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Author Ado Nik (5 months)
Allahu Akbar!!! Masha'Allah!! These zionists would see us all dead as long
as they could live a rich life. It is time for the Muslims to stand up and
finally take back our honor.

Very strong and smart leader! He brought Turkey out of the economy crisis
and will get them much further in development compared to so many before
him. Why? Cuz he is not afraid to speak up.

Author TheReal KN (3 months)
Malaysia is with you Erdogan. Please open the other muslim leaders' eyes.

Author Fatihturk0071 (4 months)
Turkey is coming for you Israel,

straight after this post, Israel calling USA for help! fucking pussies

Author Tyler (4 months)
Bravo Erdogan. I don't care if Erdogan is rich or poor or whatever. He is a
leader and he uses his position to justly and rightly criticise Israel.
Well done!

Author TSLS19 (4 months)
Refreshing to see a leader from the Muslim/Arab world stand up against
Israeli's atrocities on Palestinians.

May Allah bless Erdogan

Author The Atilla (1 month)
U can only poison ur sheeps with that fake moves,Erdoğan. He's not even
Turk,he's changing Turkey to middle age arab country.

Wake up true Turks.

Author zoodhye (2 months)
Israel guilty or not, the blame is from a person whose nation is
responsible for multiple genocides?! that's funny
Turkish contribution to history:
· Ethnic Genocide of several nations
· Cultural Genocide
· Destruction
· Abduction of children
· Extreme intolerance and unparalleled cruelty
· Brutal and inhuman killings
· Rape of children and pregnant women
· Forcibly converting children and women to Islam
· Genocide denial
· ...and much more!

Author Lucifuge Rofocale (6 months)
Millions live in poverty in Turkey whilst Edrogan spends hundreds of
millions on a shiny new palace to live in. Probably compensating for having
such a tiny peen. 

Author zindagi omed (2 months)
It is NOT about any religion, it is about Justice, and in the court of the
Creator, justice shall always be served... 

Author Yazzy wazzy (3 months)
His a boss only muslim leader to speak haqq

Author amin (1 month)
Mr. Erdogan is our only leader in an era like this one :)

Author Ibz Mo (5 months)
Erdogan is brave man and he is the only politician that can say what he
thinks of Israel. Long live Erdogan and our Turkish brothers 

Author Dulce Melody Orozco (1 month)

Author Berke Sancak (3 days)
00:20 for the one minute part. Enjoy :)

Author Mgul Sher (10 months)
Together we brother will (Pakistan+Turkey)fuck Israel..
Turkish president is a hero on Pakistan's social media..
Othman empire arising..long live turkey

Author His Majesty (2 months)
Most of the people who posted here are completely blind! Erdogan is a
friend of Israel's! He only denounces them in the public eye. His actions
are the complete opposite. Iran is the country which is at the forefront of
fighting Israel and the Zionist agenda. Fact: Turkey trades and has free
airways to and from Israeli airports. Turkey is hostile with Assad, who is
one of the pillars of opposition to the Saudis and Israelis. Fact: Iran
funds the Palestinians and Hezbollah while no other country dares to send
them arms and aid. Iran is the one that

Author FaithGuy (1 month)
yup..this is definitely what I would picture a muslim
doing/being...aggressive and strong in their convictions even when their
truths are SO false. It's only by the grace of Lord Jesus Christ that this
muslim attacks havent fully came to head yet..between obama and erdogan i
don't know who is worse. this world is definitely NOT heading in the right
direction in respects to rising of this muslim ''faith"

Author ozzieksk (3 months)
Non-Muslims or Munafiqs do hate Erdogan. However, Muslims Sunnies love
Erdogan. Simple is that. Ask people about their thoughts about Islam why
hate Islam, and they hate Erdogan or they like Islam but also, they love
the politics of Israel too and hate Erdogan. You do not need to have PHD
degree to understand this.

Author Sam Afrin (4 months)
erdogan the kurd-hater can eat shit!!! he is a fuckin antisemite

Author gökhan abiş (1 month)
We will wipe Israel off the map. motherfuckers Israel

Author M. Dmr. (1 month)
sultans and Turkic Khans
16 great Turkish empires!
turanian army, turk 31 countries!
7 countries state have 9 million soldiers!
turkey empire future!
sultans and Turkic Khans
16 great Turkish empires!
turanian army, turk 31 countries!
7 countries state have 9 million soldiers!
turkey empire future!

cCc C* cCc Islam and Turk turanian army cCc C* cCc

Author Gracchi (1 month)
Shame,the world is still trapped in these mythological world views,which is
the real cause of these hatreds,1945 was not the start of any these

Author Marius v (1 month)
'we really need to get people to dinner' lol unreal.

