Korean Travel Phrases #1 - Hello (pt 1/2).

Free Korean phrases lessons from

Useful Korean travel phrases and test.
Hello, Yes, No, I'm sorry, Excuse me, Thank you. That's all right.

Pronunciation Tip #1
"합-니-다" syllable by syllable reads "HaB-Ni-Da". But, when you read together it becomes "HaMmida".

This is one of many examples where some of the Korean syllables read different than what is written (usually happens when syllables form a word). In "합니다" case, the pronunciation rule is called "비음화" (nasalization) & examples are "갑니다","잡니다", "탑니다", etc. The article concerning this can be found in our main web site (sorry, long address) at:

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Author Cai Diaz ( ago)
I really thought sorry is *bianhamnida

Author Laura Romero ( ago)
Extremely helpful! thank you!

Author Claire Herrera ( ago)
why others say YES into NE ?

Author Quiasja Battle ( ago)
this help me a lot gamsahamnida👍

Author Aliciaatje B. ( ago)
i dont understand all the endings... sometimes it s: hamnida, haeyo, ...
can someone help?

Author Min Yoongi ( ago)
I know most of these bc bts lmao

Author Rosalinda Limbo ( ago)
but u speak jams Ah am no da say thank you right

Author Rosalinda Limbo ( ago)
I'mfrom Philippines

Author Rosalinda Limbo ( ago)
Thanks for your sharing speak Korea to translation English I wanna go to
busan Korea

Author Sahij Gill ( ago)
Isn't yes "neh"?

Author Emy Cajolo ( ago)

Author cutieyuffie ( ago)
OMG! I know Hello and I am sorry so well because of Bangtan! LOL They
always greeting and saying sorry to me DX

Author Aliyah Begum ( ago)
Gamsahamnida ahjusshi

Author Hydeen Ramos ( ago)
ang gulo ng language nila, yung ㄱ/g or k..nalilito ako sa mga letters nila

Author Edmund Nathan Blanco ( ago)

Author Breyererbest ( ago)
Thank you!! I mean Gamsahamnida!!

Author BlueAlienWare ( ago)
you are the worst teacher ever GET OUT OF HERE go get a life

Author Junmi Ramirez ( ago)
me gusto este canal pero me gustaría que pudiera poner traducción en
español para l@s que no sabemos ingles 😱😖😭

Author Prince 32 (Gumball) ( ago)
Gamsahamnida 😀😁😊

Author Herelle Cayabyab (1199 years ago)
I like this teacher ever in my life♡

Author Jenni Lynn ( ago)
You're good thx this was very helpful

Author No Thing ( ago)
Best teacher

Author Nietha Chou ( ago)
Best teacher ..... Like it 

Author Alonso Miralrío ( ago)
You rock dude!!

Author Leonard Taduran ( ago)
Are u irish?

Author Leonard Taduran ( ago)
Is u speaking in irish not really breaking it down to english words into
hangeul into korean ?

Author triggertheoriegroupy ( ago)
Korean has the same pronunciation as my culture's vowels, found this very
helpful :)

Author Ng Khai Ling ( ago)
what is ' hamnida '?

Author Cielo Tinosan ( ago)
i really adore koreans :)

Author Amira Eisblume ( ago)
i love korean so much

Author Sisima13 ( ago)
I thought "gamsahamnida" was written "kamsahamnida" because I see it
written that way all the time but now I don't really know if it's written
with a "k" or "g" now :(

Author Bophelo Boemo ( ago)
Best teacher, great voice.

Author Dennis Fluttershy ( ago)
That M (ㅁ) looks very much like a B (ㅂ) (3:50)

Author Random Name ( ago)
is this legit korean? ㅗ디ㅣㅐ

Author Royal Joker ( ago)
I though sorry meant something else and yes in Korean means ne instead of
ye!! im confused?!?

Author TheSouliG ( ago)
why do I hear hamnida used in allmost every sentence?

Author Leonard Lambert ( ago)
Great voice and teaching style for learning. I have attempted to learn to
speak Korean for several years. I feel inspired now. kamsa hamnida!

Author borna mist ( ago)
Nice ....ur teaching style is good ...i like it :D

Author Matthew Vogele ( ago)
Very helpful, thank you so much! The highlight tool and pronunciation with
the syllables is the best learning tool I have been able to find.

Author TheVideoGuy ( ago)
Gamsahamnida! Though I find it kinda hard to pronounce "Sillye". xD

Author sr633 ( ago)
Getting ready to go to where I get my jeans shortened. A nice Korean
business owner is always happy to correct my new Korean words that I have
learned. Of course I check here first, and go over the words many times.

Author Jackie Lee Wei ( ago)
Sa rang hae!!!:) Gamsahamnida for speaking the koreans phrases slow...

Author Rena Begum ( ago)
i thought sorry was 'bianhamnida'

Author Dobi soo ( ago)
OMOO! Im your fan now. ^_^ I was about to buy a book for those hangul
phrases til i found this. Til i found my stupidiness that youtube is
existing. -_- Hahaha! Anyway, thankyou for this. Em gonna put this on my
phone, whenever i am. XOXO

Author PenCrisis ( ago)
Very helpful. Thank you

Author Ioniza91 ( ago)
just wondering.... because mianhamnida means "to do sorry", and "to do" is
hada, hehyo, hasehyo and hamnida... does that mean that you could just
switch out 'hamnida' to any of those others? eg if mianhamnida and
mianhehyo are correct, does that mean that the following are correct too?
'mianhada', 'mianhasehyo'

(i'm purposely staying away from romanization so i can learn korean better
using the actual korean alphabet, so my romanization might not be

Author M Radan ( ago)
Great introduction to Korean. Thank you for posting this.

