Birdy - People Help The People [Official Music Video]

"People Help The People" by Cherry Ghost performed by Birdy from her self titled debut album.

‘Beautiful Lies’ The New Album - Out Now
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Author Guille Condori ( ago)
musica de mierda

Author Lorena Camargo ( ago)
I love it.❤

Author Maria Gonzalez ( ago)
muy linda y melancolica

Author Melania Sowa ( ago)
March, 2017

Author MiniaturDwarf26 ( ago)

Author Lina James ( ago)
still listen to birdy

Author Rain Mellet ( ago)
Anyone still listening in 2017

Author En Joy ( ago)
Love your music, old soul

Author Edilene Cardoso ( ago)

Author Melania Aiello ( ago)
video da brividi!

Author ισιδωρος Κοντ ( ago)
very sex need she !!

Author Rivers GT ( ago)

Author Julia mendes de leon ( ago)
2017 anyone?

Author Cara Vinici ( ago)
26.03.2017 ❤🖇 this song is so emotional

Author Matthew Wharton ( ago)
Really sick and listening to this is too much

Author eri's dream ( ago)
The most meanfull Song I will ever have hear. I Hope everyone learns to be Happy and make others Happy, because that is meaning of Peace. Peace means giving and taking. Have a nice day.

Author manuella oliveira ( ago)
This is medicine for the soul! ❤🌹

Author g31082002c ( ago)

Author Aqiel Ohsem ( ago)
I am homesick😔

Author Poliana Zolondek ( ago)

Author Lolita Hecquet ( ago)

Author Magdalena Czubaszek ( ago)
Polacy lajkują 😍😂👍

Author anita wellerdieck ( ago)
maart 2017??

Author aalekssandra ( ago)
march 2017?

Author Brenda GP ( ago)

Author peer scheuschner ( ago)
Great ,full of passion... ;)

Author Tony Oliva ( ago)
ANYONE WATCHING IN 2017?!!!! ^_^

Author Amélie Mayer ( ago)
You are so good 😉😘😘

Author Lucia Alejandro ( ago)
and in 2017

Author Louis L ( ago)
Traduit #L La muerte de alguien cercano a nosotros puede cambiar para siempre abajo si queremos unir.

Author jake keven ( ago)

Author samia drouich ( ago)
Anyone still listening in 2017

Author fuad alhalwani ( ago)
i like this💗

Author souhaib Yousfi ( ago)
anyone still listening in 2017

Author asia apiata ( ago)
Birdy has a beautiful voice and I love her piano playing :) I love her!!!!

Author Nick Chaplin ( ago)
00:00 24-March-2017 Beatiful and sad song

Author Ludi Adelino ( ago)

Author kaouthers ( ago)

Author Make the lyrics ( ago)
I love a Girl but she hate me...I get tears in my eyes if I hear this song or Songs from Tom Odell....this song can play today becourse the cili war in the irak Afghanistan....Or you help paple in your city at work in the school it give so many ways to help each other but me doesn't can help im lose in hate in scared i can't igmiganie that me onence can help im for ever alone

Author satürn yerlisi ( ago)
Anyone still listening in 2017

Author Edvinas So ( ago)
Anyone still listeng in 2017

Author Sala Lasa ( ago)
Who is watching it 2017 😍😍

Author Dimitris Oikonomou ( ago)

Author Lucy Astutely ( ago)
If you're home sick I'll hold your hand...

Author Sarah scafidi ( ago)
2017 😶💞💝

Author Gretchen Moreno ( ago)
March 2k17?

Author Nurşin Turgut ( ago)
woow song it's very great👏👏👏

Author Kathi Keks Bee ( ago)
Anyone's watching this in March 2017 ?? ( Sorry for My Bad English , I'm German:-)

Author Elisabeth Koopman ( ago)
Old music stays.

Author Isabelle Torre ( ago)

Author Alicia Bregeot ( ago)

Author lena sunstream ( ago)
best song ever:')

Author silviasxraext ( ago)
you're so talented

Author Emilija Marhilevica ( ago)
Anyone still listening in 2017??

Author Robo Pistachio ( ago)
Still listening in 2017, this songs still good

Author Adelle Frye ( ago)
Her voice is just fantastic and this song is now in my top 10 favorites❤😍

Author X Man ( ago)
2017 ?

Author Giulia Marro ( ago)
i love this Song ❤ i love youuu ❤❤

Author John Rolie Consolacion ( ago)
is this original or another cover

Author ANNA Anna ( ago)
Śpiewam tom piosenkę w szkolnym Mam Talent

Author 1337Figaro ( ago)
I'm quite late for the party but better late than never. This is amazing!

Author Skye B ( ago)
March 2017, anyone?

Author promo13. likemusic ( ago)
2017 March ?

Author Me Meow ( ago)
"And if you're home sick give me your hand and I'll hold it". I feel that line deeply every time

Author Anonyme ( ago)
i love this song 😘

Author Une Fille Sataniste ( ago)
when it's the night you'r so sad and you listening this

Author Sel ( ago)
society is a never ending trend of playing people to people games, it is how people thrive and have fun.

Author Sel ( ago)
beautiful girl <3

Author RizzPoP ( ago)
Finally found the vocals for Beautiful Light by Uppermost

Author wambo jordan ( ago)
16 march 2017! proud of you BIRDY

Author Sow Mariama ( ago)
I miss you like hell. I love you more my. Life 💕💕🎀❤🌹❤️❤️

Author Imad Messaoudi ( ago)
17.03.2017 💜

Author Ellie The Last Of Us ( ago)

Author Athina Apatsidi ( ago)
I See this video in March 2017 .I also cry whith this song

Author ginette josépha ( ago)
White power

Author Mostafa Abou El Enein ( ago)
People help people ... not any more!

Author Antonia Fellerer ( ago)
who's watching this in march 2016?😍

Author SemaNur Aydemir ( ago)
Türk ses ver

Author Jeffrey De Leeuw ( ago)
Fuck me daddy

Author Luiz Carlos ( ago)
Parabéns - Linda Menssagem - O Mundo Agradece.

Author anai wiesse fonseca ( ago)
Perú needs this :c

Author what the will wednesday ( ago)
America needs this. :(

Author Salomé Preau ( ago)

Author Jurrian Kramer ( ago)
2018 anyone?

Author Daniel Parris ( ago)
dosent this song make you cry its so sad and relaxing.who agrees?

Author anon818 ( ago)
One day I will meet a woman like that

Author Jj ( ago)
watching this in 2017

Author Jj ( ago)

Author Ian Lochead ( ago)
This song is so nostalgic for me man. Played it with my tightly knit friends from camp. How I long to go back in time and relives those summers. Happiest times in my life and I can't go back now.

Author Tayana Blackburn ( ago)
16th March 2017? 😂🤘

Author Asia Skorulska ( ago)
people hurt the people.

Author Roxanne Pisani ( ago)

Author Arturo B. ( ago)
The Universe is fucking huge.

Author luana silva ( ago)
2K17, anyone?

Author 9l1tchy squid ( ago)
Does anyone know the name of the original band which made the song cus I e been trying to remember it but just can't. Any help will be much appreciated

Author Fatemzahra Bourechdi ( ago)
real music 🙍🙍

Author Anais mrg ( ago)

Author Anna Haab_3193075 ( ago)
Why is no one talking about how she was 14 in this. She's amazing wtf

Author Tiago Fiil ( ago)
MARCH 2017???? ANYONE?

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