What's inside a REAL PokeBall?

We CUT OPEN a REAL Pokeball!?! As real as you can get outside of the game or show.

Giveaway is Over and has been awarded.

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Kaysville, UT 84037

WARNING: We do not recommend you try what we do! Only do things the we do in our videos IF you are assisted by a qualified adult under proper safety measures. Always think ahead, and remember that any project you try is at YOUR OWN RISK. Remember our motto "We cut things open so you don't have to." so we do not recommend you try anything we do.

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Author Hanna Corter ( ago)
i like pie

Author Preshal Chetty ( ago)

Author Kacie Moye ( ago)
I would like the watch

Author Meena Soni ( ago)
is it trur

Author llola 12345 ( ago)
what is Inside a pigs barain

Author Fletcher Harris ( ago)
whats inside a cricket helmet

Author Fletcher Harris ( ago)
whats inside a soccer ball

Author Mohammad Amin Kahnoji ( ago)

Author Dave Rice ( ago)
Today we will be cutting open a PokeBall... and my glove

Author Visualgamer 360 ( ago)
I did not Watch this yet but i think that there is a pokemon inside it

Author Static Point ( ago)
What's inside a soccer World Cup trophy

Author حبشكلات بصراويةة ( ago)
خرب ربك شكد فايخ

Author Infinite flight Master ( ago)
Pick me plzzzzzzz :)

Author Yashu Singh ( ago)
nala ko guu

Author Sandro Kandelaki ( ago)
that spple watch is cool

Author Omkar Palav ( ago)

Author Timothy Evan ( ago)
your video very bad

Author Jia Cong Lee ( ago)
I sub plz give me Apple Watch

Author Sophia Sundman ( ago)
poke ball

Author Sophia Sundman ( ago)
Poke ba,,

Author morning hibrate buzz ( ago)

Author Luis Peralta ( ago)
i want it

Author Julian Armando ( ago)

Author Javanni Davis ( ago)

Author trollin raud ( ago)

Author Brooks Fox ( ago)
Apple Watch please

Author Mehar Reyaz ( ago)
What was that

Author tony demian ( ago)
hello can I have a apple watch please my mum wanted it really bad

Author Sean Kairie Dimalanta ( ago)
what's inside a iPhone

Author Mat Cramp ( ago)
Play roblox

Author GUAVA SHOW ( ago)
Can I have it

Author Letty Rodriguez ( ago)
I subscribed

Author Caden Tran ( ago)
Wow 18k did likes

Author Eloisa Velasco ( ago)
What's inside a coach

Author Michael m ( ago)
cut a chainsaw please

Author Michael m ( ago)
cut a chainsaw please

Author laura ashcroft ( ago)
cut a tree

Author Kevin t ( ago)
cut ur son

Author Carolyn fun toys Dawsey girls rule toys ( ago)

Author jenny Castillo ( ago)
goodbye pokeball ;-;

Author fetsch1 ( ago)
whats inside a mainframe computer

Author Tyler Tube ( ago)
Find the difference


Author Tyler Tube ( ago)
What inside a Nintendo switch

Author Little Panda ( ago)
I love pokmon

Author Tate Tidwell ( ago)
Cut a figit spinner

Author Jurriel Guanzon ( ago)
can I have the apple watch?? pls

Author Avelardo Flores ( ago)
what's inside a yo ki medle

Author marc liwie fontarum ( ago)

Author Is I ( ago)
I subcribe

Author katy colin ( ago)
Cut In Half A Battery

Author Jalen Kuski ( ago)
It's steel

Author Sunita Chudasama ( ago)
fucky is school or Krishna ka time table Pic he book che

Author finaki 13 ( ago)
answer: a pokemon

Author Reena & Xyza's toy review channel ( ago)
what's inside of a snail

Author RAJA KUMAR Kommu ( ago)
I am searching about pokemon now

Author B7butt7 ( ago)
What's inside a chair?Thats what you should do!Please do it.😄🤑🤑😀🤑🤑😀🤑😀🤑🤑😀🤑😀

Author B7butt7 ( ago)
What's inside a chair?Thats what you should do!Please do it.😄🤑🤑😀🤑🤑😀🤑😀🤑🤑😀🤑😀

Author justin jose ( ago)
what's inside a Pokémon

Author Ravinda Mendis ( ago)

Author DragongamingYT YT ( ago)
Do whats inside trumps tower

Author Lyssa Sazah ( ago)
Does this mean the Pokeball is a waist of money?

Author Santos Matamoros ( ago)
Cut in half a real life shark

Author johnny willis ( ago)
do whats inside a chip. ( robo dog )

Author Kathy Dubose ( ago)
Can you open the chicken door

Author Bobby Carlini ( ago)
What's inside a finger

Author vishal parmar ( ago)
very dirty and nonsense vodeo

Author Minecraft Guy ( ago)
ITS NOT A REAL POKEBALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author Susanth Kuruvath ( ago)
lincoln and dan make a video of whats inside aiphone 7 plus

Author zareena banu ( ago)

Author Diego Gonzalez ( ago)
like your videos I want a apple watch

Author tom boy ( ago)
The kid and the adult says:nope nobody is here but death!

Author Zach Litersky ( ago)
I subscribe

Author Abner Malaret ( ago)
I want that Apple Watch please 🙁🙁☹️

Author Chris Cross ( ago)
I subscribed!!!

Author Luis Lefranc ( ago)

Author Zoe Cooper ( ago)
inthink this vid is cool could u do whats inside a shopkin please

Author Master x-Files Zed Gamer ( ago)
what's inside of a shark tail\tooth

Author OilOfJoy Ministries ( ago)
nice vid

Author Amanda Frazier ( ago)
loved the video

Author Tonito Briceno ( ago)
give me the pokeball

Author James Gardner ( ago)
if you give me that watch i'll give 40 million dollars my dad is rich

Author Andy Gosoco ( ago)
What's inside the moon?

Author Elijah Cox ( ago)
that so cool

Author kusam sharma ( ago)
chutia salla apple ki watch tor de

Author kusam sharma ( ago)
time wastage

Author prashanthbabu ch ( ago)
is it real

Author Aron Flores ( ago)
what is in of a finger

Author Janett Toledo ( ago)
make more videos of opening things my name is Peyton

Author Afonso Ferreira Dias ( ago)
please please????????????????

Author Afonso Ferreira Dias ( ago)
I wanted the poke ball

Author Afonso Ferreira Dias ( ago)
can i have the apple watch

Author Jes Wetherbee ( ago)
do what's inside a computer

Author Rajnish Kalita ( ago)
please give me a apple watch my phone number is9435111927

Author Jermaine Inkerman ( ago)
that is so good

Author Eziokill 911 ( ago)
they should do whats in my sons google history man the kid might need to delete some stuff. LMAO

Author Eziokill 911 ( ago)
wow they do not know how expensive that poke ball is.

Author Dudemonkey 55 ( ago)
Your the coolest!!!!!!!

Author TheUndeadPlayz ( ago)
Aww no pokèmon inside

Author Astount Gamer ( ago)
Can u give me it

Author Joanne hughes ( ago)
Do whats inside a fidget spinner

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