Author SooperBeez ( ago)
omg sill +ye is so hard to pronounce

Author Aika Kim ( ago)
i'm here for KPOP

Author Yuna Braska ( ago)
Im here for Kpop... lol

Author Freshisie ( ago)

Author dj ( ago)
Just a hint, in future keep the english u use to a minimum (ideally korean
only) (I'm an English teacher so I know!)

Author iielurv3y0u ( ago)
do people really use 실례합니다 because I hear 잠시만요 alot~ what's the difference
in both?

Author Charisma Green ( ago)
I want to learn Korean because both Korean and Japanese sounds so beautiful
[to me].

Author Sky Kim ( ago)
Nice keep it up more videos pls i just started my hangungmal lessons here ♥

Author MsPinkflipflops ( ago)
In dramas those words are used a lot so I am so familiar with them but now
I can pronounce them like a champ thanks to you.. Love you for making those
vidoes :) Jinjja gamsahamnida

Author x0bebe0xful ( ago)
Thanks for the lessons! Superb! Its easy to follow and helpful with the
correct pronunciation. :)

Author MrCutekitty123 ( ago)
good luck

Author MrCutekitty123 ( ago)
make sure you know Lee min ho and kim hyun soong :PP they are good
actresses i wanted to move to korea too so i can live and work there :)

Author BlackManSkeet ( ago)
I love Korean thrillers!

Author Northkorean kp ( ago)
thank you for your video, very nice lesson 'read show more

Author sunflowery12 ( ago)
I occasionally try to find other sources to also help me learn Korean but I
always end up coming back to your channel. You are wonderful, thank you.

Author Emmet Cowen ( ago)
0:00 - Hello 2:07 - Yes/No 2:58 - Excuse me 3:58 - I'm Sorry 4:48 - Thank
you 6:00 - That's alright 7:04 - Thank you Just thought that would help :)

Author blanco vida ( ago)
interesting.thanks for the lessons

Author 안나 제인 lee ( ago)
i'm learning hangul maybe a month now. .i'm learning because i want to live
and work in korea. SEOUL,KOREA. .another thing is because i want to
personally translate the songs of SHINee. .

Author rutembesatv ( ago)
me i have a "quiz on korea", and if i win, i can get a chance to travel
there, now I am preparing the quizz

Author cristianrockerchick ( ago)
This is very helpful :)

Author 123456ahaha ( ago)
sillyehamnida, why is it that the lye part does not produce the "y" sound?
is there a certain rule for that?

Author Em-J Kreeyjii ( ago)
Gomapsumnida!!!!! Now i know a lot! Can start composing now!

Author YoungHenry101 ( ago)
I like Boys over Flowers and the Korean Culture! I'm also taking Korean 101
in college next semester but want to practice this summer!

Author Apink PANDA ( ago)
For BTOB . <333

Author Alfira ( ago)
i wanna learn korean cuz i really love korean songs kpop, n also i watch
korean drama im also asian!!

Author spursen ( ago)
Visit :)

Author RoyaltyByBlood ( ago)
I agree...Im ready to vacation in a few months so I can be comfortable
there...then Im moving

Author TheSushiandme ( ago)
I want to learn Korean because I'll be living there forever. :) Japan and
Korea for ever. US can go bye bye. :P

Author Azel Swan ( ago)
i want to learn korean language because, i like to watch korean drama, so i
can understand what they say.

Author xxsnipehshotxx ( ago)
lol im trying to learn some korean so i can play on korean ladder

Author bozulzrican ( ago)
Korean escalation inspired me to learn Korean

Author Sarah Mathers ( ago)
when we combine n+m it gives us b ? please that's my second day in learning
korean and im still not fully getting it. answer me please :) Thanks

Author TrumpetBrony ( ago)
how do you say starcraft?

Author Kevin Ramirez ( ago)
Could you also put 반말 words for these words you are teaching? 감사합니다! :)

Author derik valeriano ( ago)

Author Sī Lì Yáng ( ago)
find it here koreaneveryday

Author Sī Lì Yáng ( ago)
Very good video, are there any text document for the travel phrases?

Author Benny Syahira ( ago)
im going to korea in may.learning it is such a burden actually but i
survive for it.haha love korea :)

Author Claire L. ( ago)
ni whon... :) that's the name of 1 of the artist of koreans

Author luisa olives ( ago)
hahhah me too :)

Author PearlSapphireBlu ELF ( ago)
gamsahamnida! :))

Author So nyuh Shi dae ( ago)
Oh so it's Gamsahmnida. i thought it was Kahmsamnida. :)

Author So nyuh Shi dae ( ago)
I should be 3rd year highschool already but i stopped. Thank you so much i
find something interesting where i can spend my time. Also KPOP brings me
here. Thank you Sir.

Author Mhoe Morada ( ago)
this video really helped me a lot.. thank you!

Author Mun Teng ( ago)
Thank you very much! Very clear and very useful!

Author Wiitubeaccount ( ago)
kpop and starcraft!

Author Eunice C. China ( ago)
"Gamsahamnida" very much! Your repeating is very helpful!

Author L.inspirit ( ago)
I do it for infinite

Author magan gicelle ( ago)
선생님, what's the difference between Mianhamnida to Mianhada? i always hear
"Mianhada" in all korean drama.

Author uou ɐɯǝ ( ago)
yup me too, because of kdrama and KIM HYUN JOONG!

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