Japanese Supermarket Tour

Here is a tour of Mitsuwa a Japanese supermarket in the New York area.

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Author CuteaCrafts ( ago)
The ramen at Mitsuwa is so good! The Japanese department at my school takes a trip there every year.

Author Saya562 ( ago)
I love these videos! It's a great way to find awesome supermarkets :D It's also great to see the whole gang again

Author Emma Helfgott ( ago)
Haven't been to this market in years!!! So happy to see a video about it

Author Sara Gulyas ( ago)
That bottle you picked up, the aluminum ramune bottle in melon...its my favorite drink...

Author Candycane ( ago)
went to the one on Chicagoland. some isles bare from popular items running out quickly. food court Amazing

Author Faizal Hergy Veiga ( ago)
WOW! I loved that supermarket, very well organized, lots of variety, extra high quality, very clean, superb packaging... What else can you ask for? :D

Author James Bautista ( ago)
its either your male friend is very short or the girls are so tall

Author YouTube BANDIT ( ago)
who was that random guy at the of the video?

Author H Look ( ago)
lol, Yi and Cheryl, pink rice cooker, " I need this".
Did they buy one?

Author Musta Taha ( ago)
can someone tell me that girl name the one with the penguin hat

Author Morgan Brandy ( ago)
Oh it's in NY! I had to watch 15 mins to find that out?! :/

Author SwollenRhino ( ago)
That peach has more packing then the sh*t in my UPS box!

Author SwollenRhino ( ago)
$19.80 is cheap! Look up French Dark chocolate it cost $30 per pound!

Author Karmin Marie ( ago)
i want that toilet its so cleaner them toucing the toilet and it has the bidey which is clean as well kn conjunction with toilet paper

Author Joe TV ( ago)
Tentacles and you know the rest xD

Author musclefitness ( ago)
why are the prices in dollars not japanese money?

Author ShootingStars9090 ( ago)
OMG I love near here. Mitsuwa is my fav Japanese store. They used to have cute stationary but they don't sell it anymore :(

Author Andrea Patane ( ago)
My parents don't want me and my friend to go shopping at Asian markets that you take your friends on tours to in your neighborhood, because they worry that I'll get sick from their lack of sanitation. I love eating Ramen with ribs and Napa cabbage in it. It's so delicious!

Author Eduart _r_ ( ago)
Yi = yee

Author overclockedamd123 ( ago)
that taller chick has a very blonde valley girl accent. Wierd seeing it from an asian gal but I find it sexy where a white chick talks like that and its anti viagra to me.

Author Lord Dale ( ago)
"It's a free marble. If I'm paying for that drink, I'm gonna keep my marble."

Author Annietje01 ( ago)
My normal supermarkets prepackage almost everything.

Author linhill joy ( ago)
can i ask why JAPANESE MARKET use dollar?

Author george5630 ( ago)
"I love sausages" -japanese girl

Author ArachnidXKing ( ago)
toilet had an enema XD.

Author Sans Skeleton ( ago)
Not enough pocky

Author Cheasy ( ago)
""if i buy my drink i keep my marble.""

strictly dumpling 2016

Author Trisha dy ( ago)
i cant wait to go there! 💘

Author TheKay830 ( ago)
I don't understand why japanese supermarkets are always, like always expensive?! I mean something I could find like miso in korean market. the price are 1.3dollar cheaper, before tax... if i go to japanese market all the time, I'll be really concern about my grocery cost!

Author Axy Naxa ( ago)
The more I see these, the more I want to go to the local Asian grocery store near the "non-existent" mall in my home town lol

Author peter neagle ( ago)
lol i can get a large container of peaches in jelly for $2.99 lol

Author Kevin Wei ( ago)
who is that white dude near the end

Author Emma Slater ( ago)
is yi wearing high heels? Dan looks so short compared to everyone else 😄😉

Author YourBoySwift ( ago)
the girl @2:12 think she knows everything

Author Lucy Daveridge ( ago)
I would buy EVERYTHING #bucketlist

Author zukunft313 ( ago)
none of them was soy sauce, when u showed them as soy sauce. but I really love your video!!

