Remote control for a motor tuned magnetic loop antenna.

This device remotely adjust a super light small magnetic loop antenna, that can be used at home on the balcony or during my QRP pedestrian operations when the antenna is suported on my back by a special designed back suport that can be ssen on my webpage.

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Author MadGuitarCollector (4 months)
alex always shows 'new' products that never materialize. 

Author Uwe Schmitz (6 months)
Hey Alex i am bussy to fix a Magnatic Loop and i am Watch for a Tuner like
your's ...where i can get One of this....please ask for some
Information......Need the Motordrive and Remote Contoler.....thanks
02AV35 Germany

Author alexgrim2000 (4 years)
Thank you very much, but this antenna is not a commercial model yet. The
commercial models are the AlexLoop SML 7-30 Kit and the AlexLoop Walkham,
that you can find on the webpage. They are QRP models designed to a maximum
power of 20 watts SSB / 10 watts AM/FM 73s. PY1AHD ALEX

Author kb0naz (2 years)
I'd love to have one. My AlexLoop Walkham works great,but a remote tune one
would be better than great. I'd get one if you ever made them available

Author huelbe (6 years)
What I find fantastic with PY1AHD Alex is his ability to come to a creative
solution from simple, cheap components. If I remember correctly, this loop
tuning controlling system began when Alex stared at a hand crank flashlight
at a dollar store! Also, all his experiments are homebrew but extremely
well built and polished. Congrats again, Alex! Well done! Huelbe.

Author Alexandre Grimberg (2 years)
Hi Andy, Thank you very much for your interesting information. I will check
the video just now. 73 Thank you very much. PY1AHD ALEX

Author valveman12 (5 years)
Nice Design. Looks like it is easy to tune unlike many other loop antennas.

Author vk3xpt (1 year)
This looks great Alex! I would purchase one for my Walkham if you make them
available. 73

Author James Riley (4 years)
i would like to buy one of these antenna where can i buy one

Author soroastronik (5 years)
¡ que buen desarrollo!!!!.... congratulations--- 73 de LU1WGO

Author AndyDaviesByTheSea (2 years)
Hi there, well done that looks to be a very good system you have there.
I’ve designed a capacitor drive mechanism that overcomes to need for the
use of limit switches. It’s made with simple mechanical linkages that allow
the drive motor to keep on turning yet drive the capacitor backwards and
forwards through only 180° without the need for limits. If you search my
channel for About Radio 61 you’ll see the concept then About Radio 62, 63,
64 etc show more information All the best ... Andy GWØJXM

Author Richard Neese (2 years)
when do you plan to release this antenna and controller ? I am very
intrested in 1

Author alexgrim2000 (3 years)
@kd5alc Thank you very much. PY1AHD ALEX Alexandre Grimberg

Author ciro mitubashi (5 years)
muito bom , alex voce pode acoplar neste sistema um controle sem fio , com
uso de servos controle , o mesmo de carrinhos de controle remoto , para
manipular o seu dispositivo a distancia ,pois sao proporcional , ou seja ,
ele atua , de acordo com o seu movimento

Author alexgrim2000 (6 years)
Thank you very much for your kind words Huelbe. It is a pleasure to share
my expirences with people like you. 73s and good DXs. PY1AHD ALEX

Author kd5alc (3 years)
I would buy this fantastic design.

Author k2gk (5 years)
This is fantastic my friend. I am sitting here in my radio shack saying I
hope this guy builds this to sell a few on Eham....Wow

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