Turkish PM Erdogan Slams Shimon Peres For Israeli Killings And Walks Off Stage

With English Translation

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The Turkish prime minister, Mr. Erdogan, stormed out of a heated debate at the World Economic Forum in Davos after slamming the position of Israeli President, Mr. Shimon Peres, over Israel's offensive in the Gaza Strip.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan walked out of the televised debate on Thursday, after the moderator refused to allow him to rebut the Israeli president's justification about the war that left about 1,300 Gazans dead.

Before storming out, Erdogan told Shimon Peres, the Israeli president: "You are killing people."

Peres told Erdogan during the heated panel discussion that he would have acted in the same manner if rockets had been falling on Istanbul.

Moderator David Ignatius, a Washington Post columnist, then told Erdogan that he had "only a minute" to respond to a lengthy monologe by Pires.

Erdogan said: "I find it very sad that people applaud what you said. There have been many people killed. And I think that it is very wrong and it is not humanitarian."

Ignatius twice attempted to finish the debate, saying, "We really do need to get people to dinner."

Erdogan then said: "Thank you very much. Thank you very much. Thank you very much. I don't think I will come back to Davos after this."

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Author Kazarin100 (2 months)
Erdogan, stop killing Kurds !!!!!!

Author SamIam (1 month)
Fucking hypocritical sad sack of shit! Look who's speaking of killing
children! Behold! The Turks that EXTERMINATED an entire ethnicity from
their land, organized and carried out the genocide of the Armenians and to
this day blatantly keep denying it, are talking about killing innocents. Oh
and then he walks off the stage. Fucking brute, this is not your grandpa's
cave, this is Europe, and you can either learn some manners or get the fuck
back to the Asian steps where your herds came from flooding the lands of
Armenia, Georgia, Greece, Bulgaria and all others like a disease! 

Author mrtruthforever (2 months)

Author IsraelArmy1 (28 days)
and how about the armenians?? its the israelis who killed over 1 million
armenians in the most barbaric way and exiled them from their land? its us
the israelis who commited crimes against tens of thousands kurds?
turks are like hoockers, when woman was hoocker for years, suddenly gets
married with a rich man and become "normal", she forgets her past and
thinks she is a good woman. like turks, the years and the time made you
forget what you did.

Author Mgul Sher (3 months)
Together we brother will (Pakistan+Turkey)fuck Israel..
Turkish president is a hero on Pakistan's social media..
Othman empire arising..long live turkey

Author Halil HAKKOYMAZ (1 day)
Israel one of the terrorist country

Author Can Gerek (1 day)

Author Güzel Sançar (3 months)
Who the hell is this woman?! She can not translate for shit...

Author katerina Giuttari (14 days)
I am not a big fan of him but he makes a valid point

Author ariella nafeeza (2 months)
I`m indonesian, and really proud for what the Turks Leader did ... May
Allah SWT bless your country

Author ibrahim Arslan (1 month)
i love erdogan, i love hitler 

Author Emre Akbulut (20 days)
Our leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan ..Homeland Turkiye . fuck Of İsrael
*abd Fuck off Zionist dogs!,

Author Johnny B (1 month)
Crazy people filled with hate!
If Israel was so bad there wouldn't be any Arab living within Israel.
You radical insane people.
Stop stereotypes
You're definitely not better!

Author kel mahmut (1 month)
the victory of Islam

Author Kazarin100 (1 day)
Erdogan is a rare insolent. Turks killed hundreds of thousands of Kurds,
one million Armenians, all not to return them occupied lands, and after all
Turks think they can teach Jews a morality.

Author yunus kaya (1 month)
Savaşında bir şerefi var şerefsiz israil insanlıktan nasibini almamış kadın
ve çocuk katili israil sizi fet etmek iki günümüzü almaz unutmayın

Author Moroccan Rose (3 months)
BAD ASS!! (y) 

Author Sal Prive (7 months)
Erdogan is the most corrupt leader Turkey ever had and is stealing all the
money of Turkey and putting it in his pocket and his son's pocket. So he
should just S.T.F.U.
They should have turned off his microphone in this case.

Author Serbülent Şentürk (2 months)
%90 of Turkish people still are so ambitious to have ''world power'' . Its
because of that they stick on Erdogan.All Erdogan propaganda is based on
this.But,sadly the fact is neither he nor his cabinet has ability to
that.He is a mirror of his voters.Ignorant,loutish,prick..

Author Vandhelko Power (2 months)
I wish Greece had an PM like Erdogan....

Author reeceeooo (2 months)
I love this Turkish PM. I wish President Obama had those kind of nerves.

