Braidless Sew-In

REQUEST ME TO COME TO YOUR CITY! i TRAVEL FOR A MINIMUM OF 7 CLIENTS. SERVICES WILL BE PROVIDED AT A MARRIOTT HOTEL. CHECK MY WEBSITE FOR SPECIALS! This video illustrates my work of a Braidless Sew-In with 26" Genuine Foxy Virgin Indian Remy Hair. Im Mz Toya and Im located in Houston TX and my hair services and hair extensions are VERY affordble! I cater to all women of every color and provide the finest quality Virgin Indian Remy Hair Extensions that I import directly from India, locally and across the USA.

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Author MzPricelessCouture (2 years)
Do you need a perm or a relaxer before getting this?

Author Dynasty Nicole (2 years)
In reality, wouldn't this cause more tension on your hair? You know with
the thread literally tied to your hair, & then the track tied the thread?..
It just sounds damaging. Is it???

Author Randy Murray (2 years)
Sweetestgirl74, I'm mixed too. My hair is curly, but I straighten it a lot
because I feel it looks much better that way. I'm trying to find a video
that fully explains this method so I can try it out on my hair, but I find
that the rubber band technique works real well for me, as does the micro
ring. Perhaps you can give those a shot to see if they work for you too.

Author MizRukiya30 (3 years)
I really like this. I live in Houston and have been considering trying this
extention method since i have thin hair and delicate sides but i hear it is
expensive so i guess i need to get to saving

Author hdebose22 (1 year)
I live in Dallas I will be coming down there within the next 2 weeks for
easter would like to know your prices

Author LaToya Toussaint (1 year)
ReckLess Livin,,,contact me me tomorrow at 713-480-2616

Author LaToya Toussaint (1 year)
@aleciab33 contact me at 713-480-2616

Author Msprimcessmonster (2 years)
quick questions Do you provide the hair? and about how much does it it
cost for the hair and for you to put it in?

Author LaToya Toussaint (1 year)
srcarroll04 Hey, give me a call and I can let you know my rates. If you
need hair I can also supply you with top quality Virgin Indian hair.

Author Sweetestgirl74 (2 years)
im mixed my hair is curly but as for texture it's more on the white side
lbs but my hair can't handle actual sew ins I've had them in the past but
the last one I had was WWAYY to tight I had to take it down the third day
and had scabbing around all the edges n trough out from my hair being
pulled out .. do you think my hair can handle this?!

Author hdebose22 (1 year)
How can we contact you

Author LaToya Toussaint (2 years)
@banginazchic, Thanks so much! I cant say for sure if I will or wont be in
the Tri State area during those times. However I do plan to do some
travelling this year. Also it would help if you knew other people in the
area you're in as I make special trips for a minimum of 7 clients.

Author LaToya Toussaint (2 years)
@MzPricelessCouture I recommend that you relax your hair before doing this
extension process. If you are natural and do this type of extension process
you will wind up having to use a lot of heat to keep the hair blended.
Doing that will result in you frying your hair.

Author LaToya Toussaint (1 year)
@SexytLadyT08 This aint no mutha fuck'n how to video,,,take yo ass to
school and learn how to do it,,,the video is clearly for advertisement
purposes dumb fuck...

Author SorayaChaii (1 year)
Gorg! how long does the braidless sew in last?

Author lashay forest (2 years)
would u come to detroit??

Author LaToya Toussaint (2 years)
@loveablesheshe Yes, you are able to pull it up in a high ponytail and it
will lay flat. Just keep in mind of the type of hair you are using because
wefts are made differently...

Author Essence314 (3 years)
wrong videoo ! sorry

Author LaToya Toussaint (2 years)
@Msprimcessmonster, I do supply hair and I have Package Specials that
include the hair, the install and cut and style...

Author LaToya Toussaint (2 years)
@delvongirl Yes I do travel, contact me at the phone number on my video.

Author LaToya Toussaint (1 year)
@hdebose22 You can contact me at 713-480-2616

Author LaToya Toussaint (2 years)
I haven't had any clients suffer from hair loss or any damage caused by the
thread. Keep in mind that it depends on the condition of your hair before
you choose to do this type of install.

Author LaShawna Brown (3 years)
can you wash your hair with these in?

Author srcarroll04 (1 year)
I live in the Houston area, do you have a local salon? I'm interested in
getting either braidless hair extensions or micro link extensions, can you
tell me your starting prices and if your prices include the hair?

Author LaToya Toussaint (3 years)
@MizRukiya30 Contact me about the rates,,,It may not be as expensive as you
think! Plus I always have specials with my services and my hair! Mz Toya

Author shrinking sheshe (2 years)
would you be able to pull the hair into a high ponytail with the method,
and will it lay smooth?

Author ReckLess Livin (1 year)
your website doesnt work , what are your prices , because I want you to
come to my city

Author missdezy (2 years)
I'm sorry but there is no way this is "virgin" indian hair. Remy DOES NOT
make real indian hair at all, all they do is slap that name in it, false
advertising!-this hair looks like very cheap bss hair, no ma'am.

Author LaToya Toussaint (1 year)
@KhadijaS2186 Call me 713-480-2616

Author Essence314 (3 years)
your indian hair doesnt look real

Author Alpha Male (3 years)
Saw your page and wanted to say hey!

Author Lecia B (1 year)
where can i find this hair

Author Tiffalicious (2 years)
I live in NJ and would like to know if you would be in the Tri State area
at any time between now and July? Love your work!

Author Latoya Edwards (1 year)
Ppl wanna see how u actually do it, not a picture slide show #dumbhoe ain't
nobody got time fa that

Author LaToya Toussaint (3 years)
Absolutely, just be careful as to how you shampoo. You dont want to get the
hair tangled.

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