Bill Maher Loses His Cool with Piers Morgan - Feb 10, 2017 | RealTime

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  • Bill Maher and Piers Morgan exchange jabs during heated debate over Donald Trump. This occurred on Fridays episode (ep 414) of Real Time with Bill Maher. Who do you think won during this rather contentious argument? Bill or Morgan?
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  • Jordan We're stressed out

    Bill Maher is a fucking idiot

  • Little John
    Little John 1 hour ago

    Bill hates Trump!!!!! Period

  • Little John
    Little John 1 hour ago

    Piers Morgan for British PM

  • Little John
    Little John 1 hour ago

    Phoney outrage by Bill Maher...

  • Little John
    Little John 1 hour ago

    I finally like Piers Morgan

  • Little John
    Little John 1 hour ago

    Bill Maher is a confused liberal........he doesn't matter in the real world

  • Breezy Palms
    Breezy Palms 6 hours ago

    Bill Maher is the bastard child of Sandra Oh & Cris Cooper.

  • Dandy
    Dandy 7 hours ago

    Look at the chart!!! What's in the box!!!

  • rancho grande
    rancho grande 19 hours ago

    Bil Maher is a fake person !

  • deepak raaj
    deepak raaj 23 hours ago

    did he just say,"that's what naom chomsky will say?" and he is a progressive?

  • Erwin von sellner

    soike. soike. spike. spike.

  • Marcus Pieterse
    Marcus Pieterse 1 day ago

    wow... that lady was not allowed to finish her points

  • Frank Sanders
    Frank Sanders 1 day ago

    I wish I had not come across this video......I despise Piers the fuck can you have a panel where he comes off as the sane one?
    By the way, I usually like Maher. He's right on religion. He is often funny. On politics, he and I are usually a mixed bag.
    He needs to calm down; your guys ran Hillary Fucking Clinton!!!! Shut the fuck up.

  • Le Bowe
    Le Bowe 1 day ago

    why is maher pissed off, about trump telling the truth about usa no being innocent, u are the one with no morals and a fucking lair

  • Le Bowe
    Le Bowe 1 day ago

    fuck u bill, trump is 30 times more man then u, and trump is trying to make usa great, and he lies a lot less then u fuck face

  • gianca60
    gianca60 2 days ago

    "Do you think America's innocent?" That's an almost revolutionary sentence.

  • Andrej guesswho
    Andrej guesswho 2 days ago

    Not a single statement of Maher is true. Not one. You can feel your braincells die the more you listen to him. Disgusting.

  • Icarus Airways
    Icarus Airways 2 days ago

    Bill Maher sits down to pee.

  • californiadreamin7
    californiadreamin7 2 days ago

    stupid black bitch thinks the demon-crats crying like pussies is "working"

  • Andrea Contreras Hernández

    Piers Morgan is right... what is going on

  • New Sheed
    New Sheed 2 days ago

    man I agree with piers morgan.... WTF is it going on? when i listne to morgna i cna only clap

  • Simone Mastrovito
    Simone Mastrovito 3 days ago

    Sorry to say this, cause I'm a huge fan of Bill, but.... Piers Morgan's got the best of this chart....

  • Casey Douglas
    Casey Douglas 3 days ago

    I mean, he's right though haha...the ratio is higher!

  • br777666
    br777666 3 days ago

    Fuck Bill, Pier Morgan needs a show. He's right dems keep losing.

  • /A\
    /A\ 3 days ago

    There is one saying in my country which I'll try to translate: What you talk about other people says who you are.
    It's fucking unbelievable that Piers became the voice of reason.

  • Ben B
    Ben B 3 days ago

    I cannot stand bill Maher he fucking thinks his way is the right way... fuck off, and that d bag on the left looks like a creepy mother fucker..

  • indoctus41
    indoctus41 3 days ago

    Anyone who thinks the US is innocent is simply not paying attention.

