Korean Travel Phrases #1 - Hello (pt 1/2).

Free Korean phrases lessons from

Useful Korean travel phrases and test.
Hello, Yes, No, I'm sorry, Excuse me, Thank you. That's all right.

Pronunciation Tip #1
"합-니-다" syllable by syllable reads "HaB-Ni-Da". But, when you read together it becomes "HaMmida".

This is one of many examples where some of the Korean syllables read different than what is written (usually happens when syllables form a word). In "합니다" case, the pronunciation rule is called "비음화" (nasalization) & examples are "갑니다","잡니다", "탑니다", etc. The article concerning this can be found in our main web site (sorry, long address) at:

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Author SooperBeez (8 months)
omg sill +ye is so hard to pronounce

Author LaVa RoSe (1 year)
+AvanyaSree Nair 

Author Ioniza91 (6 months)
just wondering.... because mianhamnida means "to do sorry", and "to do" is
hada, hehyo, hasehyo and hamnida... does that mean that you could just
switch out 'hamnida' to any of those others? eg if mianhamnida and
mianhehyo are correct, does that mean that the following are correct too?
'mianhada', 'mianhasehyo'

(i'm purposely staying away from romanization so i can learn korean better
using the actual korean alphabet, so my romanization might not be

Author CallamIndexes (10 days)
Gamsahamnida! Though I find it kinda hard to pronounce "Sillye". xD

Author J Williams (1 month)
Sa rang hae!!!:) Gamsahamnida for speaking the koreans phrases slow...

Author PenCrisis (4 months)
Very helpful. Thank you

Author Marie Radanovich (7 months)
Great introduction to Korean. Thank you for posting this.

Author Rena Begum (1 month)
i thought sorry was 'bianhamnida'

Author sr633 (1 month)
Getting ready to go to where I get my jeans shortened. A nice Korean
business owner is always happy to correct my new Korean words that I have
learned. Of course I check here first, and go over the words many times.

Author Roselle Balingit (2 months)
OMOO! Im your fan now. ^_^ I was about to buy a book for those hangul
phrases til i found this. Til i found my stupidiness that youtube is
existing. -_- Hahaha! Anyway, thankyou for this. Em gonna put this on my
phone, whenever i am. XOXO

Author Eunice C. China (1 year)
"Gamsahamnida" very much! Your repeating is very helpful!

Author empyreanbleu (2 years)
In the LRB syllable type, the bottom position sound for M (as in
sillyehaMnida), is spelled in Hangeul as B or P. Is there a particular
lesson I can go to in order to understand why that is?

Author dzji (3 years)
great job on the video!!! I watch alot of korean shows, subbed obviously,
and I try to catch words and understand it, but it goes so fast. Your video
has helped me alot in understanding more Hangul. I absolutely love watching
Running Man or anything that has Yoo Jae Suk as the host!

Author TheSushiandme (1 year)
I want to learn Korean because I'll be living there forever. :) Japan and
Korea for ever. US can go bye bye. :P

Author XhinaQu (1 year)
I agree...Im ready to vacation in a few months so I can be comfortable
there...then Im moving

Author assetmarie12 (2 years)
hey,i really want to go to korea especially in seoul after college..and
next year i'll be graduating!so, see you soon seoul!thanks for the
really helped a lot!btw, i'm a filipina

Author So nyuh Shi dae (1 year)
Oh so it's Gamsahmnida. i thought it was Kahmsamnida. :)

Author tokee1234567 (2 years)
@TheAstrodoll it's BEE-eup. BUT when the ㅂ comes on the bottom consonant
and the ㄴ (nee-eun) follows afterwards it is pronounced close to the M
sound (but not completey, it's more like an open M sound opposed to the
standard M sound in English.) For simplicity, romanization of 고맙습니다 is
gomapseumnida (some ppl say komapseumnida though but personally I don't
like romanizing ㄱ as K very often)

Author Kathy Smith (2 years)
Gamsahamnida! :D You are awesome for making this video cause I got into
wanting to learn Korean from watching quite a few Kdrama shows and I am a
huge Kpop fan (2PM, Jay Park and BIG BANG FIGHTING!) Also, I'm really
wanting to go to Seoul as a college foreign exchange student and this is
great! Korean is the bomb! :D

Author 2Cool4Games (1 year)
Thank you for teaching us Korean!

