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Author TheMonsterHighClub Otome Desu! (4 months)
Ice clibers=Inuzuka Kibas XP but, rin and len kagamine are cute <3

Author Hazop IV (2 months)
All hail Adolf Mario lol.

Author Supersayien Goku (1 month)
Goku toon link,WTF,no

Author Todd Reynolds (3 months)
How do you do that

Author Fernando Nickel Nuñez (2 months)

Author DaZu Rei (3 months)

Author keuandra williams (4 months)
The beginning is crazy!go for your grandpa.just kidding

Author GoldPlaysMinecraft (3 months)
can know the screen recorder and how much it costs?

Author enzo carvalho (2 months)

Author sarah mackenzie (2 months)
how is sqiurtle charazard and ivysaur seprit

Author Lucas BOMFIM CASSAR (1 month)
how do I Install it? 

Author victorpoke1 (3 months)
hola amigo How I can change the menu with wiiscrubber? I would like to
change this, please and thank you

Author luigi hidalgo (3 months)
how did you that

Author Jeniel Liana (3 months)
How the fuck did you make it look like that?

Author David Sch (4 months)
You made a very well thought out video. i liked ur structure.

Author GameMaster1710 (4 months)
3:28 - 3:32

Author Sivert Myhra (3 months)
why did you not make paper mario,paper luigi,paper peach and paper bowser
a costume for

Author Tornadodog25 (4 months)
Mario shadow mario hack

Author jedin1tejake (9 months)
Lol hitler Mario

Author Michael Meyers (8 months)
I cal haz

Author Narutokun1545 (9 months)
I love the Kiba and Akamaru Ice Climbers XD

Author Kinggokan (1 year)
It's in the description -.-

Author goldmyr22 (8 months)
2:26 billy mays! =D

Author Count Desertstone (11 months)
5:05 I saw that coming.

Author Rainbòw Dãsh (1 year)
I want this hack @_@

Author Sabrina McKenzie (1 year)
pikachu=pedo bear

Author MarioGangsterGamer (10 months)
Ok,Shadow and Geno

Author Slazors (6 months)
Why is this shit allowed?

Author SpeedFiend1 (9 months)
Anybody want a challenge online comment back with your gamertag and

Author ONELOVE0987 (6 months)
How do you do that?

Author galie nyancats (9 months)
Captain falcon is Link lolol

Author Shassagay Onyango (8 months)
I used to have a game cube but I lost it when I was 7 ;(

Author huntinghunterz (9 months)
* face palm *

Author emzilina12 (10 months)

Author Ty Ev swag (9 months)
The heck? Nes

Author Alex Lyons (8 months)
2:41 gastly appered

Author Niksu Naksu (8 months)
lol pikachu is lol bear

Author galie nyancats (9 months)
haha Ike is Naruto! cx

Author Ness Bound (10 months)
Nice work. c:

Author Gabrielle Price (9 months)
My favorite is shadow sonic

Author soramickyriku (9 months)
OMG Kingdom Hearts style yes!WOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

Author JAK4MBM (1 year)
Real ?

Author Mogan Smith (1 year)
only if SHEIK was a charecter you have to transform zelda

Author Karl Vrolijk (10 months)

Author AssasinGames (8 months)
How do I get toon link??

Author ianogas20 (10 months)
Lol cheater maximum

Author david enriques espinoza (10 months)

Author TheSpecialMan (10 months)
lol I saw a smurf

Author Mallery (11 months)
It's hacked

Author StarSonic55 (10 months)
Is Charizard representing Ridley?

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