GTA San Andreas (PC) Free Direct Download

The trainer.exe file in the directory folder will most likely be detected as a virus, when it really is not. Stupid anti-virus softwares like AVG detect it as one, when it is not a virus. If you still feel insecure, just safely scan the folder thoroughly with your Anti-Virus software. The trainer.exe file is NOT a virus and is NOT harmful.

***NOTE: The radios sounds, cutscenes, and voices don't work. If you want them, go search.***

GTA San Andreas: Link no longer works because of SOPA.

Can't open the file? Download and install WinRAR:

Want to play GTA San Andreas Online? It's free. Download and install this to your computer here:

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Author Imran Khan ( ago)
Hey guys this tutorial dosent work anymore so go on mine direct download no
surrveys no torrents. You only need Winrar to open

Author mohd almosawi ( ago)
me too

Author Edgar Miguel Carrillo ( ago)
502 bad getaway

Author musicchannel306 ( ago)

Author RadicalRoyals ( ago)
Yo guys, not trying to steal the viewers but I got a video tutorial on how
to download GTA San Andreas. It works, must watch the whole video and read
the description. No annoying surveys or viruses! BUT You need uTorrent and
winRAR too

Author Joe56747 (300 years ago)
can anyone confirm that this works?

Author Arin Handsome ( ago)
It did when he made the video.

Author Travis Brown ( ago)
hello szia szevasz?van nalatok terasz?

Author Ralf Blackrock ( ago)
man... you can download the full version from : h t t p : / / they offer Vice city,San andreas and San Andreas Vip too.

Author james farley ( ago)
bro do i gotta do that survey shit?

Author Valy Tali ( ago)

Author Vinicius Bedon (1966 years ago)
is the windows 98??

Author marko randjelovic ( ago)
check my channel just download it and play

Author assassin132132 ( ago)
noob megauload has done

Author Warren Turner ( ago)
Fuck that man!! haha

Author Warren Turner ( ago)
people are wanting us to make money off these stupid sites with surveys on
them . . dont bother filling them out :/

Author Warren Turner ( ago)
I'm starting to realize that everyone wants us to download the game after
the survey which gives details nobody will enter unless they are stupid :/
. . sites like goomia, appsrepo and blogspot are all shite!!

Author Warren Turner ( ago)
A survey is in the way :/

Author Warren Turner ( ago)
Survey is in the way :/

Author John Bosco ( ago)
guys just download on mine works good

Author Dino Magno ( ago)
yeah yeah works just download there

Author Bert Cornelia ( ago)
damn just download this on mine works fine

Author Monica Gerndan ( ago)
try this

Author CringeLord 1000 ( ago)
Dont work. It wants me to buy something

Author johnson mayer ( ago)
just download from

Author henkstof24 (776 years ago)

Author Lance Stone ( ago)
FBI Took down you link :P

Author kuroro hxhryodan ( ago)
fuck this tutorial it wont work

Author german redalert ( ago)
not working assshole

Author Monezto Christopher ( ago)
just go download in

Author RJ Santos ( ago)
which one is it?

Author BermudaMaxus ( ago)
it doesnt work :(

Author Shane ( ago)
what the fuck you have to do a servay, like all good websites D:

Author Daniel Duong ( ago)
Thanks it works

Author Methhh ( ago)
all these other links make you take a survey.. :/

Author downloadblinker ( ago)
Wanna get GTA: San Andreas? Try: downloadblinks . com

Author Slashes Young ( ago)
Doesnt work you mutherfucker

Author EKqn1xmEbX ( ago)
Why were you here lol

Author Irfan Bartowski ( ago)
R.I.P. Megaupload

Author nicole arbiol ( ago) have a survey....dn there not sending u the code damn....

Author xTyLeR98x ( ago)
.........dude you make no sence, just back down to the argument, you lost

Author gerard malloy ( ago)
Everyone please watch my video, i can show you how to get gta:san an for
free without a viruses or anything. all i ask is that you thumbs up my
comment so people can see a real way how to download it.

Author TheLuca2001 (673 years ago)
Always you fools think you are smart by saying FUCKING IDIOT, MOTHERFUCKER,

Author Connor Lester ( ago)
>LOL you can't even talk english >Talk english Fucking idiot.

Author TheLuca2001 ( ago)
LOL you can't even talk english

Author Shinigami Cruz ( ago)
everything has virus but some files have more than others i recomend u to
click on windows button and write run click it then write %temp% and delete
al the junk files there then do that again but write prefetch and delete
all the junk files it will save up mb il make a video so keep in touch

Author brown black ( ago)
is it virus and dose it work?

