Future - Draco

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  • Runtime: 4:12
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Comments: 14 808

  • Chester McKenzie
    Chester McKenzie 8 hours ago

    I give my bitch to you..if that what she mean to you...

  • X HaZaRd X
    X HaZaRd X 9 hours ago

    Hoe Alert

    THETRUESAVAGEFAN 10 hours ago

    at 0:11 SAVAGE

  • AnythingFun
    AnythingFun 14 hours ago

    Officer: What happened here?
    Woman: Sex accident.
    Officer: But he's choked?!?
    Woman: Autoerotique asphyxiation.

  • Jeremy Hill
    Jeremy Hill 15 hours ago

    Lol a Draco Video game stole guys girl saying ur never getting ur bitch back

    • Jeremy Hill
      Jeremy Hill 15 hours ago

      And she killed men with the real Draco for future her side man 🤣😂🤔

    • Jeremy Hill
      Jeremy Hill 15 hours ago

      When the guy grew up she was with him but has a side man as guy older got money with robing with Draco is the story 🤣😂😂🤣 on a video

  • Danny Berman
    Danny Berman 15 hours ago


  • Crampton202 *
    Crampton202 * 16 hours ago

    This video 😦

  • Damilola Adeosun
    Damilola Adeosun 17 hours ago

    Dis song makes me wanna play O Happy day at a funeral.

  • Elijah Galvan
    Elijah Galvan 17 hours ago

    Why don't the girls don't go to jail

  • KashTheLegend 456
    KashTheLegend 456 19 hours ago

    If only he was playing draco

  • TowaiT a brand
    TowaiT a brand 19 hours ago

    if you take her, wasn't mine In the 1st.. NEXT!!!!

  • Ryley Nicholls
    Ryley Nicholls 20 hours ago

    This intro reminds me of 2nd Sucks, so so much..

  • sorin lord
    sorin lord 20 hours ago

    wtf i want this car what mercedes it is

  • Young A Music
    Young A Music 21 hour ago

    Im a rapper trying to get recognition, can you guys give my music playlist a listen

  • Mrs. MalfoyXoXo
    Mrs. MalfoyXoXo 1 day ago

    my favourite Charakter from harry potter is *draco* malfoy😂

  • Mr.DaMan 322
    Mr.DaMan 322 1 day ago

    i like this one better than mask off

  • FlyerTakeFlightt aka 2times


  • Vexing 1
    Vexing 1 1 day ago


  • Nathan rich
    Nathan rich 1 day ago

    Stole his bitch with a fake Draco 😂

  • Hani Abdullah
    Hani Abdullah 1 day ago

    Who's here for 1:20 lmaooo

  • Tony Leon
    Tony Leon 1 day ago

    3:05 "Vlayco season widda bookbaaag"

  • IIomqJayYT Gamer
    IIomqJayYT Gamer 1 day ago

    Draco season with the bookbag,rat tap got a little kick back 100 on a 100 I got a good batch YOU WILL NEVER EVER GET YO BITCH BACK

  • Ken Fils
    Ken Fils 1 day ago

    this whole rap era is all bullshit thank the lord for a beat damn Future migos young thug kodak black all bullshit not good music sorry

  • Chandra Abner
    Chandra Abner 1 day ago

    this man is demonic

  • Chandra Abner
    Chandra Abner 1 day ago

    this music is destructive to the black community

    ASFORCAPITAL 1 1 day ago

    poor kid

  • Jacob Benavidez
    Jacob Benavidez 1 day ago

    Then "the top come off the lam cause ima super trapper"

  • Iscratch Fl lotto

    I like it the song

  • PreciousTia Love
    PreciousTia Love 1 day ago

    I'm obsessed with this song can't stop listening to it love the video future keep making good music 🎶💜💜😍😍😘

  • Scott Smith
    Scott Smith 1 day ago

    neva get yo b back

  • Zongi David
    Zongi David 1 day ago

    I LOVE THIS SONG YO!!!!!💕💕💕💕💕💑😵😵😵

  • Kwa Taylor
    Kwa Taylor 1 day ago

    She looks like Moniece Slaughter

  • clan time
    clan time 1 day ago

    I'll hold you responsible for the fire in my house

  • Daniel Scholz
    Daniel Scholz 1 day ago

    that is sad

  • Jasmine G
    Jasmine G 1 day ago

    she didn't even ask to get in the car

  • Michael Perez
    Michael Perez 1 day ago

    i know how to get my bitch back whoever took my bitch is going to get his ass shot with my draco

  • Cute Little Matafaka :3

    Gold digger material lol

  • Vegeta
    Vegeta 2 days ago

    So this song embraces set up chicks...

  • Ghost Writer
    Ghost Writer 2 days ago

    what's them girls social media?? ❣😈

  • An Dre
    An Dre 2 days ago

    Put yo stank ass up hoe

  • lora petkova
    lora petkova 2 days ago

    6te ebem v guza pe4ka 4erna

  • Lola Ngondi
    Lola Ngondi 2 days ago

    just wowww

  • Christine Hayzlett
    Christine Hayzlett 2 days ago

    good song

  • Spiel zu stark
    Spiel zu stark 2 days ago

    Just went to his concert yesterday shit was lit af

  • Jaymes Tate
    Jaymes Tate 2 days ago


  • generator
    generator 3 days ago

    This songs sounds like complete dog shit, it's so bad

  • Larry Baxter
    Larry Baxter 3 days ago

    i broke up wit my ex cause she was cheating on me and she a hoe any way

  • Dominic Martinez
    Dominic Martinez 3 days ago

    R.I.P. to the fries 😢

  • now Z_team LIT
    now Z_team LIT 3 days ago

    is this real?

