10 MINUTES OF PURE RALLY (Crash, saves...)

This is my first 10 minute video, enjoy it.. :)

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Author xiShuffLe ( ago)
00:55 Sir, you lost some of your engine, and you spilled my tea.

Author peter ( ago)
the beginning lmaoo", no problem Go! XD

Author Pietro De Luca ( ago)
was the last crash at the Malegno-Borno rally?

Author Alejandro Ramirez ( ago)
That last car though 😂😂😂

Author Cyclic ( ago)

Author Jeremiah Savage ( ago)
Some of these are just epic drifts

Author N00bgamerguy KING OF N00BS ( ago)
Red Bull gives you wings

Author JdmVideos ( ago)

Author East Side Garage ( ago)
That save at 0:30 though.

Author Heath Johnson ( ago)

Author Lino Capella ( ago)
03:39 - "Spierdalamy kurwa.. Ja nie umiem pływać" hahaha

Author medureczek ( ago)
3:39 - "Spierdalamy, ja nie umiem pływać, kurwa." To było piękne :), ale zarazem smutne :(

Author Stefan Cvetkovic ( ago)
Rally was made in Serbia 1939 ! Proud to be Serbian

Author N. Rocca ( ago)
Awesome video!

Author Ron Melys ( ago)
balls of steel......

Author Janek Zychowicz ( ago)
3:30 pilot komentuje "spierdalamy stąd szybko, ja nie umiem pływać, kurwa" :)

Author Арт_Ель Библиотека Строительства ( ago)
долбоебы мля.....

Author Nick Panoutsas ( ago)
wow all those people on the road in 4:40....unbelievably stupid..

Author IslandJaDude ( ago)
WTF is wrong with Mitsubishi EVOs, Turn god damit! 2:14, 5:52, 7:56, 9:18

Author Gamer 2017 ( ago)
How I drive to work every day... Why don't I get put on youtube?

Author shiroi shinobi ( ago)

Author RotaryElFan ( ago)
dirt rally is better

Author MACU VLOGS ( ago)
so fucking much drifting!!

Author MACU VLOGS ( ago)

Author MACU VLOGS ( ago)

Author MACU VLOGS ( ago)
and 1:55 drifting yo!!

Author MACU VLOGS ( ago)
1:05 what a drift!!

Author Cytrus2 ( ago)
3:27 in the water:
- fuck
- fastly, go outside
- fuck, i can't swimming, fuck
- good fucking job

Author COD Cream ( ago)

Author PhantomBro ( ago)
9:45 Never thought that *Mr. Bean* is a Rally driver

Author Killa Delphia ( ago)
rally isnt that bad, if you had some luck in you

Author Jmodderator ( ago)
Hey assholes @ 9:24 Push him the fuck over!

Author Mustafa Gaming ( ago)
this was not a waste of time

Author Itz Mezox ( ago)
1:06 hehe I`m going tothrow a bit of dirt and snow on that guy and I'm the king xD

Author TheSupremeFight TSF Show Game ( ago)
Great Video Bro!! :D

Author Rlonzo Raddison ( ago)
beautiful action, beautiful scenery, awesome video. thank you for sharing. love rally life.

Author SujEeT BasTaKoTi ( ago)
oh they are really in a hurry!!
Gosh the adrenaline love it

Author Mrovemntcrew ( ago)
7:48 ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah

Author Anton Brachmann ( ago)
Its a very dangerous sport.

Author mike the Knight ( ago)
good vid

Author Techno Panda101 ( ago)
The first one was awesome

Author Mr. Jones ( ago)
i do believe the first guys weren't ok. i think they flipped and started going to opposite way.

Author TealStone_ ( ago)
does anyone know where I can go and see these competition's

Author ShaKYGT ( ago)
These people got balls

Author KD DOCE ( ago)
1:50 - ohhhh uuuu tututututututut whooooooo

fuck that was sick

Author Jokerxharley Gamer ( ago)
Great vid

Author Spanish Lolazo ( ago)

Author KrzyśGaming ( ago)
3:45 ja nie umiem pływać kurwa xdddd

Author Joshua Ollesca ( ago)
2:00 he hit the pole and took off fast for no good reason

Author Mr. Lopez ( ago)
car at 2:55 deserves a lift kit!