  • big Cahuna
    big Cahuna 3 days ago

    Mr. Morgan is normally a jerk off but he makes very good points here. Bill puts too much faith in the establishment. Everyone thinks the establishment is crooked.

  • SirSmurfalot
    SirSmurfalot 3 days ago

    The lower you get on the chart, the smaller the numbers, which means even a minuscule rise can be called a high percentage increase, but that does not mean the sky is falling...this is basic math.

    If you start with 1 and go to 1.25, OMG it just went up 25%!

  • ArseneWenger
    ArseneWenger 4 days ago

    Morgan is despicable

    ...but he's making solid points here

  • Here's Johnny !
    Here's Johnny ! 4 days ago

    that episode should've been called the Piers Morgan serves Bill maher chin-nuts !

  • Here's Johnny !
    Here's Johnny ! 4 days ago

    Wow billy all of a sudden what the C.I.A. says can be trusted ? that's only because it fits your narrative you cuck !

  • Karl Quetzacoatl
    Karl Quetzacoatl 4 days ago

    Look how funny the left is.

    >> USA is the *WORSE* country of the world (real reason for that: capitalism)

    Trump says "do you think our nation is so innocent?"

    >> oh, are you really comparing the wrongdoings of USA to those of Russia?

    omg, such hypocrites

  • Jawz_94
    Jawz_94 4 days ago

    piers sucks trumps dick because he got "hired" on his TV show. What a dupe.

  • chapachuu
    chapachuu 4 days ago

    Piers Morgan is NOT a voice of reason here. Like most Christians (especially his "good ol" Catholics), he misses the point whenever there is one. Saying "oh well, other people do bad stuff so it's ok if he does it or we do it" is a morally bankrupt and stupid thing to say. That is what Trump said about Putin in that interview, and Morgan takes it out of context to defend Trump. Yes, America has done really bad things; no, that doesn't excuse Putin and others from doing bad things. Period.

    And no, we should not save outrage for when Trump does something nuts like bomb a bunch of civilians (which he has already done). He's ruining the lives of many people in his own country every day. People need to stay on his ass and hound him until he's out of office. Trump has already killed thousands of people in the USA by taking away healthcare and funding to the poor, and will kill MILLIONS of people due to his environmental ignorance. I'm willing to bet his death count is already higher than Bush's.

  • James Georgeopoulos

    its amazing how liberals think.

  • Overworld Key
    Overworld Key 4 days ago

    That old guy on the far left looks like a thawed Walt Disney that somehow aged even after being trapped in ice for many years.

  • GDI
    GDI 4 days ago

    Sooo many retarded Republicans in the comment section. Don't scroll down

  • Johnny Esmond
    Johnny Esmond 4 days ago

    CNN doesnt own piers anymore, so this is why happend...perhaps

  • yoselff
    yoselff 5 days ago

    Keep crying libbies, I'm still thirsty for your tears.

  • MsJudi54
    MsJudi54 5 days ago

    The murder rate & violence rate is rising in Dallas & Chicago, & I'm sure many more. The stats Maher is using is national, I think..

  • MsJudi54
    MsJudi54 5 days ago

    Bill Maher is a comedian without a sense of humor. I think Trump is sarcastic (the highest form of humor), funny, & has a great time triggering the leftists in this country (it's not hard, lol).

  • yesroh
    yesroh 5 days ago

    After 14+ years, no one has listed a specific reason why the Iraq invasion was illegal. It's just what they like to say--it was legal, Iraq had repeatedly broken the cease fire agreement of 1991, repeatedly violated UN sanctions, and the invasion was execution of U.S. policy as dictated under the Clinton administration.

    Piers would do good to read before he speaks.

  • Robert Cornett
    Robert Cornett 5 days ago

    sumbitch I never thought I would actually be agreeing with Piers Morgan

  • BonzoBluegreen
    BonzoBluegreen 5 days ago

    I like Piers. Always have. He gets a lot of flack from people and I'm not exactly sure why. He just seems very rational and down-to-earth, and even when he is debating someone he dislikes he still remains civil.

