I've done Pizzarate minecraft animation :D

Author Unborn Era ( ago)

Author BroilerTM ( ago)
0:39 Most realistic knocking I've ever seen.

Author fiko543216789 ( ago)

Author 258th Hi Guy ( ago)
It involves pizza

Author 258th Hi Guy ( ago)
They forgot Incredibles music.

Author fiko543216789 ( ago)
Can you give me all info about video? (i mean what map, musics, programs
you used)

Author IV ( ago)
You bloody fruitshop-owners!

Author Chrono Gaming ( ago)
0:40 The vicious cycle of not answering the door.

Author Hamish Dow ( ago)
Okay now please pay attention. It's illegal to redistribute music through
the Internet by any form unless the artist says otherwise. Please stop
before you get in some serious legal issues.

Author darkshadow615 ( ago)
Is he done with videos on GMod

Author thundergamer225 ( ago)
It's a pizzacrap get it get it ???? Ok. . . .

Author zifnabwiz ( ago)
I can't believe that people actually do this @_@

Author Eddie1122100 ( ago)
Freeze at 0:45 and see the small picture of the video at the white circle.

Author Lukas Ramanauskas (the boos) ( ago)
i hope in gta 5 you could do that 

Author ทัศสิมนต์ เลขวรนันท์ ( ago)

Author dert269 ( ago)
OH WHOOPS! ~Shout out to the Ending :3.~

Author The Sir Can See ( ago)

Author The007Goku ( ago)
I think not =)

Author Does Seem ( ago)
Sniper faces the blue sniper of death!!!

Author Ultrapyre ( ago)
For all we know, that's not piss, but a canister of molten cheese.....

Author Wessii ( ago)
Thank you and NOW eget out AAAAAAaAaA nom nom nom ky nom kom ph sit hvis
are chip ................ AA WHOOOOPS

Author Marco Mayo ( ago)

Author Supev ( ago)
He deilever Pissa in 12 second

Author Supev ( ago)
Is this Pizza rate or Pizz a rate. 

Author TheDesertEagle ( ago)
niko throw him a butter

Author Conall S ( ago)
It isnt glass its jarate

Author Pascal | Pas9816 ( ago)
Why he knock on the door...with his HEAD xD?!

Author 258th Hi Guy ( ago)
I want to buy a piss-a!

Author Bryce Wagner ( ago)
Lol gmod is hard

Author Jayzzz 123 ( ago)

Author pfm2001 ( ago)
If I ever have to deliver apizza, Sniper would be my role model. :D

Author Jayzzz 123 ( ago)
incredibles music FTW

Author Sem Koops ( ago)

Author SuperWyattguy ( ago)
1:20 Now Niko what are you thinking?

Author Indy ( ago)
no shit its lava

Author Joseph N. ( ago)
Fuck gmod i m done SO TRUE

Author Dan Kien ( ago)
fyi: jarate is piss

Author Secrital Healthy ( ago)
Lol I like the way that sniper kept on lafing

Author AgentVamp ( ago)
If you don't like GMOD, don't make crappy vids with it.

Author I see that you are taking time out of your day to read my completely unnecessarily long username. ( ago)

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