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Author adster98 (1 year)
one problem you need to do a survey

Author Patryk wasniewski (1 year)
megaupload is blocked

Author musicchannel306 (8 months)

Author Lelouch Lamperouge (2 years)
@sanandreastutorialz tnk u vry much!!!

Author angelicanicz (2 years)
a mother fucking virus

Author RadicalRoyals (9 months)
Yo guys, not trying to steal the viewers but I got a video tutorial on how
to download GTA San Andreas. It works, must watch the whole video and read
the description. No annoying surveys or viruses! BUT You need uTorrent and
winRAR too

Author UnKnOwN312100 (1 year)
i just wish that they will rot in HELL!!!

Author Monica Gerndan (1 year)
try this

Author holymandaka07 (2 years)
@sanandreastutorialz tnx!

Author Houssam Elkhasouani (2 years)
Dead bro dead......

Author mohd almosawi (8 months)
me too

Author fredjonnie (2 years)
@bayrongaysler thanks for the link

Author Connor Lester (1 year)
>LOL you can't even talk english >Talk english Fucking idiot.

Author Imran Khan (6 months)
Hey guys this tutorial dosent work anymore so go on mine direct download no
surrveys no torrents. You only need Winrar to open

Author Hamid Ali (2 years)
go to my video downloads very fast

Author jowhan98 (2 years)
@RobertoRegele wtf?

Author youngkane100 (1 year)
r.i.p megaupload

Author Mad Molatov (1 year)
theres a survey

Author TheRandomBill (1 year)
the goverment got em

Author RandarkusN (1 year)
No shit Americans don't own the world, I wasn't saying we do. In fact I
find it bullshit that the united states government shut down the site, it
was based in china. I was complaining, not glorifying a piece of shit such
as the american government.

Author marko randjelovic (1 year)
check my channel just download it and play

Author Shane (1 year)
what the fuck you have to do a servay, like all good websites D:

Author AsianDudeForTheWin (1 year)
To remove surveys go to survey - remover . com (REMOVE SPACES!)

Author bayrongaysler (1 year)
hey thanks

Author TheMlgGamers2011 (2 years)
R.I.P MegaUpload

Author MrYoyomaster5 (1 year)
hey fix this its not working in windows

Author fredjonnie (1 year)
thanks nigga

Author Warren Turner (1 year)
A survey is in the way :/

Author mulvimanz (1 year)
the survey is impossible for me to complete for some reason

Author TridentChewy (1 year)
guys just download from its fast free and safe

Author James Nalley (2 years)
Its blocked. O.o

Author john hong (1 year)
Dont work. It wants me to buy something

Author soph h (2 years)

Author ragglefraggle24 (2 years)
i guess you're one of those niggers that likes to lick butthole and eat shit

Author Lance Stone (1 year)
FBI Took down you link :P

Author Warren Turner (1 year)
Survey is in the way :/

Author Arin Handsome (1 year)
It did when he made the video.

Author ToothyMoose (1 year)
Is it a torrent?

Author holymandaka07 (2 years)
it doesnt work noob

Author carlojeffersonyu45 (1 year)
but this needs to finish a survey,,what about wiht out a survey?

Author Sirelemuel (2 years)
wats megaupload rip

Author german redalert (1 year)
not working assshole

Author UnKnOwN312100 (1 year)
your WRONG! americans dont own the Fucking world and they cant do what ever
they want! cause GOD made this world for all of us or for everyone, NOT for
america, u made a great mistake that they own our planet or world!

Author james farley (1 year)
bro do i gotta do that survey shit?

Author silver1pig (1 year)
┌∩┐(-_-)┌∩┐ haha not mega upload is on it

Author haersou (2 years)
R.I.P megaupload

Author UnKnOwN312100 (1 year)
i dont care if he will kill me!!! we all have RIGHTS and i hate people who
say that they own this world!!!

Author Physicz Geniuz (2 years)

Author fredjonnie (2 years)
not working asshole

Author catubay04 (1 year)
when the download is done i open it and internet explorer opens can someone
help me?

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