Author tokee1234567 (3 years)
@Tzumachiru the meaning for hamnida really depends on what you are saying.
it can be just "is/am/are" too

Author MsPinkflipflops (10 months)
In dramas those words are used a lot so I am so familiar with them but now
I can pronounce them like a champ thanks to you.. Love you for making those
vidoes :) Jinjja gamsahamnida

Author roodle98 (1 year)
your a jackass... that is all.

Author spursen (1 year)
Visit :)

Author Mun Teng (1 year)
Thank you very much! Very clear and very useful!

Author TrumpetBrony (1 year)
how do you say starcraft?

Author MiszYhanKim (1 year)
While Im learning this Im writing this to my own secret paper

Author ClareMuze (9 months)
잠시만요, 실례합니다. They're same^-^ but 실례합니다 is more polite.

Author Jerly Pius (2 years)
Gamsahamnida! ^_^ Thanks for the video, it'll help me to learn the Korean
language. I work at a hotel where we have no Korean speaking staff and I
want to be the first one. I feel bad for the Korean guests who come to stay
at the hotel and don't know much English. Gamsahamnida!! ^_^

Author MrCutekitty123 (10 months)
good luck

Author Maifun Chou (2 years)
When do you say gamsahamnida and when do you say gomapsuemnida?

Author randzkyut (2 years)
i would like to know some bad words too, at least i know what's going on
when the korean im talking to is not talking crap while smiling at me. LOL

Author derik valeriano (1 year)

Author ShenaniBanani (2 years)
When Im watching korean videos, when they say Im sorry, it sounds like just
'miano' or something. Is that like a shortened way to say it?

Author silpish6766 (1 year)
발음 좋네요:) 이거 보니까 바른 한글 써야 겠다*ㅅ*;

Author Anais J.E (1 year)
This is the same for me! :D

Author TheAsianCindy (2 years)
@Jr58221 you actually add "yo". yo means formal. ani is informal while
aniyo is formal :]

Author asianwhitenigger (1 year)

Author YoungHenry101 (1 year)
I like Boys over Flowers and the Korean Culture! I'm also taking Korean 101
in college next semester but want to practice this summer!

Author harasnaej07 (2 years)
@tokee1234567 thank you!!!!! :) i learned a lot from your tutorial.. :)

Author JanuaryBlack1996 (2 years)
haha i know all this stuff from watching kdramas all the time. i guess i
didnt realize it but that stuff sticks in my head. oh btw, its much easier
to read the hangul than the romanization. plus the romanization doesnt
really capture the sounds if you know what i mean. its better to learn to
read hangul. i learned in just one day.

Author kikaylangjl (1 year)
Thank you so much !

Author yantierazli (2 years)
Indeed rebecca!

Author nbhhadn (2 years)
Learning Korean just so that when i meet beast's dongwoon someday, I'll be
able to have a conversation with him in korean. like... "annyeong haseyo
jagiya" hahahaha i love dongwoon oppa!!!

Author Cathlen Jave Pacarro (1 year)
For BTOB . <333

Author LightKnight14 (2 years)
2ne1 inspired me to learn Korean! I love the culture and the language!:)

Author edlin dela cruz (1 year)
I learn counting when I pronounced souds funny

Author tokee1234567 (2 years)
@MegaMichiee please enjoy 즐거운 시간 되세요. I hope you liked it. 오늘 하루를 잘 보내셨길
바래요. 오늘 이벤트 좋아하셨으면 좋겠네요

Author Alekszanver Virgel Villanueva (2 years)
im filipino and im learning it because im inlove with sei hyoung a korean
girl <3 . thanks . Sei Hyoung Saranghae ! . . KAMSAHAMNIDA!

Author Rima Rai (2 years)
comapseumnida thank you, iam from algeria and i want to learn too

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