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Author Nightbane (4 months)
This takes me back to the past, I still remember my first downloaded hack.
It was faulty and had a really weird glitch. Jump on his head and he'll
become one with the sky. It was Dr. Mario.

Author Hassan Z (1 month)
WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1:14

Author Popular8100 (9 months)
If I could just get an SD card, I'd probably be able to download Shadow and
Sonic.exe from a couple of websites :D

Author YellowSteve MC (22 days)
if I combine the SaPh sonic model thingy with this, it still works?

Author lolCollol (1 month)
Lol 05:06 ridley

Author andrea santana (1 month)
eu escolheria super sonic

Author Andy Cruz (4 months)
when it said do not beat your wife the kids are weaker,in my head I laughed
so hard!

Author medo omar (2 months)
can you give me The Game Link

Author Amen Allah Guerfali (10 days)
1:07 boshi ?! is that really U?

Author The RetroGameNinja (3 months)
Does this work for the PAL version?

Author Fmce00 (3 months)
how i can put the zero suit samus models?

Author BiOsHaRpZ (3 months)
So awesome.

Author gJeremyxfg Sit grhcga (2 months)

Author jordan pacheco (6 months)
U can tell its not shadow Bc shadows shoes

Author Ignacio V. Esparza (5 months)

Author GogettaSSJ404 (4 months)
Loooooooooool xDDDDDD 1:18 Hitler Mario? Wow xD

2:32 Goku In Smash Haha!

3:57 Oh Dear Godness Vegeta Now?! ,_,

Author Eyngelcq (3 months)
ichigoooo it is fantastic

Author Lightsaber02 (8 months)
Adolf Mario!!!

Author The RetroGameNinja (4 months)
Does this work on Dolphin?

Author Trevor Sinclair (5 months)

Author simi98winter (10 months)
Hi, what codes do you used? I'm using a PAL version..... so i want know D:
the roster doesn't work, only charcacters

Author Kevin Martinez (3 months)

Author ERROR Offline (1 year)
All hail Adolf Mario lol.

Author Mot163 (9 months)
5:29 f*cking creepy

Author kevin lagos (10 months)
thumbs down bc game and watch has no skins
Author Adrianna Cruz (8 months)
should have switched knuckles skin with espio

Author MetalFreezer3000 (7 months)
BOBOBO!!!!! 5:48

Author Foxy & Baymax yes Dora & Mangle no (9 months)
how did you do that

Author Sergio Suteu (9 months)
00:03 LOL
00:07 WTF

Author Sriracha PaPa (10 months)
Its hard to do that

Author leyla palominos (9 months)

Author Spartan Kenny (9 months)
Lol Master Chief Samus xD nice skins btw xD

Author Matthew Huerta (10 months)

Author Stacy Jacobs (10 months)
I really want to know how to do that

Author Kirby Ampharos (11 months)

Author Jillian Crawford (11 months)
3:32 OH YEA >:D

Author phuong doan (9 months)
I WANT GAMECUBE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author Lucia the cat (6 months)
I love how it looks like to play

Author Teevee Tranquill (1 year)
epic jigglypuff
or japanese known as purin

Author 96tloz (1 year)
Why on earth do you have a Hitler and an SA outfit? Are you some kind of a
Nazi or what...?
By the way, you could at least make Shadow-Sonic's blur yellow instead of
blue (If that works)

Author Emerald Dynamo (8 months)

Author Yoshi Gamer (1 year)
im vocaloid fan but i like Sonic and Nights

Author Nilson Gómez (1 year)
jajajajjaj xD sonic es shadow 

Author Lucas Cassar (1 year)
how do I Install it? 

Author Todd Reynolds (1 year)
How do you do that

Author victorpoke1 (1 year)
hola amigo How I can change the menu with wiiscrubber? I would like to
change this, please and thank you

Author Its_Nick (10 months)
do not beat your wife. the kids are weaker and forgetful lol

Author DaZu Rei (1 year)

Author Dor-Al Kryton (1 year)
Goku toon link,WTF,no

Author Fernando Nickel Nuñez (1 year)

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