How to Make a Challenge Lobby for CoD: MW2 on the PS3

Its finally here, a video tutorial from yours truly. I taught you how to do the prestige hack better than anyone else, and now I'm teaching you how to make a challenge lobby on the PS3. Aw yeah.

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Author FLG (1 month)
Ps3 sucks anyway, you are better off with xbox

Author AoD_channel (4 months)
For do a challleng lobby on ghost, i most have a ps3 with jailbreak?

Author Ethem Bolat (2 months)
4.46 true jailbreak please code reality

Author Surl Rushh (2 months)
If anyone can do this or xp lobby for free on ps3 message me on twitter

Author Kazmir Sherrill (2 months)
Can you hack me on mw2,mw3 please my name is ummsmack

Author Ethem Bolat (2 months)
not game awaible install package files setting awaible

Author shizzyboy008 (1 year)
i subscribed and liked PSN: LLShiZzy8oy_MO8

Author evaadeeeeee (1 year)
also if you have skype could u please add me it would be easier to talk!

Author ImToSick12 (1 year)
because it is. ultra facepalm

Author sunny (1 year)
can somebody please hook me up man iam so bored with the regular game
anybody who has infections

Author SuperEliteBox (1 year)
please go watch this /watch?v=wcy7EFV7RJc

Author TotalPro007 (1 year)
solution: Play battlefield 3 :)

Author *MerCenaryTaO* (7 months)
3.55 is the jailbreak firmware

Author SIender Man (1 year)
Idiot. This video was uploaded way before the 3.55 jailbreak released.
During the time of this video jailbreak through the use of a usb was not
possible till George Hotz found a new method of jailbreaking.

Author MRROBBER53able (1 year)
Is it essential when I download the official patch for mw2 I have to have
the jailbreak off bcos I'm on kmeaw :( help would b appreciated

Author iNeozHDz (8 months)
help me please someone infect me PSN: NeoZ_OpTiiCzZ

Author TRVPLXRDGAMING (8 months)
Check out my channel I host any hacks add me on ps3 TRVPLXRD-VAPE

Author RapidModdinG1 (10 months)
Do1 Bro why do you need 2 ps3's

Author leeboybiggie (1 year)
Plz any one who can do a challenge lobby add me notorious-l-j thanx

Author Trickz XI (1 year)
i send u a mesage name is xTrickz18 please invite me :)

Author TheBucapla24 (7 months)
does it work?

Author JDzPRODUCTiONz (1 year)
take advice from me get ur ps3 repaired then on christmas get a 3.55

Author thescreamineaglebon (1 year)
Add GetN8kedGoFishin

Author JDzPRODUCTiONz (1 year)
theres no other way

Author aaron mullen (1 year)
Sub my channel and add your PSN name in comments for a CL on Mw2/W@W or Cod4

Author SmiteEntertainment (1 year)
fucking 4 ps3's damn

Author BurnsyIzTrollarch (9 months)
make one for 360

Author JDzPRODUCTiONz (1 year)
xbox mods ar shit ps3s are much better why do you think its hard to

Author Knessie42 (8 months)
Can it be lower than 3.41 mine is on 2.36? Thanks

Author ItsMeLoGiC (1 year)
Can u get my acount to like the highest level and all the weapons and all
the tags you know?

Author abbas ali (1 year)
good movie

Author xSNiCKER (1 year)
Add me; S-nick-ER

Author bdizz Bloops (1 year)
So easy to inject you with a backdoor :)

Author s2lobbies (1 year)
Bro i said 'Im sick of seeing stupid comments so im going to summerise it'
if i already mentioned tht information dont you think i may be in some kind
of modding.

Author s2lobbies (1 year)
Im sick of seeing stupid comments so im going to summerise it. Do i need a
ps3 on 3.55? A: Yes you do How do i install Awesome File Manager? You will
need a usb and the package files which you can download off NGU. For the
full lot visit my channel, i will upload a video

Author DayZxAction (11 months)
can i add u at psn?

Author (1 year)
hurr durr i'm retarded hurr durr durusedughdfguhdurgih

Author ExtremeGamingsickniiZz (1 year)
Add me pleas i have modz but i fantasie make Challenger

Author MrTheAyost (1 year)
nice intro sound lol

Author JDzPRODUCTiONz (1 year)
i want to join you lot il sign up and show you my haks

Author Joseph Perry (1 year)
wow i know that but nvm im out of this

Author lee pape (1 year)
I did not understand

Author evaadeeeeee (1 year)
wait how would i buy a 3.55 from where?

Author Kevin (1 year)
Free admin for life u edit a patch for me. Pm me

Author MiboSTI31 (1 year)
Can you infect people? If so please add me dominicano_-gunz and pleasee
comment on this because he is so fuken awesome

Author projectknowhow (1 year)
Hay this is unrelated but could you tell me please what the music in this
video is?

Author KeenanArcherL (5 months)
Dude, What is this song? I have been looking for this absolutely ages! You
would really help me out if you could tell me the name!

Author star Kolev (7 months)
PLS add me DeSire_StYLer

Author Elissa Faaloua (1 year)
invite Syko-MsR_2_ please

Author Eric Alves (1 year)

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