How to Make a Challenge Lobby for CoD: MW2 on the PS3

Its finally here, a video tutorial from yours truly. I taught you how to do the prestige hack better than anyone else, and now I'm teaching you how to make a challenge lobby on the PS3. Aw yeah.

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Author Xeos ( ago)
I HAVE A SUPER FUN 1.04 LOBBY! (or 1.14) add my PSN: xXSeeMS_LEgitXx2

Author Rivality Sniper ( ago)
Add ma at Jeurys2013 in the ps3

Author Rivality Sniper ( ago)
Add me at Jeurys2013

Author Rivality Sniper ( ago)
Add me at Jeurys2013

Author Bv Shotz ( ago)
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Author FLG ( ago)
Ps3 sucks anyway, you are better off with xbox

Author ryder bush ( ago)

Author Kazmir Sherrill ( ago)
Can you hack me on mw2,mw3 please my name is ummsmack

Author Ethem Bolat ( ago)
not game awaible install package files setting awaible

Author Ethem Bolat ( ago)
4.46 true jailbreak please code reality

Author Rushh___ ! ( ago)
If anyone can do this or xp lobby for free on ps3 message me on twitter

Author AoD_channel ( ago)
For do a challleng lobby on ghost, i most have a ps3 with jailbreak?

Author ItsOnlyTech ( ago)
Dude, What is this song? I have been looking for this absolutely ages! You
would really help me out if you could tell me the name!

Author F33lThePain24 ( ago)
does it work?

Author *MerCenaryTaO* ( ago)
3.55 is the jailbreak firmware

Author star Kolev ( ago)
PLS add me DeSire_StYLer

Author Gstatus32323 ( ago)
How much for u to perminatly do it for me online

Author ( ago)
it's totally you, man

Author Turts ( ago)
Dude, you're not tired you're stoned as fuck. or im am stoned as fuck?

Author Sora Gaming ( ago)
hey , ik have prestige 10 but i had all titels and emblems and and its all
gone and i need a challenge looby i so need it

Author Francisco Javier Medina Galvan ( ago)
Best video ever!

Check out my channel I host any hacks add me on ps3 TRVPLXRD-VAPE

Author iNeozHDz ( ago)
help me please someone infect me PSN: NeoZ_OpTiiCzZ

Author mamamiamariapizzerie ( ago)
pls add me for a challenge lobby pls psn: J__FIGHTER

Author Carter4889's 2nd Channel!!! ( ago)
psn: wantsomeofdeebo

Author Relyrics ( ago)
I am hosting this right now PM me and ill add you (PSN)

Author Mark XD ( ago)
omg i miss that ps2 sounds <3

Author BurnsyIzTrollarch ( ago)
make one for 360

Author Ethan Alistar ( ago)

Author Davian Guzman ( ago)
Damn! He got 3 ps3 damn nigga too much, stop wastin ur money duh

Author Quarry Bill ( ago)
add me plz new_iphone

Author TheHackzAttackz ( ago)
I like the ps2 theme at beginning :D

Author Quest CWC ( ago)

Author Jackowo Martinez ( ago)
add me please : JinxV1xMoDz

Author Torekco Tuggle ( ago)
Can u add me my name is torekcot12

Author Kenyatta Harrell ( ago)
Ps2 !!!!!!!!!! Intro

Author Robin Van Beek ( ago)
00:00 ps2 sound :P

Author DayZxAction ( ago)
can i add u at psn?

Author Bishx43 ( ago)
will this still work in 2013?

Author nicolas perier ( ago)
yo dude could you do a challenge lobby for me on mw2 black ops mw3 or black
ops 2 my gamertag is deperierishier

Author YahGodIs ( ago)
Therefore command that the tomb be made secure until the third day, lest
His disciples come by night and steal Him away, and say to the people, ‘He
has risen from the dead.’ So the last deception will be worse than the
first.” Matthew 27:62

Author EricHFH ( ago)

Author HyPo King ( ago)
Lol, 1337

Author Sixxtrickshotzz ( ago)
i have hack = i mean cfg menu add me Sixxtrickshotz i'll show you i have a
weird menu but what ever

Author ExtremeGamingsickniiZz ( ago)
Add me pleas i have modz but i fantasie make Challenger

Author Elissa Faaloua ( ago)
invite Syko-MsR_2_ please

Author Troy Polamalu ( ago)
Invite Iblazext

Author ohAproxy ( ago)
Why is there no other way to hack Mw2 then having to buy 2 PS3's and two
Mw2 games?

