10 MINUTES OF PURE RALLY (Crash, saves...)

This is my first 10 minute video, enjoy it.. :)

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Author Татьяна Родимцева ( ago)
ytabufcb,t vfibys ghjcnj ktnf.n . rhenf lhbdne.n.

Author EpicCS ( ago)
1:50 is just crazy.

Author Maria Mehboob ( ago)

Author 67UR1 ( ago)
6:40 nél a bácsi rendesen érzi a gépét ;)

Author Joshua Graham ( ago)
rally is hilarious and scary.

Author Vitor Vasconcelos ( ago)
0:40 my summer car ... hehe

Author Alabastine ( ago)
2:35 Really? stupidest place ever to stand as spectator

Author Lee Mayzes ( ago)
Holy shit that subaru (I think it's a subaru) at 1:50 got crazy air.

Author Arcangel Geminiani ( ago)

Author Thomaso Yeomans ( ago)
Giant balls compilation

Author erRoR 4o4 ( ago)
1:51 LOL

Author Shindinder ( ago)

Author مراد علم دار ( ago)

Author P0TTER101 ( ago)
I came here to see the escort in the thumbnail. It not in vid☹️

Author eins2001 ( ago)
I don't think rally drivers are even human...

Author Aviation TV ( ago)
1:00 how has the driver ripped the engine out?

Author xMokerslag ( ago)
Awesome compilation! also checkout my account

Author Mila8181 ( ago)
Le bon vieux temps et les Gr. B MMMM....

Author Sarfraz Ahmed ( ago)

Author knuspryAlex ( ago)
That makes no sense. His channel name is called Rally life is not bad but he shows crashes where people might have been hurt

Author TIMOSHINA ( ago)
9:36 That flying BMW is FLYING! :D
Love it!!!

Author Arden Unger ( ago)
0:32 Best reverse entry ever made.

Author Ainis Cili ( ago)

Author rick pinardi ( ago)
brilliant video well done thanks!!!

Author BIG-NABZ ( ago)
The saves are better than the crashes, just make a video of pure saves....

Author Video Games ( ago)
3:15 even in rallies BMW drivers cant stay on the road

Author Tyler Durden ( ago)
Not sure who's more brave....the drivers or the bystanders that stand unprotected directly next to the course....

Author EnskyMovie ( ago)
Sooo, every single driver kissed a tree, car is totally destroyed, swims in a river... thx for comming. See you next year.

Author Brickstun Ram ( ago)
I just found out what group b was and I'm so damn hooked on all these videos I've been binge watching all of them

Author Julian V. ( ago)

Author Doug Holmes ( ago)
That dude plowed through those trees like a fucking boss!

Author luke byfield ( ago)
noooo the ae86 !!!!!

Author Ala Bouchhima ( ago)
hahah the last one and the reaction of the old man watching him 😂

Author Michael G ( ago)
Makes me wanna quit my job and go full rally.

Author Miku Miku ( ago)
ja nie umiem pływać kurwa!

Author kiearah williams ( ago)
he/she broke the electricity pole

Author PGames :D ( ago)
1:48 WOW

Author Sounds Games Videos edit ( ago)

Author WebDriver Torso_ck ( ago)
но проблем бля

Author Little Adventures R/C ( ago)
2:00 God bless the Audi's, they were so awesome.

Author teepicgamer73 ( ago)
Europeans are lucky, they have rallies. In America we're stuck with stupid NASCAR

Author jacquet fabien ( ago)
alfa ... dépose mécanique .... 2 secondes lol

Author Mr Grape ( ago)
A lot more spectators must be killed than drivers and navigators.

Author Jucatorul Flavius ( ago)
wtf :))) 1:56

Author Jucatorul Flavius ( ago)
1:10 lol...the man in the right :)))

Author Shane Powers ( ago)
this game has great graphics! what's it called?

Author Kush Groover, TheDesirer282 ( ago)

Author Ludwig Fabre ( ago)
10:00 I had the same reaction x)

Author Alex R. ( ago)
cheers to the one who made it ... really one of the best compilation I ever watched

Author Never Lucky m8 ( ago)
No deaths in this video guys!

Author lagi viral ( ago)

Author Нурбек Карагулов ( ago)
Да они психи!

Author Udalix Llew ( ago)
So these rally events that go through communities and such, do the ones organizing these events pay for damages to people property? Or is the responsibility on those driving the cars?