  • Arizona Vivariums
    Arizona Vivariums 5 days ago

    Redemption for Piers?

  • michaelrleroy@gmail com

    Bill you are the lier, you are stupid. Most crimes go unreported.

  • Cmill1221
    Cmill1221 5 days ago

    Wow. Never thought I would say this but... Points for Pierce.

  • KamekoBruns
    KamekoBruns 5 days ago

    This stupid bitch thinks Trumps travel ban lost in the courts because of fucking street protests? What the actual fuck?

  • 2High2BeTakenCereal

    fuck off america we dont want piers back

  • Verruca
    Verruca 5 days ago

    Calling PM a 'Brit' is a bloody insult to everyone else here.
    Why give this arsehole a platform? He gets zero airtime anywhere in the UK.

  • DesiStuff
    DesiStuff 5 days ago

    i agree with piers morgan... bill maher sounds like a dumb leftist ...sad

  • Sadpants McGee
    Sadpants McGee 5 days ago

    You know you've gone off the deep end when Piers Morgan is the sole voice of reason in a political discussion.

  • shadyman95 shadyman95

    bill maher is such a liberal retard and liberal got princals.

  • Griffin Lamp
    Griffin Lamp 6 days ago

    ITS NOT!!! You know you're so... British😂

  • Alex Turlais
    Alex Turlais 6 days ago

    So the war in Iraq was bad, but you support killing children?

  • Will Cunningham
    Will Cunningham 7 days ago

    The right have tried to help but no one will listen to anyone. Who else see's right through B. M., it's amazing

  • Jack Vanderpool
    Jack Vanderpool 7 days ago

    Comey needs to be in the same cell as the clintons

  • Jack Vanderpool
    Jack Vanderpool 7 days ago

    I still haven't heard any of you idiot Liberals explain how Trump is a Nazi?

  • Mosquito E
    Mosquito E 7 days ago

    OK, so now Bush is a mature guy you "wish you had back". Unfortunately, the internet exists and we can see what you said about him when he was actually president. It was the same thing you said about Mitt Romney, and the same you now say about Trump.

  • Brian Stewart
    Brian Stewart 7 days ago

    Fuck bill..... a liberal douch bag

  • doone
    doone 7 days ago

    he just raises his voice and points his finger and the entire audience cheer him on... to an observer, it is pathetic

  • Joe Martin
    Joe Martin 8 days ago

    Go back to Britian, Piers. You're an asshole.

  • JT Michaelson
    JT Michaelson 8 days ago

    Well, you have to admit, it is a significant upward spike compared to the years before. I hate to say it, but Piers is absolutely correct.

  • Tomaz Scheliga
    Tomaz Scheliga 8 days ago

    Piers is right, it's not working... at least not for them! haha

  • Esteban J. Rosado
    Esteban J. Rosado 8 days ago

    I agree with Piers with fact that Democrats are only hurting themselves.   They are actually making themselves look pathetic.

  • Great One
    Great One 8 days ago


  • Mach75
    Mach75 9 days ago

    John Waters famous for having a really fat Tranny eat a dog turd. That's his claim to fame.

  • Stevie Dow
    Stevie Dow 9 days ago

    So British? Love ya Bill but Piers Morgan is NOT representative of most British people.

  • James Barnes
    James Barnes 9 days ago

    Ueah those innocent old children of the creator of the universe that think every non jew is a sub human animal "goyim" put here to serve them.....You know the ones that backstabbed us and murdered Americans on the USS Li8berty.....

  • Pyroman /
    Pyroman / 9 days ago

    piers is a English prick

  • Pyroman /
    Pyroman / 9 days ago

    I no the best words I'm like a smart person all the best words

  • boni hutahaean
    boni hutahaean 10 days ago

    fuck bill maher..

