Lindsey Stirling "Hold My Heart" feat. ZZ Ward (Live Acoustic Version) | The Recording Academy

  • Added:  1 month ago
  • Violinist, dancer, composer, performance artist Lindsey Stirling and musician, singer, songwriter ZZ Ward perform "Hold My Heart," off of Lindsey's 2016 album Brave Enough.

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    Lindsey Stirling "Hold My Heart" feat. ZZ Ward (Live Acoustic Version) | The Recording Academy
  • Video CategoriesMusic
  • Runtime: 3:43
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Comments: 96

  • Sophie D
    Sophie D 14 days ago

    I don't know why I love Lindsey so much… I may not be a violinist but she's my idol!🔝🔝🖤🖤🖤❤️❤️❤️😍

  • виктор калинин

    very fff ---- gooood

  • santos paramo
    santos paramo 14 days ago

    lindzey te amo waooo eres la mejor
    mi sueño seria verte en persona y escucharte

  • Bettymix Bettymix
    Bettymix Bettymix 14 days ago


  • Sha'Tera Wilcoxson
    Sha'Tera Wilcoxson 16 days ago

    I'm crying! OMG this is amazing

  • Diren Capulcu
    Diren Capulcu 17 days ago

    ZZ Ward is such a lovable grill. I was quite enchanted by the original clip as well.

  • Bianca Cristina
    Bianca Cristina 19 days ago

    <3 just perfect!

  • miguel villa
    miguel villa 19 days ago

    bestiallllllllllll guauuuuuuu

  • Jebb M
    Jebb M 20 days ago

    ZZ Ward is an amazing singer, but I wish she wasn't singing so I could hear Lindsey playing better.

    • Brett Taylor
      Brett Taylor 8 days ago

      That's true. I remember it still sounded good tho. This live in studio version we're watching is actually my favorite.

    • Jebb M
      Jebb M 8 days ago

      Brett Taylor She did, it's just not studio quality like this.

    • Brett Taylor
      Brett Taylor 8 days ago

      Lindsey did an instrumental version. I don't think it's too hard to find.

  • Dominik Herrmann
    Dominik Herrmann 24 days ago

    This Video is very cool and popular

  • Fahri ÖZEN
    Fahri ÖZEN 25 days ago

    i wanna see more lindsey

  • Hiếu  Khổng
    Hiếu Khổng 26 days ago


  • laydbakk1
    laydbakk1 26 days ago

    Love it... Great seein' Lindsey in a traditional supporting role on a sound like this... Still enjoy watching her play and, dance the most though...

  • Siv New
    Siv New 26 days ago

    did anyone got chills when she says "hold my heart" ? cause I got

  • Illuminatus5
    Illuminatus5 27 days ago

    I just love to watch how much fun drew has :)

  • Federica Giordano
    Federica Giordano 27 days ago

    oustanding performance! absolutely in love with her voice and obviously the super extra talented Linsdey! <3

    GEORGE KNOOP 27 days ago


  • Fawkes Archi
    Fawkes Archi 27 days ago

    I love lindsey's songs, and also I love this song too. but I disapointed little bit. because ZZ Ward's live choreography is very different for recorded sound's choreography. only me?

  • MrShinrai
    MrShinrai 28 days ago


  • Paul McCartney
    Paul McCartney 29 days ago

    Lindsey always is beautiful

  • Zigzag Professional
    Zigzag Professional 29 days ago

    can she please win a grammy. she deserves that award

  • KikeYopo
    KikeYopo 1 month ago


  • Leydi Mendoza
    Leydi Mendoza 1 month ago

    Me encanta esta chica!!! Lindsey.

  • michael milad
    michael milad 1 month ago


  • marvona
    marvona 1 month ago


  • Сельское Techno

    "hold my high? hi? hye?"

  • Ariel Pérez
    Ariel Pérez 1 month ago

    The original didn't quite convince me, but this one is beautiful!

  • Sarah Powell
    Sarah Powell 1 month ago

    ❤❤💖💖🎻🎻 I love Lindsey Stirling 😀😀

  • elizabeth Rogers
    elizabeth Rogers 1 month ago

    This is one my favs

  • Katieannesinger
    Katieannesinger 1 month ago

    Excelente version!
    No puedo esperar a verte de nuevo tocando en Argentina en agosto!!!!! wowwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hoàng Khôi Nguyên

    wow, she could sit still while playing the violin :o :o

    • Sleepwxlker
      Sleepwxlker 1 month ago

      Hoàng Khôi Nguyên Yeah she trained it for years ! which Special talent ! XD

  • Kenny Mars
    Kenny Mars 1 month ago

    Wow such talent! Lindsey is so gorgeous. 💜

  • JustLooseMe
    JustLooseMe 1 month ago

    ZZ alone: great voice but not my music style
    Lindsey alone: Good music but can´t hear it to often. Don´t know why
    Both together: incredible piece of art

  • michaelreaper666
    michaelreaper666 1 month ago

    Nice ....Cool ..:)

  • bee4pc goldrule
    bee4pc goldrule 1 month ago

    Needs a real drumset.

  • Raissa Layene
    Raissa Layene 1 month ago

    this is my fav song of this Lindsay's album...

  • Eric John
    Eric John 1 month ago

    ok I would have thought this entire performance would have been overdubbed 100 times to be that good.

  • Cereal For Me
    Cereal For Me 1 month ago

    lindsey's acoustics are life

  • George Parrow
    George Parrow 1 month ago

    Thank You again never get tired of hearing you guys play that song👍

  • Talal Alhejji
    Talal Alhejji 1 month ago

    Zz ward ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Will Ashwell
    Will Ashwell 1 month ago

    I can't wait for ZZ's new album to come out! #TheStorm

  • Bruce John Shourt
    Bruce John Shourt 1 month ago

    Good sound, wrong black level.