Author elias wolf ( ago)
I'm ok. go go go. no problem.

Author Michael Overstreet ( ago)
3:43 I'm on a boat

Author Johann SoAwsome ( ago)
Frank kelly is my favorite Rallier

Author Mad Joe Mak ( ago)
I would never have a Ferrari rally car! The repair cost would be out the roof!!!

Author Ernestas Safarevicius ( ago)
2:18 my language :) im from lithuania.

Author MrFox 14Gamer ( ago)
This people have guts

Author Shlomo Shekelstein ( ago)
Trees save lives.

Author conspiracies are just great stories ( ago)
the woods runs @1:40 were sick! reminds of the game Dirt 2(at least I think it was 2, maybe 3) a few sick courses in that setting

Author conspiracies are just great stories ( ago)
the jump in the first 45 seconds was absolutely insane. either the dude has massive steel testicles or he was fast asleep before that jump...the crash @0:50 made my stomach turn. at least we could see him moving after that massive hit

Author Casey Lockwood ( ago)
6:44 the kid on the bottom left there was totally expecting that dude to crash. Then when he didn't the kid was like "WTF hax 0_0"

Author Typical Lucas ( ago)
so you will credit the owners of the clips of they contact you? do you also only pay for your groceries if the cashier asks you to?

you know where you got the videos from, you also got the owners permission (right?), so it should be easy to do the right thing use other people's things with their permission and give credit where it is due.

Author ## TimeToCook ## ( ago)
Where do I sign up?

Author Chris Deal-ringel ( ago)
the last one was an idiot and I could correct every single crash to make them not crash and let them know go to fucking driving school

Author Erivan Gomes ( ago)
1:49 😱

Author LouSheet ( ago)

Author phapnui ( ago)
They drive too fast and dangerous. Where are the police to arrest them?

Author curious pug ( ago)
1:50 & 4:24
the best jump EVER!!

Author xiShuffLe ( ago)
00:55 Sir, you lost some of your engine, and you spilled my tea.

Author peter ( ago)
the beginning lmaoo", no problem Go! XD

Author Pietro De Luca ( ago)
was the last crash at the Malegno-Borno rally?

Author Alejandro Ramirez ( ago)
That last car though 😂😂😂

Author Cyclic ( ago)

Author Jelly , ( ago)
Some of these are just epic drifts

Author N00bgamerguy KING OF N00BS ( ago)
Red Bull gives you wings

Author JdmVideos ( ago)

Author East Side Garage ( ago)
That save at 0:30 though.

Author Heath Johnson ( ago)

Author Lino Capella ( ago)
03:39 - "Spierdalamy kurwa.. Ja nie umiem pływać" hahaha

Author medureczek ( ago)
3:39 - "Spierdalamy, ja nie umiem pływać, kurwa." To było piękne :), ale zarazem smutne :(

Author Stefan Cvetkovic ( ago)
Rally was made in Serbia 1939 ! Proud to be Serbian

Author N. Rocca ( ago)
Awesome video!

Author Ron Melys ( ago)
balls of steel......

Author Janek Zychowicz ( ago)
3:30 pilot komentuje "spierdalamy stąd szybko, ja nie umiem pływać, kurwa" :)

Author Арт_Ель Библиотека Строительства ( ago)
долбоебы мля.....

Author Nick Panoutsas ( ago)
wow all those people on the road in 4:40....unbelievably stupid..

Author IslandJaDude ( ago)
WTF is wrong with Mitsubishi EVOs, Turn god damit! 2:14, 5:52, 7:56, 9:18

Author iGamer ( ago)
How I drive to work every day... Why don't I get put on youtube?

Author shiroi shinobi ( ago)

Author RotaryElFan ( ago)
dirt rally is better

Author MACU VLOGS ( ago)
so fucking much drifting!!

Author MACU VLOGS ( ago)

Author MACU VLOGS ( ago)

Author MACU VLOGS ( ago)
and 1:55 drifting yo!!

Author MACU VLOGS ( ago)
1:05 what a drift!!

Author Cytrus2 ( ago)
3:27 in the water:
- fuck
- fastly, go outside
- fuck, i can't swimming, fuck
- good fucking job

Author COD Cream ( ago)

Author PhantomBro ( ago)
9:45 Never thought that *Mr. Bean* is a Rally driver

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