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Added: 3 years
Runtime: 1:24
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Author TheEetu64 (1 month)

Author Iasac Marrs (2 months)
Pizzarate! The pizza based karate!

Author Dalek number 231 (2 months)
Gmod is my fav game

Author 5ilver (15 days)
Pizza and prostitutes have the same rule: theres no point in buying cheap

Author Killermonkey192 (4 months)
Fuck you

Author rustysonicvaltsu (8 months)
I would buy Sniper's pizza :D

Author Szczerbatek(Dzienny)PL (2 months)
0:28 Pizzarate!

Author Mustojr Pelailee (2 months)
Map ?

Author giovanni brugnetti (5 months)

Author kitsanaporth kanoksinsoomboon (3 months)

Author DerpedDirt (6 months)

Author Charlie Arthurs (8 months)
Is that niko bellic

Author john rodriguez (7 months)
5 second delivery

Author DoZ.Faceless - Offical DOTA gaming channel (10 months)
The Pissa

+Drop it using right click to the enemies to make them puke themselves
-Eating it will poison the eater and puke him
-Recharges longer than sandvich

Author Rupert Kim (6 months)
i fly out my balcony every time i eat a cheap pizza too.

Author Kanuktap Pinestatien (6 months)
got any?

Author ViewtifulShishigami (2 months)
00:23 got me laughing like a hyena

Author Jared Mitchell (9 months)
Beep you buzzkill

Author 이주섭 (7 months)
Pizza "N" piss.avi

Author FreakerCamper (2 months)

Author S. Jordan (7 months)
0:18 Incredibles music

Author Alex Smith (8 months)

Author BacterialBlake (3 months)

Author Cameron Harris (5 months)
he has partly black jarate what does he drink?!

Author Leonardo Donelli (9 months)
Voglio vederli al cinema questi video!

Author RedJacketCapcomKid (5 months)
...I don't know how to react to this video...

Author MojofiedGL2488 (10 months)
That's it no more tacos after midnight for me after seeing this

Author 856Lavalamp (6 months)
i'll buy sniper's pizza.

Author GoldieMethrans (7 months)
Got any? xDD

Author BigBang1112tm (8 months)

Author Pepsi223LP (10 months)

Author Ace Swift (1 year)
1:24 I'm going to do that to my friend to day.

Author taniesita68 (11 months)
I want to buy a PISSA!!!!!!!

Author 258th Hi Guy (1 year)
It involves pizza

Author Bryce Wagner (1 year)
Lol gmod is hard

Author Lukas Ramanauskas (1 year)
i hope in gta 5 you could do that

Author The007Goku (1 year)
I think not =)

Author Peeranut Sungsang (1 year)

Author IPlayEpicGames ForTheWin (1 year)
niko bellic calls sniper ? :D

Author JakeTheWird (1 year)

Author renee laughridge (11 months)
Lol so hard at 1:23 it says fuck gmod im done! XD

Author DaiMonAlex (1 year)
shh dead people don't speak

Author MrCoderwhite (1 year)

Author Casroder (1 year)

Author Bogdan Gabriel (11 months)

Author Bob lal (1 year)
NOTE: Did you know that "Guy on Phone" is Niko Bellic?

Author jason gauthier (1 year)

Author Matthew Hill (1 year)
I like the music

Author BTTFFan11 (1 year)
Pizzarate peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Author HotRod234 (1 year)
Map is ovis city.

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