Turkish PM Erdogan Slams Shimon Peres For Israeli Killings And Walks Off Stage

With English Translation

Fair Use Policy, Source: World Economic Forum

The Turkish prime minister, Mr. Erdogan, stormed out of a heated debate at the World Economic Forum in Davos after slamming the position of Israeli President, Mr. Shimon Peres, over Israel's offensive in the Gaza Strip.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan walked out of the televised debate on Thursday, after the moderator refused to allow him to rebut the Israeli president's justification about the war that left about 1,300 Gazans dead.

Before storming out, Erdogan told Shimon Peres, the Israeli president: "You are killing people."

Peres told Erdogan during the heated panel discussion that he would have acted in the same manner if rockets had been falling on Istanbul.

Moderator David Ignatius, a Washington Post columnist, then told Erdogan that he had "only a minute" to respond to a lengthy monologe by Pires.

Erdogan said: "I find it very sad that people applaud what you said. There have been many people killed. And I think that it is very wrong and it is not humanitarian."

Ignatius twice attempted to finish the debate, saying, "We really do need to get people to dinner."

Erdogan then said: "Thank you very much. Thank you very much. Thank you very much. I don't think I will come back to Davos after this."

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Author popo 88 ( ago)
Hitler, John F. Kennedy, Erdogen, they are the same whose fight againts
Zionist Jewish bankers..

Author Kose Mevlut ( ago)
Translate is very bad, lolllll !!!! She forgot many things . And didint
translate welk. Erdogan did say much more then that and was hard in hes
wird against the child killer perez.

Author Suwirni Sungkono ( ago)
The mother fucker israel. Go to hell. 

Author piet klasen klasen ( ago)
rkey is very Lucky to have this great and honest leader !!! long live
Turkey !!!

Author kübra ünal ( ago)
we are always here for plaestine!!

Author Danny Berman ( ago)
Erdogan should shut the fuck up with his blatant hypocrisy. Turkey's
treatment of the Kurds, rejection of the Armenian genocide is completely
ignored here. What a fucking corrupt piece of shit with his 615 million
dollar palace and his quest to abolish the enlightened and liberal state
created by Ataturk. People should never praise this asshole.

Author alfredo pravenzo ( ago)
Murder israel... Erdogan king

Author Morvampir Reyiz (146 years ago)
People don't recognize that Turkey is one of the stronges country of
Europe. They can not see we are the Ottomans and not afraid of anything.
Cause we have nothing left to lose. So we are not standing back from and
fight. We lost north africa , crimea , egypt , arabia and , even the
balcans , levant and mesopotamia. We need to take thoose lands back. And we
will do our best for it.

Author Osmanlı Torunu ( ago)
The pride of Turkey erdoğan. ❤❤❤

Author ahmet topsakal ( ago)
Orda ayağa kalkıp eliyle tokalaşan başbakan hangi ülkel nin .

Author Zachary Gafanhao ( ago)
Long Live Erdogan! I wish we could have a leader like Erdogan here in the
United States. He's got balls for standing up for himself. God bless him
and all the Turkish people.

Author Raja Khan ( ago)

Author BerkerIzmir35TR ( ago)
Helal olsun Vallahi. Iyi konustu.

Author aadnan hersi ( ago)
I will call my son Erdogan
The bravest muslim i everr seen or heard
Let this jew cunts know what ever go around comes round 

Author Amar Abidali ( ago)
he could have kneed him in the face

Author Doğanay Tuhan ( ago)
Unfortunately most Turks do not care about religion anymore. We Turks are
very grateful that this man has come out of our nation although our nation
doesn't deserve it now. There are a lot of religious Arabic societies that
are ruled by cruel tyrants. When this man came, Turkish women weren't even
allowed to enter official places including schools with hijab on. If this
man could rule Turkey for at least 20 more years, inshaAllah second Ottoman
Empire would flourish to unite all Muslims.

Author Yusufcan ayvalı ( ago)
yahudilerile aynı düşünceye sahip olan türk ler var bu beni çok üzüyor :(

Author Azlan Azmi ( ago)
We malaysian are support you Mr endrogen you are not alone for the
Palestine Nation.... may allah bless you

Author Faruk Demirtas ( ago)
Erdogan fuck these idiot Zionists and ugly jews. U have much power and will
destroy these pigs soon.