  • Phuk Boi
    Phuk Boi 11 days ago

    Piers Morgan is a cuck

  • LogicalNotes
    LogicalNotes 11 days ago

    Is Bill Maher ever wrong? Has he ever admitted that? This is one big egotistical maniac who so immature, who just can't shut up and learn something. Please return back to what you do best, COMEDY!!!

  • cometopapa
    cometopapa 11 days ago

    Wow, for a minute there I thought I was watching young turks!.

  • Noble Master Chief
    Noble Master Chief 11 days ago

    Americans are so dumb

  • Jared Ledgard
    Jared Ledgard 12 days ago

    why is a guy from England telling us what our crime rate is?

  • Daniel Lee
    Daniel Lee 12 days ago

    Piers Morgan can suck a dick

  • Roller Cam89
    Roller Cam89 13 days ago

    Liberals are completely out of touch. Keep it up and you will never, ever win an election again.

  • PC Principal
    PC Principal 13 days ago

    The Trump administration is the worst administration ever???? Did you liberals forget about the Bush administration?!?!?!?!

  • baronoflight
    baronoflight 13 days ago

    All this shit talking about trump and hysteria is based off of a lie by cnn and Washington post...

  • Nina Gabriella
    Nina Gabriella 13 days ago

    why the fuck does piers morgan think he has a grasp on this shit he's british

  • Chris Palumbo
    Chris Palumbo 13 days ago

    Bill maher is gonna ignore the Trump-Russia fake story (no evidence!) and pretend modern sjw left are perfect moral angels??

  • jacob owen
    jacob owen 13 days ago

    Wow. I actually agree with piers morgan for once. Bill Maher is so arrogant, it's funny.

  • eamonn hourihane
    eamonn hourihane 13 days ago

    Maher comes across very poorly here. shouting and bullying his way through this show

  • seifert1991
    seifert1991 14 days ago

    these guys are worthless

  • Mark Linkous
    Mark Linkous 14 days ago

    this video is out dated our president has been cleared no collusion

  • Mark Linkous
    Mark Linkous 14 days ago

    piers went back home and saw the muslims taking over and THAT changed his views on Muslims

  • Greg Lucero
    Greg Lucero 14 days ago

    when Piers says this will not get the democrats back into shouldn't be about whos got the most should be even though our party didn't take the white house...we should still be able to work with the guy whose party did win and still make this nation great and think about the people and make them great and give them the power

  • Harrison Bowman
    Harrison Bowman 14 days ago

    "America has done bad things" should be changed to "America has and STILL IS doing bad things", the list of said bad things is massive.

  • Bob Smith
    Bob Smith 14 days ago

    The one time I actually like piers morgan...

  • Bob Smith
    Bob Smith 14 days ago

    Republicans have no principles.... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA most hilarious joke I've heard in my life!

  • Tonto T
    Tonto T 14 days ago

    Piers Morgan sets Bill Maher straight? Who put the LSD in my coffee?

  • 0110rroberts
    0110rroberts 14 days ago

    The crime rate thing is kind of being misrepresented, the murders in 2015 in major cities rose by 14% and other violent crimes by 3.3% in large cities. but overall the violent crime rate in the US only rose by 0.3%

  • khalooosh
    khalooosh 14 days ago

    bigot bill

  • ian dickinson
    ian dickinson 14 days ago

    Bill maher just doesn't stop to think. Calling someone crazy for making a perfectly valid point.

  • Stand Up For The Champions Chelsea

    Can anyone explain to me these two guy's stances. I am very confused. What is Piers getting at and what is Bill getting at?

  • Jarom Pack
    Jarom Pack 14 days ago

    Don't look at your chart, look at my chart!!!!

  • onisuk
    onisuk 14 days ago

    Wow bill was being an epic prick there! he literally didn't even understand the point! The "spike" in crime is about rate of change.... yeah fine look at a 20 year chart and say it hasn't moved because you've got no perspective!!!! It up-ticked at the fastest rate since the 70's, that's very significant and only a dumb cunt wouldn't get that!

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