ArmA 2, addons - Police units


I made this video with Fraps. The Island I used in this video is Isla Duala, and the addons is (american law enforcement pack) and (addon of modern Polish army and police units, 3nd release). Try download at

ArmA 2 is a wargame and simulator. If you now how you, can edit missions and install huge amounts of addons that does it even more fun to play.

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Author MegaTimebomb098 (1 year)
why does this have 534,671 views

Author gamer0022 (3 years)
This game reminds me of Operation Flashpoint

Author MrDanNoob (3 years)
so is this actually an add on or mod? jw cos if its ad on, where did u get
it?? :)

Author Daggers Crypt (2 years)
Yeah sure but look at his user name superhardboner i think hes a troll. The
worst case i have seen with cops would be were these cops come up and start
killing this poor old homeless for no reason.

Author Evandro Vaz (2 years)
Vai toma no cu filho da puta, sua mãe é uma vaca! vou comer seu cu. corno

Author selvaoscuras (2 years)
is commodor64?

Author Daggers Crypt (2 years)
Dude he was kidding god don't be an ass!

Author DOITMAN (2 years)
la noire i think it has free roam

Author Evandro Vaz (2 years)

Author Maurice De Groot (2 years)

Author Logan beck (2 years)
First of all, the person in question is probably not as stupid as you
think. Secondly, he comes on Youtube at his own risk and takes other's
suggestions at his own risk, whether that does what he wants or it doesn't
it's all at his own risk, anyone giving him suggestions is simply just
suggesting, he's not doing anything wrong. Is it illegal for someone to
tell you how to install a graphics card? No, they're only trying to help
whether it's fake or real, all at your own risk.

Author Cactus (2 years)
Aš irgi tą patį pagalvojau :(

Author LS- Musik (3 years)
What game??

Author Moussé Théo (1 year)
If someone have the link of this addons ... It would be wonderful. :)

Author tritani osmani (2 years)
have to be a police

Author zzzz7889uil (3 years)
i remember the last time i play cops game is "World scariest police chases"
on PS1. Why its too hard to find free roam game featuring cops as main
character? all the games i found is based on criminal shit like GTA,

Author Very (2 years)
Polish police ?

Author bonzty (3 years)
you should use lower grafics...

Author xtremebud uzumaki (3 years)
hey wtf of graphics but good video

Author shadowmaster1995 (2 years)
How do you know if he was?

Author Brookesy (2 years)
you had your headlights off during the night scene - a fine worthy offense

Author FreakserLP (2 years)
lol der fährt aufa verkehrten straßenseite

Author Zёґїaп щнїтє (2 years)
Try L.A Noire

Author RobloxCityFire (2 years)
can i have a link for the game

Author DJspre (2 years)
How the hell do I spawn them?

Author Slender Man Sr. (3 years)
Can it be in PSP? It's very full to download it.

Author Ronnie Hagen (3 years)
they games are gay man

Author XxSv320xX (3 years)
@OlafAdventures no

Author Tomas Scott (2 years)
they should have a gang war vs cop mod

Author Max Gauthier (2 years)
It's because he's recording, but you do need a half decent computer to run
this game.

Author Dean Barron (2 years)
True crime is the game for you

Author Evandro Vaz (2 years)
I'm from Brazil, I see you speak Portuguese. fagot motherfucker

Author Gasko Gaskovich (3 years)
damn does it laggs at everyone :S :S

Author zzzz7889uil (3 years)
@computerboy56 yeah i know about true crime. but its only decent cops game
on PS2. maybe there are other cops game, yeah but they suck shit.

Author Matthew Winningham (2 years)
polish army and police mod work for you? when i try to use it in game it
exits and says bad file 50

Author Russianassassin12 (2 years)
today on alkida cops

Author Jose Quintero (3 years)
What's the game call and what console is it on

Author Evandro Vaz (2 years)
Do you love to have your ass for a Brazilian! hahaha

Author battlefieldhebat (3 years)
damnnn im the 123,457 viewer

Author krystianTV1 (2 years)
LOL Polski Policja ?!

Author VegasTemplates (3 years)
@Alberto21897 yes. totally.

Author TempDRFT (2 years)
Where do u get the missions?

Author OrionNerazzurri (2 years)
Szkoda że radiowozy też nie polskie. W sumie nie ma się czym chwalić ale
Alfy Brery i KIAnki można by było zrobić dla klimatu:)

Author zzzz7889uil (2 years)
true crime sucks..... but i give credit because its trying too hard to be
the best cop game...

Author Baron0fDeath (2 years)
No... No, you're not.

Author MrApache101 (2 years)
Didnt say i was gonna, just report you to youtube security and then they
would contact the local authorities

Author OspreyCZ (3 years)
@pyczek1 nope.

Author ThePyrofreak94 (3 years)
arma2 is the best game on this world!!

Author XimeR Rap (3 years)
this game is for PSP?

Author MrApache101 (2 years)

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