Author Zeynep Korucu ( ago)

Author hotmailcombk ( ago)
Go away terrorists! Your making turkey look like arabs

Author Syed Abbas ( ago)
long live erdogan and republic of turkey

Author Kruploy Thegreater ( ago)
Long live Erdoğan.

Author Kubilay Sıray ( ago)
Fuck israel Orospu çocuğu israel . Power Süper Güç KİNG Türkiye 🌟🌙

Author Callum M ( ago)
Well done for him talking out against the Zionist scum.I am not a Muslim
but I have always thought highly of Turkey I have Turkish friends that are

Author Saltarbek Balkong ( ago)
no one has helped Turkey like him. Mass Media has a lie on him.

Author Mravenger5 ( ago)
I love you Erdogan ..... Such a fantastic leader to such a fantastic
country ..... Greetings to all our turkish muslim brothers from your in law
muslim brother from egypt .....

Author Evan Purnama (1644 years ago)
Good Leader, Hope our president (Leader) can be like him..
Allahu Akbar...

Author Semisword Yusuf ( ago)
İsrael You are have 2 minutes
<3 Long Live Turkey

Author CIA power ( ago)
Israel will fuckTurkish mothers.

Author Doğan Teker ( ago)
Long time Live my power sultan

Author Stefan Andreas ( ago)



only bad propaganda from you

turkeys econkmy is rising and rising high

you can post more lies but turkey will protect all muslims and christians
and jews and so on

Author Leonard Cohen ( ago)
turkey is an absolute ally of israel ! all the muslims should unite and
dont play drama in a conference mr erdogan! people are dying in syria and
palestine and you are building huge villas in turkey!

Author TheLionofJudah ( ago)
Thou shall not steal either and taking lands that do not belong to you in
the name of a religion that is out for global dominance does not and will
not sit well with the True LIVING God. Islam invades other lands, burns
churches, murders, rapes women just because some man also thought to defy
God's Commands to make himself a man who puts down many nations, people's
and religions. This is the kind of men who are Hypocrites. They seek to
want to take a splinter out of another's eye, while they keep the log in
their own eyes. Get behind us Satan.

Author Evren Eren ( ago)
the translator was horrible

Author Berke Sancak ( ago)
00:20 for the one minute part. Enjoy :)

Author khairi ismail ( ago)
the translator need to pick up her pace.. she is a bit slow.. Allah.. i
wish i could have a president like him in my country.. 

Author SomberlainINC ( ago)
Erdo-Nazi will fall! One way or another! Am Yisrael Chai!

Author Nick Zamir ( ago)
I love Erdogan.. i love Turkey too.. you are my idol.. proud of you Turkey
for helping many muslim countries.. from Malaysia... 

Author Ben Winkie ( ago)
This loud-mouth from Ankara is no longer welcome at Davos.

Author Ben Winkie ( ago)
Erdogan who? Oh that dictator from Ankara. And we want to bring these
tw@ts into the EU? Much better to bring in Israel. A much more developed
democracy without these ranting fools from Turkey.

Author heri mugi ( ago)
Love erdogan...from.indonesia

Author poorandimmature ( ago)
Erdogan has no problem denying the Armenian genocide but if you fight back
against genocidal muslims then he cries like a little faggot.
Fuck Islam.

Author John Cole ( ago)

Author elo1155 ( ago)
Turkey is guilty of a genocide and they still deny it. 1.5 million

Author Always Killuminati ( ago)
This is the reason why Zionists make baseless accusations that Turkey
supports ISIL.

Author Cenko Aygaro ( ago)
translator woman is sucks erdogan speaking stronger than translate

Author Deniz Özdemir ( ago)
The Translator is shit.

Author jones joness ( ago)
The best leader in the history of REPUBLIC TURKEY

Author Celal Albayrak ( ago)

Author inferno0020 ( ago)
Damn you Erdogan. We all know that you talk big and did no shits about the

Author johneygd ( ago)
Erdogan is just an evil dog from addolf hitler.

