Turkish PM Erdogan Slams Shimon Peres For Israeli Killings And Walks Off Stage

With English Translation

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The Turkish prime minister, Mr. Erdogan, stormed out of a heated debate at the World Economic Forum in Davos after slamming the position of Israeli President, Mr. Shimon Peres, over Israel's offensive in the Gaza Strip.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan walked out of the televised debate on Thursday, after the moderator refused to allow him to rebut the Israeli president's justification about the war that left about 1,300 Gazans dead.

Before storming out, Erdogan told Shimon Peres, the Israeli president: "You are killing people."

Peres told Erdogan during the heated panel discussion that he would have acted in the same manner if rockets had been falling on Istanbul.

Moderator David Ignatius, a Washington Post columnist, then told Erdogan that he had "only a minute" to respond to a lengthy monologe by Pires.

Erdogan said: "I find it very sad that people applaud what you said. There have been many people killed. And I think that it is very wrong and it is not humanitarian."

Ignatius twice attempted to finish the debate, saying, "We really do need to get people to dinner."

Erdogan then said: "Thank you very much. Thank you very much. Thank you very much. I don't think I will come back to Davos after this."

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Author Don Juan (3 months)
Watch this Video world!! While jews, israel and Jewish Diaspora play with
US Presidents or other country leaders like how a cat play with a mice,
Erdogan showed the world that he will not take orders from Jews and will
not tolerate the Jewish killings in Palestine....NOW THE RESULT IS THAT ALL
IT....Fucking jews!!! I will not hesitate to slam any jews and all the
world should unite against the jews because JEWS ARE THE MOST RACIST NATION

Author Emre Burak Tekiner (7 months)
My leader. 

Author Sal Prive (4 months)
Erdogan is the most corrupt leader Turkey ever had and is stealing all the
money of Turkey and putting it in his pocket and his son's pocket. So he
should just S.T.F.U.
They should have turned off his microphone in this case.

Author kerim yılmaz (5 months)
big leader erdogan. im soldier of erdogan

Author mohammads shaharom (5 months)
Turkey is country that all Muslim country must follow

Author ae vurucu (2 months)
Erdogan fucked so hard this piece of shits. 

Author John D. Ritchie (4 months)
I think Erdogan is right now Enemy Number 1 for Israel. because he is the 1
Prime Minister that is trying to create an Islamic States as 1. Similar to
the past of the Ottoman Empire before the British Agents divided the Empire
into smaller pieces. So that is why there is so much turmoil in the nation
lately because of a lot of propaganda and posting fake dubbed tapes all
over the net.

Author Huseyin Ak (6 months)
This wonderful speech was translated in a very BAD and unsufficient way so
the world did NOT understand anything! Senin gibi tercümanın taaa AMK!!

Author Faran Aaban (2 days)
Erdagon keep it up blast the Israel we are with you

Author mohammads shaharom (5 months)
Im Muslim from Malaysia.. Im a also a soldier of him

Author Güzel Sançar (9 days)
Who the hell is this woman?! She can not translate for shit...

Author riffia zina (19 days)
BAD ASS!! (y) 

Author Tango88 (2 months)
R.T.Erdogan, the greatest pm in history.he made turkey. when turkey was
weak and financially poor nobody had any interest but under erdogans
leadership now turkey has become a g20 nation and everybody is looking
especially germany and the usa/israel. these nations dont want turkey to be
that powerful they want a weak 90's turkey. they dont want the islam and a
man who gives a shit about their demands like putin. israel plays a big
role too because of their mainstream media theyre creating the news and
badmouthing him rather than reporting it.

Author ThePhgames (1 month)
Comments are full of retardedly bad language skills and hatred.

Author fırat bektaş (2 months)

Author FRÉMAUX SOORMALLY (4 months)
The "dinner" is of course more important than the killings!

Author Milan Akrawi (3 months)
hit & run!!! XD

Author Alexander Jansseune (7 days)
Will he be so friendly and peaceloving towards the Kurdish who ask for
independence and also return Armenian territories in Eastern Turkey? Mr.
Erdogan, please, clean up your own house first....

Author stealthpakfa (2 months)
Turkey is a state sponsor of terror. Hopefully Israel destroys Turkey and
frees the middle east of terror.

Author TehNetherlands (4 months)
Erdogan is a corrupt piece of shit. It is time for the Turkish people to
stand up against this criminal before he takes away more of your freedom.

Author Mgul Sher (22 days)
Together we brother will (Pakistan+Turkey)fuck Israel..
Turkish president is a hero on Pakistan's social media..
Othman empire arising..long live turkey

Author Banisag (8 months)
"The barbarian power, which has been for centuries seated in the very heart
of the Old World, which has in its brute clutch the most famous countries
of classical and religious antiquity and many of the most fruitful and
beautiful regions of the earth... ignorantly holding in its possession one
half of the history of the whole world.”
—Cardinal Newman on Turkism

Author Murat Yucel (7 months)
Ερντογάν τέλειο μέρος Erdoğan is great in this video but not in reality.

Author Yusuf Kaya (6 months)
If you want to know the facts about Recep Tayyip Erdogan watch the video s
on my channel with title '' real face of Recep Tayyip Erdogan''.

Author Ha4ik Ha4ikov (12 days)
Er "DOG" an
You will finish like Arafat !!!

Author intan quinn (3 months)
Erdogan's speech was really brave. However, If erdogan true, he also should
be able to disconnect the diplomatic relations with Israel and send Turkish
troops to liberate Palestine.

