Hercules DJ Contorl mp3 e2 + Traktor PRO + X-Fi Creative 5.1

Hercules Dj Control mp3 e2 + Traktor PRO + X-Fi Creative 5.1

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Added: 3 years
Runtime: 6:40
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Author Dj Alex Lyng (1 year)
como has conseguuido el Traktor? how have you got traktor? Thanks ! Gracias!

Author Mrantiemo99 (3 years)
pls make an tut how you done that with te effects im to silly for it -.-

Author DeviantDigi (3 years)
Thanks for posting man. I was looking for a cheap midi and plannin on
buying the little laptop Akai lpd8 but fuck that! $20 more and you get a

Author Michka (3 years)
@EMPORIODIEMPIRIO mapper: h t t p : //ts . hercules .
com/eng/index.php?pg=view_files&gid=17&fid=61&pid=241&cid=5 (remove spaces)

Author GustavoBRJ (2 years)
hey duuuude ! i liked your mapping, could u please post this archive here
or an link for download...

Author junusACEdude (3 years)
can send me the mapper plzzzz i need it ;) i will write you a mail

Author AltairForPresident (2 years)
Does anyone know how to set up Traktor so I can use my headphones to
monitor? I have an external usb sound card so it should be possible right?

Author farCry studio-Z | ULTIMATE Videography (3 years)
did you have any latency our audio quality issues? I have the same setup
and its sounding really really choppy...i'm using traktor pro 1.2.7

Author B0L091 (2 years)
is x-fi 5.1 a good audio card for Traktor?

Author ProtoDeV Nano (2 years)
@AltairForPresident u need to download ASIO4ALL.

Author TheSabatrixx (3 years)
Mine was working all fine then suddenly wont work with traktor i dont know
what to do

Author Katt Montano (3 years)
hey man can you post a video of connecting your mp3 e2 to traktor pro?

Author Ryan Raymundo (2 years)
Guys i cant use may headphones for monitor...but i have USB soundcard,,what
should i do

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