Author Sniper Sharp107 ( ago)
Jees louise the one where the engine blew up on impact! Sucks for the driver and team.

Author Jon Webb ( ago)
rally drivers are for sure some of the best drivers

Author Speedy Golf Cart ( ago)
these guys are insane lmao

Author Aaron Marble ( ago)
Props to these people there going 60-90 or more mph and yet they are hitting all these impossible turns still at 60 mph 👏👏👏👏👏👏

Author kop vncnt ( ago)
7:32 merci l'arbre ;-)

Author ProBearMinecraft ( ago)
1:51 My dad that drives the car :D

Author reelkena ( ago)
Rally life is not bad. But it is short.

Author Q Dwag ( ago)
That tree at 7:30 saved the guys life

Author TypicalGama ( ago)
Racing games can never top real life car damage

Author George Pantazis ( ago)
Last reaction was epic!

Author Gabriel Sandoval ( ago)
3:10 was that an e30 M3!? Nooo!

Author flooblet ( ago)
7:30 that fuckin dude better have gone tree planting after that

Author flooblet ( ago)
so fuckin sick

Author Jan ( ago)
6:40 holy shit

Author Mr Skeltal ( ago)
The damage these car take and keep going... If any car I've ever bought hits a fork in the road then the timing chain would melt off.

Author Ваня ( ago)

Author Clowers Hiball ( ago)
8:00 got lost but found his way back! GPS isn't always right! Lol

Author classic mini restoration ( ago)
Subscribe me!! For some latest videos on classic mini restoration

Author XCaliforniaX1 ( ago)
no problem

Author menso racing ( ago)

Author DatGameh ( ago)
Is there a penalty in rally when you total your opponent?
There better be.

Author Achi Achi ( ago)

Author carlosduty Yeah ( ago)
Está todo puesto a cámara rápida.........

Author Lanzenreiter Galaxis ( ago)
1:00 the block is missing lol

Author MrMisterMan ( ago)

Author Refice ( ago)
Never seen a car lose its engine so quick... 0:51

Author Dun Dun ( ago)
Id kill to get into rally, just not sure who to kill. Sick drivers, such epicness.

Author Julian V. ( ago)

Author imacheat7777 ( ago)
rally drivers, the original drift racers and stuntmen.

Author FunHouse z ( ago)
1:49 Wow i didnn't know that cars can fly. so cool

Author TimReeve93 ( ago)
the engine falling out the Alfa is the best, holy shit

Author Adam Rood ( ago)
Most of these accidents could've been avoided if the drivers just paid attention to the road conditions and slowed down.

Author Michele Andreoli di Sovico ( ago)
madonna maiala😂😂😂

Author jfmc351 ( ago)
6:21 "bustin out window"

Author jfmc351 ( ago)
5:00 "thumbs up"

Author Jordan Ashe ( ago)
9:20 in my opinion was the worst crash. u see the size of that hill?

Author Craig Hunter ( ago)
I don't think I unclinched for 10 minutes...

Author De mon ( ago)
Can you remove the crap label

Author nicolas lecomte ( ago)

Author BDN ( ago)
3:40 "Quick, i can't fucking swim!"

Author Nicaise Mba Bekale ( ago)
Je veux des jeux videos de courses de rallys et gran turismo sport sur ps4 repondez moi svp

Author jordan smith ( ago)
at 1:50 to 1:55 that was pretty awesome

Author Batman DJL ( ago)
8:00 kurwa moje pole XD

Author MŁODY JVNUSZ ( ago)
3:35 "Lets get the fuck out of here, quickly. I can't fucking swim, fucking great"

Author arfaoui fakhri ( ago)
9:37 e30

Author cédric Wib ( ago)
les furieux !

Author Paweł Cwalina ( ago)
3:38 - "spierdalamy... ja nie umiem pływać, kurwa... zajebiste wejście" XD

Author Mrmorrisniceguy98 ( ago)

Author João Ginja Correia ( ago)
1:48 this is real Magic!!

Author Michael Marquez ( ago)
we all knew the one with the woman codriver was going to crash..

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