Author Don Juan (6 months)
Watch this Video world!! While jews, israel and Jewish Diaspora play with
US Presidents or other country leaders like how a cat play with a mice,
Erdogan showed the world that he will not take orders from Jews and will
not tolerate the Jewish killings in Palestine....NOW THE RESULT IS THAT ALL
IT....Fucking jews!!! I will not hesitate to slam any jews and all the
world should unite against the jews because JEWS ARE THE MOST RACIST NATION

Author ElectroPhreak (2 months)
I'm not turkish, but I have a lot of respect for this man....the only
leader that had the guts to tell the world about the real Israel and their
massacre in Palestina.....I know they had to kill the Hamas militants, but
not to kill hundreds of innocent lives with artillery and plane strikes on
the fking city full with people.......This is indeed an israeli anti
semitic act.

Author USA (3 months)
What a hero the P.M is

Author Minshaff Mumthas (1 month)
Ma sha Allah we need leaders like him with lots of charisma to speak and
stand up againts brutality

Author DawahVideosFr (2 months)
wow the best muslim leader in my opinion. Respect from a morrocan. Hope he
will win the elections.

Author Tango88 (5 months)
R.T.Erdogan, the greatest pm in history.he made turkey. when turkey was
weak and financially poor nobody had any interest but under erdogans
leadership now turkey has become a g20 nation and everybody is looking
especially germany and the usa/israel. these nations dont want turkey to be
that powerful they want a weak 90's turkey. they dont want the islam and a
man who gives a shit about their demands like putin. israel plays a big
role too because of their mainstream media theyre creating the news and
badmouthing him rather than reporting it.

Author huseyin demir (2 months)
My nigga

Author SAcHa (2 months)
come on Erdogan why are you supporting these sand niggers let them be
killed like animals...Turkey was a proud part of the ancient greek empire
arab niggers invaded and destroyed the wntire culture of Turkey..pls stop
supporting these sand niggers instead support the Israeelis to cleanse the
world from the arab parasites

Author Alexander Jansseune (3 months)
Will he be so friendly and peaceloving towards the Kurdish who ask for
independence and also return Armenian territories in Eastern Turkey? Mr.
Erdogan, please, clean up your own house first....

Author MaryamUniverse (2 months)
Everyone, if you see Banisag commenting, call him out on his ignorance and

Author kingtut777 (3 months)
Erdogan is to be afraid of. He even looks like Hitler

Author selcuk32adana (2 days)
its funny when westerners talk about armenians 100 years ago while they
slaved fucking whole afrika and looting it.. we need a ww3 Turks vs every
motherfucking westerner and jew pigs

Author Ha4ik Ha4ikov (3 months)
Er "DOG" an
You will finish like Arafat !!!

Author Minshaff Mumthas (1 month)

Author Aziko K (3 days)
I am Kazakh, Kazakhstan! I totally agree with Mr. Erdogan!

Author Malik Syakirin (2 months)
I'm from Malaysia. I heard about the ambulances sent to Gaza to help the
Palestinian victims today...and it's from Turkey ... I want to thank to the
Government of Turkey for this excellent humanity work.

Author Gabriel black (2 days)

Author Hasan Öztürk (3 days)
17.000.000(!!!!!) Mio. of juwels(!!!!). What happened? Nothing!!!! They
(USA!) punished some highly military operators in the 50s, Germany paid
some money....and that's all!!! And you got the nerve, to criticize turkey?
Erdogan said the trueth!!!! And that does not fit to the western world! 

Author Burhan KARA (8 days)
senin ALLAHINA kurban!!!!!!!!!!!

Author stefa4k0 (16 days)
the translator woman is retarded
who hired her?!

Author arushbhai (3 months)
Why cant they hire a proper fcking interpretor?

Author Narek Ibranyan (8 days)

turkey blaming others of killing? what about the ARMENIAN genocide!!! what
about 1.5 million Armenians raped killed and murdered? turkey has no right
to blame anyone for killing when the turks are the most disgusting barbaric
and bloodthirsty killers in the World!!!! their entire history is killing
christians and raping them and burning them, all of modern turkey are
ancient Armenian and Greek and Roman lands!!!!!!!Fuck turkey!!!!!!we will
have our revenge turkey will fall one day!!!! and we WILL get our land

Author JediLeeRon (17 days)

Author FuckYoHood (12 days)
Jesus is great, fuck alah and all its followers

Author Ahmet TOKER (17 days)
TURKEY <3 !!! 

Author Harris Isaac (3 months)
Erdagon keep it up blast the Israel we are with you

Author S.T T. (1 month)
Bravo Erdogan!!!!! Great speech!!!!!!!!!

Author eli heisen (1 month)
Ps I'm not being bias, I'm not even from turkey and I love this guy

Author Javelin jav (1 month)
israel - greece - armenia. Without those 3 countries the world would be a
better place to live. 

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