Author Dulce Melody Orozco ( ago)

Author Gracchi ( ago)
Shame,the world is still trapped in these mythological world views,which is
the real cause of these hatreds,1945 was not the start of any these

Author The Atilla ( ago)
U can only poison ur sheeps with that fake moves,Erdoğan. He's not even
Turk,he's changing Turkey to middle age arab country.

Wake up true Turks.

Author Shehadeh Muhamed ( ago)
Where you ottoman why did you disappear we need you , please come back
shake your sword and smash our enemy 

Author peter diles ( ago)
The architects of 3 genocides in the past 100 years have the hilarious
audacity to lecture Israel about killings. Why aren't the Greeks and
Armenians ever invited on the same stage as this cave dwelling dog? Keep
pissing off Israel , my dear future mushroom cloud!

Author peter diles ( ago)
The architects of 3 genocides in the past 100 years have the hilarious
audacity to lecture Israel about killings. Why aren't the Greeks and
Armenians ever invited to these roasts?

Author Believe T ( ago)
Well done president Erdogan! He is a very strong man. İnşallah Türkiye daha
süper bi hale gelir cumhur Bakanımızla, süper, güçlü iyi kalpli ve çok
mükemmel bi insan. Dualarımız hep seninle!:) 

Author Vano Sasuntsi ( ago)
Maybe Erdogan can also protect the rights of other Muslims in Turkey like
Over 40,000 Kurtds killed since 1980
800 Kurdish villages destroyed
I will leave the 3M Christians of Anatolia who were butchered by erdogans

Author Leonard Wattimena ( ago)
Fuck islam

Author Eng Ayd ( ago)

Author Vrej Mouradian ( ago)
Sen bir orospu çocuğusun ve ne zaman erdogan Haiwan alacak ananı becer

Author Arjun Anu Hindustani ( ago)
Turkey should think twice before attacking Israel. Because they know, once
they mess with Israel...Turkey will be exterminated.

Author Arjun Anu Hindustani ( ago)
Does Erdogan also discuss

The Armenian genocide comitted by muslim Turks (1million+ dead) ?

The Assyrian genocide comitted by muslim Turks?

Nope, thats why Turkey is a hypocrit country.The beggars of Europe but
Europe does not want them ahaha.

Author FaithGuy ( ago)
yup..this is definitely what I would picture a muslim
doing/being...aggressive and strong in their convictions even when their
truths are SO false. It's only by the grace of Lord Jesus Christ that this
muslim attacks havent fully came to head yet..between obama and erdogan i
don't know who is worse. this world is definitely NOT heading in the right
direction in respects to rising of this muslim ''faith"

Author dvir fight ( ago)
Erdogan loves to fuck sheep We will never forget the murdered 1.5 million
Armenians and to this day the Turks kill Kurds and Greeks Turkey = isis

Author gökhan abiş ( ago)
We will wipe Israel off the map. motherfuckers Israel

Author Marius v ( ago)
'we really need to get people to dinner' lol unreal.

Author Terry CT ( ago)
Erdogan a freaking disingenuous liar. What else is new? So he ambushed
Perez. Big deal. what else can one expect?

Author Vladimir O'Neill Jackson ( ago)

Author Devr-İ Alem ( ago)
No worries my brothers, Ottomans are still alive and coming to bring peace
all the poor people who are crying by zionists...Next destination is

Author Muslima Othman ( ago)
The only brave man in Muslim presidents is president Tayyip Erdogan this
time, i really love him so much for his braveness and his strategies
towards the rebirth of ISLAM, and i know that the munafkqin or the
non-Muslims not all non-Muslims but the bad non-Muslims are planning to do
something to him or to Turkey, like what they did in Egypt Mr. Mursey, Erak
Saddam Husein, Libiya Qadafi, and still you see the civil unrest and
problems are going on Muslim world which the western world behind it., so
May Allah bless him and guard from him the munafikin and devil western
presidents who hate ISLAM.

Author M. Dmr. ( ago)
sultans and Turkic Khans
16 great Turkish empires!
turanian army, turk 31 countries!
7 countries state have 9 million soldiers!
turkey empire future!
sultans and Turkic Khans
16 great Turkish empires!
turanian army, turk 31 countries!
7 countries state have 9 million soldiers!
turkey empire future!

cCc C* cCc Islam and Turk turanian army cCc C* cCc

Author amin ( ago)
Mr. Erdogan is our only leader in an era like this one :)

Author Jogang Batunyale (1952 years ago)
Indonesia say erdogan is good man...

