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  • Kennadee McLelland
    Kennadee McLelland 10 hours ago

    I love egg nog

  • ArcticCold_
    ArcticCold_ 16 hours ago

    At 9:45 In the video I be like: R U MAKING ME A WEDDING CAKE?!

  • Jackson Taylor
    Jackson Taylor 21 hour ago

    Manual staby stab

  • Nancy Salas
    Nancy Salas 1 day ago

    Wouldn't it be cool if Ro made septiceye Sam with Jack? Like do any of you agree and want the same thing?

  • Lauren Johnson
    Lauren Johnson 1 day ago

    6:21😂 I couldn't stop laughing

  • Abbi Collins
    Abbi Collins 1 day ago

    can you make a dimond cake with dantdm pls pls pls pls pls make one with dantdm ( give ten likes on my comment is you agree)

  • TheElement OfFyre

    he is so cute

  • JayJayJc Bondoc
    JayJayJc Bondoc 1 day ago

    TBH why people keep on shipping boys with Rosanna they're just making a video it does'nt mean a boy and a girl are on the same video they are dating what did they even do in the video that makes it that they look in love? huh

  • JayJayJc Bondoc
    JayJayJc Bondoc 1 day ago

    Pls Make Minecraft Cat Cake Or Barbie Cake Or Pink Cake Just Anything Related With LDShadowLady And Have Her As A Guest Pls

  • _Meli Style
    _Meli Style 2 days ago

    The Height Diffrrence is Real

  • Katrina Pedroza
    Katrina Pedroza 2 days ago

    I think Markipliers is going to be mad because he didnt mix it

  • Zoë Byars
    Zoë Byars 2 days ago


  • Melrose Onyechi
    Melrose Onyechi 2 days ago

    my Freinds have your Jacket

  • Amethyst Sparkles
    Amethyst Sparkles 2 days ago

    I wonder if she finished eating it

  • Aysha Thompson
    Aysha Thompson 2 days ago

    The Manual Stabby Stab
    The Hand Jiggle Technique
    What has this world come to 😂

  • Kassandra Garcia
    Kassandra Garcia 3 days ago

    idk why but something makes me ship them?

  • BetsQ mau
    BetsQ mau 3 days ago

    Do 2 little minecraft cow cake with jordan and name them Edgar and Steve like if you wanna see that

  • Melinda Otto
    Melinda Otto 3 days ago


  • Kylie D
    Kylie D 3 days ago

    can you do a pug plz

  • Skylar Nelsen
    Skylar Nelsen 3 days ago


  • jason ellis
    jason ellis 3 days ago

    hey guys can you please make a mindcraft Jacko lantern cake

  • Mayah Akers
    Mayah Akers 3 days ago

    can you do candy cane cake

  • thova heierhoff
    thova heierhoff 4 days ago

    Jorden is The best

  • Pearl Hindes
    Pearl Hindes 4 days ago

    u should collab with yolanda from how to cake it PLEASE

  • Megan Hamlin
    Megan Hamlin 4 days ago

    Them together is just adorable. Or adorkable, either one lol.

  • Michele Gonzalez
    Michele Gonzalez 4 days ago

    I have the same jacket


    Huh. When I bake like this, I just thought you just STACK EM' ALL ON TOP OF EACH OTHER!! 😂

  • McKenzie Bird
    McKenzie Bird 4 days ago

    What do you with all the cookies and caked when your done? Do you eat them all, throw them away, Or like, have a party with them(as in inviting people over, not dancing with the cakes /cookies)

  • Freddyfan Gammer
    Freddyfan Gammer 4 days ago


  • Aphmau Chan
    Aphmau Chan 5 days ago

    Play minecraft

  • Legit Dimond
    Legit Dimond 5 days ago

    You should make a Minecraft cake like if you agree

  • Summer Flynn
    Summer Flynn 5 days ago

    Plz do a moana cake xx

  • Teagan Sawchuk
    Teagan Sawchuk 5 days ago

    Who when they were little baked with on of their parents and did the manual stabby stab ??? Because I did

  • Deseray Patterson
    Deseray Patterson 5 days ago

    Ro must eat so much cake

  • Stupid Potato
    Stupid Potato 5 days ago

    Says add THIN layers of icing then goes and adds half the icing 😂 and the song fail

  • Jose Zarate
    Jose Zarate 5 days ago

    i hav that jacket

  • Aarushi Deswal
    Aarushi Deswal 6 days ago

    Is it weird that I ship Ro with every boy guest she's had on nerdy mummies?

  • audi bombie
    audi bombie 6 days ago

    Make a Mario cake

  • audi bombie
    audi bombie 6 days ago

    Make a mine craft world

  • Maria Arellano
    Maria Arellano 6 days ago

    can you try to make a minecraft zombie on a mine cart plzz

  • Maria Arellano
    Maria Arellano 6 days ago

    do somthing that rekates to ninecraft more often

  • Charlene Vong
    Charlene Vong 6 days ago

    Jordan is so exited and funny lol. Love his content!

  • Camille Santos
    Camille Santos 6 days ago

    please do a video with jackscepticeye

    NOAHSWIFE2007 6 days ago

    I didn't know what a shorn golem is till' I watched this!

  • Alvilda Lowell
    Alvilda Lowell 7 days ago

    He did troll craft with ssundee and cranier

  • Lynn Arzouni
    Lynn Arzouni 7 days ago

    you guys ship every one ro make video with…….

    ME TOO (LOL)

  • Catherine Haxton
    Catherine Haxton 7 days ago

    please do a transformer s g1.

