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Author ICoRnBr3aDI (3 years)
@onlinedude757 its only effects splitscreen and system link

Author Don Elayas Avalos (2 years)
it works for ps3 its mpdata just edit it

Author gfsfg111 (3 years)
@ICoRnBr3aDI if its only for splitscreen and system link then change the
title... you misleading fuck.

Author trollfacedman (1 year)
thanks man i have mods now..... wait no i dont because megaupload does not
fucin work u asshole!

Author will smith (2 years)
fuck thiss the FBI found the link b4 i did

Author Luis Bautista (2 years)

Author Jeorom Dante (2 years)
their is a way easier way

Author BigPurp From-Mtlnorth (2 years)
its work i'm 10th prestige !!!

Author Kevin Peryea (3 years)
what is this song?

Author Michael Cook (3 years)
@C4inc101 mhhh.. i think this program has a trojan....

Author jamesdanielmyers (3 years)
i aint got a virus?

Author Gage -Repolz (2 years)
What an idiot, nice silent drive-by.

Author XRGIIRecoilZ (3 years)
it wont let me prees the unlock every think button

Author Buffalo Tears (3 years)
@C4inc101 it only sais that because it edits root files without permision
it is not a virus that is what any GOOD modding program does

Author kevjn1 (2 years)
@ICoRnBr3aDI This might work to make for muiltiplayer .. Afetr doing all
the mods n stuff .. go to "System link" then click "Create Game" then go to
"game setup" and turn "Xbox Live Unlocks On" ... Now start the game and it
should kik yo from the game .. Now go online.......................Note: Im
not sure if it still works

Author Kyle Booth (2 years)

Author ICoRnBr3aDI (3 years)
@TheBrightKnightJ this is for splitscreen & system link only...

Author ongames (1 year)
You don't have to do much, and since this is *cough* [("hacking/modding")]
I would use a silver profile with no stats on it. Then you go into mw2 make
a system link/splitscreen game, start it up, shoot 2 mags of your gun, take
2 laps around the map, and then end the game and you have your mpdata.

Author jbird2211 (3 years)
@chumpage10 how??

Author justin medina (2 years)
which one do i download the premium or the regular ????

Author Torchwoodandwesterns (3 years)
YAY :D! Worked man, thank you!!! Shame its only for split screen tho

Author Altai779 (2 years)
@ICoRnBr3aDI it does have a trojan you fucking dumbass get a firewall

Author kevjn1 (2 years)
@TheBrightKnightJ there is away of getting rid of all the patches and then
making it for online play

Author Joe70381 (2 years)
Is this online ?

Author 1012mikestar (2 years)
@ICoRnBr3aDI How do you get a mpdata file?

Author JatzyyHD (3 years)
@C4inc101 Thanks ! :)

Author onlinedude757 (3 years)
does it only effect sliptscreen or does it work for multiplayer aswell?

Author gfransico57 (2 years)
thank it works

Author xRyda124x (2 years)
It Would Be Good If It Worked Online :(, BTW Everyone It Has No Viruses

Author kbdaliesofempez (1 year)

Author APDlegends (3 years)
nice virus

Author ICoRnBr3aDI (2 years)
why in the F*** would i use it in my vid if it had a trojan??? THERE IS NOT

Author Deimantas Matukas (2 years)

Author iain owens (2 years)
Gt: Iain Owens

Author chumpage10 (3 years)

Author MyModSite (3 years)
norton stopped it cause it has a virus

Author Adam Williams (2 years)
@xXDaRKNeSSPoOuKiiEXx how did u get it to work?

Author Trae Walker (2 years)
I checked megaupload its blocked by FBI

Author XXXBLACKOPSXX (2 years)
@PrOhObOmOdZ no its not...retart...

Author an12356 (1 year)
Megodownload is down sops

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