Hydrogen Hydroxy HHO High Output Flashback Arrestor the SledgeHammer from HHOG Labs!

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Here is a quick demo video of the HHOG II SledgeHammer. It is a high output flashback arrestor designed specifically for Hydroxy Fuel. It has NO Moisture vulnerability and VERY little flow restriction. Actually our flow tests showed no perceivable flow restriction! We have litterally poured water into this thing and immediately continued testing. It showed no flow restriction and was just as effective full of moisture as it was dry!!!!! It has successfully undergone 12LPM explosive testing, and we are currently setting up to increase this.
Thanks for watching!
Steve w/

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Author jklkl13 jklkl13 ( ago)
zajímalo by me jak jsi to udelal aby nedoslo k spětnému razu.

Author Sudharshan Kumar ( ago)
The BGM was too high.. Couldn't understand the guy speak in some places...

Author shon marsh ( ago)
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Author richardlyew ( ago)
its so sad these people went out of business before i could buy some of
these :(

Author Dee Jay (DeeJayhX) ( ago)
Don't listen to'em about the music, support all the righteously awesome
artists on newgrounds AND let me listen to great music while I watch a
great video? Yes please. 

Author harliquinharlo ( ago)
I must say that I am a HHO newbie and have just started experimenting with
wet and dry cells. I am trying to make my own blowtorch to start off with
and then look to other applications for the technology (internet gives you
so many ideas). Anyway, I have not read all the comments below so I don't
know if you have already answered this question but are you willing to post
a BIY video of this model in the same way you did it with the Hammer EX?
Thanks in advance for your reply. long live HHOGlabs

Author jhon bravia ( ago)
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Author luis mariano estrada morales ( ago)

Author Jacob Wilson ( ago)
problem is with newer cars is you have more sensors to go around. o2
sensors in the exhaust can change the fuel to air ratio and cancel out the
brown gas effects. its really a lot of work to get your car tuned right. it
works, just depends how much work you want to put into to get it there.
leaning out the engine n stuff

Author Andrea Gomez ( ago)
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Author Mateo323 ( ago)
So when can I put one on my lawn mower? or car? 

Author Mateo323 ( ago)
So when can I put one on my lawn mower?

Author Mark Conroy ( ago)
love the vids hate the bloody music in the background - can you lose it
it's torture

Author overunitydotcom ( ago)
great flashback arrestor ! Well done guys ! Regards, Stefan.

Author InstallGuys ( ago)
I see. Don't get me wrong. I was not accusing you. If your system is truely
a dry cell configuration, then you need a reservoir for the electrolyte.
Not only that, you need the gas and electrolyte that bubbles from your cell
to be seperated(unless your cell ouputs only dry gas) This is generally the
gas/water seperater and operates as a pre-bubbler. My cell outputs a mix of
electrolyte and HHO gas. The flashback cannot make it into the cell with
this configuration. It stops at the reservoir.

Author InstallGuys ( ago)
No problem, I will make a video just for you. You ask me to attach the
flashback arrestor without a bubbler? You are still doing your testing with
a bubbler between the cell and the output line. A bubbler is necessary for
the proper operation of HHO devices currently on the market. You don't want
excessive moisture in your FBA. In my case, the pre-bubbler you see at the
top left of the screen is also the reservoir/gas water seperator. Your
system also needs this. Please, no double standards.

Author InstallGuys ( ago)
We have a pressure gauge attached to the cell, as well. I have personally
pressurized the cell to 10 PSI and ran flashback tests in the manner you
are referring. All were successful. Also, we have units out on independent
trials that have taken much abuse at a constant 5PSI and 12LPM. The smaller
Hammer EX seems to fail if filled with too much moisture, but this can be
remedied by vacuuming the moisture out with a vacuum cleaner for 10
minutes. The SledgeHammer has no moisture issue. Steve

Author InstallGuys ( ago)
You are right. I didn't think of that test with this video. But we have
tested both the Hammer EX and SledgeHammer with 20 feet of 3/8 ID hose
attached to the output line, repeatedly with success. I will see if I can
put up a demo showing this. With the flame tests we are currently
doing(home heating, torches, etc), a long output hose from the flashback
arrestor output is just too inconvenient. I don't like a bunch of hose to
have to contend with. Steve

Author InstallGuys ( ago)
Thanks HHOBALL! I am excited to push this arrestor to it's limits. So far,
12LPM doesn't seem to phase it. And with the flow restriction problem
virtually solved, you get nearly 100% the same flow out the end that you do
directly out of the bubbler. This means more heat and flame intensity. Wait
till you see my new heat exchanger for home heating. When I tweak the fuel
to air ratio, it really cooks! Also, I can sustain 6 flames with 3/32
orfices simultaneously with only 4LPM! Steve

Author hhoball ( ago)
I had my cell on a timer and it kicked off without me knowing and my cells
stopped producing gas, the torch flashed back and your hammer ex stopped it
dead. If this new sledgehammer works as well as your hammer ex then you
should sell lots. Thanks for the awsome products. Talk to ya soon! Keep
pumping out those saftey devices!!

Author InstallGuys ( ago)
It will work just as well whether there is backpressure or not. This means
it will work even when you shut the cell down and ignite the remaining gas
in the hose. Say for instance you have a torch going, and you shut down the
cell and allow the backpressure to bleed off till the torch can't stay lit
anymore. It works fine in this scenario just as well as a pressurized
flashback. Steve

Author InstallGuys ( ago)
It's funny, we have a pressure gauge attached directly to the cell...I just
didnt think to put it in the picture. During all our current tests it
registers no pressure. I will try to include that in future vids to help
dispell doubt. Thanks for the comment and kind words! Steve

Author InstallGuys ( ago)
The smaller Hammer EX has no minimum "cracking" pressure. In other words,
if you are inputting 500mL you'll get 500mL, only slower. It's current flow
restriction rate is approx 30-35% overall. Many commercial flashback
arrestors require 5PSI just to begin flow. The Hammer EX doesn't. Yes, It
will stop a flashback even when you have no more backpressure. We have
flashed back the Hammer Ex with 20 feet of 3/8ID hose on the output line
many times. Thanks for the comment! Steve

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