  • Steve DBZ
    Steve DBZ 7 days ago

    Eat that snow golem in in dat game u revenged

  • Veeti Lundahl
    Veeti Lundahl 8 days ago

    Could you make a Harry Potter CAKE? You've never made a cake out of it :D

  • CrazyDerp Wolf
    CrazyDerp Wolf 8 days ago

    jiggle jiggle jiggle

  • Katelynn Hollar
    Katelynn Hollar 8 days ago

    Despicable Me 3 Surprise Cake

  • Charlotte Moore
    Charlotte Moore 8 days ago


  • Kelly Tran
    Kelly Tran 8 days ago

    They are cute together

  • Tim Uchi
    Tim Uchi 9 days ago

    Good thing! Captenspakelz!

  • gamer Paris yt
    gamer Paris yt 9 days ago

    can you make a Minecraft grass block cake

  • Awesome Ava13
    Awesome Ava13 9 days ago

    You and Jordon should get married ro

  • Rose Crystal Khanagi

    captin sparkles it's him

  • Dorian Hagan
    Dorian Hagan 9 days ago

    a watermelen from minecraft

  • EmelyPlays 101
    EmelyPlays 101 9 days ago

    Can you make a TNT cake from MINECRAFT plz

  • Hazel Molloy
    Hazel Molloy 10 days ago

    Is it weird that I think Ro points at all the better stuff

  • PuppyGirl_101
    PuppyGirl_101 10 days ago

    Do a Minecraft Wolf Cake with Stacyplays!!!

  • Autumn Higgins
    Autumn Higgins 10 days ago

    you should make something from cloudy and a chance of meatballs.

  • Michelle
    Michelle 11 days ago

    They remind me of Nick and Jess from New Girl <3 I. SHIP. IT.

  • Nagisa Shiota
    Nagisa Shiota 11 days ago

    Yes Jordan, Rosanna lifts.. I mean, have you seen her biceps!!?

  • ShinyDiamond
    ShinyDiamond 12 days ago

    Collab with marzia

  • Debbie Abbe
    Debbie Abbe 12 days ago

    make a iron golem

  • Giovanni Urbina
    Giovanni Urbina 12 days ago

    can she make a titanic cake

  • evie kay fawcett
    evie kay fawcett 12 days ago

    can you make a horse cake

  • Abraham Tobias
    Abraham Tobias 13 days ago

    do a father's day cookies 🍫🍫🍬? 😊🤘

  • Mashed Bannanas
    Mashed Bannanas 13 days ago

    Anyone else make this with Jordan's cooking techniques?😂😂

  • Courtney Mcleod
    Courtney Mcleod 14 days ago

    I made that in minecraft

  • Logan Bradley
    Logan Bradley 15 days ago

    Is Ro a diabetic or does she throw away the perfect creations???

  • T Predator
    T Predator 15 days ago

  • Dog Madness
    Dog Madness 15 days ago

    I have the same jacket

  • Lexie with friends
    Lexie with friends 15 days ago

    can you make a Minecraft pig cake

  • Carrie Kovach
    Carrie Kovach 16 days ago

    Her edits gives me life

  • Nancy Miller
    Nancy Miller 16 days ago

    9 plus 6 is 15

  • OMG Howard
    OMG Howard 16 days ago

    ah no no no not scary at all #maybe im lieing /watchers: is he lieing?!

  • OMG Howard
    OMG Howard 16 days ago

    i cant have eggnog

  • Taheer Sardar
    Taheer Sardar 16 days ago

    is it true it took 2 days

  • Under Gamez
    Under Gamez 16 days ago

    I thought he was going to Markiplier Mix it!

  • MelanieRayWrite
    MelanieRayWrite 16 days ago

    you shud make a mincraft wolf cake

  • Cindy Filkosky
    Cindy Filkosky 16 days ago

    I Play Minecraft but that's going to take forever​ to eat

  • Asma Saloom
    Asma Saloom 16 days ago

    can you please make a My Little Pony ice-cream cake? Thank you!!!

  • Aisya Arts N Craft
    Aisya Arts N Craft 17 days ago

    make a turtle cupcake

  • Lucy Oram
    Lucy Oram 17 days ago

    Invite dantdm

  • firetifer warrior989

    make a MC naked sheep cake

    C3X FUSION 17 days ago

    remember her mine craft block cake

  • TwistedTrialer MCCRIP

    make a snow golem ckae with the pumkin

  • Jasmin Eskelson
    Jasmin Eskelson 18 days ago

    I love how Jordan is like "I don't know any of what she is saying menmes"

  • Presley Hall
    Presley Hall 18 days ago

    ER MER GERD!!!!!!!!! -FANGIRLS-

  • Nicole Castelow
    Nicole Castelow 18 days ago

    make a supergirl cake

  • Ashley Theresse P. Rivera

    do iron golem with captain sparklez

  • Ian_Santos
    Ian_Santos 19 days ago

    you should have did it with DanTDM

    Captain Sparkles fans is gonna roast me hard

  • Jessica Rodriguez
    Jessica Rodriguez 19 days ago

    Can you collab with Eva gutowski?

  • Alex Howelter
    Alex Howelter 19 days ago

    Make something LGBTQ+ with Tyler Oakley !!!!

  • The Marvelous Farrah

    I ship this so hard

  • Lindsay Nguyen
    Lindsay Nguyen 19 days ago

    Your snow man is cute 😉🤗

  • Britten LaRue
    Britten LaRue 19 days ago

    Something hearthstone

  • Britten LaRue
    Britten LaRue 19 days ago

    Peter Pan cupcakes

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