  • now Z_team LIT
    now Z_team LIT 3 days ago

    u killer

  • now Z_team LIT
    now Z_team LIT 3 days ago

    but oml

  • now Z_team LIT
    now Z_team LIT 3 days ago

    ,dang song lit

  • now Z_team LIT
    now Z_team LIT 3 days ago


  • now Z_team LIT
    now Z_team LIT 3 days ago


  • Sharmar Garrway
    Sharmar Garrway 3 days ago

    I've been waiting on this for while but its finally here lit

  • Chris Hodge
    Chris Hodge 3 days ago

    did i tell you to get in my car 🤔 hell naw i didn't but its cool 👍u fine af

  • Cam Fierce
    Cam Fierce 3 days ago

    poor kid

  • Pedro Conde
    Pedro Conde 3 days ago

    Q U A L I D A D E

  • KoomDoesMinecraft i

    Them niggas who disliked will never get they bitch back... they pissed

  • Canaan West
    Canaan West 4 days ago

    I'm a pussy slayer

  • JB Wise Gaming
    JB Wise Gaming 4 days ago

    if that was me and she was getting in my car I would have stopped the song and told her to get the fuck out

  • Douglas Weatherford

    I never got my bitch back

  • Burnin One
    Burnin One 4 days ago

    This shit weak to be named draco

  • Z Ecliptic
    Z Ecliptic 4 days ago

    I can't understand him what is he sayin

  • Angel De Luis
    Angel De Luis 4 days ago

    esto ni es hip hop y menos aun underground...

  • Ritro
    Ritro 4 days ago

    mr. steal yo girl is back

  • Leesa Dabs
    Leesa Dabs 4 days ago

    IOn ever want my bae back. After this

  • Aliha and arielle
    Aliha and arielle 4 days ago

    I'm dead she a hoe

  • Nyny Dιggѕ
    Nyny Dιggѕ 4 days ago

    I'm not going slide past the fact he missed the first time tryin put the phone back 3:59

  • Yongsta Ken
    Yongsta Ken 5 days ago

    if I see me girl with future I am gone

  • Jimest
    Jimest 5 days ago

    Just chitt this song ....

  • david free
    david free 5 days ago

    This is me playing tekken in arcades, and someone steps with a armpiece, last round perfected😎Youll never get ya Bitch Back🏁😍💪💩 #Shutdown

  • Damari Jackskn
    Damari Jackskn 5 days ago

    Draco City with the Bookbag

  • Christian Santiago
    Christian Santiago 5 days ago


  • Amy Belcher
    Amy Belcher 5 days ago

    that bitch left that sorry nigga and went with a real rich one😍😂😂😂

  • John Doe
    John Doe 5 days ago

    go follow ynschapo on Instagram He got some 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 he next up for sure

  • Derick Jr
    Derick Jr 5 days ago

    Don't worry man you might have a nice new girl🐵

  • Jack boy
    Jack boy 5 days ago

    lol this is like psy you understand like three words

  • Truthj 175
    Truthj 175 5 days ago

    I don't get the video meaning. Please explain lmao.

  • Robotar
    Robotar 5 days ago

    I like Future but this song fuckin sucks.

  • Christian Charoenpon

    Anybody notice at the beginning all 3 kids wearing plaid shirts

  • Toastiii
    Toastiii 6 days ago

    Nitro create :DDD

  • mimi smith
    mimi smith 6 days ago

    Who's the other Bitch

  • mimi smith
    mimi smith 6 days ago

    So she just meet him and kill for him already damn

  • Moneh Chamele
    Moneh Chamele 6 days ago

    my song😚😚😂😎rok

  • Mr. horror scare
    Mr. horror scare 6 days ago

    couldnt understand shit shot this nugga was saying like damn

  • southern boy
    southern boy 6 days ago

    Song goes even harder wid tha video

  • Connie Floyd
    Connie Floyd 6 days ago


  • Condemnedya
    Condemnedya 7 days ago

    making us nice guys look like a fucking chumps -_-

  • MO CEZ
    MO CEZ 7 days ago

    this is a creul vid

  • MO CEZ
    MO CEZ 7 days ago

    this is a creul vid

  • MO CEZ
    MO CEZ 7 days ago

    this is a creul bid

  • Izzyugood ?
    Izzyugood ? 7 days ago

    Aaaaaaa draco bow bow aaaa Future nigga I love you

  • Aaron Carr
    Aaron Carr 7 days ago

    this my fav

  • Spankie Barnes
    Spankie Barnes 7 days ago

    Kid future looks like Jaden Smith

  • Its Andrew
    Its Andrew 7 days ago

    wait is future the kid that got all those tickets from the arcade game

  • Rashonda Singleton
    Rashonda Singleton 7 days ago

    this is my shit

  • Brady Forte
    Brady Forte 7 days ago

    Don't you hate when people ask for likes like if you agree

  • An Dre
    An Dre 7 days ago

    Fuck a bitch chase a check.

    ZACK ROBERSON 7 days ago

    f***k future

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