Author H Vølle (5 months)
Offcourse he is right, but the turks have blood on their hands to. Really
not the best nation to judge.

Author Muslima Othman (1 month)
The only brave man in Muslim presidents is president Tayyip Erdogan this
time, i really love him so much for his braveness and his strategies
towards the rebirth of ISLAM, and i know that the munafkqin or the
non-Muslims not all non-Muslims but the bad non-Muslims are planning to do
something to him or to Turkey, like what they did in Egypt Mr. Mursey, Erak
Saddam Husein, Libiya Qadafi, and still you see the civil unrest and
problems are going on Muslim world which the western world behind it., so
May Allah bless him and guard from him the munafikin and devil western
presidents who hate ISLAM.

Author Nick Zamir (5 days)
I love Erdogan.. i love Turkey too.. you are my idol.. proud of you Turkey
for helping many muslim countries.. from Malaysia... 

Author Obito Uchiha (2 months)
Why do you people care if he lives in a huge palace? Can't he enjoy his
life like everyone else? 

Author arnie kurtz (4 months)
How many Kurdish babies, children and women has Turkey murdered. Turkey is
a criminal country. Murderers

Author heri mugi (10 days)
Love erdogan...from.indonesia

Author ABDUL (4 months)
the world must say that Israel has to stop killing and lying.

Author Deniz Özdemir (22 days)
The Translator is shit.

Author SomberlainINC (5 days)
Erdo-Nazi will fall! One way or another! Am Yisrael Chai!

Author Ali Epik (5 months)
burda yahudılerle aynı dusuncelere sahıp Turklerın olması uzucu degılmı 

Author jones joness (22 days)
The best leader in the history of REPUBLIC TURKEY

Author Devr-İ Alem (1 month)
No worries my brothers, Ottomans are still alive and coming to bring peace
all the poor people who are crying by zionists...Next destination is

Author Vrej Mouradian (1 month)
Sen bir orospu çocuğusun ve ne zaman erdogan Haiwan alacak ananı becer

Author SamIam (8 months)
Fucking hypocritical sad sack of shit! Look who's speaking of killing
children! Behold! The Turks that EXTERMINATED an entire ethnicity from
their land, organized and carried out the genocide of the Armenians and to
this day blatantly keep denying it, are talking about killing innocents. Oh
and then he walks off the stage. Fucking brute, this is not your grandpa's
cave, this is Europe, and you can either learn some manners or get the fuck
back to the Asian steps where your herds came from flooding the lands of
Armenia, Georgia, Greece, Bulgaria and all others like a disease! 

Author mattilevi (4 months)
What a clown. Edrogen is the most corrupt up there. He lives in a palace
while his citizens live in poverty. If his citizens speak up he slaughters

Author Terry CT (1 month)
Erdogan a freaking disingenuous liar. What else is new? So he ambushed
Perez. Big deal. what else can one expect?

Author meriç anarki (3 months)
yeah believe that you fucking sheep. 

Author MrThelema24 (4 months)
Jews can kill any Gentile because Gentiles are not fully human under Jewish
supremacist laws.
Jews are the greatest mass murderers of all written history.

Author Jogang Batunyale (2 months)
Indonesia say erdogan is good man...

Author Vano Sasuntsi (1 month)
Maybe Erdogan can also protect the rights of other Muslims in Turkey like
Over 40,000 Kurtds killed since 1980
800 Kurdish villages destroyed
I will leave the 3M Christians of Anatolia who were butchered by erdogans

Author Kerekes Ferenc (2 months)
Respect Mr. Erdogan!

Author looneyhart (2 months)
ACT 1 of the play... Return of the Caliphate! Too bad it turned out to be
a poorly funded B movie.

Author oyungezen ADAM (2 months)
once Turkey 's Kurds in Turkey and Syria yoksulık in yaşamıyo lie in the
turkey from the Turks living in poverty of 1% are poor in the eyes of avid
lawful that they 're erdoğan

Author baris kaplan (3 months)
may allah curse u erdogan ur trying to create great israel by hiding
yourself under islamic mask u say one minute but u making milion dolars
with cooparating israel under curtain u backstap palastinians and turkish

Author Cenko Aygaro (21 day)
translator woman is sucks erdogan speaking stronger than translate

Author UniversalMind (2 months)
erdogan is great leader indeed!!

Author Always Killuminati (21 day)
This is the reason why Zionists make baseless accusations that Turkey
supports ISIL.

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