Author zoodhye ( ago)
Israel guilty or not, the blame is from a person whose nation is
responsible for multiple genocides?! that's funny
Turkish contribution to history:
· Ethnic Genocide of several nations
· Cultural Genocide
· Destruction
· Abduction of children
· Extreme intolerance and unparalleled cruelty
· Brutal and inhuman killings
· Rape of children and pregnant women
· Forcibly converting children and women to Islam
· Genocide denial
· ...and much more!

Author Awesomelanz ( ago)
Remove ErDOGan as President, He brings shame and humiliation to Turkey!

Author zindagi omed ( ago)
It is NOT about any religion, it is about Justice, and in the court of the
Creator, justice shall always be served... 

Author UniversalMind ( ago)
erdogan is great leader indeed!!

Author Kerekes Ferenc ( ago)
Respect Mr. Erdogan!

Author His Majesty ( ago)
Most of the people who posted here are completely blind! Erdogan is a
friend of Israel's! He only denounces them in the public eye. His actions
are the complete opposite. Iran is the country which is at the forefront of
fighting Israel and the Zionist agenda. Fact: Turkey trades and has free
airways to and from Israeli airports. Turkey is hostile with Assad, who is
one of the pillars of opposition to the Saudis and Israelis. Fact: Iran
funds the Palestinians and Hezbollah while no other country dares to send
them arms and aid. Iran is the one that

Author oyungezen ADAM ( ago)
once Turkey 's Kurds in Turkey and Syria yoksulık in yaşamıyo lie in the
turkey from the Turks living in poverty of 1% are poor in the eyes of avid
lawful that they 're erdoğan

Author looneyhart ( ago)
ACT 1 of the play... Return of the Caliphate! Too bad it turned out to be
a poorly funded B movie.

Author Zeynel Sinay ( ago)
Fuckin Israel what a Bitch country you're... I can not believe how turkey
didn't shoot you yet .. you're gonna see what's gonna happen after turkey
shoot you 

Author hugg kiss ( ago)
turkey allies with terrorists therefore is one itself

Author Obito Uchiha ( ago)
Why do you people care if he lives in a huge palace? Can't he enjoy his
life like everyone else? 

Author meriç anarki ( ago)
yeah believe that you fucking sheep. 

Author cem aydın ( ago)
im turkish and we should let jews kill arabs.arabs are no good to humanity
no good to anything 

Author Dan Nice ( ago)
Muslim should rise on the place where it had fallen
And 230 billion indonesian muslim just wishing a goverment leader
like Erdogan
Glory Erdogan
You are our hope this day

Author Yazzy wazzy ( ago)
His a boss only muslim leader to speak haqq

Author baris kaplan ( ago)
may allah curse u erdogan ur trying to create great israel by hiding
yourself under islamic mask u say one minute but u making milion dolars
with cooparating israel under curtain u backstap palastinians and turkish

Author TheReal KN ( ago)
Malaysia is with you Erdogan. Please open the other muslim leaders' eyes.

Author yusuf çakıcı ( ago)
Arabs are doing the former Ottoman state is doing now to the Palestinian
people ever get a shame ISLAMIC country does not remove the sound .

Author Gioan Dao ( ago)
Erdogan's a bastard. He refuses to have Turkey play a more active role
against ISIS

Author Ayep Pullah ( ago)

Author Buck Yo Truck ( ago)
i wish we (U.S) didnt support isreal

Author Buck Yo Truck ( ago)
Im ashamed of being a U.S citizen right now

Author arnie kurtz ( ago)
Erdogan the new thug in chief

Author ozzieksk ( ago)
Non-Muslims or Munafiqs do hate Erdogan. However, Muslims Sunnies love
Erdogan. Simple is that. Ask people about their thoughts about Islam why
hate Islam, and they hate Erdogan or they like Islam but also, they love
the politics of Israel too and hate Erdogan. You do not need to have PHD
degree to understand this.

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