Author Denise Mullarkey ( ago)
My American husband should have lived in Japan. Wasabi is a favorite flavor. He loves many foods and gardening find me on Facebook. Our watergarden is on my page header. He also likes Japanese wood working but not his specialty. But for a guy with an Irish name.....

Author Zipp4Everyone ( ago)
One thing iv learnt when it comes to Soy, it IS worth buying a better brand and maybe spend the premium for the better soy. IF you care about flavours and can tell, definitely buy the better ones. Or at least stay away from the very cheapest kinds as they are often very very salty.

Author Ted dibiasi ( ago)
that cute energetic thing on the left should have her own youtube video channel!
what is her name?

Author Hope C ( ago)
So informative and entertaining 🤗

Author Arielle Macuch ( ago)
Aaahh! I love those marshmallows with the blueberry filling, too!

Author byung Park ( ago)
damn...get prettier girls....damn....

Author aaron tahir ( ago)
Hopefully, you can visit Philippines and try Filipino food! Especially lechon!

Author Bob Boobtrap ( ago)
Mickey, you are my new best friend! You love the marshmallow stuff!!!!

Author ZadfrackGlutz Zesozose ( ago)
There are Mitsuwa markets in New Jersey, Chicago and in California in San Jose, Torrance, Irvine, Costa Mesa, San Gabriel, Santa Monica and San Diego oh and Plano, Texas.

Author Rivah Cat ( ago)
Whenever I get a Ramune, my boyfriend has to get the marble out of the bottle. And we're in our 60s...😂

Author pachinkosam ( ago)
ill buy some golden cory one day looks delicious.

Author MrB0gart ( ago)
peach so much $$$.... they ate crackers dinner

Author Tony Nguyen ( ago)
Whats with the chinks and their canada goose jackets?

Author Blind Aggie ( ago)
There is nothing better than those tiny little kanikko.

Author purple kitties ( ago)
I remembered I had matcha mochi ice cream thanks to this video, thanks!!!

Author POrnoman Bengtsson ( ago)
Yes and a miso horny

Author SIG442 ( ago)
Those travel sized packages are very common in Europe, every supermarket has them. For all kinds of foods as well. Can really recommend trying it out, you would be amazed at how many travel sized packages there actually are here and specially in the Netherlands. Want a cup of soup but not lug all the ingredients along? The Dutch sell just that in a tiny package that only needs warm water. Want some lemonade? Just get yourself some water and there are tiny packages that hold actual lemonade in them, easy to carry and can be refilled as well!

Author Ziggy McFuzzbutt ( ago)
I have had wasabi peas before they're amazing.

Author Ashley Lau ( ago)
i have been to this place before

Author InspireNewGeneration ( ago)
2:50 those are not Soy source. These are condensed source for Noodles.

Author Mallika Banerjee ( ago)
9:50 They sell wasabi sauce at Walmart now. It goes great with anything fried.

Author Vander Cecil ( ago)
Nihon no maketo janai. Amerika no okane aremas' ($).

Author Cindy Wang ( ago)
U like that rice cooker only because it's pink? Ask girl that question, the answer is definitely yes

Author Fullmetal1890P ( ago)
I love the filled marshmallows too, they're way too good.

Author RCPlayer145 ( ago)
Mi-so fresh! :D

Author kitty Katt ( ago)
I only drink ice cold water, even in winter. I guess I lose my Asian card

Author kitty Katt ( ago)
I for 1 love love love markets any kind. I can literally stay in the market to explore for hours (but I don't want to seem creepy) Asian market are my favorite kinds of market then Mexican

Author Cia Lu ( ago)
isnt this in new jersey?

Author TheKaukas ( ago)
13:05 They jumped on it like animals LMAO...

Author Call me Meili ( ago)
marshmallow with rat filling,

Author maha fawzy ( ago)
I just love you guys 💕💗😍😘💓💟

Author Mrmusikman 82 ( ago)
I just found out that I am part Japanese; thanks to a DNA/Genealogy test. Now I know why my favorite foods are asian-inspired. I've always felt a strong connection with Japanese/Asian cuisine. I was able to use chop sticks before I could use normal utensils. This is a little hard to explain, but if you have ever craved foods that you have never eaten before, then you can relate. It's your DNA craving what your ancestors were used to eating. Crazy how we tend to gravitate towards certain foods with no explanation of why we are craving it; especially when we have never heard or even tried those foods before.

