TheSacredPhoenix (SaPh) 's Custom CSP & Textures v1.0

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**Updated as of 06/14/2012:
Download the "code" and "private" folder you'll need for your SD card here!
It's a 7z file, it was a little too large to fit on Mediafire in .zip or .rar. Download 7-Zip (free, open source, and in my opinion the best compression software) here:

Includes CSP, TGAs for those who want a certain one, Textures, Code File and Code List as well, Version History .txt and a short Readme. Oh, and the Strap Loader and "4 Ways To Play", NOT featured in this video, but rather the ones my 1.1 video.

So I tried my hand at modding Brawl, and I'm very very happy with the results.

- Take pictures of every character on Pictochat (except Shadow and default Nintendo colors), use Photoshop to crop and edit them, then turn them into acceptable .tgas. I did all of this myself without using .tga's that other people created. Yes. It took like 30 hours.
- Compiled my favorite textures of every character except G&W from around the internet.
- Edited code to create my Custom CSS (Character Select Screen).

- Create the textures themselves. These magnificent works of art were done by skilled and innovative artists from Stack Smash, Kitty Corp, Meow Mix, and other smaller individual developers.
- Create Gecko, Ocarina, CSS, etc, code. I did edit some of the CSS code to arrange the icons to my liking, so I do take credit for the design, but not the code itself.
- Create anything related to the stage.

- Phantom Wings - for making textures able to be loaded off of the SD Card, among other things. Serious props, thanks a lot.
- spunit262 - for making a character select screen I used as a base for mine.
- Kitty Corps and Meow Mix - for all their guides and galleries.
- allisbrawl - there was this one post that gave really simple instructions on how to get crisp and non-pink bordered .tgas in a very simple manner.
- Fit Artifex - for making a custom "4 Ways To Play" and Strap Loader screen.
- ecco / A Flying Turnip (depending on platform he goes by different names) - for assisting me on roster decision as well as test play.
Estimated time of compiling everything, renaming everything, taking and creating tgas, and the rest : about 50 hours. It was well worth it though, it's a great game and the depth of what can be modded is just astounding. Maybe my Computer Science degree will push me to try my hand on something more than just collecting other people's creations. We'll see.

Hope you guys enjoy and that this video will provide insight into what can be done and give new modders ideas and what to improve on, etc. Basically, keeping the Homebrew community alive.

Thanks a lot everyone!

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Author Filius Caturza ( ago)
bobobo in smash 5:48

Author Juan Pimentel ( ago)
How are you doing that it doesn't work on my ssbb

Author Laura Escobar ( ago)

Author Hamad Alketbi ( ago)
3:37 ITS OVER 9000!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author Hamad Alketbi ( ago)
3:37 ITS OVER 9000!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author Ruben Boletos Pérez ( ago)
I love 

Author Retrogamer 64 (Rockman!) ( ago)
doesn't works

Author DaProGamer12 ( ago)
I just noticed the mega man ness xD

Author pacificbeauty ( ago)
HAHAH, the adolf ones xD
but really, water Mario was the best IMO, and the sonic ones were pretty
sick, shame that falco had barely any,and the ike ones were great too

Author Amen Allah Guerfali ( ago)
1:07 boshi ?! is that really U?

Author PepeGamesOn PGO ( ago)
if I combine the SaPh sonic model thingy with this, it still works?

Author Joao Franscisco ( ago)
eu escolheria super sonic

Author Hassan Z ( ago)
WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1:14

Author lolCollol (1445 years ago)
Lol 05:06 ridley

Author gJeremyxfg Sit grhcga ( ago)

Author medo omar ( ago)
can you give me The Game Link

Author The RetroGameNinja ( ago)
Does this work for the PAL version?

Author Eyngelcq ( ago)
ichigoooo it is fantastic

Author BiOsHaRpZ ( ago)
So awesome.

Author Fmce00 ( ago)
how i can put the zero suit samus models?

Author Kevin Martinez ( ago)

Author Nightbane ( ago)
This takes me back to the past, I still remember my first downloaded hack.
It was faulty and had a really weird glitch. Jump on his head and he'll
become one with the sky. It was Dr. Mario.

Author The RetroGameNinja ( ago)
Does this work on Dolphin?

Author Andy Cruz ( ago)
when it said do not beat your wife the kids are weaker,in my head I laughed
so hard!

Author GogettaSSJ404 ( ago)
Loooooooooool xDDDDDD 1:18 Hitler Mario? Wow xD

2:32 Goku In Smash Haha!

3:57 Oh Dear Godness Vegeta Now?! ,_,

Author Ignacio V. Esparza ( ago)

Author Trevor Sinclair ( ago)

Author jordan pacheco ( ago)
U can tell its not shadow Bc shadows shoes

Author Lucia the cat (1550 years ago)
I love how it looks like to play

Author MetalFreezer3000 ( ago)
BOBOBO!!!!! 5:48

Author Adrianna Cruz ( ago)
should have switched knuckles skin with espio

Author Emerald Dynamo ( ago)

Author Kohn 〈FE: Awakening Roleplay〉 ( ago)
Adolf Mario!!!