Author carlojeffersonyu45 (1730 years ago)
but this needs to finish a survey,,what about wiht out a survey?

Author Ben Zhang ( ago)
theres a survey

Author Jessie x ( ago)
With a survey ... realy ?!

Author xGTAModz ( ago)
S.O.P.A Can go fuck themselves. lol.

Author xGTAModz ( ago)
thanks man!

Author Nate Gagnon ( ago)

Author TorpidGaming ( ago)
Damn survey.

Author Stiff MaGroin ( ago)
aaah brings tears to my eyes. R.I.P mega upload

Author halo122706 ( ago)
so trainer.exe is not a virus?

Author SuperSpongebob64 ( ago)
now its ban

Author AsianDudeForTheWin ( ago)
To remove surveys go to survey - remover . com (REMOVE SPACES!)

Author Isaac Tan ( ago)

Author corey walsh ( ago)
theres a servay

Author CheawLeSs ( ago)
megaupload is dead!!!!!x-(

Author PH_Kane ( ago)
r.i.p megaupload

Author Patrick Kirk ( ago)

Author Adster98 ( ago)
one problem you need to do a survey

Author mulvimanz ( ago)
the survey is impossible for me to complete for some reason

Author romania5746 ( ago)
RIP megaupload :(

Author paddy clarke ( ago)
megaupload is gone....... FOREVER!!!!!!

Author silver1pig ( ago)
┌∩┐(-_-)┌∩┐ haha not mega upload is on it

Author silver1pig ( ago)
┌∩┐(-_-)┌∩┐ thanks

Author Purple Bob ( ago)
RIP Megaupload

Author darkling2002 ( ago)
wat's that?

Author ImmortalMamba ( ago)

Author RandarkusN ( ago)
No shit Americans don't own the world, I wasn't saying we do. In fact I
find it bullshit that the united states government shut down the site, it
was based in china. I was complaining, not glorifying a piece of shit such
as the american government.

Author TRKThunder ( ago)
guys Julie Manila is going around posting on every gta video that same
site. idk just how the fuck people are giving him thumbs up. that website
has surveys after you go to adfly. REPORT FOR SPAM!

Author RandarkusN ( ago)
It was due to a bunch of copyright infringement claims by movie
corporations. Though the u.s. government didn't have a right to shut it
down, because it's a chinese site. But, oh well, apparently as Americans we
own the fucking world and can do what we ant. Yeah, the government fucking

Author SAC624 ( ago)
you need to do survey >_<

Author Ryudius ( ago)
Is it a torrent?

Author Patryk wasniewski (255 years ago)
megaupload is blocked

Author cyamain ( ago)
link plzz

Author Hamid Ali ( ago)
There is new working link on my video, to replace Megaupload NO SURVEY, NO

Author YouFound Mee ( ago)
okei i will watch just make sure it will work

Author Julie Manila ( ago)
google this guys "how to download gta san andreas tutorials 2012" it works

Author TheMlgGamers2011 ( ago)
R.I.P MegaUpload

Author Wicachow ( ago)
Every time i try that i get a survey pop up thing that says it wont let me
proceed until i complete a survey fuck that

Author bob hoonjamarda ( ago)
yeah i did and they put a survey up for the site :(

Author Jason Jia ( ago)

Author johnzx CHRISZX ( ago)

Author Hamid Ali ( ago)
go to my video new link instead of megaupload NO VIRUS. NO TORRENT

Author kuroro hxhryodan ( ago)
go to google guys and search "gta sa download tutorials 2012" :D

Author James Nalley ( ago)
Its blocked. O.o

Author Houssam Elkhasouani ( ago)
Dead bro dead......

Author James Ho ( ago)
dude,mega upload is dead...

Author Sirelemuel ( ago)
wats megaupload rip

Author Balogh Erik ( ago)

Author haersou ( ago)
R.I.P megaupload

Author michaelyouth ( ago)
@sanandreastutorialz no you don't you little motherfucker, you have to
complete unsafe surveys so go fuck you, go fuck your mother and go fuck
your sister

Author ragglefraggle24 ( ago)
i guess you're one of those niggers that likes to lick butthole and eat shit

Author Hamid Ali ( ago)
go to my video downloads very fast

Author kiskukac28 ( ago)
R.I.P Megaupload

Author Lelouch Lamperouge ( ago)
@sanandreastutorialz tnk u vry much!!!

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