Korean Travel Phrases #1 - Hello (pt 1/2).

Free Korean phrases lessons from

Useful Korean travel phrases and test.
Hello, Yes, No, I'm sorry, Excuse me, Thank you. That's all right.

Pronunciation Tip #1
"합-니-다" syllable by syllable reads "HaB-Ni-Da". But, when you read together it becomes "HaMmida".

This is one of many examples where some of the Korean syllables read different than what is written (usually happens when syllables form a word). In "합니다" case, the pronunciation rule is called "비음화" (nasalization) & examples are "갑니다","잡니다", "탑니다", etc. The article concerning this can be found in our main web site (sorry, long address) at:

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Author cutieyuffie ( ago)
OMG! I know Hello and I am sorry so well because of Bangtan! LOL They
always greeting and saying sorry to me DX

Author Aliyah Begum ( ago)
Gamsahamnida ahjusshi

Author Hydeen Ramos ( ago)
ang gulo ng language nila, yung ㄱ/g or k..nalilito ako sa mga letters nila

Author Edmund Nathan Blanco ( ago)

Author Breyererbest ( ago)
Thank you!! I mean Gamsahamnida!!

Author BlueAlienWare ( ago)
you are the worst teacher ever GET OUT OF HERE go get a life

Author Junmi Ramirez ( ago)
me gusto este canal pero me gustaría que pudiera poner traducción en
español para l@s que no sabemos ingles 😱😖😭

Author Prince 32 (Gumball) ( ago)
Gamsahamnida 😀😁😊

Author Herelle Cayabyab (1198 years ago)
I like this teacher ever in my life♡

Author Jenni Lynn ( ago)
You're good thx this was very helpful

Author Running Man ( ago)
Best teacher

Author Nietha Chou ( ago)
Best teacher ..... Like it 

Author Alonso Miralrío ( ago)
You rock dude!!

Author Leonard Taduran ( ago)
Are u irish?

Author Leonard Taduran ( ago)
Is u speaking in irish not really breaking it down to english words into
hangeul into korean ?

Author triggertheoriegroupy ( ago)
Korean has the same pronunciation as my culture's vowels, found this very
helpful :)

Author Ng Khai Ling ( ago)
what is ' hamnida '?

Author Cielo Tinosan ( ago)
i really adore koreans :)

Author Amira Eisblume ( ago)
i love korean so much

Author Sisima13 ( ago)
I thought "gamsahamnida" was written "kamsahamnida" because I see it
written that way all the time but now I don't really know if it's written
with a "k" or "g" now :(

Author Bophelo Boemo ( ago)
Best teacher, great voice.

Author Dennis Fluttershy ( ago)
That M (ㅁ) looks very much like a B (ㅂ) (3:50)

Author Random Name ( ago)
is this legit korean? ㅗ디ㅣㅐ

Author Aika Kim ( ago)
i'm here for KPOP

Author Yuna Braska ( ago)
Im here for Kpop... lol

Author Freshisie ( ago)

Author dj ( ago)
Just a hint, in future keep the english u use to a minimum (ideally korean
only) (I'm an English teacher so I know!)

Author iielurv3y0u ( ago)
do people really use 실례합니다 because I hear 잠시만요 alot~ what's the difference
in both?

Author Charisma Green ( ago)
I want to learn Korean because both Korean and Japanese sounds so beautiful
[to me].

Author Sky Kim ( ago)
Nice keep it up more videos pls i just started my hangungmal lessons here ♥

Author MsPinkflipflops ( ago)
In dramas those words are used a lot so I am so familiar with them but now
I can pronounce them like a champ thanks to you.. Love you for making those
vidoes :) Jinjja gamsahamnida

Author x0bebe0xful ( ago)
Thanks for the lessons! Superb! Its easy to follow and helpful with the
correct pronunciation. :)

Author MrCutekitty123 ( ago)
good luck

Author MrCutekitty123 ( ago)
make sure you know Lee min ho and kim hyun soong :PP they are good
actresses i wanted to move to korea too so i can live and work there :)

Author BlackManSkeet ( ago)
I love Korean thrillers!

Author Northkorean kp ( ago)
thank you for your video, very nice lesson 'read show more

Author sunflowery12 ( ago)
I occasionally try to find other sources to also help me learn Korean but I
always end up coming back to your channel. You are wonderful, thank you.

Author Emmet Cowen ( ago)
0:00 - Hello 2:07 - Yes/No 2:58 - Excuse me 3:58 - I'm Sorry 4:48 - Thank
you 6:00 - That's alright 7:04 - Thank you Just thought that would help :)

Author blanco vida ( ago)
interesting.thanks for the lessons

Author 안나 제인 lee ( ago)
i'm learning hangul maybe a month now. .i'm learning because i want to live
and work in korea. SEOUL,KOREA. .another thing is because i want to
personally translate the songs of SHINee. .

Author rutembesatv ( ago)
me i have a "quiz on korea", and if i win, i can get a chance to travel
there, now I am preparing the quizz

Author cristianrockerchick ( ago)
This is very helpful :)

Author 123456ahaha ( ago)
sillyehamnida, why is it that the lye part does not produce the "y" sound?
is there a certain rule for that?