Author Spartan Kenny ( ago)
Lol Master Chief Samus xD nice skins btw xD

Author Popular8100 ( ago)
If I could just get an SD card, I'd probably be able to download Shadow and
Sonic.exe from a couple of websites :D

Author Mot163 ( ago)
5:29 f*cking creepy

Author phuong doan ( ago)
I WANT GAMECUBE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author leyla palominos ( ago)

Author Sergio “Stealth-Fox” Suteu ( ago)
00:03 LOL
00:07 WTF

Author MetalGearSolid,Big Hero 6 Famliy Guy& Fnaf Rocks ( ago)
how did you do that

Author simi98winter ( ago)
Hi, what codes do you used? I'm using a PAL version..... so i want know D:
the roster doesn't work, only charcacters

Author Matthew Huerta ( ago)

Author Its_Nick ( ago)
do not beat your wife. the kids are weaker and forgetful lol

Author GraNolan Bar ( ago)
Its hard to do that

Author kevin lagos ( ago)
thumbs down bc game and watch has no skins
Author jacob gaminmaster ( ago)
I really want to know how to do that

Author Kirby Ampharos ( ago)

Author Jillian Crawford ( ago)
3:32 OH YEA >:D

Author Teevee “TVTranquill” Tranquill ( ago)
epic jigglypuff
or japanese known as purin

Author 96tloz ( ago)
Why on earth do you have a Hitler and an SA outfit? Are you some kind of a
Nazi or what...?
By the way, you could at least make Shadow-Sonic's blur yellow instead of
blue (If that works)

Author ItzNiksu Gaming ( ago)
im vocaloid fan but i like Sonic and Nights

Author Nilson Gómez ( ago)
jajajajjaj xD sonic es shadow 

Author rbiernick ( ago)
All hail shadow!

Author rbiernick ( ago)
Epic face kirby and epic face jigglypuff! Lol

Author Dor-Al Kryton ( ago)
Goku toon link,WTF,no

Author Lucas Cassar ( ago)
how do I Install it? 

Author sarah mackenzie ( ago)
how is sqiurtle charazard and ivysaur seprit

Author Fernando Nickel Nuñez ( ago)

Author ERROR Offline ( ago)
All hail Adolf Mario lol.

Author enzo carvalho ( ago)

Author Brony Police ( ago)
why did you not make paper mario,paper luigi,paper peach and paper bowser
a costume for

Author Jeniel Liana ( ago)
How the fuck did you make it look like that?

Author victorpoke1 ( ago)
hola amigo How I can change the menu with wiiscrubber? I would like to
change this, please and thank you

Author luigi hidalgo ( ago)
how did you that

Author Byron Alcy ( ago)
dime como puedes aser eso???

Author Blaze Zachary ( ago)
I can still tell its sonic

Author Blaze Zachary ( ago)
Zero suit looks hot 

Author GoldPlaysMinecraft ( ago)
can know the screen recorder and how much it costs?

Author Todd Reynolds ( ago)
How do you do that

Author DaZu Rei ( ago)

Author GameMaster1710 ( ago)
3:28 - 3:32

Author Tornadodog25 ( ago)
Mario shadow mario hack

Author TheMonsterHighClub The Legend of Monsters ( ago)
Ice clibers=Inuzuka Kibas XP but, rin and len kagamine are cute <3

Author David Sch ( ago)
You made a very well thought out video. i liked ur structure.

Author keuandra williams ( ago)
The beginning is crazy!go for your grandpa.just kidding

Author Chowderchefu ( ago)
show all costumes

Author The Timelords ( ago)
Lol olimar+texture=tingle

Author EnvelopsTheBathtub ( ago)
Not the point.

Author Beep Boop ( ago)
Let me know when you find out how to change the attacks.

Author brawlerman ( ago)
You Rock Man!!!!

Author Casey Portnell ( ago)
Ironman, Darkral, other Pokemon,Naruto,Blanch,Pkmn Trainer,Incredibles,
Maro, Spader man?, Link,Samus, Wondy, and Rady the thing.

Author Emerald GemStone ( ago)
omg how in the f omg i will subscribe i can not not subscribe

Author SonicFan078 ( ago)
Because it is allowed. People just wanna have fun

Author Slazors ( ago)
Why is this shit allowed?

Author Niall Dunlop ( ago)
Oh I want hax

Author DannehBoyNz ( ago)
Oh... Oh.. Bobofalcon

Author FavorateGamingPeople ( ago)
Lucas' was funny

Author Alberto Esteban Davila ( ago)
i love zero samus suit whit all modes

Author Megapatrol4 ( ago)
Zero Suit Samus... Oooookayyy.....

Author SteveTheEp1c ( ago)
*falcon facepalm*

Author Vegeta4920 ( ago)
It's the same. Shadow comes out.

Author Ratchet Guns ( ago)
that thing is called an assist thropy

Author Lindsey ( ago)
So what happens when you're "Shadow" and Shadow comes out of that thing
that summons stuff?

Author Lindsey ( ago)
No you did not make Wolf, Blaze the Cat.

Author ZoraBladerX ( ago)
He is stupid he should get the smash ball before pikachu

Author Alex Lyons ( ago)
2:41 gastly appered

Author Dominic Melvin-Ornelas ( ago)
The best one I've seen so far

Author EnvelopsTheBathtub ( ago)
This is pretty dumb... same attacks annoying different costumes...

Author PlayerJosephMC ( ago)
Good News TheSacredPhoenix, MegaMan was comfirmed for the Wii U game

Author Brendon Drouillard ( ago)

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