Author kingtut777 (15 days)
Erdogan is to be afraid of. He even looks like Hitler

Author Հայկ Տեր-Մարտիրոսյան (6 months)
This animal is criticizing Jews about barbaric actions taken against
Palestine Muslims when 99 years ago they did much worst to Christian
Armenians. Turks are the most piece of shit hypocrites in this world. I'm
disappointed at how the world is unaware of this.

Author Mazlum Kaypakkaya (1 month)
turkey support terõrists in syria

Author Hamada Essalhi (7 months)
fuck thz zionists pigs we will fuck isreal ,crash it like a whore 

Author TheTrueHistoryOfTurk (3 months)
Erdogan is the most powerful democratic politician I've ever seen before.
He is the only one againat sionist Israel. I LOVE ERDOGAN. POLITICIANS LIKE
ERDOGAN ARE HONEST. Thats why they all dont like him.

He is the voice of the NATION!

Author fhjhdsgfkhdsagfhdsgf (6 months)
Erdogan and whole Turkey should remain silent on Israel.
Turkey commited the genocide against the Armenian people. Turkey is
illegally occupying North-Cyprus. Turkey is fighting the ancient people of
the Kurds. And so on... a turkish walk of shame. Turkey is truly an
invasive state and people in the middle east. They should remain silent.

Author Abdullah Tariq (4 months)
Erdogan in a hero for turkey

Author GMN Ventures (5 months)
your translators are bitches also!! this video is bullshit translation is
false maded in purpose.because you cunts cannot deal with our massive
turkish cocks!

Author Galatasaray Ataturk (7 months)
Its time tayip steps down and resigns 

Author omar mohammed (11 months)

Author TOP Entertain (6 months)
Why you people are so angry about erdogan now?because he said the truth?
FUCK ISRAEL!they just destroy our world!Every country in this world please
bomb israel away!

Author MrCakocalypse (7 months)
Balkan support Erdogan, even if we have to doe for him! We come a mob of
millions for our king Paša Erdogan! We love him wery wery! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Author Abu Amru (4 months)
And the zionist killing innocent people dan stole the right of Palestanian.

Big shame on you Zionist. Actually, you dont have anything in this world...

Author Asilhan Kalemci (6 months)
firstly there is no proof that turkish people did kill all armenians in
turkey 92 years ago and also armenian illegal forces did kill the
turkish.People cant angry about erdogan because israel kills muslims
everyday in front of the alll cameras but whole of the world dont say
anything but tayip erdogan didi it because he is not liar he defend all
muslims he say truth so why the fuck you're angry because he is not liar
because he says the truth and also fuck the moderator he wasnt fair simon
peres did talk 24 minutes he just talked only 11 minutes 

Author selcuk32adana (3 months)
we Turks must conquer europe again...this time i will join the army and
make it happen

Author Nihad Kassim (7 months)
Khilafat is coming...

Author harout garabet (2 months)
armeniens will destroy all muslims and kurdish people soon.... You sick son
of bitc'ss
(al qaeda)<<<<< you pussy chikens


Author Maga Mohammed (4 months)
Mr. Erdogan rocks♡☆♡ he is a brave man, MashaAllah! If u cant stand his
bravery go die and rotten in hell with that idiot host tried to shit him

Author FenceDaGreat (8 months)
This isn't about religion you fuckers! This is about humanity, lives vs.
lives. I don't give a shit about your ethnic conflict and NO ethnic group
in this world is inherently evil. The Israeli's have committed atrocities
as have the Palestinians, I realize that this statement made everyone in
the world hate me but fuck it because it's the TRUTH!

What Banisag said in his first comment is 110% true, historical facts about
genocide. But you know what?! The Germans murdered millions of people
during WW2 but modern Germans have denounced their Nazi rulers and admitted
to the murders by their past rulers. I have no problem with a Turk who
lives well and acknowledges his country's past crimes but if you deny those
crimes then I hate you.

Look, I'm an American. My government marginalized, segregated, enslaved,
and even murdered Native Americans, blacks, Japanese, Irish, etc. but it's
in the PAST! I will never deny my country's past crimes against religious
and ethnic minorities but what the evil leaders of my good country did in
the past does not define me or my country. Turks need to take this stand!
Accept the crimes of your ancestors and seek to move on! I don't want give
back, I don't want reparations. Just the historic land of my ancestors and
the truth. I am Armenian, Turkey and Armenia can live side-by-side in
harmony. There isn't a single Turk or Kurd or anyone alive today who I hold
personally responsible for the murder of my people but if you choose to
deny history then I WILL hold you responsible for trying to eschew the
historical narrative to your favor.

Phew Props to Banisag though for telling the truth but please don't call
all Turks stupid or dirty or greedy. A lot of Turks do know what really
happened but can't speak out on it because Erdogan would send them to
prison for talking bad about Turkey. Hrant Dink anyone? And let us not
forget my country and every single other NATO country who props up this

Author ouaies90 (4 months)
He probably wont last that long as the zionists do not like him enough

Author Igor Zlatkovic (16 hours)
Erdogan-his father is Khazar from Georgia,mother is
Armenian!Khazars-Ashkenazi Jews,falls Jews,capital-New
York,country-Izrael,SATANIC country!Khazars-David Cameroon,Angela

Author Muhammad ayaz (2 hours)

Author Banisag (7 months)
"The Turks are taking over Germany exactly as the Kosovars took over
-- Thilo Sarrazin (German SPD politician) on Turkish Islamists residing in
"I don't have to respect anybody who constantly produces little girls in
-- Thilo Sarrazin on Turkish Islamists residing in Germany

Author toukir ahmed tushar (3 days)
long live turkey and the leader of turkey

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