Author Em-J Kreeyjii ( ago)
Gomapsumnida!!!!! Now i know a lot! Can start composing now!

Author YoungHenry101 ( ago)
I like Boys over Flowers and the Korean Culture! I'm also taking Korean 101
in college next semester but want to practice this summer!

Author Apink PANDA ( ago)
For BTOB . <333

Author alfira4 ( ago)
i wanna learn korean cuz i really love korean songs kpop, n also i watch
korean drama im also asian!!

Author spursen ( ago)
Visit :)

Author RoyaltyByBlood ( ago)
I agree...Im ready to vacation in a few months so I can be comfortable
there...then Im moving

Author TheSushiandme ( ago)
I want to learn Korean because I'll be living there forever. :) Japan and
Korea for ever. US can go bye bye. :P

Author Azel Swan ( ago)
i want to learn korean language because, i like to watch korean drama, so i
can understand what they say.

Author xxsnipehshotxx ( ago)
lol im trying to learn some korean so i can play on korean ladder

Author bozulzrican ( ago)
Korean escalation inspired me to learn Korean

Author Sarah Mathers ( ago)
when we combine n+m it gives us b ? please that's my second day in learning
korean and im still not fully getting it. answer me please :) Thanks

Author TrumpetBrony ( ago)
how do you say starcraft?

Author Kevin Ramirez ( ago)
Could you also put 반말 words for these words you are teaching? 감사합니다! :)

Author derik valeriano ( ago)

Author Sī Lì Yáng ( ago)
find it here koreaneveryday

Author Sī Lì Yáng ( ago)
Very good video, are there any text document for the travel phrases?

Author Benny Syahira ( ago)
im going to korea in may.learning it is such a burden actually but i
survive for it.haha love korea :)

Author Claire L. ( ago)
ni whon... :) that's the name of 1 of the artist of koreans

Author luisa olives ( ago)
hahhah me too :)

Author PearlSapphireBlu ELF ( ago)
gamsahamnida! :))

Author So nyuh Shi dae ( ago)
Oh so it's Gamsahmnida. i thought it was Kahmsamnida. :)

Author So nyuh Shi dae ( ago)
I should be 3rd year highschool already but i stopped. Thank you so much i
find something interesting where i can spend my time. Also KPOP brings me
here. Thank you Sir.

Author Mhoe Morada ( ago)
this video really helped me a lot.. thank you!

Author Mun Teng ( ago)
Thank you very much! Very clear and very useful!

Author Wiitubeaccount ( ago)
kpop and starcraft!

Author Eunice C. China ( ago)
"Gamsahamnida" very much! Your repeating is very helpful!

Author L.inspirit ( ago)
I do it for infinite

Author magan gicelle ( ago)
선생님, what's the difference between Mianhamnida to Mianhada? i always hear
"Mianhada" in all korean drama.

Author uou ɐɯǝ ( ago)
yup me too, because of kdrama and KIM HYUN JOONG!

KDRAMA actually!lol

Author Grace Cajeda ( ago)
it's for nichkhun .. i want to learn korean languages

Author mishiell sintos (335 years ago)
yesung inspired me :D

Author mishiell sintos (960 years ago)
i cant learn well :( , hmmf :( anyone who tutor this language? .. and how

Author verakkandy ( ago)
I'm interested in Korea and I wanna be Korean. >_<

Author itsKTY code ( ago)

Author karennava16 ( ago)
Omg I know them all already

Author asianwhitenigger ( ago)

Author edlin dela cruz ( ago)
I learn counting when I pronounced souds funny

Author iBeFloe ( ago)
I'm just here cuz I just want to learn other Asian languages than my own lol

Author 2Cool4Games ( ago)
Thank you for teaching us Korean!

Author silpish6766 ( ago)
발음 좋네요:) 이거 보니까 바른 한글 써야 겠다*ㅅ*;

Author pita bread ( ago)
Then dont say anything 0.o how simple is that.

Author kidwimpy7 ( ago)
for kim soo hyun moon that embracng the sun...

Author Percival Almencion ( ago)
Im watching because I dream of going to Korea, I dont like Kpop but I like
other genres of korean musuic ^^

Author roodle98 (1227 years ago)
your a jackass... that is all.

Author BadgerCheese94 ( ago)
No I'm not watching this cuz of your shitty pop music

Author Anais J.E ( ago)
This is the same for me! :D

Author MiszYhanKim ( ago)
While Im learning this Im writing this to my own secret paper

Author ImGorJemSpazzer ( ago)
ye :) haha:)

Author xandra Chris ( ago)
yeah, u can., gomawo is informal though. gomawoyo is formal ^^

Author Elisha Santiago (81 year ago)
can i say gomawo in Thank you?

Author Anjeirica ( ago)
why is gwaenchansseumnida ,spelled as gwean chan(h/ᄒ)seumnida

Author Bianca Peralta ( ago)
I think the other one is the formal way? not sure though XD

Author Maifun Pan ( ago)
When do you say gamsahamnida and when do you say gomapsuemnida?

Author LightKnight14 ( ago)
2ne1 inspired me to learn Korean! I love the culture and the language!:)

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