  • Piair Toucour
    Piair Toucour 1 month ago

    OMFG 5 videos of Hold my Heart

    • Allen Liew
      Allen Liew 27 days ago

      Where Is Akali Seems like Lindsey really love this song 🤣

  • jella hann ascano
    jella hann ascano 1 month ago

    blown away w/ this collab!!!
    love ZZ!!!

  • Adam Ward
    Adam Ward 1 month ago

    love it!

  • Alice Smith
    Alice Smith 1 month ago

    Lindsey is so adorable!

  • Lucho GamerPro
    Lucho GamerPro 1 month ago

    Nice!!! :D

  • Mr Byson
    Mr Byson 1 month ago

    Something is wrong there, Lindsey were is the Point ?!

  • Danae Ventura
    Danae Ventura 1 month ago


  • Realistic Idealist
    Realistic Idealist 1 month ago

    YESSSSS I've been waiting for this for months!

  • Raymond Clark
    Raymond Clark 1 month ago

    Two of my favorite ladies in one shot! WOW! Love you both!

  • BlackNekoHime
    BlackNekoHime 1 month ago

    I would love to see a full acoustic album from Lindsey Stirling with all these collaborations! I would so pre-order that!!! ^___^ Beautiful song; beautiful album! Thank you for sharing this version of the song!!!!

  • WriterAtHeart
    WriterAtHeart 1 month ago

    OH MY GOD OH MY GOD 😍😍😍😍😍

  • bomber barri
    bomber barri 1 month ago

    I love lindsey ;) :* god job spain concert please :)

  • Tim Van Caelenberge
    Tim Van Caelenberge 1 month ago

    ZZ has an incredible voice!

  • Joan Dolcet
    Joan Dolcet 1 month ago

    Simplemente magnífica. Gracias.

  • Marco Roepers
    Marco Roepers 1 month ago

    What a version! I hope Lindsey Stirling will once bring out an acoustic album.

  • Kartagengames
    Kartagengames 1 month ago

    I love This....

  • Bog Splash
    Bog Splash 1 month ago

    Really love this stripped down recording. Nice job guys. Looks like this and the cover of Boulevard of Broken Dreams were recorded at the same session...wonder if there are any more gems to be released?

    • Kailee Walden
      Kailee Walden 1 month ago

      +Bog Splash There's a possibility. Lindsey teased this video several months ago right after filming it, and it only came out now, so I'd say probably.

  • Criss Fresno
    Criss Fresno 1 month ago

    *Lindsey <3*

  • Elsa The Snow Queen
    Elsa The Snow Queen 1 month ago


  • Erick Michellé Anguiano Rodriguez

    Love it this version equal to the original version

  • Jose Victoria
    Jose Victoria 1 month ago

    super mega sorprendente cañon. 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Emerald Shotgun
    Emerald Shotgun 1 month ago

    Amazing!! 😍😍

  • yuuki konno
    yuuki konno 1 month ago

    At 3:27, is it just me or I heard the guy say "Hello, this is monkey from porn"? lol

  • yuuki konno
    yuuki konno 1 month ago

    I clicked as fast as I saw Lindsey. The acoustic covers are so beautiful.

    • Iynx Queeny
      Iynx Queeny 16 days ago

      on her channel, there is an accoustic version even without the voice ;)

  • Violin Sydney
    Violin Sydney 1 month ago

    I LOVE Lindsey's acoustic covers! Thank you so much, Lindsey, for giving us all so much inspiration and hope!!!

    • Courtney Elizabeth
      Courtney Elizabeth 24 days ago

      Kailee Walden isn't that what a cover is?

    • Kailee Walden
      Kailee Walden 1 month ago

      +Lauren O'Keefe I guess you could say that, but I see it more like an alternate version.

    • Lauren O'Keefe
      Lauren O'Keefe 1 month ago

      Kailee Walden technically, it's and acoustic cover of her song

    • Kailee Walden
      Kailee Walden 1 month ago

      +Violin Sydney This isn't a cover.

  • SEIKO !
    SEIKO ! 1 month ago

    but this is absolutely beautiful... as always!! gj lindsey!

  • Bruce .W
    Bruce .W 1 month ago

    sounds like a pea cock

  • Bruce .W
    Bruce .W 1 month ago

    ugly voice

    • Bruce .W
      Bruce .W 1 month ago

      it helps to recognise pea-cock voices! lol

    • Kailee Walden
      Kailee Walden 1 month ago

      +Bruce .W Who, exactly, is this comment helping?

    • Bruce .W
      Bruce .W 1 month ago

      ugly voice like pea cock , sure

    • Talal Alhejji
      Talal Alhejji 1 month ago

      Bruce .W fuck u

    • Inplay` z
      Inplay` z 1 month ago

      Bruce .W like you

  • Gábor Reszler
    Gábor Reszler 1 month ago

    Well done as always!

  • Zoeannaart -Zilahtov

    This is beautiful!

  • Pearls & Journeys
    Pearls & Journeys 1 month ago

    This version is a brilliant collab of great talent of all the musicians here. Just watched the Lindsey Stirling Documentary. What a Heartfelt, Incredible Journey of going from Strength to Strength! A story that walked us all through vulnerability, truth, creativity & feelings. Truly touched the inner core & brought us all closer to you & aware of the ability we all have to reach inside & draw on strength beyond our belief of the power within & the power beyond. Thank you for sharing a part of the great soul you are! I know your family would feel very proud! We look forward to more of your strength, creativity & talent & your selfless willingness to bring light to the world & an awareness that we can all do more of the same and... Be...#BraveEnough! #KSLL.

  • Eric Marks
    Eric Marks 1 month ago

    I love this. So talented.

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