How Gifted Fits Into the X-Men Films Timeline

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  • Insecure Paranoid
    Insecure Paranoid 4 days ago

    Fucking faggots.

  • SilhouettedAnimator

    4:11 Maybe that little flub was Xavier's Alzheimers beginning to set in.

  • Kiy Anderson
    Kiy Anderson 6 days ago

    X-men Origins: Wolverine.

    X-men Apocalypse

    X-men First Class


    The Wolverine


    X3 X-men Last Stand

    X-men Days of Future Past

    The Gifted




    That is the timeline in the X-men universe.

  • Tom Mitchell
    Tom Mitchell 6 days ago

    Can we all agree that no matter which timeline that "Gifted" falls into that Fox is the reason why X-Men is so fucked up at this point? Seriously? What's wrong with going with the source material or having our favorite characters dressed up in their original costumes?

  • Rob Katz
    Rob Katz 7 days ago

    The question shouldn't be "what timeline does this take place"- it should be "why the fuck does anyone care?" cuz I still don't get it.

  • Steven Woods
    Steven Woods 7 days ago

    Perhaps The Gifted takes place around 2009 or 2010 in the Original Timeline, not long before the Mark X Sentinels were distributed, since Blink is helping the characters on the show like in DOFP.

  • Ukaran
    Ukaran 7 days ago

    What about Legion?

  • GrobanWorld News
    GrobanWorld News 7 days ago

    I see Logan and Deadpool as well as the TV show Legion as standalones from the main X-Men timeline. The Gifted will also be in its own continuity.

  • Cowboy Adoe
    Cowboy Adoe 7 days ago

    Pretty much nothing from origins is cannon

    • loudboy317
      loudboy317 7 days ago

      Except for the parts with Wolverine as a kid, the war montage, the weapon X experiment, Cyclops' backstory, and Quicksilver being captured by Striker.

  • P.D. S
    P.D. S 7 days ago

    I think HEROES ripped off the X-MEN and not X-MEN are ripping off HEROES.

    So.. hack industry full of overrated nepotism?

  • Madman
    Madman 7 days ago

    X MEN Origins takes place in 1979. It doesn't exist in both timelines.

    • loudboy317
      loudboy317 7 days ago

      Actually, it takes place in 1985 and it did happened in both timelines. The movie started in 1845 and everything from that year to 1973 still happened as did the weapon X experiment and Cyclops' backstory.

  • Snapper314
    Snapper314 7 days ago

    Trying to Make Sense out of the Seriously Screwed Up X-Men timeline is like trying to make sense out of a bag full of cats.

  • Bottomfedder
    Bottomfedder 7 days ago

    Very confusing and sounds like shit.

  • fireflame62
    fireflame62 7 days ago

    when does this premier?

  • ObsidionshadowX
    ObsidionshadowX 7 days ago

    This is all fine and dandy. But fox should really just strike a deal with Marvel like Sony did...

    • Ryan
      Ryan 7 days ago

      Exactly it would mean no more movies like Deadpool or Logan.

    • Ukaran
      Ukaran 7 days ago

      No. We don't need PG-13 X-Men, with the characters making jokes and quips every five seconds.

    • Super Fantastic Poplang
      Super Fantastic Poplang 7 days ago

      ObsidionshadowX i

  • bobhu simem
    bobhu simem 7 days ago

    What are your thoughts about a completely separate new universe beginning retroactively with last year's Deadpool that also includes New Mutants and X-Force? That seems to make the most sense to me seeing how well received both the Deadpool film as well as the iteration of the character have been; and seeing how all the previous ones are hit or miss.

    It clears up continuity issues for the franchise moving forward in maybe establishing a universe with a more stable continuity. And do we really see the McAvoy/Lawrence/Fassbender cast sticking around after Dark Phoenix?

    Maybe I'm just grasping at straws? LOL

    Thanks Guys

  • Fionn_MCFC
    Fionn_MCFC 7 days ago

    Best Way to watch:
    X-Men: First Class


    The Wolverine



    Origins can't fit in this timeline because it contradicts many things set in other films. It's also a bad movie.
    Deadpool is set in an alternate timeline as he references James McAvoy and Patrick Stewart and has no ties to the original x men universe. Logan is confirmed to be set in a different timeline.

    • GrobanWorld News
      GrobanWorld News 1 day ago

      Here's what Mangold said about why he set it past anything in the other X-Men movies:

    • loudboy317
      loudboy317 7 days ago

      The only movie that contradicts with other films is First Class because it ignored everything from the original trilogy. So many details were dismissed including Xavier's backstory (he's supposed to be 17 when he met Magneto and he never met Mystique), who created cerebro (which in turn contradicts the plot of X2), when Xavier became wheelchair-bound (we saw him walking in both X3 and X-Origins), and when he found Cyclops, Jean, and Storm (which never happened).

      X-Origins didn't contradict anything because it supported every reference from the original trilogy such as:
      -the weapon X flashbacks
      -William Stryker's service in the Vietnam war and his involvement in the weapon X experiment.
      -Sabertooth's unspoken familiarity with both Wolverine and Cyclops.
      -Rogue asking Wolverine if he had been in the army.
      -Stryker's computer files containing Cyclops', Gambit's, and Quicksilver's names.
      -Charles Xavier's use of his legs.

      You could say that DOFP erased X-Origins but only the events after 1973 were altered but if you look at X-men: Apocalypse, we see Wolverine, Cyclops, and Quicksilver reliving the same events as X-Origins.

    • Steven Woods
      Steven Woods 7 days ago

      GrobanWorld News I agree, but I guess it made sense for it to be in 2029 because Charles was in his nineties already and having it take place in 2043 would be a little over the top, but I see your point.

    • GrobanWorld News
      GrobanWorld News 7 days ago

      He said he set it five years after anything that happened in previous X-Men films to avoid entanglements with the other movies. Regardless of what the director says, however, the change in the circumstances between the happy DOFP epilogue and the very bleak Logan is just too extreme to be believable. It would have made more sense if Logan had been set 20 years after DOFP.

  • Lucas Pigliavento
    Lucas Pigliavento 7 days ago

    DOFP completely ignored origins

    • loudboy317
      loudboy317 7 days ago

      No, it didn't. DOFP showed clips of Origins and it referenced the war montage, the bone claws, and the "Jimmy" name. Wolverine says he remembered meeting Quicksilver which only happened in Origins.

  • Midway 1942
    Midway 1942 7 days ago

    Why do the avengers never show up in the Xmen movies ?

    • Midway 1942
      Midway 1942 7 days ago

      Rainbox _ how does being Overwatch fan make a moron ?

    • Rainbox _
      Rainbox _ 7 days ago

      Midway 1942 you are a overwatch fan in a nutshell FUCKING MORON

    • Joe Arce
      Joe Arce 7 days ago

      Midway 1942 They made a deal with MARVEL cuz they're movies weren't doing good and have u not seen Civil War

    • Midway 1942
      Midway 1942 7 days ago

      Joe Arce then why did Spider-Man cameo in avengers 4 the nation at war I thought Sony owned the rights to him

    • Joe Arce
      Joe Arce 7 days ago

      Midway 1942 The X-Men are owned by FOX and so are the Fantastic Four

  • Elijah's YouTube
    Elijah's YouTube 7 days ago

    I just think of the films as standalone per saga, that way I don't get all jumbled up with trying to find out where stuff fits in

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