Author Trish Pettinati ( ago)
My western supermarket sells a bunch of the food (and many of the Chinese and/or Korean foods). It's cheaper, in some cases, than the H-mart or Super 88, but less selection. Maybe it's due to being in the Boston Metro Area? I have no idea.

Author Roxi Roxii ( ago)
i agree, jammy filled mallows are delish!

Author thisCLUMSYgirl ( ago)
Still have to go to my closest Mitsuwa. Why in the next state?? 😭😭

Author Adrienne Waddell ( ago)
This one was really exciting, you're all fun to watch as a group. Lots of energy! :D

Author theking zhimomi ( ago)
500 bucks 4 a rice cooker!!!

Author richycline ( ago)
Did Mikey just say that the Japanese don't have toilet paper? Because they definitely do. It shoots warm water in your keister then you wipe with TP (or warm air blow dry). It was a little weird at first but I loved it after a few days. Great for a quick bum rinse after a long flight or to freshen up your rump after a long day of walking around.

Author Mokey Tah ( ago)
*u* yum!

Author pete chan ( ago)
canned peaches LOL love it... yes it was canned peaches even though if they are not it still taste like canned peaches.

Author 1humboldt101 ( ago)
Great episode. Fun & multicultural. Showed that there are many variations within Asian Cultures. I liked it very much. Some of it known to me, much of not known to me. Thanks guys.

Author Kotone ( ago)
Before I clicked on the video I wondered if it was going to be a Mitsuwa since that's where I always go for Japanese stuff and it's the only Japanese supermarket in my area. I was right, thought the one I go to is near Chicago. They are pretty similar though I think the one I go to has a slightly smaller produce area. I love miso ^-^ Japanese curry is 100 times better than Indian curry especially if you buy those kinds of boxes of it.

Author pmoltgen ( ago)
Would love to visit either a Japanese or Korean supermarket and spend a few $ on ramen. We got so few brands here in sweden so I would pick atleast one of each beef flavour.
Keep doing what you are doing. Love your videos

Author Rintaro Moon ( ago)
is that girl wearing natural fur? disgusting.

Author Veritech Girl ( ago)
Awww! Pink rice cooker - must have! Also that dried squid is tasty!

Author Kieran1845 ( ago)
oooh the skincare and beauty isle i wanna go down

Author sanchaofgo ( ago)
If I go to that store, I'll spend at least $300 for sure. Good thing I don't live near there.

Author TheOne AboveAll ( ago)
that toilet had an enema button wtf

Author TapeCF ( ago)
Yi seems really charming, she's funny, and cute too!

Author Brandon T ( ago)
the "soy sauce" section was actually sauces for soba and udon noodles (the predominant flavor of the good ones usually being sardines)

Author 0213 foxisglee ( ago)
You guys are not Japanese.Miscellaneous to handle the goods.Do not do that if really Japanese.

Author Aidan R. Fitzpatrick ( ago)
rip Chinese peoples pronunciations of japanese things

Author fosho ( ago)
where is it located?

Author Crystal Clears ( ago)
over exaggeration

Author Madi Silver ( ago)
Mike putting the items back in the wrong place-bothers me soooo much! I just want to go behind him and straighten the shelves back correctly.

Author Misshowzat ( ago)
Do you know most of the time (not all the time) the Japanese waguu cattle are shipped live to Japan from Australian farms and then the meat is processed and sold.

Author Yuseichaaan48 ( ago)
Mitsuwa!! There is one in the Bay Area as well!

Author Opera Bunny ( ago)
I want to go here so badly

Author Mello Matt ( ago)
Sriracha mayo is soooooo goooddd

Author Mello Matt ( ago)
i want to have friends like you guys

Author Mello Matt ( ago)
i accidentally bought a 10 dollar bag of squid once, it lasted me months lol

Author Mello Matt ( ago)

Author kwxj61b ( ago)
That tempura place, their shrimp tempura is not fresh and it'll have a nasty ammonia smell to it.

Author Cornelius Sneed ( ago)
LOL! "Miso Hot!"

Actually, Wagyu can be from anywhere, but the ones named for the region, like Kobe, have to come from Japan. Kind of like champagne vs. sparkling wine.

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