Author bdizz Bloops ( ago)
So easy to inject you with a backdoor :)

Author MRbam42 ( ago)
hdpvr man

Author marcus Rollof ( ago)
Go Check My Channel Out Plz I Got Some MW2 And CF clips Plz SubScribe

Author Oscar Lajgaard ( ago)
how are you reckording on your ps3

Author john scott ( ago)
Hey man im a big fan can you inv MyM9YourHead

Author Power Tonikz ( ago)
add : a123vive-ALGERIE

Author FaDeDHeist ( ago)
Can anyone set a challenge lobby for Mw2? I play ps3

Author Alex Adamson ( ago)
Does it work on version 4.30

Author RisQ FeaRx ( ago)
When did i assert that you were not a modder?

Author s2lobbies ( ago)
My name would also give you a hint....

Author s2lobbies ( ago)
Bro i said 'Im sick of seeing stupid comments so im going to summerise it'
if i already mentioned tht information dont you think i may be in some kind
of modding.

Author RisQ FeaRx ( ago)
Yes but you forgot specify that in your comment.

Author s2lobbies ( ago)
What are you onabout i already know this im a modder myself

Author MRROBBER53able ( ago)
Is it essential when I download the official patch for mw2 I have to have
the jailbreak off bcos I'm on kmeaw :( help would b appreciated

Author rodrigo montes ( ago)
add me please hack me R-_-PUN15H3R-_-M

Author Trickz XI ( ago)
i send u a mesage name is xTrickz18 please invite me :)

Author RisQ FeaRx ( ago)
Downgrading is required.

Author SIender Man ( ago)
Idiot. This video was uploaded way before the 3.55 jailbreak released.
During the time of this video jailbreak through the use of a usb was not
possible till George Hotz found a new method of jailbreaking.

Author imLxGiCaL ( ago)
Your Tutorial is dumb all you need is a usb with the ps3 jailbreak in it
then unplug back put it any slot dosent matter go to system storage
jailbreak 3.55 or w.e your using will pop up you dont need a calculator and
android or any of that shit thiis guy is dumb

Author ImToSick12 ( ago)
because it is. ultra facepalm

Author s2lobbies ( ago)
Im sick of seeing stupid comments so im going to summerise it. Do i need a
ps3 on 3.55? A: Yes you do How do i install Awesome File Manager? You will
need a usb and the package files which you can download off NGU. For the
full lot visit my channel, i will upload a video

Author Nick Peters ( ago)
Add me; S-nick-ER

Author mw2player58 ( ago)
@RaptorTeamPs3 thanks for answer! :)

Author RaptorTeamPs4 ( ago)

Author aaron mullen ( ago)
Sub my channel and add your PSN name in comments for a CL on Mw2/W@W or Cod4

Author mw2player58 ( ago)
if i buy a new ps3 would the frimware be on 3.41 or something like that?

Author kkkris ( ago)
Yawn**** dislike lol ill fuckin kill u

Author Justin Wozniak ( ago)
I live in Michigan to

Author mari sätkä ( ago)
subscribed inv me mush_danq

Author leeboybiggie ( ago)
Plz any one who can do a challenge lobby add me notorious-l-j thanx

Author Eric Alves ( ago)

Author lee pape ( ago)
I did not understand

Author TacticalDJ ( ago)
I used to be on codereality

Author Youronlinecinema ( ago)
Whats the song?

Author abbas ali ( ago)
good movie

Author Natures_Symmetry @ ( ago)
Yeah I thought about that. :)

Author TotalPro007 ( ago)
solution: Play battlefield 3 :)

Author TEH1PR0LEGEND ( ago)
Nice ps2 intro sound, and LOL at 12:45!

Author joshua auer ( ago)
best ps2 sound :D

Author Kevin Lim ( ago)
Free admin for life u edit a patch for me. Pm me

Author xNextGenLobbyz ( ago)
your dumb,

Author cataleana bob ( ago)
I subscribed.

Author lala lulu ( ago)
add me albion1957

Author t7y3 ( ago)
how to get file manager on ps3 without jailbreak PLZ HELP!

Author t7y3 ( ago)
how to get file manager on ps3 without jailbreak PLZ HELP!

Author t7y3 ( ago)
add me PSN:tyler_f1

Author gpack999 ( ago)
who the fuck has 4 ps3's?

Author Natures_Symmetry @ ( ago)
Is there a way for me to play with no hackers? I really like the game but
all the hacking that is going on really frustrate me. It's so hard to get a
decent game these days without hackers, aimbots, host migrations and other
crap. I just want to play the damn game. Win my own titles, get my own
emblems, earn everything on my own, without cheating. I wish I had your
knowledge. Your knowledge is real power, I would use it to do good. Any
chance I can get you to make the game playable again?

Author MiboSTI31 ( ago)
Can you infect people? If so please add me dominicano_-gunz and pleasee
comment on this because he is so fuken awesome

Author JDZ PROD. ( ago)
work fo 3.55

Author ShadowBagelZ ( ago)
Could u host one for me on mw3 PSN: SHADOWSPIKE24

Author Steven Cossio ( ago)
Your probably so fat.

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